Rebuilding Light Structures

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 Sergei: I’m at the edge of a big hole that opens into the earth. Now this hole is gianormous. Ha, ha. This is like whoa! But I feel safe at the edge of this cliff. I’m more like a touristy viewer at the moment. It’s unusual because I know that normally I’d be scared or there would be that feeling that you have around the edges of cliffs or tall structure buildings when you look over the edge but… Yeah, it seems like this is the kind of place I need to be at right now and just being there seems already to be recharging me in some way and we’re observing that.

It’s a circular hole into the Earth – I think. I’m not sure.

Jack: So it’s something you really can’t see the bottom of I guess?

Sergei: Yes.

Jack: And is it dark in there?

Sergei: Yeah, it’s fairly dark although… ah… it can be illuminated… ah… [chuckle] with my mind and imagination even but… It’s not a scary place. It’s just the vastness of it. There’s like an echo without sound so like it’s alive in some way and…

It seems to be a place to connect with, explore…

Jack: Yes.

Sergei: Perhaps not even physically necessarily. I might need some guidance into that.

Jack: There’s something wonderful about beginning with a place like this – it’s full of possibilities because it’s not defined yet and you are on the edge. I think it’s really important not to go too quickly and to just be there on the edge of it. Appreciate the vastness of it so that you begin to feel that something is taking place inside you just because you are there beside it.

There is, as you say, a soundless echo. There is a reverberation between you and that place. So by just staying there for a bit something begins to vibrate inside you and perhaps correspondingly a resonance is there in that vastness. And, out of that, something can begin to appear or it may be that you need to do something. Take an action or…

It is good to be close to the body – the physical body – and its breathing while at the same time you’re in that location. We need to simply ask your subconscious to be the director here.

Sergei: Yeah, well, it appears that I’m at what I would call the bottom [chuckling] of this bottomless pit and somehow there’s a light on me.

[laughing] I just find it funny.

Jack: You’re in the spotlight.

Sergei: Well, as we can see, I don’t seem to have an issue with that.

I appear to be observing myself and coming closer to myself.

I’m ah light. And I’m watching myself appear at the bottom of this pit or somewhere along the line of travel into this place. And I’m very bright. I still have human-like contours, it seems… but they might be disappearing. I’m just observing. So I was at the top. Now I’m somewhere standing on some surface.

It’s just changed in that I appear to be entering into, wandering into a…

Jack: Yes, that seems good. That seems like what needs to happen.

Sergei: I’m looking around. There is a direction. It looks like going into a throat because it’s cave-like… but there’s a sense of verticality here too.

Now, yeah, I’m looking to the left. I sense myself changing direction. Looking strongly. There’s a current, a flow.

Jack: Ah, a current. Yes.

Sergei: Yeah. It’s presented here in the sense of again being in a deep place and [sigh] the soundless sounds…

It’s almost like the flow of air in such a place is the energetic appreciation of the structure.

Anyway, I need a moment to let that be.

Jack: Yes. I don’t want us to go too quickly. You just need to take the time it takes. There’s nothing wrong with some moments of silence in the middle of this because you need to really sense where you’re going and what’s taking place.

Sergei: Yup.

Jack: And then you can just speak when there’s something to speak about. The real concentration needs to be on your participation in what’s taking place. You need to be as aware as possible. [pause]

Sergei: Well, there’s that journeying duality. There’s a bounding back and forth between this and that.

Jack: Yes, it requires a certain discipline to make sure you don’t just bounce straight back into the ordinary mind and start commenting on it all. There has to be a focus on the journey. Because you’re going somewhere.

Sergei: All right.

Jack: And it’s a natural process for the mind to jump back and forth like that. It’s just how we’re built. [pause]

Sergei: [sigh]

Jack: And it’s very simple in a way because we just need to move on to whatever the next important thing in the journey is. But you need to feel comfortable with that too. It’s ok to stop for a while in different places. [pause]

Sergei: Yeah, I’m not afraid of the dark. I’m being shown places that are… hmm… I think there are things there but there aren’t.

[chuckle] I just mean it is correct not to be afraid of the dark… in all those ways [sigh] that I have been.

Jack: Yes. That’s right.

Sergei: In a way, there’s nothing there although it is alive and it is communicating right now.

Jack: Yes. So it’s the communication that’s important of course. And there may be a form that appears and there may not. But you can feel the presence.

Sergei: Yeah. So within the richness of that… [pause]

Interesting. It’s like something is breathing through me. Even through my throat, almost as a secondary breath. And through my system.

Jack: Yes, that’s usually a sign of a transition taking place. And it’s good to stay very close to the breath. Because it is a different breath. It is a different breathing really. As you enter into this. [pause]

Sergei: Yeah, I might be de-materializing or re-integrating into the matter that I’m breathing with.

Jack: Yes. Yes. And usually this is necessary for you to move further in this new environment. It requires a change of state. So it’s just happening very naturally. You’re built to be able to do this. But it is using capacities that are not used very often. [pause]

Sergei: [big breath in] OK. Now I’m a part of the whole. I’m what allows it to have the passage of… I allow it to be a passage. And by that I can therefore… It is possible to be… anywhere with it. There are still some moments to go.

Jack: Yes, take your time. [pause]

Sergei: [voice now much quieter] It seems I need to be more gentle. Just re-calibrating. [pause]

Maybe I’ll speak in keywords. There’s pulsation that… pulsation… allowing… connection… there’s a focusing… crystal – yeah… crystal building… Before building a crystal it can be mind mapped. [pause] All right… The architecture of it. Ah.

In this place of new sensitivities we work together to…

[chuckle] It’s almost like working with our eyes to draw lines in space which form the crystals. [chuckle] [pause] [laughing]

Just coming close to myself looking at what appears to be working in the dark and the eyes having [bursting into laughter] laser beams. It’s not funny. I’m laughing but it’s just a feel-good thing and there’s an exploration into re-discovering that.

Jack: Yeah, well, the vision is working differently. It’s a different apparatus and a different situation.

Sergei: [sigh] So the mission is on focusing. [sigh]

We’re rebuilding the light structures, the light infrastructures. That is the way that it can be presented in words. It’s on a different plane of matter but, in order to focus, Sergei needs to have this work correspondingly done within himself which has to do with the physics of light in structures that allow for light manipulation such as cameras, microscopes, telescopes. In a similar way the plane on which this work is done has light work inside a human being… [pause]

Right. There are surfaces in various planes which, in order to have a connective property, such as the flow of soundless sound through the deep structure… In other words, in order for Sergei to thrive with the sensitivities, the light infrastructures are now being worked on. This is something he does on another plane as well. Kind of like a work in which one can specialize, and sometimes one forgets to do that work for oneself. [pause]

Jack: Do you have any sense of where this work is being directed from?

Sergei: It appeared to be a tunnel at first with a light at the end. But now it appears to be actually a planet of sorts illuminated like a moon. It’s correct to say that it’s just a node. In other words there’s a vast expanse of co-direction from the Source.

Jack: OK. Good. I felt it was important to check that. It sounds perfect.

Sergei: Now there is a brief image of what appears to be an old friend from space with the horns – a kind of royal figure I’ve met before.

Jack: In this circumstance there may be some communication that can take place. [long pause]

Sergei: I’m there resting now in this white palace with a friend for a moment.

Jack: That’s fine.

Sergei: It seems I may have been away for a while. But it’s a common place.

Jack: Common? In what sense? You’ve been there before? Is that what you mean?

Sergei: Yeah, I’m not even interested in the palace. It’s more like gladness to have a moment with a friend who seems to be the main inhabitant. He’s very tall. [pause]

Yeah, it’s in the clouds. [pause]

I had turned around to see the view. That is why I know we are in the clouds. And there is beautiful greenery, countryside. Perhaps a few miles up. No a little bit less. Sunny day. [sigh]

Jack: Nice.

Sergei: We’re at tea, discussing something. Not really drinking tea. It just feels like teatime.

Jack: Yeah. Teatime in the sense of a pleasant exchange. [pause]

Sergei: There was an exchange about bones and who’s passing on. In the sense of [pause] just the observation [sigh] of that transition. [pause]

Who’s working on what.

Now it’s as if we are watching or focused on some unknown entity. Dark… Dark… a black figure – not by skin but… a black figure. It’s almost as if we’re watching the equivalent of a transmission of the whereabouts and we’re just observing. [pause]

I seem to be learning about a particular type of being – learning to identify them for what they are. That’s all. It’s like a kind of help that I’ve come here for.

Jack: It’s reminding me of a quotation I have from the Nag Hammadi texts that I have placed in front of me at my desk: “Recognize what is in your sight and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you.”


Sergei: Yeah. Yes. There’s more to that. It depends on the meaning of re-cognize. [sigh] Because there’s a sense of purity in cognition itself which can be instantaneous. [pause]

Jack: Is the dark figure still there or have you moved on to something else?

Sergei: In that vision we were observing a demonstration of its being-ness and then it flew off.

And now we’re exchanging on the fact that this personal transparency is concurrent with being able to simply observe that which can be recognized. And this is done within the physical body that one has here on Earth as a human. There is a breathing, a breathing through it. [pause]

One can generate one’s own heat. [pause]

  1. I thank him.

Jack: Your tall friend there, you mean?

Sergei: Yeah.

Wow. It feels like in order to go back, I, the body needed to get really heavy.

Jack: Yes. That’s usually what happens in this transition period. Yes, the body re-asserts itself after about this amount of time. It’s not possible to be out of it for too long. It has its needs and it is our current condition of being incarnated so… I think that has to be respected. So… just watch what’s happening. [pause]

Sergei: There’s now a possibility to go deeper.

Jack: Good. [pause]

Sergei: I might be able to view some information from the past – with guidance. There appears to be a spillage of ink. [whispered]

Jack: Yes, if it’s important to see something from the past right now then it’s just a matter of focus.

Sergei: There appears to be a female friend with curvy outlines which I’m looking at. Possibly she might be lying on the bed in front of me but it’s dark. It’s more of the appreciation. Oh. It seems to be a past partner perhaps.

Jack: Does something need to be communicated between you? I mean something already is – but something more?

Sergei: How does one say one is sorry?

Jack: I think you just need to feel it rather than say it. It will be communicated. [pause] [tears?]

Sergei: Yeah. I feel it. It’s felt. I don’t know… [sigh] Right. It seems in the awakened sensitivity it’s possible for me to cry right now and really feel that I may have hurt someone or that there’s some… or that there’s some… Right. A kind of blockage due to un-resolved-ness. But… [sigh] I’m to remain with the feeling.

Jack: Yes, I think it’s important to remain with the feeling because it is releasing something. The blockage would be due to an unreleased feeling.

There’s an expression of it in your body and in your breathing probably. So… there can be a release there. As long as you’re not beating yourself up about it.

Sergei: Yeah.

Jack: But it’s good to have that movement in the emotional center. It frees up some space. Clears away certain things. Which was one of your goals for the session. [pause]

So what’s the next thing we need to move towards? Is there another goal? Or is there something neither of us have thought about that needs to be brought into focus? [long pause]

Sergei: Just a bit more time.

Jack: That’s fine. [long pause]


[Note: Here the dialogue switches. It is now the Higher Self speaking through Sergei about Sergei.]


Sergei: Yes. There’s something about how Sergei can expand his behindness with the field behind himself in the same sense as when one says, “Put your back into it.” There is a sense of forwardlookingness when one can look around oneself as if having a sense which can be used to feel all around oneself including behind oneself.

Jack: Right.

Sergei: The strength in the back isn’t only physical. Sergei tends to place himself in wonderfully difficult places because he’s able to do that with another body and another place where there isn’t physicality. But placing oneself under a huge wave is not the same on this plane as it can be somewhere else. Here, there’s a responsibility for the physicality of it. You will have the wave crush you if you’re under the wave with your physical body. Bringing your back into it can be a helpful reminder.

Stop observing and jump in. [chuckle]

Jack: Well. That is what you did in this session. It is about learning how to do that. Instead of holding back. Don’t hold back. Just put you back into it. [pause]

Sergei: Yeah. It’s important for Sergei to maintain what he knows is himself. There are many around him who currently do not resonate in the same way. They are just on a different part of the path.

Jack: Yes. But perhaps he needs to have one or two people who do resonate this way. It is important to find and foster that.

Sergei: That can be found within the work.

Jack: Do you mean the Gurdjieff work or just work in general?

Sergei: Both in life and that which is taught in the Gurdjieff work. But it’s meant to be played out in daily life.

Jack: Yes. Absolutely.

Sergei: So… It is true that the work resonates in both. But there’s more of an affinity for Sergei to find that outside of the Gurdjieff work while having it within as well. But the answer to the question is outside.

Jack: In life. It’s in life but there’s stuff taking place inside you at the same time of course. There’s a correspondence. [pause]

Sergei: There are some questions being answered. [pause]

For Sergei there’s a great difficulty in working on things, on questions by oneself. In his case he benefits by sharing the work. But that is a benefit for all; because he shares this as well.

Just a moment. [pause]


[Note: Here the dialogue switches again. Now it is no longer the Higher Self speaking through Sergei about Sergei but rather some group intelligence using the pronoun “we” asking Jack to take some specific action for Sergei’s benefit.]


Jack, we need you to guide him through something that would be beneficial from that side so he knows that it’s in the moments where he’s still that he can find his friends. But perhaps from your experience you might know what that means. He’s able to at least enter and invite and meet the affinite ones but there’s a tendency to lose the connection whether now or in the future. That’s his line of work to maintain the connection by seeing how alive the body can be – the physical body.

Jack: Right. [pause]

Yes, it was said somewhere recently that the physical body is not important per se but what you do with it is important.

So I think there’s a sense in which Sergei needs to connect to the importance of the body in relationship to the work he’s being asked to do, his mission. So maybe it would be good – especially right now – to feel a connection to the back – that’s already been given as a part of this. But can there be a connection to the back when Sergei is talking to somebody? – anybody – because it does get lost there.

The back is the axis of stability. If you don’t put your back into it, not very much is possible. So, there definitely needs to be a focus which can be continued after this session. Practice coming back to the back often – especially in relationship to each person in Sergei’s life. Sense the back. Be close to the back. And with the question, the implicit question: Is the affinity present or absent? Is it weak or strong? In doing this there can be a learning? The direction in life can be clearer.

Plus there’s a connection between the breathing and the back. It can be felt right now in this moment.

Maybe there still needs to be some diversion, some lightness as well. It’s not good to be too heavy. So maybe some badass relationships are ok but in general there is a mission at stake here which is unfolding as it should. But it would be really good for the ordinary consciousness to know something about it – which it will do now from having had the session. And there’s a sound recording also.

There is something to be learned here about relationship – not easy on this planet. It is much easier off this planet. But Sergei is here for a purpose so this is something that needs to be learned very deeply. And it’s very helpful that the higher consciousness knows that and communicates it.

Sergei: We thank you. We thank you and yes, this event can be moved on now.

Jack: Yes, I think we need to draw the event to a close.

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