Our Living Planet

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Alfred: There’s a simplicity in just being with the sensation and with the larger awareness of the whole being. And when images pass, I’m taking my time before I… I’m waiting for something to come towards me rather than me reaching.

Jack: I think it’s a little bit like tuning an old-style radio where you go through a bunch of static and finally the channel gets clear.

Alfred: Yes, that’s a good analogy. [pause]

There’s a gradual tuning in – a few more sequences of images but… nothing that coheres yet into something intelligible.

Jack: Yes, I think you have a sense now of when there’s a real beginning of something and not just a clearing of the line as it were.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: And it always takes its own amount of time. It can’t be rushed. [long pause]

Alfred: There’s a sense of a connection. To the umbilical. To that area of the body. The lower abdomen. There are images of floating and being attached through some type of fiber, a living fiber or an energy that connects.

Jack: Good.

Alfred: There’s a sense of immaturity of the organism. It hasn’t arrived yet at a level at which it can participate fully in whatever it needs to participate in.

I’m noticing now that there’s a very soothing blue quality to this scene. Something blue is flowing in and surrounding things that are not yet clear – blue beings, or blue color, or blue light…

There’s a wonderful feeling that my well being is completely in the hands of beings who know exactly what and how to provide for and support this process. [pause]

Some words are spoken: “Pharaoh Amenhotep cannot be incarnated in just any ordinary being…” As if there’s a period of waiting for that incarnation so that… from the perspective of that being it’s a question of picking the right body to be incarnated in. As if there’s a kind of waiting for that pharaoh to appear. [pause]

Strong visual of the entombed pharaoh. And a certain process of waiting for his spirit to appear in a suitable body.

There’s a certain kind of conviction that his spirit is here in some form and it just requires much more sensitivity to identify it and find out who its continuation is.

There was a quick image of researchers around a table trying to formulate the different signs by which one can tell who is the current incarnation of that Pharaoh. Like I’m listening in on the discussions. It feels like I need to turn to something, towards myself, in order to become clearer.

Jack: Yes, I have that feeling too that maybe once again something needs to be active in you at this point. Maybe not entirely within you but still something active.

Alfred: There’s a certain wish to request help in that there’s a particular, very specific and possibly a very urgent need for some knowledge or action and that this Pharaoh Amenhotep has the required knowledge or expertise about it. There’s a strong request for him to provide us with guidance in order to help the situation. It needs his help or the help of his helpers.

I wish to be able to serve or help in whatever way possible to facilitate or ameliorate this situation – to help in whatever way will be shown to me.

In that identification with my importance, something opens to a starry sky, a night sky – like the opening of an observatory. It is as if my head is opening to it, like shutters that are opening.

Jack: That feels important.

Alfred: The sky feels opaque now – no celestial bodies are visible which suggests that some requirement is not being met yet – a certain rooting into the planet.

Jack: Something needed from your planetary body then?

Alfred: From the body to the planets. The connection is not yet adequate in order to illuminate the sky or to form a connection.

Repeatedly, there’s the view of a gold or a bronze tube made of some very specific materials – some kind of metals with emerald and amber stones – the same object that appeared in one of our first sessions. It seems that this is the instrument that is needed now in order to connect me to the earth so that I can connect to a particular star that needs to be… bonded, related.

Jack: So there is a connection from before that may help you to make that connection now?

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: At least you have a visual.

Alfred: There is also something tactile. This object is quite substantial, a tube about three feet long. It is made of particular materials – mostly metals, maybe gold and there could be stones. Very complex composition. I know the feel of it in my hand. And it has to be held at a particular angle pointing to a particular spot in the earth. The same chamber and instrument that were used in a previous session to determine the correct geographical and energetic location for the construction of a pyramid.

I saw a square window through which I’m now seeing the star. It is incredibly bright and its light is white. [pause]

I find I suddenly need to find that particular vibration in the body. A vibration that might begin to align with that arc between the instrument and the star. It needs to pass through my body.

More and more I need to give myself to that.

It seems as though I am surrounded by blue beings whose role is to sit in a circle around me and support this process.

Jack: Yes and you have no doubt about the importance of the operation you’re involved in.

Alfred: Yes, at the same time I’m aware of some inadequacy in my availability. I’m just staying with that.

Jack: Yes, probably good to recognize that the inadequacy is there but don’t concentrate on it. Concentrate on the operation. [pause]

Alfred: The body is becoming a whole different materiality which doesn’t offer an obstacle any more for this transmission – as if the molecules have infinitely more space between them. [long pause]

What is taking place is that there are longer stretches in which the body is experienced as porous, as having no boundaries. And that now my actual present-day reality is no different than the way I am in that place within or close to the pyramid with those beings around me. It’s all one. The moment I try to make sense of it or separate from it, I’m back to a very narrow place. Just allowing that simultaneity seems to be what is needed. It’s all now and it’s all here.

Jack: So quite a number of things have come together.

Alfred: There’s more clarity about the guidance I need – a guidance that is close by. But I am not entirely available to it because of my fluctuating state. When I’m less bounded in that way, I can receive more of that help. [pause]

It still requires letting go of my ordinary sense of my body and it is possible little by little. Then there is an awareness of a huge structure – it might be a pyramid or a cathedral, something very immense that is appearing next to me. I wasn’t aware of it before. It’s as if it was built as I was watching it.

It’s as if I have some particular function in relation to it that is signified by white robes, a staff. I wish to say some kind of a dedication, the completion of this building. [pause]

The vibrations are getting more intense. I’m finding more possibility of concentrating and not getting so distracted. [pause]

I’m more aware of the beam of light that is radiating from a particular star and hitting some kind of specialized surface in the space next to the pyramid.

It seems I have to see the mind going into it to find out whether it was before or after but I need to let go of it…

Jack: Yes, try to keep the mind out of it.

Alfred: It’s very hard because there is so much for the mind to get caught up in. So it requires really some very… There’s a need for a very different frequency.

Jack: Yes, but I think you understand that the process you’re involved in is a critical one. Not just to you but to others.

Alfred: There’s a sense of the attraction of the whole planet to that beam of energy, that light which is very silvery and bright. It’s actually absorbed in that surface; perhaps that’s a particular crystal.

I’m beginning to sense together with the others that it is beginning to have its influence. It is closer to what we were aiming for. [pause]

There’s no difference between the connections my body has with that beam and the connections that the planet has with it. I experience it in my lower abdomen. Perhaps it’s related, almost as a way of verifying that this is taking place as it should through the direct experience in the body – in my body and in the bodies of those around me. [pause]

Strong wish to let go of any egoic involvement here, recognizing that these are obstacles to what needs to take place.

Jack: Of course. [pause]

Alfred: There’s a view of a whole set of beams entering and originating or refracting through the earth. This set of beams is holding earth in a certain place in addition to the beam that we are connected with now. As if I can see the whole system of what keeps the planet in place or keeps it moving and aligned. Different colors, different shades and intensities of beams, like a web, and the color conveys the original force field or planet from which that particular beam originates. It’s like a view of that planet not from within that planet or on top of it. But I think it’s a helpful map in terms of orienting this effort to what needs to be corrected about the placement. [pause]

There’s kind of a sense of clarity of what this work of consciousness is – what the purpose of it is – it is this alignment. It almost feels like I’m sent back with that kind of message or information that, for those of us who work toward consciousness, this is the purpose or direction of that consciousness. It is to secure the path of this planet. The means are there and available for that to be accomplished. [pause]

It almost feels like what I’ve witnessed or participated in is connecting with that star – it’s the white glow of that star that makes me want to say it’s Sirius. I’m not sure about that… But I witnessed a previous time in which this type of… Maybe it’s all the same – it’s not previous, it’s not current, it’s not future. It’s a connection that has always been and always needs to be maintained by a certain number of people on this planet. There’s an urgency for a commitment to that maintenance since there are fewer people who are engaged. [pause]

There was an unmistakable kind of sensation that when that connection was made… I can feel it very strongly now… the closest I can say is that this is a living planet. I can almost feel the vibration, the pulsation, its organs, its rhythms, its breathing…

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: It puts this responsibility in a whole different light. [pause]

While this state begins to diminish, it leaves a very, very clear residue of how alive this planet is. In my ordinary state I’m not aware of that at all. This planet breathes. It is alive.

Jack: Well, in a way we should be able to feel that because our bodies are made of its substance but we usually don’t, unfortunately we usually don’t.

Alfred: Yes.

We fail to recognize that everything that we make, everything that is put together, everything that exists here is all a product of the life of this planet. Different configurations, emanations of materials that come from a source that is alive. [huge sigh]

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