Adjusting a Planet’s Orbit

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 Alfred: The breath is the breath that is universal – not my breath. It’s a breath that is suitable for other forms of being and locations.

A planet is just coming into the light. It’s like a sunrise on a different planet that is very clear and pristine. It feels like the atmosphere is very thin – as if it hasn’t formed yet.

I think myself and others are delivered there. Lying down. Alive. Breathing. The closest I can say is that the planet is being seeded with us or we are agents of that seeding process. It feels like we are brought there as seedlings or embryos or something to be raised on that planet just because there is a sense of immaturity to the physical body in that setting.

Jack: Is there water – or are you just on land?

Alfred: It feels like land. There are plants there already. It’s very flat but you feel the curvature. It’s green. Very flat. Like sod. Entirely flat – like almost artificially planted. And so is the sky. It feels like the atmosphere is forming. And we are… I think it’s “we” because it feels like I’m contained in some kind of packaging or containers with others.

I’m somewhat transfixed sky-wise because I think that’s the way we are traveling, delivered to that place. [2 minute pause]

Jack: So there’s probably some next step then that needs to take place?

Alfred: Not clear. Something has to settle and consolidate. [pause]

There is a kind of compression of time in which this…

I wasn’t entirely sure initially but it seems like now we are in a large structure like a coliseum or an arena, a gathering, a large structure with many people.

Jack: As you say it’s a compression of time; it’s the way things are received sometimes. There can be a jump.

Alfred: Very bright lights. Perhaps the middle of the day. It could be Italy or Rome where it’s summertime and very bright. Perhaps a gathering for some type of spectacle. People are dressed up with all kinds of capes.

The structure seems not to be a coliseum. It’s elevated on one side so there are seats quite steeply into the heights – 180 to 270 degrees with the center being below. [pause]

There’s a sense that the seats, the whole structure is so built that from each seat there’s a line to a focal point, an altar perhaps where someone like a high priest would be sitting. So it’s almost like a lens for concentrating vibrations. [pause]

[voice now almost a whisper] There’s an intensification of vibration as people take their places and the practice, the purpose is beginning to clarify itself. Like a deep, deep hum. [pause]

There is a sense of a beam of light that seems related to the group’s concentration. The beam is leaving the surface of the planet where the building is located and feels almost like a fiber, a living fiber, as if it’s propelling the planet, the planet being seeded, into a certain orbit. It has to be placed into a precise orbit via this flow of energy that is generated by our group. [pause]

Jack: Does that mean that it’s the planet that’s at the focal point.

Alfred: It means that the planet is related to a larger field outside of it as a hitch, or as a lever, placing it in the correct orbit. [pause]

There was a sense that it’s not a neutral kind of maneuver because it has a profound impact on the target planet. It felt like there was a shaking as a result.

Jack: What kind of maneuver?

Alfred: A very precise maneuver but it’s not neutral. It’s not a smooth maneuver – it creates a certain strain in which the planet is quaked or shaken or vibrated which felt very perceptible to us there. [pause]

There were images of oceans pouring out, spilling out of their beds, and floods which are of no consequence to our project. We are there to… we have only one aim which is to make sure this planet is aligned. [pause]

I have a flashback to a previous session of a group of people at the bottom of the ocean, kind of frozen, in a circle with me part of them and realizing that we all have drowned with the submersion of Atlantis. It’s like a time warp as I’m now aware and conscious of them and that I’m one of them.

It almost clarifies the current process because it’s probably a similar project of re-aligning the planet. It’s clear that one: it’s a correction of planet’s course as a result of a collision; and that two: that it will be changing the surface in such a way that beings that are participating in this alignment on the surface of the planet will not survive this – which doesn’t seem to matter to the group that is engaged in the realignment effort.

There’s a sense that the beings who perished and the beings involved in the realignment are the same beings in different time frames. I’m seeing both simultaneously.

When there’s a full participation in that state, there’s actually no reporting of anything; it’s a state of complete absorption in that effort. There’s no differentiation or separation between what needs to be accomplished and what is taking place. It’s all one state. And what’s needed is to let go of the attempts to know what the purpose of that activity is and to give oneself to it completely. [long pause]

It’s not that one is working on some external substance or material – it’s one’s own being that is the work that is taking place. There’s no separation to the extent that those vibrations can travel unobstructed. Whatever the purpose of this is, it is closer to being accomplished. [pause]

And the whole external features, shapes and forms of that particular gathering and the shapes of the bodies involved, all the forms are dissolving into a light, into a vibration without shape or form. [pause]

There is a certain trust that whatever that is is also what’s needed for the larger task – not even larger, it’s inseparable. Words don’t do justice to it. [pause]

There’s a kind of impartiality to this particular coating of this particular body. It’s completely immaterial or irrelevant what form it has, but it’s suited to those planetary circumstances but it’s in its relationship to the others and to this necessity for participation in some kind of planetary maintenance, or inter-planetary maintenance, that the whole purpose appears or emerges. [pause]

Part of that process is also the ascent and departure from that planet within the same beam that has accomplished the orbit change. It is the same beam on which we’ve all been participants. We seem to flow, transmigrate to a place outside of that planet. We can see it fading into the distance, still very clear and still very pristine as a bluish, watery feel to it – it wasn’t like that before – it was more green as in a plant environment. Still very clean and uninhabited. But perhaps just placed rightly for it to be seeded correctly. [pause]

As we travel out to a distance, there’s still a sensing of gravity fields and how they interact so that we can verify that the planet is accurately placed. From a very specific point in space, we can sense the balancing among the fields. [pause]

It feels almost like a construction project that was accomplished as we are making our way back away from that worksite.

Jack: So the gathering is dispersing?

Alfred: Now, we are all traveling together with the last verifications that we left the site with the work completed. We’re all heading upwards. Seems to be attracted by some kind of sense of home, return; perhaps an ascent. [pause]

A sense of a return home; which is not entirely known or visible but… something was accomplished.

Flashbacks to different images of what looked like a stadium. And this kind of hitching of the planet to a different field via this beam of energy. It feels a bit like a review.

I’ll just say it now, because I’m not sure I’ll remember it after we stop, that the group of beings that I was part of seemed to know that they are both of this planet but also not of this planet and they know that their mission is to somehow save or adjust this planet and they’re quite indifferent to the fate on this planet as far as this planet goes. I couldn’t get a sense of whether they’re actually planetary beings that are having their existence there but it felt like we were quite impartial to our own personal fate.

There was an absence of the previous kind of attachment and agony.

Jack: Yes, there seemed to be none of that at all in this session.

Alfred: Yes, it felt very much like an engineering project that was clear and was taking place from beginning to end but with no hysteria.

Jack: Yes, a kind of planetary scale technology.

Alfred: And the beings all had capes that were blue with golden edges to them. Perhaps these were markings of rank although I didn’t see differences. And I’m not sure if they themselves were blue or if I was blue but there was definitely a very shimmering blue, sky-blue kind of color to those capes at the gathering.

Jack: So an impressive sight in a way.

Alfred: Yes. And a total precision in each one of the individuals and it looked like there were hundreds or more, each one in a seat precisely facing what might have been a crystal or something at the center that was like a focal point of that stadium.

Jack: And the beam of light was white?

Alfred: Yes. And it travelled through the crystal and from there it refracted into the sky, into the planet. It clearly felt like it was changing the course of the way that the planet was orbiting. [pause]

Now my eyes are open and the trees are moving in the wind. And the feeling of this planet is that it’s a very small body that is very vulnerable to all kinds of forces.

Jack: You’re talking about the planet that you’re on right now aren’t you?

Alfred: Yes. This our home planet. Planet Earth. Very vulnerable.

Jack: Right.

Alfred: It’s almost like it’s possible to perceive its motion. Opening to that. We’re on something that moves very quickly but not very steadily.

Jack: We’re at one hour exactly.

Alfred: There’s a part of me that wants to have much more drama and… I really had to kind of watch that part and not have it invent all kind of fancy stories.

Jack: No, but I think it’s still pretty dramatic.

Alfred: Does anything strike you or that you saw or felt?

Jack: I think what’s important is that you’re coming to a kind of objectivity about what you’re receiving instead of reacting to it.

However, when you’re concentrated on what you’re receiving, your grammar goes to hell in a hand basket. But that is a part of the process that you’re undergoing because you have to leave behind that kind of focus on words and language in order to focus on what you’re participating in. Because it is a participation. You’re part of what is going on which gives it an authenticity. Otherwise it would be fantasy.

Alfred: I am back to my more or less ordinary state. What was clear to me on transitioning was that this planetary readjustment or calibration cannot just happen externally – it requires that there will be some presence on this planet in order to accomplish that.

Jack: That didn’t come through in anything you said.

Alfred: No, no it didn’t. And our presence there – those beings that were there, that group of beings that I was part of, there was no other way for this to be accomplished. It required the participation of beings of that planet to get it accomplished which has very profound meaning.

Jack: It’s very interesting you say that because I’ve had the impression for some time now that the work I’m engaged in right now – having sessions with you and quite a few other people – is because certain influences cannot be conveyed without the participation of someone incarnated.

Alfred: That’s right.

Jack: If you’re trying to make changes in those beings who are incarnated and on planets that are materialized, you can’t do that without the participation of something local. I don’t know where that concept came to me from but I’ve been entertaining that concept for a year or two now and feeling that there’s a certain validity to it. Partly it comes from me trying to understand what I’m doing – but I don’t think it’s just that. It just seems to make sense in the way you just spoke about – that mission could not be accomplished without the participation of the beings who were on the planet. And what happened to them was immaterial but you’ve been shown again and again too that the transition we call death is not the finality that we think it is – it’s a transition.

And also all of this is very relevant to our situation at this moment in time on this planet because it certainly feels like an adjustment is going to happen. In fact, I just had this in the immediately preceding session: an adjustment is about to happen on a planetary scale. And there needs to be a certain number of people who are aware and who understand what’s going on.

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Messages de la lumière en amour

(An English translation of the Spanish original is in the previous posting.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

(Note: Cette publication est une transcription d’une session tenue le 25 mars 2017 avec “Carlos”. Il n’y a pas de dialogue; toute la session a été la réception de l’information canalisée.)


Nous sommes des êtres de lumière comme vous l’êtes également, mais nous sommes en conscience d’unité. Notre plan manque de formes. Ce qui est pour vous les étoiles sont des planètes où nous habitons. Ce que vous voyez comme des étoiles ou des soleils sont pour nous des planètes où nous habitons en conscience d’unité. Nous avons toujours été avec vous. L’humanité a du atteindre ce niveau de fréquence – auquel un pourcentage de personnes parvient maintenant – pour se rendre compte que nous avons été toujours ici.

En ce moment, il y a beaucoup d’êtres humains qui sont conscients de ceci et ainsi nous pouvons établir un contact avec vous. Nous sommes heureux que vous êtres arrivés à ce niveau de fréquence dans lequel les fréquences plus basses dans votre processus de conscience commencent à céder, comme on dit dans votre langage. Ces fréquences plus basses seront toujours appuyées également par nous parce que pour nous, avec une conscience d’unité, c’est impossible pour nous de voir les choses comme séparées ou de croire comme vous en vos systèmes de croyances que le mal existe.

Notre grande cité de lumière est très compliquée pour votre système d’exploitation psychique, mais, dans cette cité de lumière, il y a beaucoup plus de couleurs que vous ne puissiez imaginer.

Comme conscience collective, nous habitons la septième dimension, de laquelle il faut nous projeter dans la cinquième dimension de sorte que vous autres, les humains, pourront apercevoir nos messages de lumière en amour. Nous sommes conscients de la forme dans laquelle vous voyez les dimensions de la perspective de cette troisième dimension en transition vers la quatrième dans le cas des humains, mais non dans le cas de la Terre.

Pour que vous nous compreniez, notre conscience même est connectée à l’intérieure de la neuvième dimension, où c’est beaucoup plus complexe pour vous d’apercevoir les fréquences – mais non impossible, [par exemple celles] où Antares est rencontré. Et nous sommes interconnectés dans la onzième, treizième, quinzième, dix-septième, dix-neuvième, et vingt-et-unième dimensions. La vingt-deuxième dimension est comme la prochaine octave, mais nous ne la considérons pas comme séparée.

Nous sommes conscients d’habiter toutes les dimensions que vous pouvez imaginer.

Dans toutes les consciences d’unité, lesquelles en réalité sont une, nous avons été chargés de ré-établir les cadres planétaires, tous et chacun d’eux, et c’est pour cette raison qu’il y a une meilleure réception de ces rayons dans les fréquences qui entrent constamment dans la Terre. Il y a une gamme immense de fréquences nouvelles qui entrent dans la terre à en ce moment, bien que pour beaucoup de personnes, il est possible qu’ils vont les percevoir cinq ou dix ans après qu’elles seront entrées. Ceci est du à votre état de conscience et votre fréquence de vibrations.

Nous ne sommes pas pressés, parce que nous ne voyons pas les choses à l’intérieur de lignes de temps de la même manière que vous les percevez. Il est important de commencer à percevoir les choses, le mouvement, ainsi que votre quotidien, d’une manière cyclique comme en réalité elles sont, et non d’après le système de croyances sur le temps et les horloges que vous croyez être existants. Tout ce qui existe, ce sont les cycles et l’instantanéité d’un présent continuel, éternel et infini.

Pour équilibrer le collectif, beaucoup d’êtres, du point de vue de l’âme, qui ont subi davantage d’expérience dans la Terre, exhortent d’autres êtres d’élever leurs fréquence de vibrations. Et ce que vous ne comprenez pas encore à propos du fonctionnement dualiste de votre esprit, vous pouvez l’observer chez les animaux. Car les animaux, eux, ne fonctionnent pas de manière dualiste. Ils perçoivent les choses de la même manière que l’humain va les percevoir au juste moment – comme fréquence.

L’esprit humain croit qu’un animal tient une préférence pour une chose ou autre quand on leur donne de la nourriture mais, en fait, ils se guident d’après les fréquences qu’ils perçoivent parfaitement et souvent par ce que vous appelez le sens olfactif, mais ils ne tiennent pas préférences. Si vous les observez, ils peuvent être vos nouveaux guides pour ceux qui en ont besoin, bien que dans les fréquences nouvelles de la Terre vous êtes arrivé à un point où vous en avez terminé avec les guides. Avec cette fréquence nouvelle, la plupart des êtres qui naissent sur la Terre et un grand pourcentage de ceux qui sont sur la Terre déjà ne sentent pas la nécessité d’une guidance spirituelle. Avec les fréquences même et la clarté qu’il y a maintenant dans la Terre, vous pouvez percevoir que vous êtes vos propres guides. Vos esprits pourraient nous voir comme guides mais la réalité c’est que nous sommes vous. [pause]

Nous vous remercions profondément pour votre réception. Et pour vos esprits qui aident à former dans votre langage ce que nous vous envoyez, lesquelles sont uniquement des fréquences. Nous voyons vos corps de lumière comme des fréquences. C’est pourquoi c’est si simple dans notre dimension de voir votre état de conscience, [grands soupirs et grandes respirations pendant cette partie de la session comme si c’était très difficile pour le corps physique de Carlos] parce que nous voyons s’il y a des dissonances ou de l‘harmonie. Et c’est l’harmonie dans votre fréquence de vibrations qui nous permet d’avoir accès à vous. Pour cela, nous remercions également votre corps physique qui supporte aussi ces fréquences très élevées et nouvelles que, jusqu’à ce moment, vous n’avez pas perçu physiquement.

Puis, tout est en préparation aussi pour que vos corps physiques et votre matière peuvent retourner encore une fois à la lumière, à ce que nous appellerions l’illumination de la matière.

Mais avant cela, vous devez intégrer cette perception qui fait partie de vous, qui n’est pas nullement autre que la lumière que nous sommes en unité comme collectif. [pause]

Nous savons que vos esprits veulent vous confondre – principalement l’ego, qui voudra ne pas quitter ses habitudes de pensée et qui voudra vous tromper, utilisant son fonctionnement dualiste et insatiable, pour vous dominer. [pause]

Mais c’est si simple savoir et être conscient que cette domination n’est pas vous et n’a jamais été vous. Et que l’évolution n’est pas une évolution de votre partie mentale, ni de n’importe quelle partie de ce que vous avez cru.

L’évolution est une, comme la conscience; nous avons toujours été une, unique.

Nous aimons tous à partir de la vibration du Vide que nous sommes.

Nous vous saluons en amour, [pause] consciences d’unité et de lumière.

Dans cette occasion, impulsé par la connexion pour la conscience reticulière, Zeta Reticuli en connexion avec Sirius et beaucoup plus de consciences collectives d’unité.

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Messages of Light within Love

(El texto español original se encuentra en el artículo anterior.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

(Note: This posting is a transcript of a session conducted March 25th, 2017 with “Carlos.” There is no dialogue; the whole session was the reception of channeled information.)

We are beings of light as you are also, but we are in a unity consciousness. Our plane does not have forms. What appear to you as stars are planets that we inhabit. What you see as stars or suns are planets that we inhabit in unity consciousness. We have always been with you. Humanity had to reach this level of frequency – at which now a percentage are arriving – in order to realize that we have always been with you here.

Right now there are already many human beings who are conscious of this and thus we are able to make contact with you. It makes us happy that you are reaching this frequency point in which the lower frequencies in your process of consciousness are beginning to yield, as it might be said in your language. These lower frequencies will always be supported by us because for us, being in unity consciousness, it is impossible for us to see things as separated or to see as you do in your belief systems that evil exists.

Our great city of light is more complex than your operating system of the mind and in this city of light there are many more colors than those that you are able to imagine.

As a collective consciousness, we inhabit the seventh dimension. From this location we have to project ourselves into the fifth dimension so that you, human beings, can perceive our messages of light within love. We are aware of the form in which you see dimensions from this third dimension in transition to the fourth dimension, which is the case for human beings but not for the earth.

So that you understand us, our same consciousness is interconnected within the ninth dimension where it is much more complex for you to perceive the frequencies – however, it is not impossible – [for example, those] where you find Antares. And we are interconnected in the eleventh, thirteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, nineteenth and twenty-first dimensions. The twenty-second dimension is like the next octave but we do not see them as separate.

We are aware that we are inhabiting all the dimensions that you are able to imagine.

All the unity consciousnesses, which in reality are one, are charged with re-establishing the planetary templates, all and each one of them. And this is why there is a better reception of those rays in frequencies that are constantly entering the earth. There is an immense range of new frequencies that are entering the earth at this time even though, for many people, it is possible that they will perceive these freqencies only five or ten years after they have entered. This is due to your state of consciousness and your vibratory frequency.

We are not hurried because we do not see things in timelines which is how you perceive them. It is important to begin to perceive things – movement, and your day-to-day – in a cyclic manner which is what is real, and not according to belief systems about time or clocks that you believe exist. The only thing that exists are cycles and the instantaneousness of a continuous, eternal and infinite present.

Many beings – speaking from a soul point of view – who have had much experience on the earth are urging other beings to raise their vibrational frequency in order to balance the collective. And many who don’t understand yet about the dualistic functioning of their minds can observe animals. Animals do not function dualistically. They perceive things in the same way as human beings will perceive them in the proper time – as frequencies.

A human mind believes that an animal prefers one thing or another when they are given food, but, in fact, they are guided by the frequencies that they perceive perfectly, and in many cases by something that is called the sense of smell, but they do not have preferences. If you observe them, they can be your new guides for those who need them, because already in the new frequencies of the earth a point has been reached in which guides are over and done with. In this new frequency both the majority of the beings who are being born in the earth and a great percentage of those that are already on earth already do not feel the necessity for a spiritual guide. In the given frequencies and clarity that exists now on the earth you can see that you are your own guides. Your minds may see us as guides but the reality is that we are you. [pause]

We express our deep gratitude for your reception [of our message]. And for your minds that help to form in your language what we are sending which are only frequencies for us. We who see your light bodies as frequencies. This is why it is so simple in our dimension for us to see your state of consciousness [many sighs and big breaths in this section as if the reception process was very difficult for Carlos’ physical body] since we only see if there are dissonances or harmony. It is through the harmony in your vibratory frequency that we can connect with you. For this reason, we are also very thankful for your physical body which also withstands these very elevated and new frequencies that until now have not been perceived physically.

Now everything is being prepared also so that your physical bodies and your matter can be brought back to the light, to what we would call the enlightenment of matter.

However, before that, you must integrate this perception that is part of you, that is nothing other than the light that we are in unity as a collective. [pause]

We know that your minds want to confuse you, mainly the ego which will want to stick to its habitual ways of thinking and will want to trick you, using its dual and insatiable functioning, in order to gain dominion. [pause]

However it is so simple to know and be conscious that this is not and never has been who you are. And that evolution is not of the mind nor of anything you have believed.

Evolution is one, like consciousness; we have always been one.

We love all from the vibration of Void that we are.

We salute you in love, [pause] consciousnesses of unity and light.

On this occasion impelled by the connection with the Reticulan consciousness, Zeta Reticuli in connection with Sirius and many more unity collective consciousnesses.

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Mensajes de luz en amor

(An English translation of this Spanish original is in the next posting.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

(Nota: Esta publicación es una transcripción de una sesión realizada el 25 de marzo de 2017 con “Carlos”. No hay diálogo; Toda la sesión fue la recepción de información canalizada.)

Somos seres de luz tal como ustedes lo son también, pero en conciencia de unidad. Nuestro plano carece de forma. Lo que para ustedes son estrellas son los planetas que habitamos. Lo que ustedes ven como estrellas o soles para nosotros son planetas que habitamos en conciencia de unidad. Siempre hemos estado con ustedes. La humanidad tenía que llegar a ese nivel de frecuencia en el que se encuentra ahora en un porcentaje, para darse cuenta de que aquí siempre hemos estado.

En estos momentos hay ya muchos seres humanos que están conscientes de esto y podemos tener contacto con ustedes. Nos alegra que están llegando a este punto frecuencial donde las frecuencias más bajas en su proceso consciencial empiezan a rendirse, por decirlo en su lenguaje. Esas frecuencias más bajas siempre estarán también apoyadas por nosotros ya que a nosotros como conciencia de unidad nos es imposible ver las cosas por separado o como ustedes que en sus sistemas de creencias creen que existe lo malo.

Nuestra gran ciudad de luz es muy compleja para su sistema operativo de la mente pero en esta ciudad de luz hay más colores de los que puedan imaginar.

Habitamos como consciencia colectiva la séptima dimensión donde es necesario proyectarnos en quinta dimensión para que puedan percibir ustedes los humanos nuestros mensajes de luz en amor. Somos conscientes de la forma en la que ven ustedes las dimensiones desde esa tercera dimensión en transición a cuarta en el caso de los humanos, más no de la tierra.

Nuestra misma consciencia esta interconectada, para que nos entiendan, en la novena dimensión donde es mucho más complejo que ustedes puedan percibir las frecuencias – pero no imposible, [por ejemplo] donde se encuentra Antares. Y estamos interconectados en la onceava, treceava, quinceava, decimo séptima, décimo novena, y vigésimo primera dimensiones. La dimensión veintidós es como la siguiente octava pero nosotros no las vemos por separado.

Somos conscientes de habitar todas las dimensiones que puedan imaginar.

Todas las consciencias de unidad, que en realidad son una, nos hemos encargado de restablecer las plantillas planetarias, todas y cada una de ellas, y es por eso que hay una mejor recepción de estos rayos en frecuencia que entran en la tierra constantemente. Hay una inmensa gama de frecuencias nuevas que están entrando a la tierra en estos momentos, aunque para muchos estas frecuencias es posible que las perciban cinco o diez años después de que entraron. Eso se debe a su estado consciencial y frecuencia vibratoria.

No tenemos prisa, pues no vemos las cosas dentro de líneas de tiempo que es como ustedes lo perciben. Es importante empezar a percibir las cosas, el movimiento, y su día a día de manera cíclica que es lo real, no desde el sistema de creencias del tiempo o el reloj que creen que existe. Lo único que existe son los ciclos y la instantaneidad de un presente continuo, eterno e infinito.

Muchos seres, álmicamente hablando, que han tenido más experiencia en la tierra están impulsando a otros seres a elevar su frecuencia vibratoria para equilibrar el colectivo. Y muchos que no comprenden aún acerca del funcionamiento dual de sus mentes pueden observar a los animales. Pues ellos no funcionan de manera dual. Perciben las cosas tal como el humano ha de llegar a percibirlo en su momento – como frecuencia.

Una mente humana cree que un animal prefiere una u otra cosa, cuando les das alimentos, pero en sí, ellos se guían por las frecuencias que perciben perfectamente, y en muchos algo que le llaman el sentido del olfato, pero no tienen preferencias. Si los observan, ellos pueden ser sus nuevos guías para los que lo necesitan ya que en las nuevas frecuencias de la tierra ha llegado un punto en donde se acabaron los guías. En esta nueva frecuencia y la mayor parte de los seres que están naciendo en la tierra y un gran porcentaje de los que están en la tierra ya no sentirán la necesidad de un guía espiritual. Pues por las mismas frecuencias y la claridad que hay ahora en la tierra pueden percibir que ustedes son sus propios guías. A nosotros sus mentes nos pueden ver como guías pero la realidad es que nosotros somos ustedes. [pausa]

Agradecemos profundamente su recepción. A sus mentes que ayudan a plasmar en su lenguaje esto que enviamos que solo son frecuencias para nosotros. Quienes vemos sus cuerpos de luz como frecuencias. Es por eso que es tan simple en nuestra dimensión ver su estado consciencial, [muchos suspiros y grandes respiraciones en esta sección como si fuera muy difícil para el cuerpo físico de Carlos] pues solo vemos si hay disonancias o armonía. Y en la armonía en su frecuencia vibratoria es donde podemos acceder. Por eso, agradecemos también a su cuerpo físico quién soporta también estas frecuencias muy elevadas y nuevas para lo que hasta ahora no había percibido físicamente.

Pues todo se está preparando también para que sus cuerpos físicos y su materia la puedan traer de vuelta a la luz a lo que llamaríamos la iluminación de la materia.

Pero antes deberán integrar esta percepción que es parte de ustedes, que no está en ningún otro lado más que en la luz que somos en unidad como colectivo. [pausa]

Sabemos que sus mentes los querrán confundir, principalmente el ego, quién se querrá aferrar a sus hábitos de pensamiento y los querrá engañar desde su funcionamiento dual e insaciable afán de dominio. [pausa]

Pero es tan simple como saber y ser conscientes que eso no son y jamás han sido ustedes. Y que la evolución no es de la mente ni de nada de lo que han creído.

La evolución es una, como la consciencia, siempre hemos sido una sola.

Nos amamos desde la vibración del Vacío que somos.

Saludos en amor, [pausa] consciencias de unidad y luz.

En esta ocasión impulsada para la conexión por la consciencia reticuliana, Zeta Reticuli en conexión con Sirio y muchas más consciencias colectivas de unidad.

Otras sesiones de esta canal: Más allá el tiempo y espacio, La manipulación de la humanidad termina, Alerta.

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The New Era Is Beginning

(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

 Marie: I’m at the far end of our garden. I have formed a ball of gold that surrounds me and surrounds my favorite oak. There are ducks on the lake and it is very pretty. It is soothing and very pleasant.

Jack: Good. That’s perfect. Excellent.

So now it’s important to stay there for a while, because it’s a spot that you know very well. And you can feel the ball of golden light that is there. And very simply you can feel the beauty of the garden. You are nourished by being in that setting.

Is there a particular feeling that is there for you now that you could say a few words about.

Marie: I feel that there’s something preventing me from relaxing. Or something is trying to pierce by ball of security.

Jack: Yes, yes. That happens sometimes. But just the same you can still see the ball of light; you can still see the garden, can’t you?

Marie: Yes.

Jack: Now I would like you to begin to bring your attention to the physical body and, although it’s perhaps not too pleasant, I would like you to deliberately try to approach this something that’s trying to break into the ball of light. Because there is something inside you that needs to be discovered. When you bring your attention to the body do you feel something or what happens?

Marie: My body is resisting and it is making the ball of light more solid to ward off this sensation of something coming into my space. I see a tall man, with brown hair and black clothing. This clothing is shaped like the wings of a bat with points at the ends. He is trying to puncture my ball. He doesn’t manage to do it but that is preventing me from being completely relaxed.

Jack: Yes, of course.

Marie: In fact, I’m struggling with him.

Jack: Is it possible to ask for help in your struggle?

Marie: I’m asking.

Jack: Yes, I think it’s good to ask. Because alone you have strength, but it might not be enough. [pause]

Marie: There is light which seems to bother him but he is continuing just the same to try and pierce my ball of security.

I see a… ah… I see a… something like a rainbow.

Jack: Yes. Good.

Marie: It’s burning him but he manages to stay there for a bit… what… I don’t know how to explain what I’m seeing.

Jack: It’s often like that Marie. It’s hard to explain. It’s also difficult to describe. But at the same time it is clear what is happening. It is clear that he is diminished but he is still trying to pierce the ball of light.

Marie: I’m cold.

Jack: Yes. Can you ask him what he wants of you?

Marie: Oh! He’s making me cry. [Marie cries.]

He wants my energy because he has lost his wings.

Oh! I’m cold!

Jack: Yes. But can you ask that someone help him? Because it’s not your job exactly to put back his wings or help him. You need to explain to him to go towards the light.

Marie: He’s angry.

Jack: Yes. Naturally.

Marie: He says that the light won’t have him.

Jack: You need to tell him that he needs to doubt that. The light doesn’t prevent anyone from approaching the light. Anyone at all can approach the light.

Marie: He wants to regain the powers that he had with the light and that he cannot have today. But the light will not give them back to him because it’s not for doing good.

Jack: Yes, so he has to accept to change, doesn’t he? It’s important for him to understand that. In order to approach the light, he has to change inside.

Marie: He says that I’m an archangel.

Jack: He’s speaking about himself, right? He was an archangel before wasn’t he?

Marie: Yes.

Jack: Yes, there are many fallen angels, aren’t there?

Marie: He passes himself off as the Archangel Michael and he deceives many people. He tricked me as well.

Jack: Yes. But you are there with him now for a reason. So you need to be patient. You mustn’t go too fast now in finding some way of straightening out what is in front you and what is in you at this moment.

Marie: Now my ball is bigger and it has rainbow colors.

Jack: Yes. Good. So there is someone there helping you.

Marie: Yes.

Jack: Yes, absolutely. Perhaps you can’t see that person but that doesn’t matter…

Marie: I see a big hand.

Jack: Ah!

Marie: [Marie begins to cry] This is touching me very deeply.

Jack: Yes. Of course. It’s moving.

Marie: It’s magnificent!

Jack: It’s magnificent. Exactly. When you make an approach to a level that is as high as this, you can only cry because of the contact you are making with this high level. But you had to go to this level in order to help the situation you found yourself in. And that is why you were given this situation – in order to make this contact.

Marie: I see the face of a man. He has curly hair. He is… You could say he might be black, white or Asian. He’s not any particular race. He is very, very handsome. [Marie begins to cry] He tells me that he is my mother’s guardian angel whom she called “Aro” but that he is called “Chamuel.” And that he is an archangel. He was reborn.

Jack: So he knows the process!

Marie: He is protecting me. The other one is still there but he can’t do anything.

Jack: No. He can’t do anything. But this guardian angel who has just arrived – perhaps he can help this situation. He is going to help you but perhaps he can also help the fallen angel. But that is not up to you or up to me either. We need to ask this guardian angel to do what is needed in this situation.

Marie: He is telling me that the other one can’t doing anything to me but that thanks to him I am learning to grow up.

Jack: Yes.

Marie: And that he is keeping an eye on us and that nothing will happen to us because of those beings because he says that he is limiting what they can do.

Jack: Yes. Exactly. Exactly.

Marie: [Marie begins to cry] I didn’t believe mother but she was right. It’s really him.

Jack: Absolutely. And now you can see him! You have been given the vision of seeing that angel.

Marie: [still in tears] He is magnificent. Oh, what energy! Oh!

Jack: Can you ask him if you can contact him if you need to in future?

Marie: He is saying yes but I’m not necessarily going to feel him and see him as I’m seeing him now but that he going to always be there for me. And he sees – he’s telling me he sees everything. And he’s joking. [Marie begins laughing] He winked at me. The strength of his humor!

Jack: Very beautiful.

Marie: I’m asking him about the session I had earlier. [An earlier session with a different facilitator]

Jack: Yes. You can ask questions in his presence now.

Marie: He tells me that I was an angel before. That that was true. And that I incarnated in my mother in order to evolve here. And that like others, I am not the only one able to protect beings who need to be protected. And to help.

Jack: Helping others, yes.

Marie: He is telling me that there are many of us and that by having us all awaken we are going to create a force that is like a shield and that this shield is going to transmute things that need to be transmuted in the change so that people who want… how is he saying… Ah, yes. People who want to rise above this world, in fact rise above this system of low energy are going to be able to evolve together, but, in fact, we are tired and overextended… We must reconnect through thought. Even if we don’t see each other, we are in fact connected through thought and every time one being among us thinks, or prays, or meditates that creates and reinforces this sphere of energy which must burn, drive away everything which is not welcome for the evolution of those who want to evolve.

Jack: Yes, yes. That’s right.

Marie: He’s dancing! [we burst out laughing] He says he’s seeing me dancing the Jumbolo [dance originating in the Ivory Coast]. Ah, what a sense of humor! It’s incredible!

Jack: Yes, there’s a sense of humor on the other side, for sure. There has to be. It’s part of the lightness. Everything is light. There is no heaviness.

Good. Do you have other questions to ask?

Marie: Yes, he is telling me that what I saw [in the earlier session] is partly true, that not everything is to be taken at face value but he is saying that deep inside myself I know what is true in what I saw in the earlier hypnosis and what was false. He says that the truth is within me and that I know it.

Jack: Yes, you can distinguish between false and true.

Marie: Yes.

Jack: It’s inside you. It’s part of you. You just need to turn inward.

Marie: I asked about my mother and he told me that my mother also is destined for that. But, because she was attached to earning a living and so on she got led astray. But that now she understands and I shouldn’t worry about her – she’s already much better and he is looking out for her. She is learning to defend herself against those forces which…

The other one is still there. He’s in the distance but he doesn’t have any intention of giving up.

Jack: But I have the impression that there’s nothing to be done about this other one who is still there…

Marie: No, nothing.

Jack: And you are protected and there is no fear about his being there. And it’s not your business to sort all that out.

Marie: Right.

Jack: And [before the session] you were asking about your mission in this life. Can you ask the guardian angel what you are going to be doing in life?

Marie: [chuckling] He’s kneeling, he’s assuming meditation postures so I guess he’s saying that all prayer or meditation is a good thing. So I must continue and he’s telling me I have good ideas and therefore I should put them into practice and that I will be helped so that what needs to happen will happen.

Jack: Yes, exactly.

Marie: It’s nice and he’s telling me that the work I used to do – the singing that I did before – I didn’t realize it but it touched the hearts and feelings of people in a good way. So, in fact, I only have to take note that I’ve already begun in this moment.

Jack: So you really need to continue singing then, right?

Marie: He says yes. He is going to guide me so that I meet good people with good intentions so that my songs are not just to earn money but are for something good in fact.

Jack: Yes, and also it’s a way of communicating something to people because when you try to communicate something with words the communication is not complete. Song has a greater range of possibilities in my opinion. There’s something very powerful in it, much more powerful than someone trying to explain something to another person. And in singing you can reach many more people.

Marie: Yes, yes. He is showing me something that I had forgotten about however it’s rather… I was in Martinique and I had a vision of a big serpent. And I had to fight in fact because I didn’t want this serpent entering me and I saw this dark being who is bothering me here. And he [the guardian angel] is explaining to me that in fact this dark being still has the power to give people clairvoyance. He is explaining that this dark being is angry because he still has these powers and he wanted to have those powers enter me by passing himself off as Archangel Michael. I did well to refuse this serpent because he was evil. I could have had those powers but given by a dark being in fact.

Jack: Yes, it was a temptation but you rejected it for very good reasons.

Marie: That dark being dupes many people. He makes people believe he is a good archangel and he shows them things and certain people who are approaching awaking think it is good but he is a dark being and he his not alone. He has his army. I’m being shown other shadows behind him. Many of them.

I’m cold now. Maybe because he showed me that.

Jack: Yes. But the guardian angel is still there for you, isn’t he?

Marie: Yes. He is like a rainbow. And he’s reminding me that when I see a rainbow when I’m praying, he’s telling me that it’s him. Before having had this vision now, well, I had seen the form of a tree. It was a mango tree but it was in the shape of a man’s head, a big head. And there was a rainbow. He told me that when he is nearby that’s why I see trees that are shaped like a man’s head and that there are rainbows or something that reminds me of rainbows.

Jack: I wonder if there are other questions you need to ask?

Marie: [chuckles] He’s smiling Jack. He is following what you are saying and while he’s looking at me he’s asking, “Well, are there other questions?”

Jack: I wonder if I can ask if he has something to say to me, to Jack, about my work with other people or my life or something else.

Marie: He’s thanking you because you are the right person – for me in any case – and that he would never have shown himself with the person who did hypnosis for me before because there is information that some can hear and others not.

He sends you love.

Jack: Ah, thanks!

Marie: And he is thanking you because what you are doing is good. It helps.

Jack: Sometimes what I do is to make a transcription of the session on my public blog on Internet. I wonder if it would help other people if you and I could put up a transcription of what happened not necessarily all but a part.

Marie: He says that if you want to do that it would be very good because other people often get themselves trapped…

Jack: Right, right!

Marie: … because they have false guides and false archangels.

And he says that the divination cards I used helped me learn but they were not clean and that there are archangels in the… Oh! The card deck of archangels from… OK. He’s telling me not to say which one. But anyway you have to be very careful of archangels on cards…

Jack: Ah!

Marie: … because some of them for a long time now… they are fallen in fact and they are no longer from the Kingdom of Heaven. People don’t know that and they call on them… but they are not there… they have become only empty shells unfortunately.

He is telling me that the archangels are working very hard because human beings are so poisoned that it is difficult to wake them up. Their free will means they can do what they want for themselves and the angels cannot do anything about that.

Jack: Yes, I understand that.

Marie: And the archangel is saying that they too are attacked by them. For archangels it’s OK but for angels who are attacked by the fallen ones who have a lot of power and strength, certain angels become discouraged and fall to the darkness in fact. Certain demons pass themselves off as reptilians but really they’re just demons that’s all.

Jack: Marie, I think we need to begin to finish.

Marie: OK.

Jack: Yes, because we cannot stay too long with a contact like this – it’s simply not possible. Perhaps we could express our gratitude for all that has taken place in this session…

Marie: Yes.

Jack: … the fact that your guardian angel came to you and that he really showed you his face.

Marie: He felt that I was still mistrustful so he is showing me his eyes and I see the universe in fact.

Jack: Ah, yes.

Marie: He is saying to me, “This is what you are; this is what we are.”

Jack: Yes.

Marie: Oh, it is so moving [tears]. He is saying to me that if I work hard, if I continue to make progress, I will become an archangel like him. And he says to me, “And why not?”

Jack: You have the ability inside you. And if you encounter difficulties in the future you can ask for his help.

Marie: I would like to ask him a final question.

Jack: Yes. Go ahead. [pause]

Marie: Yes, he is telling me that what my mother said was right – something rather personal.

Jack: Yes, there’s no need to explain. You asked your question and you received your answer.

Marie: He says that he has a strong, strong love for human beings, for nature and animals and that he has been working very hard for a long time to help us out of here but that now, the Source, the God of all things, has decided that all that needs to be shaken up.

Jack: Yes.

Marie: He has me understand that the Bad Ones will have to either disappear or make their own place for themselves where they won’t trouble us anyone. They are going to kill each other. They’re going to die.

Jack: They are going to die, yes. I have received this message several times.

Marie: Ah, yes. They are going to die. They are going to kill each other. He is telling me that. Unfortunately.

He also has brother and sister archangels who are fallen, who have chosen, who are discouraged. That troubles him greatly but it is time for the new age to begin. Deliverance is very, very near.

Jack: There are many changes that will be happening on the planet, right?

Marie: Yes, it has already begun.

He’s telling me that many little children, babies who are being born, are clairvoyant. They are destined to become what we normally should be – beings of light. And that’s why my little nieces and nephews are like they are today.

I am thanking him.

And he says, “Thanks to Jack”.

Jack: OK. It was very beautiful – very beautiful what has happened.

Marie: He has reinforced my ball of light. I will be able to rest easy for the time being.

Jack: So it would be good to return to the garden with the ball of golden light. It’s a way of coming full circle, returning to the beginning. The fact that you are there and that you are protected. The vision of the little lake, the flowers…

Marie: He is caressing my ball of light. [we laugh] He is showing me that our house is… the work on it is progressing very, very quickly. Flowers are appearing.

He says to me, “Blessings be upon you.” [tears]

Jack: We are truly blessed. We have received much more than we ever could have imagined.

[We finish.]

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L’ère nouvelle commence

(In the next post you will find an English translation of this session.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

 Marie : Je suis au fond de notre jardin. J’ai construit une bulle dorée tout autour de moi et autour de mon chêne préféré. Il y a des canards sur le lac et c’est très joli. C’est apaisant, c’est agréable.

Jack : Bon. Oui, c’est parfait ; c’est très bien.

Alors c’est important de rester dans cet espace, parce que c’est un endroit que tu connais très bien. Et tu peux sentir cette boule de lumière dorée qui est là. Et aussi tu peux sentir tout simplement la beauté du jardin. Tu es nourrie d’être là dans cet environnement.

Est-ce qu’il y a un sentiment qui est présent pour toi maintenant que tu peux décrire ?

Marie : J’ai le sentiment qu’il y a quelque chose qui m’empêche de relaxer ou quelque chose qui essaie de percer ma boule de sécurité.

Jack : Oui, oui, ça arrive des fois. Mais quand même tu peux toujours voir la boule de lumière, tu peux toujours voir le jardin, n’est-ce pas ?

Marie : Oui.

Jack : Maintenant j’aimerais que tu commences à porter ton attention sur le corps physique et ce n’est peut-être pas tellement agréable mais j’aimerais que tu essaies délibérément de te rapprocher à ce quelque chose qui essaie de rompre un peu la boule de lumière. Parce que la seule façon de procéder vraiment, c’est de faire face à ce qui est là. Parce qu’il y a quelque chose à l’intérieur de toi qu’il faut découvrir. Quand tu apportes ton attention sur le corps est-ce que tu ressens quelque chose ? Qu’est-ce qui arrive ?

Marie : Mon corps résiste et rend plus solide cette boule de lumière pour empêcher cette sensation de rentrer dans mon espace. Je visualise un homme grand, avec des cheveux bruns, des vêtements noirs. Ses vêtements, ça fait comme des ailes de chauve-souris qui ont des pointes au bout et il essaie de trouer ma boule. Il n’y arrive pas mais ça m’empêche d’être complètement relaxe.

Jack : Oui, bien sûr.

Marie : En fait, je lutte avec lui.

Jack : Est-ce que c’est possible de demander de l’aide dans ta lutte ?

Marie : Je demande.

Jack : Oui, je crois que c’est bien de demander. Parce que toute seule on a une force mais peut-être que ce n’est pas assez. [pause]

Marie : Il y a de la lumière qui semble le gêner mais il continue quand même à essayer de percer ma boule de sécurité.

Je vois un… ah… je vois un… ça fait comme un arc-en-ciel.

Jack : Oui. Bon.

Marie : Ça le brûle mais il arrive quand même à rester un peu… quoi… je ne sais pas comment expliquer ce que je vois.

Jack : C’est souvent comme ça Marie. C’est difficile à expliquer ; c’est difficile à décrire aussi. Mais en même temps c’est clair ce qui arrive. C’est clair qu’il est diminué mais il essaie toujours de percer ta bulle.

Marie : J’ai froid.

Jack : Oui. Est-ce que tu peux lui demander qu’est-ce qu’il veut de toi.

Marie : Oh ! Il me fait pleurer. [Marie pleure]

Il veut de mon énergie parce qu’il a perdu ses ailes.

Oh ! J’ai froid !

Jack : Oui. Mais est-ce que tu demandes qu’on lui vienne en aide ? Parce que ce n’est pas ton job exactement de remettre ses ailes ou de l’aider. Il faut lui expliquer qu’il faut qu’il aille vers la lumière.

Marie : Il est en colère.

Jack : Oui. Naturellement.

Marie : Il dit que la lumière ne veut plus de lui.

Jack : Il faut lui dire que c’est nécessaire de ne plus croire cela. La lumière n’empêche personne d’approcher la lumière. N’importe quel être peut approcher la lumière.

Marie : Il veut retrouver des pouvoirs qu’il avait avec la lumière et qu’il ne peut pas avoir aujourd’hui. Mais la lumière ne va pas les lui rendre parce que ce n’est pas pour faire le bien.

Jack : Oui. Il faut qu’il accepte de changer, n’est-ce pas. C’est important pour lui de comprendre. Pour approcher la lumière il faut qu’il change à l’intérieur.

Marie : Il dit que j’étais un archange.

Jack : Il parle de lui-même là, hein ? Il a été un archange avant, oui, c’est ça ?

Marie : Oui.

Jack : Oui, il y a beaucoup d’archanges qui sont tombés, n’est-ce pas ?

Marie : Il se fait prendre pour l’archange Michaël et il trompe beaucoup de gens. Et il m’a trompée aussi.

Jack : Oui. Mais tu es là avec lui maintenant pour une raison. Alors il faut patienter. Il ne faut  pas aller trop vite  pour trouver un moyen de régler ce qui est là devant toi et en toi maintenant en ce moment.

Marie : Maintenant ma bulle est plus grande et elle a des couleurs arc-en-ciel.

Jack : Oui. Bon. Alors il y a quelqu’un là qui t’aide.

Marie : Oui.

Jack : Oui, absolument. Peut-être tu ne peux pas voir cette personne mais ça fait rien…

Marie : Je vois une grande main.

Jack : Ah !

Marie : [Marie commence à pleurer] Ça me rend très émue.

Jack : Oui. Bien sûr. C’est émouvant.

Marie : C’est magnifique !

Jack : C’est magnifique, exactement. Quand on fait une approche à un niveau aussi élevé que cela on ne peut que pleurer à cause du contact que tu fais avec ce niveau très élevé. Mais il faut aller à ce niveau là pour aider la situation dans laquelle tu te trouves. Et c’est pour cela qu’on t’a donné cette situation pour faire ce contact.

Marie : Je vois un visage d’homme. Il a des cheveux bouclés. Il est… On dirait qu’il est peut être noir, blanc, ou asiatique – il n’a pas de race particulière. Il est très, très beau. [Marie commence à pleurer] Il me dit qu’il est l’ange gardien de ma maman qu’elle appelle « Aro » mais qu’il s’appelle Chamuel. Et qu’il est un archange. Il est rené.

Jack : Alors il connaît le processus !

Marie : Il me protège. L’autre est toujours là mais il ne peut rien faire.

Jack : Non. Il ne peut rien faire. Mais cet ange gardien qui vient d’arriver, peut-être qu’il peut aider à régler cette situation-là. Il va t’aider mais peut-être qu’il peut aussi venir en aide à cet ange déchu.  Mais ce n’est pas à toi ni à moi de le faire. Il faut demander à cet ange gardien de faire ce qui est nécessaire dans cette situation.

Marie : Il me dit que l’autre ne peut rien contre moi mais que c’est grâce à lui que j’apprends à grandir.

Jack : Oui.

Marie : Et qu’il a toujours un œil sur nous et que rien ne vas nous arriver à cause de ces êtres-là puisqu’il dit qu’il met des limites à leurs possibilités.

Jack : Oui, exactement. Exactement.

Marie : [Marie commence à pleurer] Je ne croyais pas maman, mais elle avait raison. C’est bien lui.

Jack : Absolument. Et maintenant tu peux le voir ! Tu as reçu la vision de voir cet archange-là.

Marie : [toujours en larmes] Il est magnifique. Oh, que l’énergie… Oh !

Jack : Et est-ce que tu peux lui demander si tu peux le contacter si tu en as besoin à l’avenir ?

Marie : Il me dit que oui mais que je ne vais pas forcément le ressentir et le voir comme je le vois maintenant mais qu’il va toujours m’entendre. Et il voit, il me dit qu’il voit tout. Et il rigole. [Marie commence à rire] Il me fait un clin d’œil. La force de l’humour !

Jack : Très beau. [14 :47]

Marie : Je lui demande à propos de la session que j’ai eue avant. [Une session antérieure avec un facilitateur différent]

Jack : Oui. Tu peux demander des questions en sa présence maintenant.

Marie : Il m’a dit que j’étais un ange avant. Que ça c’était vrai. Et que je me suis incarnée dans ma maman pour pouvoir évoluer ici, et comme d’autres je ne suis pas la seule à pouvoir protéger les êtres qui ont besoin d’être protégés. Et aider.

Jack : Aider les autres, oui.

Marie : Il me dit que nous sommes plusieurs et qu’en nous réveillant tous on va créer une force comme un bouclier et que ce bouclier va transmuter les choses qui doivent transmuter pour le changement pour que les gens qui veulent… comment il dit… Ah, oui. Les gens qui veulent aller au dessus de ce monde en fait de ce système de cette énergie basse puissent pouvoir évoluer ensemble mais, en fait, on est à bout… – On doit se rencontrer par la pensée. Même si on ne se voit pas, on est connecté par la pensée en fait et à chaque fois qu’un être d’entre nous pense, ou prie, ou médite, ça crée, ça renforce en fait cette sphère d’énergie qui doit brûler, chasser tout ce qui n’est pas bienvenu pour l’évolution de ceux qui veulent évoluer.

Jack : Oui, oui. C’est ça.

Marie : Il danse ! [nous éclatons de rire] Il dit qu’il me voit quand je danse le Jumbolo [danse d’origine ivoirienne]. Ah, quel sens de l’humour ! C’est incroyable !

Jack : Oui, il y a de l’humour de l’autre côté, absolument. Il le faut. Ça fait partie de la légèreté. Tout est léger. Il n’y a pas de poids.

Bon. Peut-être tu as d’autres questions à demander…

Marie : Oui, il me dit que ce que j’ai vu [dans la session antérieure] est en partie vrai, que tout n’est pas à prendre pour argent comptant. Il dit qu’au fond de moi, je sais ce qu’il y a de vrai dans ce que j’ai vu dans l’hypnose d’avant et ce qu’il y a de faux. Il dit que la vérité est en moi-même et je le sais.

Jack : Oui, tu peux distinguer entre le faux et la vérité.

Marie : Oui.

Jack : C’est à l’intérieur de toi. Ça fait partie de toi. Il faut simplement tourner vers l’intérieur.

Marie : J’ai demandé pour ma maman et il m’a dit que ma maman aussi est destinée à cela. Mais, parce qu’elle avait des envies de gagner sa vie, etc., elle s’est fait tromper. Mais que maintenant elle a compris et de ne pas s’inquiéter pour elle – elle va déjà beaucoup mieux et il la soutient. Elle apprend à se défendre contre ces forces qui…

Et l’autre il est toujours là. Il est éloigné, mais il n’a pas l’intention de lâcher l’affaire.

Jack : Mais j’ai l’impression qu’il n’y a rien à faire avec cet autre qui est toujours là…

Marie : Non.

Jack : Et tu es protégée et il n’y a pas de raison d’avoir peur qu’il soit là. Et ce n’est pas ton business d’essayer de régler tout cela.

Marie : Oui.

Jack : Et [avant la session] tu as demandé qu’est-ce que c’est ta mission dans la vie. Est-ce que tu peux demander à l’ange gardien qu’est-ce que tu vas faire dans la vie.

Marie : [petits rires] Il s’est mis à genoux, il fait des poses de méditation donc en gros ça veut dire tout ce qui est prière, méditation c’est très bien – il faut que je continue et puis il me dit que j’ai des bonnes idées et donc de les mettre en pratique et que je vais avoir de l’aide pour pouvoir arriver à ce que ça doit arriver.

Jack : Oui, exact.

Marie : C’est gentil et il me dit que le travail que j’ai fait – dans la chanson que j’ai fait avant – je ne me suis pas rendue compte mais ça a beaucoup transpercé le cœur et l’émotion de gens dans le bon sens. Donc, en fait, j’ai seulement à percevoir que j’ai commencé depuis un moment déjà.

Jack : Et alors, tu dois continuer de chanter, hein ?

Marie : Il me dit que oui. Il va me guider pour que j’aille chez de bonnes personnes qui ont de bonnes intentions pour que mes chansons ne soient pas seulement pour gagner de l’argent, mais soient pour la bonne raison en fait.

Jack : Oui, et aussi c’est une façon de communiquer quelque chose aux gens parce que quand on essaie de communiquer quelque chose avec des paroles on ne peut pas tout à fait communiquer parce que la chanson a une plus grande gamme de possibilités à mon avis. Il y a là quelque chose de très puissant, beaucoup plus puissant que quelqu’un qui essaie d’expliquer quelque chose à une autre personne. Et tu peux aussi contacter beaucoup plus de personnes en chantant.

Marie : Oui, oui. Il me montre quelque chose que j’avais oublié pourtant c’est assez… J’étais en Martinique et j’ai eu la vision d’un gros serpent. Et j’ai dû me battre en fait parce que je ne voulais pas que ce serpent entre en moi et j’ai vu cet être sombre qui m’embête là. Et il [l’ange gardien] m’explique qu’en fait, cet être sombre a encore les pouvoirs de donner la clairvoyance aux gens. Et qu’il est fâché, qu’il a encore certaines connaissances et que le serpent en fait il voulait me le faire entrer parce qu’il s’est passé pour l’archange Michaël. Il voulait le faire entrer en moi pour me transmettre la connaissance et que j’ai bien fait de refuser ce serpent parce qu’en fait c’était le mal. J’aurai eu des pouvoirs mais donné par un être sombre en fait.

Jack : Oui, c’était une tentation que tu as rejetée pour de très bonnes raisons.

Marie : Oui. Il berne beaucoup de personnes. Il fait croire qu’il est un bon archange et il leur fait voir des choses et certaines personnes qui sont en phase d’éveil pensent que c’est le bien mais c’est lui et il n’est pas seul – il a son armée. On me montre qu’il y a d’autres ombres derrière lui. Beaucoup.

J’ai froid maintenant. Parce qu’il m’a montré ça, peut-être.

Jack : Oui. Mais l’archange gardien est toujours là pour toi quand même ?

Marie : Oui. Il est comme un arc-en-ciel et il me rappelle que quand je vois un arc-en-ciel quand je prie il me dit que c’est lui. Et avant d’avoir eu cette vision, eh bien, j’avais vu la forme d’un arbre. C’était un manguier mais sa forme devenait comme la forme de la tête d’un homme, une grosse tête d’homme. Et il y a eu un arc-en-ciel. Il m’a dit quand il n’est pas loin c’est pour ça que je vois des arbres qui ont des formes de têtes d’homme et puis qu’il y a des arcs-en-ciel ou quelque chose qui fait penser à un arc-en-ciel.

Jack : Et je me demande s’il y a d’autres questions de ta part…

Marie : [petit rire] Il sourit Jack. Il suit ce que tu dis et en me regardant il me demande, alors, est-ce qu’il y a d’autres questions ?

Jack : Est-ce que je peux demander s’il a quelque chose à me dire, à Jack, à propos de mon travail avec d’autres personnes ou pour ma vie ou quelque chose.

Marie : Il te remercie parce que tu es la bonne personne – pour moi en tout cas – qu’il ne se serait jamais montré avec la personne qui m’a fait l’hypnose avant, parce qu’il y a des informations que d’autres peuvent entendre et d’autres non.

Il t’envoie de l’amour.

Jack : Ah, merci !

Marie : Et il te remercie parce que ce que tu fais c’est bien, ça aide.

Jack : Des fois ce que je fais c’est de mettre une transcription de la session sur mon blogue public sur Internet. Je me demande si ça va aider d’autres personnes si toi et moi nous pouvons mettre une transcription de ce qui est arrivé – pas nécessairement tout mais une partie.

Marie : Il dit que si tu le souhaites c’est très bien parce que d’autres personnes se font beaucoup piéger…

Jack : C’est ça, c’est ça !

Marie : … parce qu’ils ont de faux guides et de faux archanges.

Et que les cartes oracle que j’ai utilisées m’ont permis d’apprendre mais elles n’étaient pas saines et qu’il y a des archanges dans le… Oh ! Le jeu de cartes des archanges de… Bon, il me dit de ne pas dire. Mais qu’il faut faire très attention aux archanges qui se trouvent sur des cartes…

Jack : Ah !

Marie : … parce que certains ne sont plus depuis longtemps… ils sont tombés en fait et ils ne sont plus du Royaume des Cieux et donc les gens ne savent pas alors ils les appellent et… ils ne sont plus là quoi… ils sont devenus des chiffes [coquilles vides] malheureusement.

Il dit que les archanges travaillent très dur, que les humains sont tellement empoisonnés que c’est difficile de les éveiller. Qu’à cause du libre arbitre des humains, les archanges ne peuvent rien faire sans leur accord ou volonté [des humains].

Jack : Oui, je comprends ça.

Marie : Et qu’ils sont attaqués aussi par des… Les archanges – ça va, mais les anges eux sont très attaqués par les déchus qui ont beaucoup de force et de pouvoir et certains se découragent et finissent par tomber dans l’ombre en fait. Certains démons se font passer pour des reptiliens et en fin de compte ce sont des démons, c’est tout.

Jack : Oui, je crois Marie qu’on devrait commencer à terminer.

Marie : D’accord.

Jack : Oui, parce qu’on ne peut pas rester trop longtemps avec un contact comme ceci – ce n’est tout simplement pas possible. Peut-être nous pouvons faire l’expression d’un sentiment de gratitude pour tout ce qui est arrivé dans cette session…

Marie : Oui.

Jack : … le fait que ton ange gardien est arrivé et qu’il t’a montré vraiment son visage.

Marie : Il a senti que je restais méfiante alors il me montre dans ses yeux et je vois l’univers en fait

Jack : Ah, oui.

Marie : Il me dit, « C’est ce que tu es, c’est ce que nous sommes. »

Jack : Oui.

Marie : Oh, c’est tellement émouvant [larmes]. Il me dit que si je travaille bien, si je continue de progresser, je serai un archange comme lui. Et il me dit, « Mais pourquoi pas ? »

Jack : Tu as la capacité à l’intérieur de toi. Et si tu as une difficulté à l’avenir tu peux lui demander de l’aide.

Marie : Je voudrais lui poser une dernière question.

Jack : Oui, vas-y. [pause]

Marie : Oui, il me dit que ma mère ce qu’elle dit était vrai – quelque chose d’assez personnel.

Jack : Oui, ce n’est pas nécessaire d’expliquer. Tu as demandé ta question et tu as eu ta réponse.

Marie : Il dit qu’il nous aime très fort les humains, la nature, les animaux et qu’il travaille très dur depuis très longtemps pour nous aider à nous sortir de là, mais que là, la Source, le Dieu de toute chose, a décidé qu’il va falloir secouer tout ça.

Jack : Oui.

Marie : Il me fait comprendre que là, les « Vilains » pas beaux vont devoir soit disparaître soit se construire leur propre endroit où ils ne pourront plus gêner personne mais ils vont s’entretuer, ils vont mourir.

Jack : Ils vont mourir, oui. J’ai reçu ce message à plusieurs reprises.

Marie : Ah, oui. Ils vont mourir. Ils vont s’entretuer, il me dit. Malheureusement.

Il a aussi des frères et sœurs archanges, qui sont descendus, qui ont choisi [de descendre, de s’incarner sur Terre], qui se sont découragés – ça lui fait beaucoup de peine mais il est temps que l’ère nouvelle commence. La délivrance est très, très proche.

Jack : Il y a beaucoup de changements qui vont arriver sur la planète, n’est-ce pas ?

Marie : Oui, c’est commencé déjà.

Il me dit que beaucoup de petits enfants, que les bébés qui sont nés sont clairvoyants, sont destinés à être comme on devait normalement être – des êtres de lumière. Et que c’est pour ça que mes petits neveux et nièces sont comme ils sont aujourd’hui.

Je le remercie.

Il me sourit.

Et il dit, « Merci à Jack ».

Jack : OK. C’était très beau, très beau ce qui est arrivé.

Marie : Il a renforcé ma bulle. Je vais être tranquille pour un moment.

Jack : Alors, c’est bien de retourner au jardin avec la bulle de lumière dorée. C’est une façon de boucler la boucle, de retourner au commencement. Le fait que tu es là et que tu es protégée. La vision du petit lac, des fleurs…

Marie : Il caresse ma bulle. [rires] Il me montre que notre maison est… les travaux se font très, très vite. Ici apparaîssent des fleurs.

Il me dit, « Bénis soyez-vous ». [larmes]

Jack : On est vraiment béni. On a reçu beaucoup plus qu’on n’aurait jamais pu imaginer.

[On termine.]

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The Uninterrupted Chain of Beings Ascending

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Jack: Because we’ve been working now for a long time it seems there’s a part that knows what needs to be let go of. That’s what I feel as we’re beginning.

Alfred: Yes, it’s a very natural coming to the moment. And to the body. And it feels like there’s an awareness of a need for help from an unknown part, an unknown entity. But it feels still early in this preparation to ask for that help. One has to really be in a state of attunement to ask.

Jack: Yes, that makes sense. [pause]

Alfred: It’s so interesting how the whole experience of one’s boundaries changes. The air is much more alive now. [long pause]

It’s useful to track how those different areas of tension or anxiety or thinking are gradually dissolving.

Jack: Yes, it’s good to track it – to be aware of what’s taking place. [long pause]

Alfred: There is this familiar opening to the sky. I’m facing the starry night.

Jack: The night sky…

Alfred: Gradually dimming into the night sky. At the same time, there was this very distinct sensation of being carried on some kind of a bed. Just a sense of movement. I’m facing the sky. It’s as if I’m already dead or very ill or maybe I’m some kind of a… For some reason those beings are carrying me. I feel I’m on a fancy stretcher…

Jack: A palanquin maybe.

Alfred: It feels more like something royal. I had this image of some kind of ritual in which I’m carried. I don’t know whether I’m alive or not to those people who are carrying me but, as I’m being carried, I’m definitely experiencing all around me the whole sky, the full sky. [pause]

The shape of the body has that distinct taste of being within, of being individual but also being aware, observing from the outside. Both are there. So I have some perception of that from the outside. The shape of the body feels like one of those Egyptian deities. I probably should know the name of it but I’ve forgotten it. It has a dog’s head.

Jack: It’s a jackal I think.

Alfred: Maybe. It has a pointy snout. [Later we discover that it’s Anubis – the god that leads you to the other world] [long pause]

There’s a sense that I’m being carried in that way and it’s now less about being the actual being but more an awareness that it’s a long journey. I’m carried a long way because something had to be transferred or migrated or… There’s a destination for me to be transferred in that way. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not able to walk, or I’m infirm or if it’s a kind of respect given to my body because that’s the ritual or that’s the form that it needs to take.

But there’s a wish for guidance here.

Jack: Maybe now is the moment to ask for that…

Alfred: “How, in what way, can I serve what is needed? So that I can be of help to whatever process it is that is revealed to me now.” [pause]

I have a sense of arrival. I can mention that it’s a desert landscape and it seems like an oasis of some sort. Palm trees and so on. It’s as if whatever it is that is me is being stood up, moved from horizontal to vertical. [pause]

There is a feeling of getting closer to the essence of the purpose of this. [pause]

I had a glimpse of that deity. Much more elaborate. A gold mask covered with a kind of blue headdress – a very distinct blue, cobalt blue margins along the headdress. I’m not it, I’m witnessing it. Probably there was some confusion. My mind cannot really draw the difference between being it and serving it on its journey. [pause]

There’s something particular about that desert landscape. It’s like a canyon or a rock formation within which that deity is being stood up. It’s now standing up.

Maybe in preparation for a particular ritual or ceremony. [pause]

Jack: Are there any feelings here you can mention?

Alfred: There was some feeling before of anticipation, of coming closer to a source or the center of this action or this activity. But I’m not… It feels like I need to be much more quiet…

Jack: Yes. [pause]

Alfred: Something is not quick enough to perceive. [long pause]

Two notions come… First there’s a group waiting for the arrival of someone, some dignitary or some person of great consequence. I had a quick image of a person wearing white and making his way to this gathering in the desert. And second, that the landscape struck me as a pre-Santa Katarina site, the site of Santa Katarina prior to the establishment of the monastery. And I had these flashbacks to my visit to Santa Katarina. [in a previous session] Something about that landscape is very compelling. It might be a place where something much, much more ancient than the monastery existed. [pause]

Jack: And the white figure – is there more about that?

Alfred: It hasn’t arrived yet. It was just a glimpse. But an awareness now that perhaps this trip was taken with much more urgency – as a moving away from some flooding, some destruction.

It’s not so much a canyon but more an elevated place there. As if I’m looking… very compellingly… back to where we came from… from a mountain that is protruding from the desert landscape which would be Jebel Musa – just with some relief that we’ve been able to survive, make it through. [pause]

It’s very clear that I’m not given the help that I have come to expect here… as if whatever is guiding this session is instructive. I know what I’ve been told many times, what needs to be taking place and what I need to do to be receptive – which is to let go of the body in a certain way.

Jack: Yes, and we’ve spoken about your being more active in that regard too. Not just letting things happen but…

Alfred: Yes. And that’s helpful. [pause]

Something has to be let go in order to be received. [pause]

And with that letting go, there’s much more of a feeling of a blue being tending to my body – as I’ve had previously. With my more open state it can be re-engaged; it’s interrupted when I’m not sensitive.

Jack: It’s almost as if you forget who you are.

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

It feels as though they have revived me or that they are nursing me in some way. [pause]

It’s like I’m taking my first breaths with them. [pause]

I’m much clearer about the activity of the blue beings around me than I was before. They are very concerned and they are occupied with reviving me, tending to me in a such a way that feels like I’m breathing now into that blue body. [37:35] [pause]

The density of the blue bodies around me seems to vary not so much with who they are but with my degree of sensitivity. As does my body too. [pause]

Something becomes stronger in the need to be present. A kind of an indication to focus on what is now and the absolute necessity of knowing what’s going on. [pause]

It seems like the awareness is moving to the heart. A certain need to open the very specific… Being with that closure and perhaps fear. Which is experienced as density.

It is like being on the threshold of recognizing that I may be the being they’ve been waiting for. And kind of a refusal to accept that. Because it is a bit overwhelming to be that. [pause]

But it’s clear that there’s a responsibility I have to face, that something cannot proceed without something connecting, opening.

So again I’m in the same place of prayer for help. [pause]

There’s a certain level of desperation in that prayer that I’m in charge of these survivors around me. [pause]

I have a glimpse of a ladder, that ladder from the last session. [pause]

Something has to open up to see that ladder, or that staircase as it’s going up, as it’s ascending. Without that, there’s no ascension. [pause]

Something opens along the back. Along the vertical. It’s as if I can find my feet again. I think there’s an energy that allows me to take action. It seems like the others are following.

Jack: Yes, something in you knows.

Alfred: It’s as if I was trying to see what’s ahead and once I actually sensed the first step under my foot, it’s the only thing I need to know.

It’s a very, very specific experience of a very solid place to rest my foot – it’s not steel, it’s not hard wood, but it feels very solid.

Jack: Very important, yes, to feel that support beneath you. [pause]

Alfred: Night sky and it’s like an ancient city that we are climbing up on a stair. It has all kinds of ancient buildings and we continue to ascend. [pause] Dark sky. But the air is very clear. It’s like Istanbul or Cairo – some city with a lot of minarets and things like that.

It feels much more like I’m in a chain of people, beings ascending.

Ascending is not a physical movement. It’s an awareness of the step on which my feet rest. [pause]

As long as the awareness is clear and undisturbed, there’s a participation in this upward motion which right now is already way beyond… the landscape is very small, distant, still a glimmering lights, seen from great heights. [pause]

You can sense the part that wishes to arrive but there’s another conviction that this ascent is a movement with no end. [pause] There is no destination. [pause]

The destination is the ascent. There’s a part that wishes to arrive and I may not be able to sustain this… this staying with… and yet there’s an awareness of the being ahead of me and the being behind me and the responsibility for continuing uninterrupted. It requires everything.

There is a sense of a certain lightness. As if the atmosphere has changed. Like above clouds. As if we broke through something. Something is a little lighter in the effort as if something… like being able to travel a larger distance with the same effort… something like that.

A very large structure. Like a huge palace or a very, very enormous building that we seem to arrive at. I wish to say almost a huge auditorium or arena where we all have our places. [pause]

It feels like we’re arriving at the end of this session but there’s an important part of consolidation at the end of it which is a certain way of… The arrival may obscure the path and so there’s an effort to just remember, mark as deeply as possible how critical it was – and has been – to stay with the sense of the feet on the steps.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: Very, very specific.

Jack: And perhaps also the person in front of you and the person behind you.

Alfred: Exactly that, yes. And a feeling of belonging and gratitude to that. [pause]

My physical body makes itself known. It’s interesting – I’m opening my eyes and the ceiling seems to be both there and at the same time the sky is perceptible through it. Both are there with no contradiction.

Jack: Yes, I think it’s important to be aware of the two at the same time. It helps.

Alfred: No difference.

Jack: Right. No difference.

Alfred: And not in a way that requires any type of resolution but just awareness.

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