The Flow

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 Jack: Introduction

I don’t know that it’s necessary to say much before we begin, but it’s interesting that we can feel that something is beginning. It’s as if the room is now a little different – fuller with a vibration, a presence. Perhaps we can be open to receive information that could help Carlos, or Jack and perhaps others as well. And perhaps even the situation of planet Earth. We are part of the universe but we as human beings cannot see much; we need help.

And we know that it’s a little difficult for Carlos’ physical body. It’s important that there is a preparation time and that everything is comfortable for his body.

And it’s important to be patient because a specific amount of time is needed in preparation.

It’s important also to have relaxation in the body and of course with that relaxation there is a change of state in the consciousness.

When there’s something to say you can say it. However, what’s important is the contact with this other intelligence.


Carlos begins channeling:


We want to introduce you to new frequencies and the coating they convey. From the point of view of frequency, this is a very accelerated moment for the Earth and everything living there.

About two years ago, frequencies were entering for you through portals that are known to you as 8 8 8, 9 9 9, 10 10 10, 11 11 11, and 12 12 12.

These frequencies, and the way these frequencies were sent, both have come to an end. They have been integrated completely in the Earth and in human beings also, even though the process is different for each individual.

[You] are entering these new frequencies extremely quickly, flowingly, because the Earth is constantly increasing its frequency.

All beings capture these blocks of information. However, for many people, it is like a jewel case that is locked because they are still very stuck in the old frequency of fear.

You need to realize that fear comes only from the mind and its attachments to the past. That form of evolution was necessary in order simply to know and experience three-dimensional characteristics. Which is to say, you always wanted to see, from within the density, what we really are.

Because of what happened in that time in the past, in the physical and emotional bodies, and in the cellular memory, many experiences of something you call “suffering” have been embedded.

These new frequencies were both helping and promoting the cleansing of your physical body as well as your etheric body. These frequencies are being moved forward by the Flow. And what these frequencies are trying to do is to more quickly root the body of light into the physical body – because the purpose of this rooting is to, little by little, return the body to the light – to the light that you have never ceased being.

You are not turning your attention to the form of the hologram very much, because for many people it seems like the world is going crazy in a stormy way. However, you can very precisely go beyond the mind and see that the only thing that the storm and the rain are generating is the cleansing of the planet. In the same way, these frequencies, like the rain, are clearing away memories of suffering firmly established in the cellular memory and in the emotional body.

In the past you had to experience struggle. The efforts now are embedded in your mind like a heavy system of beliefs. The reality is that in this new perspective, these struggles, these efforts, have ended and it is time to change them using the word “Flow” – to flow just as water does – without preferences, without judgment.

As long as you are not transcending the frequency of fear, you will stagnate. If there is something arising from your heart, from a long time ago, something that you want to do, and out of fear you don’t do it, your vibrational frequency just stagnates and does not allow the new frequencies to operate in order to raise your vibrational frequency.

Nevertheless, these frequencies are furthering a change of perspective and many people are experiencing and observing that what made them suffer a lot in 2008 and before, now they can laugh about.

From 2008 until now, many frequencies of opening have been entering and in them many people have been experiencing different states of consciousness.

When only one being is experiencing this change of consciousness proceeding from the consciousness of the One, it is totally logical that that being opens doors for other beings to be able to experience that as well. In other words, one being transcending and experiencing these changes automatically helps the collective. However, for this person who is having the experience, the word “help” already has no meaning in this perspective, because this word comes from the consciousness of separation and sending help to the outside generally is appropriated by the ego, blinding us to the consciousness of the One.

There is an infinity of words that you will keep on using but in this new consciousness words have another meaning; as long as you are using human language, it will always fall short of divine language, which is vibration. [pause]

Do not forget.

Do not forget yourselves.

Remember and hold very present in your heart: Flow. Trust.

Listen with your heart. See with your heart. The heart is where you find the connection to the All and, in the case of the body of the soul, this is the chakra that balances. It is the golden mean. You can have full confidence in that point of balance, which is where you meet, where you bond with what we really are. [pause]

We always embrace you from dimensions of light.

Thanks to you.


The channeling ends here and Carlos adds in his own voice with much emotion:

“I give thanks.”


Carlos: I am seeing letters but it’s difficult to decipher the words.

Here is what I see: K-R-Y-O-N… T-E-L-O-S… O-S…

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