Turning Toward the Source Is a Turning Toward Feeling

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Alfred: So I think you and I have gotten gradually into allowing a certain concentration to take place without rushing.

Jack: Right. And I think it’s interesting that there’s been a kind of progression so that rather than me suggesting a certain line of concentration, you find your own concentration which means then it’s more independent. [pause]

Alfred: Stillness and listening feel very accessible.

Jack: That’s interesting. As if a channel has already been opened or opened a little wider than usual. [pause]

Alfred: A vivid image of lilacs at the lake. So vivid, so perfect with the raindrops on it. [pause]

But there is a sense that there’s a finer materiality that is not yet accessible because the body is not ready. It is sensed on the periphery but there’s too much density in the experience for it to enter. [long pause where Alfred seems to be asleep for a while]

There’s a light. As if I dozed off and woke up to that. A gentle light above the head. Flowing down to the body. Like a sun.

Jack: Yes, it may have been necessary to enter into sleep for a moment to be deep enough for that to appear. We don’t usually have a connection with the light near the beginning so it’s very interesting.

Alfred: Yes. And there’s an awareness of a landscape that is very unfamiliar. Grey green, watery. Water surface. [pause]

The head feels very open to influence. Something penetrates directly. There’s a need to allow that energy to be absorbed. I’m giving time to this process.

Jack: Yes. That’s good. [pause]

Alfred: It’s like a threshold. I’m trying to see where it’s going. There’s a certain fear that prevents me from allowing that to proceed.

But there’s a perfectly square structure. Building. Big stones. Very strange colors. Perfect joints. The word is entombed. That’s the feeling I have.

Jack: What is entombed?

Alfred: I am. I am being entombed in this structure. I see it from the inside. It’s like a perfect square. Large structure. Perhaps the size of this room. Windowless. The material is kind of intricate in that there’s a sense that those stones are perfectly joined and are at exactly right angles, a perfect square. They also can change their conductance and become transparent under certain conditions. That’s what is beginning to take place. What seemed to be opaque begins to be transparent, or begins to approach transparency. I can tell that it’s square blocks because I can see the seams. [pause]

It’s such an interesting teaching right now: Whether in our ordinary state or in this special state under hypnosis, it’s the same principle. The seeing is the center and it really has to be allowed to unfold. No different. So that as I allow that particular seeing, it flows from the top of the head and to the back. What comes with that is that there’s a certain kind of clarity to what is perceptible. It comes about independently and not as a result of any direct reaching or focusing.

The roof of that structure has either opened or become entirely transparent. It clearly has a cosmic or interplanetary purpose because now it’s directed at the dark, starry sky. This is important information, a validation, and it brings clarity.

There was an initial effort involved in recognizing or identifying that structure. This was preventing the experience from unfolding. It felt like the same structure that was discovered in the ground as I was plowing a field in Provence. [in a previous session] At that time it was not clear to me what it might have been. But it was also a kind of square buried structure or a crystal or something.

I have a certain awe in front of the firmament, the starry sky.

Jack: Yes, of course.

Alfred: Almost like a kind of seeking home base or my home planet in this wide swath of an infinite firmament. [pause]

It’s like a search by feeling. There are ongoing strong vibrations along the head. As if receiving periodic downloads where I need to wait until the file is completely downloaded. [pause]

And it’s kind of that kind of feeling of proximity, of a certain belongingness that translates into an accelerated movement towards the object…

Jack: The celestial object, the object in the sky?

Alfred: Yes, but it’s not yet clear. There is a sense of home. [pause]

The more the visual and the auditory can be abandoned, the more reliable the navigation by feeling, or by attraction, becomes. It also begins to clarify a certain connection with family. I’m seeing something like family pictures of blues. [blue beings] What makes it look like a family is the different heights.

Going home to visit my family is the kind of feeling. [pause]

The body is no longer its usual configuration or density. Lots of spaces between the molecules. It’s like a group of molecules traveling together which is experienced as I but it’s not anything I recognize as my planetary body. It’s like a body of awareness. [pause]

At first I thought I was the father of this family and that I’m coming to visit them from some type of base or different planet, some story or other. But now what seems much more compelling is that it might be some kin who are waiting for me to reach some level of maturity in order to join them. I’m not yet entirely formed. [pause]

It struck me in my meditation this morning, during moments of very pure perception and stillness, that I am faced with a question about understanding what my work with the astral body is. [pause]

So that it can become a body of the soul. [pause]

There’s a way in which the attachment to this body, to this planetary body needs to be further loosened for that other body to make itself present fully. [pause]

There were really very few moments when the planetary body, where the grip on it was loosened a bit. Its necessity is so in question. It’s so clear that it’s not necessary. Not necessary for whatever purposes this journey is taken. Much more can be gained by loosening it than by grasping. And the grasping of it does not seem any more to be out of fear or panic. It is more like a lack of skill in relinquishing it, which is something that is teachable and is being taught right now, directly.

Jack: So is it almost like a muscle letting go and relaxing?

Alfred: It’s like discovering that the heartbeat and the breathing, a particular kind of simple breathing, can be left behind in the physical body with no loss to the awareness. The awareness does not depend on the physical body.

But there’s a certain way in which this teaching, this direct experiencing, is facilitated by a source that is very mysterious. It’s not that I’m discovering this on my own, I’m being taught. The real necessity is to not be taken so much by what I just told you, but to be sensitive to the source. Because the part that wishes to know what is taking place is not the part that is active.

Jack: Yes. The part that wishes to know doesn’t really need to be involved, right?

Alfred: Right. Exactly.

Jack: Because something else is in progress.

Alfred: Turning toward the source is a turning towards feeling, to that kind of emanating benevolence that comes from a loving source. [pause]

This is the time where the area around the heart and the chest opens up. And this seems to allow access to a roomful of blue beings. Very crowded.

They don’t seem to be particularly interested in me. They seem to be preoccupied with something else and I’m joining them. Or they are worried about something else. Like attending to something they see, or their instruments. [pause]

There’s a certain way in which I need to remain active or receptive or else I’m taken by association. Even though those associations seem to come from a different source they’re still associations. [pause]

I have some sense that there’s an urgent and worried watching of some kind of flooding. Perhaps with instruments, or telescopes or on screens. So I’m not present in the situation but it’s watched from a distance. I think for a moment I was caught in the image so it felt real.

As if I’m looking above a kind of cliff where masses of water are flooding down a mountain. Over a valley. Knowing that this mass of water will submerge it. I took a kind of a leap back to that room with the other beings to not be completely taken by the image. Very green valley, very lush, with mountains on the edges. You see the water coming over the tops of the mountains and about to flood the valley. [pause]

There’s a sense that I’m carefully placed back here on my couch. Carefully and lovingly with a certain intensity of vibration all over the body intended to leave kind of a memory trace from whatever it is that was received. [pause]

Similar to the lesson from last session; a certain teaching in the process of the layering of the material body.

Jack: And the process of returning.

Alfred: Yes. This is not where the source lies.

Jack: No.

Alfred: Another reminder both in the return and in the departure.

Jack: Is there still a sense of the source inside?

Alfred: Oh, yes. The materiality of the body and the light and vibration of the source are both equally present. Very naturally. Without contradiction.

But the physical body seems to be entirely free of tensions. As I speak it begins to acquire its more tense and more dense configuration which obscures the luminosity – but not entirely.

Jack: Yes. It’s important that it’s not entirely.

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

It’s as if the body has a luminous skeleton or structure on which it is dependent. It requires a certain effort, a sensitivity to stay in touch and stay connected with that. This familiar body is with its tensions and activities is coming into being again. Making its demands and requirements.

It’s interesting that that luminosity of vibration expands more from the outside than from within; more like an envelope than a core. It’s important to remember that for later. It’s almost like a parallax, like a distortion of a true perception that now with the body interfering with the reception – the ordinary body – it’s misperceiving the inner for the outer – like a projection that leads to striving and tension.

Almost as an affirmation, I had an image now of the whole Milky Way or starry night inside the body. The whole galaxy within the body.

Thank you. Thank you whoever is looking after us so well. Providing us with exactly what we need for our development. Nothing more; nothing less. Whatever it is that we can receive with our limited capacities.

Jack: Our limited abilities.

Alfred: Yes.

[session proper ends]

Alfred: That image of the water flowing over the mountains in the session very much echoes visions that I’ve been having these days. I don’t fight them. I don’t try to reason about them. But when I’m near tall mountains there have been sudden images of those mountains submerged under the water. Water coming into the valleys. Part of me gets agitated and panicky. I’m just noticing that.

Jack: And the quantity of water is higher than the mountains… in the sense that it comes over…

Alfred: Right now that’s what I saw. But I’m just seeing a moment in time. At times the mountains are covered by vegetation at times by water. Such changes are gripping and horrifying from the human point of view; but from an objective view, from a geological perspective it’s probably just a normal cycle.

Jack: What you saw was temporary.

Alfred: Yes.

That structure I was in was a cube. Between sessions, those perfect cubes keep coming to me. The Ka’aba came once for example. I spoke of entombment but I don’t think it was. It felt claustrophobic and it felt like that could have stopped me on the threshold and prevented me from entering into a deeper state. Once inside, it felt like some kind of space station.

Jack: Plus it opened!

Alfred: It opened and when I woke up it almost opened like an iris into a sky.

Did you resonate with anything in particular?

Jack: It might be interesting to piece together something like a composite journey now that we have more material. Each session has always slightly more detail or angles on what’s going on.

Alfred: Specifically, there are two aspects. One is the content or what is revealed though this in terms of a place and a time and action but then there is the whole teaching about transformation which I report about in terms of experiences in the body, experiences of awareness. It feels like that’s the key, that’s where the teaching is becoming more and more precise.

Each session has the moment of saturation, a moment where something is collected enough to make that leap to the next level.

Jack: And I’m struck by how almost abrupt it is. It goes to a certain point and then click you’re back – not instantly but quite quickly compared to the rest of the progression.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: It’s as if… “OK that’s enough for today.”

There was no continuation or resolution of the difficulty that was being visualized on screens. It doesn’t develop into a story – like what happened before in earlier sessions.

Alfred: Right.

Jack: But it’s still obviously happening somewhere.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: And these blue beings – that’s their specialty it seems – helping in situations.

Alfred: Yes. There was a kind of monitoring, close monitoring of that situation.

Jack: Yes. So what was going on was clear… but you weren’t drawn into it at all. Except to see it clearly. And you feel that you’re one of them; you’re not foreign to the situation.

Alfred: No, I wasn’t drawn into it. I was in the situation room with them. It wasn’t about me. That’s another thing, it was not like previous sessions where it seemed like there were beings assisting me to transform or something. It’s like I’m joining a situation there, as if I have an existence there, and nobody makes a big fuss about someone showing up. I just take my form there that is there waiting to be taken.


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