The Disciples

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Jack: And the third little exercise I like to do is just have you now think of some place. It can be the same place we went to last time in Michigan or wherever you feel you need to be right now. Just take your time and come to something and when you feel ready you can begin to tell me about it and the telling of it also will take us closer to the subconscious because it’s dealing in pictures and images. So when you feel ready just say something about where you are now Samuel.

Samuel: I went quite naturally to the summit of a mountain in Switzerland. I was sitting at the back of the house where I’d been for a week. Everyone had gone and I was sitting alone. In the sunlight. And feeling part of the mountains on the other side of the valley. Feeling completely integrated with it. I’m searching for another word which is deeper than that. Just really feeling completely a part of it – indistinguishable from it. Feeling a part of the mountains and the valley. I can see it now.

Jack: Good. Beautiful.

Samuel: Completely in the atmosphere of it. Part of the atmosphere of it. Indistinguishable from it.

Jack: Well, just stay for a while and see what that influence brings to you. It’s already very strong and installed in you. There’s a communication or a communion taking place.

Samuel: I feel bathed in it. Like a baptism. Again.

Jack: Again, yes.

Samuel: A reminder. I’m part of it. I belong to it. I’m nourished by it.

And I’m in the water and I’m [intonation of disbelief] in these white robes. Being immersed by somebody under the water and coming up. My face to the sun. There’s a hand on my head pushing me under and then coming back up. It’s all light. And it’s coming out of the water. It’s light. Water sparkling. And a feeling… just this joy of coming back into life.

And there are others around – other disciples – who are also joyful. It’s like I’m being renewed for them not just for myself.

Jack: Right.

Samuel: I can’t see who was pushing me under and allowing me to come back up. But I sense this benevolence.

Jack: You have a sense of the vibration of the person.

Samuel: Yes, and that’s connected to something very, very high. Just as to a source. It’s coming through this person. And into me.

Jack: Ah. Into you as well. So you are bathed not just in the water but in this influence.

Samuel: In this light.

Jack: In the light, I see.

Samuel: And it’s a seashore.

Jack: I see.

Samuel: There are people on the beach as well as these other people in white robes standing in the water. There’s such a feeling of being embraced by their love.

And these tears of joy that mix with the water.

Jack: Both of them salty.

Samuel: Yes, part of the water.

Jack: Beautiful.

Samuel: Yes. It’s in the afternoon. There are beautiful clouds in the sky. Sparkling light on the water. [whispering] I’m standing with my eyes closed and yet I can somehow see everything. Horizon. On the sea.

Jack: You can see the horizon?

Samuel: Yes. I can see the horizon.

Jack: You can see a long way?

Samuel: Yes, a long way. Much further than the lake. It’s the sea.

Jack: Because it’s the sea.

Samuel: It’s the sea.

I’m aware of the shoreline. We’re in a little cove. And there are boats. Fishing boats. Brightly colored. Little masts. Everything very calm. Very tranquil. Almost nothing moving. Just this gentle movement of the water. Very small gentle waves that are just lapping on the shore, on the sand.

And now the others are coming to greet me. I’m turned towards the shore and they’re coming. They’re putting their arms around me. And I’m just so happy to be with them. And they’re a whole group, very close, arms around each other and around me. And I’m feeling such deep love. Smiling through these tears.

Jack: Beautiful.

Samuel: I can’t really see who they are but I feel their presence. They are individuals and yet they are interconnected. They’re part of one another. They are individuals but they make a whole. In its embrace.

Now I see a bit of their smiling faces as well. Deep faces. Deep with life. With a living life. It’s suffering. And it’s joy. Both together. Feeling this suffering.

It’s an extraordinarily beautiful day. The sunlight and the beach. And they are bringing me up to the shore very slowly and carefully out of the water. Into the sunlight on the beach.

And there’s a town, a little village that’s there. Not right there on the shore but back a little bit. And we’re walking up the beach. Almost all of us together, all connected, holding one another. A phalanx of these robed people. Coming back into the normal life. The everyday life.

And this connection to the water at the same time. Feeling a kind of trail of sparkling light back to the water. Almost floating. Up in the air. Carried by this sparkling light. There’s a trail that goes back to the water, back to this place of baptism where they carried me onto the shore. But now I’m floating above it. I’m not walking but floating above it.

Jack: Good.

Samuel: Being carried by these angels.

Jack: Very beautiful.

Samuel: Now they’re less formed as human beings – more ethereal now. And yet still quite apparent. I’m floating with them. Carried in the stream of light from the water. Like being buoyed by it. Not going anywhere. This group I’m with. I’m sort of hovering above the beach. And a feeling of connection to this village. Of the life within it. All the full spectrum of life. Of the petty and the sublime. And the sorrow. And the happiness. But it’s in this quiet afternoon. It’s all there. Just like it’s nap time for everyone. But it’s all there. In this little village – every aspect of humanity. Quiet in this afternoon. Very calm and peaceful.

It’s ancient. It’s of a scale that I remember seeing in Sicily. These ruins of villages. Very small. The streets very small. And the houses and rooms very small. Almost like a miniature – but real – not a miniature.

It’s humanity and how it’s manifest in this village, in people. Surrounded by this forest but very sparse. It’s an island. Shoreline vegetation. Maybe an island. And this gentle hill rolling up behind it. No major big trees like we have here. And it’s all bathed in the warm afternoon light. Everything’s so quiet. I’m still there. Coming back to the beach. My feet in the sand. Still accompanied but not by any recognizable person. Just the feeling of this gathering still very much with me. Still all very… These realms mixing – the realm of the real and the tangible and this other ethereal influence. And I feel I need to remember that I’m accompanied by them… always.

Jack: That accompaniment is always there.

Samuel: Always there. [whispered] Always with me. There’s love and support and encouragement.

We’re walking towards the village. Very slowly. Almost not walking just moving towards it. Somehow I’m larger than I should be with respect to this village. [intonation of disbelief] Moving towards it but not getting in it. Just there. I’m turning back to the sea just now empty and calm. Sand. Going into the water. The lapping of the water on the beach. The sparkling sunlight and the edge of it as the water flows up onto the beach. Like a necklace. A sparkling necklace on the shoreline.

The beauty of it. The extraordinary beauty of it. But it’s not something I’m just looking at and appreciating. It’s that I’m included in it. It’s like I’m embraced by the beauty of it. By the beauty itself. I’m being held by it. Breathing the beauty in. Having it flow through me. Through every part of my body.

Blue sky. This calm sea. And the feeling of God’s presence. In everything. It just came into my mind.

And now I’m quite large. It’s like I’ve taken in the whole scene in my arms that are outstretched like the shoreline. Embracing this beauty myself somehow.

Jack: Don’t worry about “how” – the size is an indication of something else.

Samuel: An extending of my embrace of this world. Being embraced back. Like a hug. The hug from the beauty of the world. A laughter coming from that. A kind of celebration.

Jack: Yes, it’s a celebration.

Samuel: Being in life. A celebration of being in life. And it’s so joyful. So beautiful. And I weep on its beauty.

Now it’s naturally fading.

Jack: Ah!

Samuel: But still there, just in a different way. Not fading as much as being transformed into something else.

And the thought of a setting sun. But that’s not what’s happening.

Jack: But that’s a symbol of what’s happening.

Samuel: It’s not yet the end of the day; it’s a movement into something else. Leaving the shore behind. Being part of this unending twilight. It’s not a twilight. It’s the beginning of the evening and the sky is still blue but a darker blue. The stars have not appeared yet. The sea is still there but it’s more the sky. There’s a glow at the edge of the horizon of a brighter blue and this deeper blue that’s up above.

I’m there with it and in it at the same time. Indistinguishable from it. Or a part of it. Becoming the sky.

Hmm. And this thought: this is a kind of death and reawakening. But that thought has come from another place in myself. It’s not actually a description of the scene. It’s something applied to it. It feels partial. And small in comparison to the experience of it. It’s not really a description of it. It’s from another part of myself. It’s grounded in something else that is very distant from this. But included in a benign way – not interfering with the sky, this night sky.

And the disciples are on the beach again. Looking up. Looking up I think at me in the… somewhere in between them and this big blue sky. I’m somehow in between. And they’re just standing on the beach. Maybe as a reminder to return. I’m coming back to them. And their smiling faces. Gentle smiles. Very calm. And I’m with them. None of the gestures of embrace. Just being a part of this group. Now witnessing together this scene at the end of the day. And now turning and walking back into the village. Disappearing into it. Disappearing. [pause]

We become a part of it. A part of this nature and the village. The village and the natural surroundings are all together. Like in a painting with everything painted together. Somehow we’re in it. We’re in the village. Not in any concrete way. Not in any physical form but in the life of the village. Not people – it’s kind of curious. But I don’t feel it’s empty. It’s not… personal.

Jack: So as if the village has it’s own life?

Samuel: Yes, it has its own life. It’s impersonal. It’s completely communal. It’s got a collective life – all the individuals have been blended. It’s the ultimate commune. And they’re there – individuals are part of it. Now they’re becoming more distinct. It’s like life is bubbling up in its usual form. All the laughter. [chuckles] Shoving and pushing. A range of people. Full spectrum. All kinds of people.

Now I’m reengaging in simply what people do. I have a sense of this humanity and the natural world. Simply engaging in the way they engage – all part of a natural law of engagement. Each species and each plant when they’re part of whatever it might be. They’re playing it out. Being. Being themselves. One being. All of a piece all together.

And then it’s receding. I’m leaving it.

Jack: Yes. It’s not a place you can stay but you certainly visited it. You were there.

Samuel: It’s so vivid, Jack!

Jack: Yes, yes.

Samuel: It’s so vivid in a way that’s beyond what I normally consider to be vivid. It’s not the surface of it. It’s everything about it. It’s the inside of it. It’s indescribable because it’s everything. It’s an appreciation of everything.

I’m breathing it now. It’s going down through every part of my body, right down to the fingertips, the tips of my toes.

Jack: Yes, the body can absorb it.

Samuel: That’s what it feels like. It’s like I’m digesting it, in quite a natural way – nothing forced. Nothing beyond what is essential. Being part of its lawfulness.

Such a gift!

Jack: Yes. It’s a gift. A gift that is now part of you.

Samuel: I feel it.

Jack: I think what is so important is that the ordinary consciousness is involved. It’s something that you will remember clearly for a long time. Because it’s part of you.

Samuel: I feel how the world has gotten so much bigger…

Jack: Yes. Exactly.

Samuel: …to include these visitations. And now I’m feeling the presence of the others as well…

Jack: You mean the others who were with you there?

Samuel: No, the presence of the previous experiences in these realms. Maybe it’s one realm. I can remember. But this one right now is very palpable.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: I can almost feel the sand in my toes.

Jack: Yes, exactly. That’s where the body comes in and is so helpful. Because it stores the impression in a way that you can return to it.

Samuel: Oh, it was extraordinary! I’m remembering again the hand pushing me, as if in slow motion, into the water. And coming back up in the light, and the bubbles, everything about it. It’s so rich and I’m so surprised it can reappear like that.

Jack: It’s so surprising it could appear at all in the first place!

Samuel: Yes, I guess that’s right.

Jack: Interesting transition from Switzerland.

Samuel: Yes! Who knew that’s where it would go. Oh my goodness! You’re reminding me of that!

Jack: Yes, you traveled a long way from there…

Samuel: It’s a doorway to another world.

Jack: It was the contact with the landscape that allowed you access I think.

Samuel: How did I end up on that beach in the water?

Jack: It happened very quickly, right? Suddenly you were there.

Samuel: It needed to appear.

Jack: Yes, it needed to appear.

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