Bodies Visible and Invisible

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Jack: I think that there is something inside you that knows the way, the path that leads to a state of consciousness where it is possible to open to the presences that we felt in the room just before we began.

As if there were a point of contact, a field of contact, inside.

Perhaps there is a possibility to receive messages that could be useful to Carlos’ life and to the lives of others as well. Perhaps.


Carlos: I feel something distinct…

I feel like the block of information is… It’s already here, but it seems like it’s going to take some time to process it. I only felt the impact of it and not… I’m going to have to work on translating it.

Jack: Perhaps you can ask for help in translating what you’ve received. It’s not easy to put it into words but perhaps there is someone or a part of Carlos – a higher part – that can interpret it.

Carlos: Yes, it’s possible.


You must become conscious of the goal – the goal is Unification.

Your mind, your thinking apparatus, has a theoretical notion of what that means. And that terrifies the mind. And the mind can convert it into a blockage since the vibratory nature of the mind and the ego is fear.

And this is why, for the most part, the ego doesn’t see Unification as something advisable for it to experience. However, you must not hold back – trust completely in life. You are the life within the immutable I.

In the same way that the mind wants to interject, as in this case, inserting itself… in that same way, the mind wants to be in control of your life.

It’s not that the mind is bad, but if you get lost and don’t synchronize with the higher energies, the mind is only carrying out a function. When you are not synchronizing yourself, you may delegate functions to the mind that don’t correspond to it. Everything that passes through the mind becomes distorted because of the form in which the mind sees things.


There are bodies within you.

There are bodies that are called to die – some are material and some etheric. And there are other etheric bodies that cannot die.

The bodies that are perishable are, in general, those that are out of phase with the higher energies. These energies are your imperishable etheric bodies.

All these bodies, of which there are seven, are interconnected one with another and carry out a function.

The perishable bodies require physical food because they cannot pick up direct light, which is what is really feeding them. As this light is being captured in a physical form, the etheric bodies are charged with transmitting the source of energy and light to all the other bodies so they are able to live on Earth.

When the human being unifies himself and manages to synchronize these bodies, so that the perishable bodies don’t interfere with the source of pure light which is absorbed by the etheric bodies, then physical or material food will no longer be necessary.


We remind you that you are constantly experiencing being on a path and that there’s no need to look for shortcuts. There are no shortcuts. Shortcuts only have meaning for the mind and your perspective between timelines.


You always have been where you are meant to be.


Many people are trying to help the Earth. They think they are helping the Earth. And the root of this intention is the ego. It’s upside down. Remember what you are, synchronize with and perceive the energies of the Earth in order to come into harmony with her. You are the Earth. Far beyond what your mind can perceive.


Try to see things as a mirror would see them. See things as they are.


We love one another.


The flow of divine energy is always with you.


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  1. mysticpoetry says:

    I can see auras but not on everyone only on very intense people.

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