The Firebird

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Nadyezhda: I just see some kind of red light – energetic – supernova kind of stuff.

Jack: OK. That’s fine. Let’s start with that.

Nadyezhda: And this kind of sparkling image of outer space. It’s a nice place because it’s my home. Off the planet. It’s reconnecting to my home. Maybe it’s not a planet – it’s the stars or something. I’ve seen that before in another session.

Jack: Yes, and as soon as you do that, you have a sense of home as well, a sense of that possibility because it’s hard to feel at home here – especially with all that’s happening to you.

Nadyezhda: Because it’s within me. It’s in me. It tells me I can be whole again. And I want to be whole again. It’s something I want very badly. Maybe I shouldn’t want it so badly, I don’t know.

Jack: Yes, it’s a kind of attachment to want something very badly even though it’s a perfectly natural thing to feel.

But I think it might be more profitable to stay with that connection to home because there’s a power in that. Just stay with that connection

Nadyezhda: Expansion.

Jack: Expansion, yes. And be very careful of the ordinary consciousness, of the mind, because as you say, your home may be a star. It doesn’t have to be a planet. We don’t understand very well how it’s possible to be at home in a star but it is possible. We don’t understand the nature of those things as long as we’re incarnated here and have many belief systems imposed on us. I’ve had lots of other people also feel that they’re at home in a star. It’s a place to live. The brightness of that is what’s important. There’s something very, very bright because you’re at the source of light… one of the sources of light.

Nadyezhda: I could be at home in a star – in a collection of gases.

Jack: There’s a certain movement taking place, all kinds of transformations taking place. And there’s something more fully you when you’re there because as I said last time there’s only a part of you that’s installed in this incarnation – in this physical body. And there are reasons for that – I’m not sure we need to go into them but there are certainly reasons. The point at the moment is that you have this connection suddenly with your home and the star. So let’s just see where that leads – what it takes you to.

Nadyezhda: I’m letting the feeling pervade my physical body so it can be comforted.

Jack: Yes, comforted and possibly also changed because it’s an interaction of an energy source with a physical body, a human body, which is of course composed of energy amongst other things so… there can be an influence.

We’ve spoken of the template that is behind the physical body so there can be a greater and greater correspondence to the original template which is still perfect and if it’s not perfect maybe it needs to be made perfect through a contact with this energy. And this principle of non-locality: you are here in your apartment, you are here in this star. There is no contradiction.

Nadyezhda: I would like the energy to work on the template, and restore the template to the original creation.

Jack: The template of course is perfect – there’s nothing wrong. The template is not what was damaged. So by returning home you are also engaging the feelings. This is important. And you are engaging them in a way that will help this correspondence between the physical and the template.

And there are different levels of feeling. And there’s a difference between emotion and feeling. You want the physical body to be better – but that’s an emotion. There’s a feeling which is much subtler, which is closer to the template and to the star.

The wanting is a kind of pushing whereas the feeling is a kind of allowing something to happen.

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: Permitting something to happen – not trying to push it into place or be violent in any way. Just standing back and allowing this contact with the energy of the star, the energy of home to enter into this remote corner of the galaxy, way far, very far from the center of the galaxy – on planet Earth. To enter into this remote place and specifically into this physical body that Nadyezhda is temporarily inhabiting for a purpose that is maybe not fully understood right now, but that’s all right.

So, in order for there to be a more full expression of a presence in this physical body, we’re asking for a correction to the form of the physical body to match more fully the original human template.

Nadyezhda: There is a fluttering of the light coming through my window here, and there is this image from space. I’m trying to connect to that.

Jack: Yes. Don’t try. Just allow. You already instinctively know it’s very similar. So there’s a light coming into the room from the star of the system that Earth is part of, but there’s another star also that you are connected to at the same time which is your original star where you’re at home. They are reflections of each other. Maybe they even interact with each other ways that we don’t understand.

Nadyezhda: My body is telling me something about the situation. I don’t want to be touched because people have hurt me. That’s why I don’t want to be touched and that’s why I have skin problems. Someone shouldn’t have touched me [childhood abuse]. I record the injury and I’ve learned that touch is a bad thing and that I couldn’t let it in.

Jack: That’s right.

Nadyezhda: But as mammals we need touch in order to survive. I need that to survive and it’s very painful not having it.

Jack: Exactly.

Nadyezhda: I need that. I need that a lot. I’m very sensitive so I feel the affliction more. I feel the pain more. Maybe that’s the core of it – I don’t know.

Jack: But at the moment you feel touched by the contact with the star, right?

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: And you can tell that it has its own quality. So that touch with your home star is very different from someone touching your skin physically. There’s a relationship but there’s a difference in quality.

Nadyezhda: It’s safe to be touched by the light. It’s not safe to be touched by other people.

Jack: That’s right.

Nadyezhda: That’s the problem – those other people.

Jack: Except your mother for example.

Nadyezhda: Right.

Jack: There are examples where the touch is not an encroachment. It’s actually a communication that’s a little similar to the touch of a star. There’s a part deep in the heart that needs to understand that these are two separate things. To exclude all touch is not really a practical solution.

Nadyezhda: It’s not good.

Jack: No, it’s not good.

Nadyezhda: It’s just a fear.

Jack: Yes, there’s fear there and you would be throwing out a possibility.

But it is understandable that there’s a reaction like this because of the history of this particular physical body. So maybe we need to ask now – “What needs to take place for this situation to be corrected completely so that touch is no longer an encroachment?”

Nadyezhda: [big breath in] It’s this healing and divine light.

Jack: And you can actually feel that entering I think, right?

Nadyezhda: Yes, I feel it. I’m trying to keep the sun here and my home star as well.

Jack: Yes, they’re both present right now. Very clearly present.

Nadyezhda: The home star has a reddish color whereas the star here is yellow.

Jack: Yes, they’re different types of star. Yes, that’s probably why you saw red initially, in the supernova, because you were returning there.

So maybe it would be useful now if you could allow your ordinary consciousness to recede a little bit and we could ask that your higher consciousness come forward and speak about Nadyezhda, giving us whatever information is going to be helpful. It’s not so easy to make that separation – to allow a different voice to come though from a different place that is usually not accessible directly and is in the background. But maybe we could just see initially what comes through. What it is that Nadyezhda really needs right now? So, what would the higher consciousness say about the current situation of the skin and about the repeated injuries and how can this process come to some kind of end so that Nadyezhda is freer to live her life and fulfill whatever her mission is on this planet. Let’s just see if something will come through.

Nadyezhda: First I see a little point of red light. Then it gets bigger and it turns into a red hummingbird and then it turns into a red firebird. The firebird is the higher consciousness.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: It’s amazing. It’s magnificent.

Jack: Yes. You can see how magnificent it is.

Nadyezhda: I just ask it to help me. It’s bringing the light back in. But I have to know what the firebird has to say.

Jack: Yes, I think we should be patient to see if there’s a specific message from that level. It is a very different level and you can tell that by what you’re seeing. The magnificence of this image is something very real in behind the usual operation. What can the firebird say that would be helpful?

Nadyezhda: [sigh] It says that my fire is out of tune. The fire is not adjusted properly. It’s out of tune. It has to be adjusted. All the inflammation, the injuries, everything – things are not in the right place. They have to be redistributed correctly so things go into the right channels, so the fire fuels needs instead of hurting. Fuels and fills. The fire is a vital fuel instead of damaging my body.

Jack: But because there are adjustments needed, it doesn’t enter the way it needs to…

Nadyezhda: Yes, it’s out of alignment.

Jack: So, maybe we could ask if what we’re doing right now is helping with the transmission from these two stars – this one yellow and the other one red – whether this is helping the adjustment.

Nadyezhda: I think everything we’re doing is helping with the adjustment.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: Even just calling the firebird and asking for the answer – it’s the right way. But there’s more work to do.

Jack: So let’s just concentrate on what can be done right now at this moment. There is an action taking place already. Maybe we can ask the firebird to work – specifically to work on the face and the foot. Is that going to be possible?

Nadyezhda: The skin, yes. I ask. And I feel the firebird touching me with her feathers. It’s very soothing to the wounds. I say, “Please help me become more like you.”

“Help me listen to you. Help me become a more correct reflection of you” And now that I’m speaking to you, I need to become quiet myself and listen.

Jack: Yes, I think it would be good – we’re not in a rush – take your time to be quiet and listen. There may be other messages or there may be just a very silent communication taking place between the firebird and Nadyezhda in her ordinary state.

Nadyezhda: [sigh]

Jack: So it’s good to listen very, very attentively. What needs to be conveyed may be very subtle. [long pause]

Nadyezhda: It seems like there has to be a man, a partner – someone to help me.

Jack: Yes, sometimes it needs that a couple.

Nadyezhda: Well, now I feel more anxiety than ever.

Jack: Be very careful. Is the firebird saying that a man is necessary?

Nadyezhda: It’s showing me images that there’s someone holding me, helping me to become vital, to become attuned.

Jack: Well, there’s no anxiety in that.

Nadyezhda: No, this is a good thing. But it’s my ordinary consciousness that has the doubt. And it’s the old touch injury that’s in the way.

Jack: Yes. So maybe we need to ask the firebird, “How can that be let go of? What needs to be done?”

Nadyezhda: The old touch injury?

Jack: Yes, going all the way back to the age of 5, I think it was, wasn’t it?

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: So all the way back to the age of 5 and every time there was a repetition it intensifies. So how can that all be let go of from the very beginning at the age of 5. [pause]

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] The firebird says she’ll release it… I think. How can I know these are her words?

Jack: Just be very still. Feel the connection with the firebird in all of its glory. You can ask, “How can I be sure these are your words?”

Nadyezhda: “Can you send me some kind of sign that these are your words, that I know you, that I’m speaking to the firebird, the higher self?”

And she just explodes into this riot of red and gold. It’s just explosive. A beautiful scene.

Jack: Yes, right.

Nadyezhda: Changing shape all the time. It’s magnificent.

Jack: So you know that these are her words.

Nadyezhda: Sometimes.

Jack: There will always be a part of the ordinary consciousness that doubts. What’s important are these images and the contact with what’s taking place right now. You will remember these images of the firebird and the explosion into a kaleidoscope of color. They will remain in your memory so that when there’s a doubt you can return to those images.

Nadyezhda: There are so many images. Dragons. So many shapes and colors. Shifting. So many, so many. Peacock. The dragon. The firebird. Red. Gold. Blue. It’s wonderful.

Jack: Yes, all of these are individual helping agents. They signs that all of this past can be let go of, right from the age of 5 on.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out]

Jack: It doesn’t change what happened but the connection to it is being changed, is being let go of, is being cut. Of course you can still remember that it happened but what’s really important is the letting go, the cutting of the connection. When one or two or three get cut then some of the others are cut automatically because they’re connected.

Nadyezhda: Yes, I’m asking to remove this original damage that became so amplified.

Jack: Yes, it’s just a natural law of physics, spiritual physics, that when something is repeated it gets intensified. It’s not surprising. And when it gets intensified it attracts more of the same just by the law of attraction.

But now there’s a letting go.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out]

Jack: A deep, deep letting go, and breathing is very helpful to contribute to that process because it’s happening in the physical body which is where it needs to take place.

A deeper and deeper level of letting go. And at the same time the possibility of a man entering this constellation in a manner that’s not difficult in any way, something very harmonious, very consistent with a loving touch, just as your mother’s touch is a loving touch, just as the touch of the firebird is a loving touch, and just as the touch of your home sun is a loving touch. A sense of being at home inside this configuration.

Nadyezhda: I think it’s better that we stop and listen more to the firebird.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: And I start to see a gold seal in my energy center below the navel. It’s a gold seal, a cure. [big breath out] [pause]

Jack: Yes, that point is very important of course – it’s your stability, your center of gravity. [pause]

Nadyezhda: [big breath in] [pause]

Hmm. The firebird kisses me. That’s very nice.

Jack: That’s beautiful!

Nadyezhda: It’s just absorbing and communicating. Getting something. I say thank you.

Jack: Yes, and there’s healing going on at the same time. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I’ve just asked to be fused with the firebird, to be made one again in this happy reunion with myself, the reunion with my higher self and my physical self – to be whole. All the pain washed away and replaced by this divine protection.

Jack: Very good.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] So much pain. Just so, so much pain.

Jack: Yes, it needs to go. It needs to be let go of.

Nadyezhda: The firebird takes so many forms. Sometimes it’s not very bird-like, it’s just… so complex, so much detail. I can just absorb this for a while.

Jack: That’s good. Take time to do that. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I see myself becoming one with the firebird. Melting together and taking the form. [big breath out] [pause]

I asked if there are messages and the firebird says, “Be free. Find your freedom – freedom from inner oppression.”

I ask, “I found wholeness this summer and it was taken away – why? I was healed and now I am injured again. Why? Why did this happen?”

[The firebird answers,] “So you don’t forget something. So you don’t forget.”

I think that’s it. I don’t know.

Jack: So you don’t forget. Does it say forget what?

Nadyezhda: “The path. The path of healing, the path of wholeness.” Something like that.

“Is there anything I need to do?” I need to heal my wounds, I need to recover.

Perhaps using Silicea – a homeopathic remedy.

“Can you tell me if there’s something else – some other person I need to see, or something I need to do to heal?”

[response:] “Just time.” [big breath out]

Jack: Can you ask, “How much time?”

Nadyezhda: “How much time, firebird.”

I think it says six months.

“How do I know the words come from you? How will I know firebird?” [pause]

It says the healing will come.

“Don’t be ashamed,” it says. “Don’t be ashamed.” [pause]

I see injuries leaving my body. Black clouds. Goodbye to these injuries, goodbye. No more. Just please no more. [big breath out] Toxic black clouds everywhere. So much. It’s just too much.

Jack: But they’re leaving.

Nadyezhda: Yes, they are leaving. [pause] [big breath out] [pause]

Jack: Maybe there’s something else we’ve forgotten to ask.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] What should we ask?

Jack: I think just ask the firebird if there’s something we’ve forgotten to ask, if there’s some last thing that maybe needs to be conveyed that we didn’t think of a good question for. Something that would be also helpful.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out]

The firebird shows me a scroll. [pause]

There’s a little sort of quartz crystalline shape on it – an image of a quartz crystal. It’s silicon but maybe it’s something else as well. It’s an integrity of the spiritual body. It’s showing me to keep the integrity of the spiritual body.

Discipline. Zen practice. The integrity of my spiritual body through Zen practice. It can become like a crystal again. [big breath out] Sitting like a crystal.

I say, “Yes, I agree.” And the divine fire is reflected in the crystal – that’s why it’s a bright crystal. “Don’t let it be broken.” I don’t want my crystal to be broken.

Jack: No, of course not. [pause]

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] [pause] [breathing, emotion] [pause]

I’m just asking the firebird not to leave me again, not allow this to happen ever again.

Jack: And is there a response to that?

Nadyezhda: I think I’ve learned just in seeing the image of the crystal.

Jack: Yes, the image of the crystal is very important. It’s a practice. Wholeness. Reflection of light.

Nadyezhda: I thank the firebird but now I’m thanking myself because I’ve fused again. I’ve come back together.

Jack: Good. Yes, you need to thank yourself as well.

Nadyezhda: I have wisdom. I could have died in this ordeal.

Jack: Absolutely.

Nadyezhda: And I didn’t.

Jack: Yes, I was worried during the first part of the weekend that you were going to give up. But that passed with the help of whatever it was that entered. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I just say, “I accept the wisdom, but why did this have to happen? Could have done something else, but why like this?” [pause] [big breath out] [pause]

But I feel I’m being comforted. The firebird is comforting me and a partner is comforting me as well.

Jack: Exactly. Yes, and you’re being prepared for that by having more harmony enter.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] I see my energetic body being purified, things being washed away, the touch injuries, toxic stuff and pain and knives.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: And I say thank you.

Jack: Yes, and do not be afraid of emotion. Some tears may help the process of change. Nothing wrong with that. [pause]

Nadyezhda: In Zen practice you would say Heaven and Hell are the same. I don’t know if I can accept that. [pause] [big breath out] [pause]

Jack: And you’ll be able to see what helps the crystal be more whole and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to choose wisely. And as was said a little while ago, this is so you’ll remember in situations in life when you need to close to certain influences and when you need to open to other influences.

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: But in the hurley-burley of life it’s not so easy to be right there connected to the crystal and to the firebird. We get distracted very easily. But you have had a lot of help here in this session.

Nadyezhda: Yes. [whispered]

Jack: Help with that distinction of when to open and when to close.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] Just white light. I see white light. I know from which dimension it comes – it’s from my own star, I guess, that light.

Jack: Yes, it’s good to keep close to the sense of the home star.

Nadyezhda: I’m just asking it to send the light to my wounds. [big breath out] Thank you. [pause and more big breaths out]

All right. [indicating a perception that we’re done]

Jack: Yes. Good. I think it’s complete. Just be very clear that you can go back to any of these images and it would be good to go back to a number of them whenever you feel you can just take a few moments to do that. It helps reinforce the ongoing action that they’re having. And of course some of that will go on at night when you’re asleep in a way more powerfully because the ordinary consciousness is not there to interfere. We’ll just have to see how all this proceeds now but it sounds very, very positive. Harmony is entering more and more.

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2 Responses to The Firebird

  1. cythea harrison says:

    Important not to strain towards what you long to know/grasp. If you could see your mobile substances, in straining, they coalesce and thin with the straining. This depletes the energy necessary to be in state of reception.

    Knowing what you want, allow all your perceptible energy to come down to a vibration you are sensing patterns of changes in. It needs to be in tune with the energy above your form which has the ability/intelligence to inform you as you are housed in your mass. You already know this or you couldn’t have these impressions you have in these sessions.

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