Dark Blue Stellar Material

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Jack: I think that we recognize that an entry into this special work – or whatever this session is – an entry into it is possible only because we set aside the ordinary consciousness and look for other connections, allow other connections to form. It’s magical that they do – on their own. We don’t have to strain in order for that to happen. [pause]

Alfred: It becomes gradually more possible to let the associative material drop and not even report about it since it has no importance to this process. What seems to be attracting more of the attention is a penetration of the body by a finer substance.

Jack: Yes, the body is such a help in this transition. [pause]

Alfred: There’s a sense that the body becomes part of this larger circulation. The head is becoming part of this larger circulation. They are not separate. [pause]

With that awareness there’s something much larger, something like a canopy of stars and space – a star field. And a sense of being part of all that. An inseparable part.

The body no longer has its familiar shape. It’s just formless, part of that cosmic space, all those planets. The space is not black; it’s kind of very dark blue. It feels fluid. There’s a sensation around the umbilical area that feels attached to this awareness of the cosmic. It is flowing into a body that I cannot discern by form. As if that particular material, that dark stellar material, is flowing into my body, or whatever I call my body, into whatever it is that I experience as myself. It’s not bounded. [pause]

My ordinary mind is trying to find the boundaries to this experience which is boundary-less. Everything is in motion. [pause]

In fact, the thinking has become so rapid that my words cannot catch up. I mean the mind not the thinking. It is passing so rapidly, I just get tiny glimpses of whatever is happening there in the mind. [pause]

I wish to be instructed or guided as to what my role is and what my responsibility is here in relation to what is necessary. So I can be of service to the forces that are active right now. Please guide me for the benefit of all those who can benefit from this work.

Jack: Yes, it’s so clear that it’s not either you or I who can decide, so this request is very important.

Alfred: Yes.

There’s a light that is breaking at the apex of some dark material. It’s more discernible and requires much more active attention right now.

Jack: Good. Take your time. [pause]

Alfred: It’s like an intensity that is increasing in vibration. At the same time, there’s a kind of benevolent message of encouragement for me to wait and allow the transformation of this body. It is not yet of adequate luminosity or perhaps porousness. I need to allow it to ascend. It’s like a way-station or like a place of waiting where again something is required of me. It’s an interval. It feels like an ascent along some type of steep crystal or mountain that is infinitely high. [pause]

I can clearly sense the attachment to the dense forms – thinking and sensing. Something is responding and alleviating this clenching attachment.

But the body begins to appear more as a shell than as me. [pause]

Strong sensation and warmth in the abdomen that seems to support this perception.

As the intensity of the light increases, it seems so senseless to hold to this lesser form. By itself it drops away. Along more and more something like a vertical line of consciousness.

There is more and more awareness of others who are supporting this flow. I’m joining others who are abandoning lower forms. Finding the true importance of the higher. [pause]

Everything is golden, in a fluid way. Joining a universal breath. There’s almost no more importance to me here. It’s the participation that is all that matters. [pause]

I see the constrictions clearly. I sense them clearer than I ever sensed before – around the heart – fear and trauma. I am prevented by fear from fully allowing this movement of opening.

Jack: Certainly the first step is to see that.

Alfred: It’s as if I’m allowed to come close to those constrictions to really know what they’re about.

Jack: Right.

Alfred: To see that they’re not necessary and they don’t need to scare me. It’s just to come into contact with those layers. Constriction.

Jack: Yes, and there is enormous help present at this moment.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: So you really know that the fear is not needed. [pause]

Alfred: It’s odd to say that but there’s a certain kind of long and almost ancient conviction that I’m making my own light and I’m beating my own heart. This has to let go. As absurd as it is, it’s so real. I need to allow something entirely different and to recognize that the heart and the light are given, every second, every moment. [pause]

It’s so clear that the constriction is not in the quality of the giver. It is something that is alien to it. The giver gives so freely. [pause]

There’s a feeling that this intelligence wishes for me to know very precisely the point of contact between abundance and the constriction.

Jack: Yes, it sounds critical. [pause]

Alfred: It’s not for my own benefit. It feels like others depend on this.

Jack: Ah.

Alfred: This puts it in an entirely different context and allows more space. Because it felt like a stalemate until there was an awareness that’s it’s necessary for many others.

Jack: Yes, many – not just one or two.

Alfred: So it’s not only for me that I’m questioning and praying for some guidance as to how to allow what needs to flow and how what needs to permeate could enter. [pause]

The response is immediate. And the tensions immediately melt. Just for the asking. When it’s not for myself. All those who depend on me. When I haven’t understood what they need or what needs to pass onto them, there is no response.

Jack: Yes, and all the ones whom you don’t know who are dependent on you.

Alfred: Tears come up. And gratitude. Feeling that it’s not too late to understand something about that.

It’s almost like this body has to nurture other bodies. Literally. Food to sustain others.

Jack: Yes, and the heart needs to be open for that. [pause]

Alfred: That abundance of giving – not being in receiving mode – this immediately allays and calms the fear of not having enough. So that the receiving and the giving can be more free. Uninterrupted. One movement. It’s like a tree. Receiving from the top and passing on to the earth.

It feels like that’s my place – to offer no obstruction or obstacles to this movement. [pause]

Great love for the trees. I know there’s so much love I’ve developed for them. I was with the trees today and yesterday.

There’s no effort needed to allow the heart to be open. It seems so natural. [pause]

It’s like the in breath and the out breath are one. There’s no ego in the middle holding to anything that is passing through. Nothing of what is received is held onto.

But a thought can come and constrict. It is around wishing to hold onto some substance. It just comes in and that is such a clear misunderstanding. Everything that comes in needs to pass through and leave.

It is a direct teaching about grasping.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: Very specifically about a particular area around the heart that releases and grasps again, releases and grasps. [pause]

I’m given to experience that, to discover that now in my life. No judgment about why I didn’t understand it earlier. No fear. Almost like every being has to discover that at some point. And my moment to receive that is just at the time when something in me is ready for that to happen. Maybe it could not have been ready any sooner. [pause]

It feels like one of those direct teachings in which one’s life cannot proceed afterwards as it did before. But… [chuckle] of course we know that’s not entirely true. But right now that seems very compelling.

Jack: Well, I think it’s good to feel the feeling of that – the feeling of its substantiality.

Alfred: Exactly.

Jack: And as you’ve often said to place a marker there to return to in daily life.

And I think there’s something about that dark stellar substance we started with that is more accessible than some other parts. So it’s a place to begin.

Alfred: It feels like a life substance.

Jack: Yes. Life.

Alfred: A very natural transition is taking place.

[and we end the session]

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