Adjusting a Planet’s Orbit

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 Alfred: The breath is the breath that is universal – not my breath. It’s a breath that is suitable for other forms of being and locations.

A planet is just coming into the light. It’s like a sunrise on a different planet that is very clear and pristine. It feels like the atmosphere is very thin – as if it hasn’t formed yet.

I think myself and others are delivered there. Lying down. Alive. Breathing. The closest I can say is that the planet is being seeded with us or we are agents of that seeding process. It feels like we are brought there as seedlings or embryos or something to be raised on that planet just because there is a sense of immaturity to the physical body in that setting.

Jack: Is there water – or are you just on land?

Alfred: It feels like land. There are plants there already. It’s very flat but you feel the curvature. It’s green. Very flat. Like sod. Entirely flat – like almost artificially planted. And so is the sky. It feels like the atmosphere is forming. And we are… I think it’s “we” because it feels like I’m contained in some kind of packaging or containers with others.

I’m somewhat transfixed sky-wise because I think that’s the way we are traveling, delivered to that place. [2 minute pause]

Jack: So there’s probably some next step then that needs to take place?

Alfred: Not clear. Something has to settle and consolidate. [pause]

There is a kind of compression of time in which this…

I wasn’t entirely sure initially but it seems like now we are in a large structure like a coliseum or an arena, a gathering, a large structure with many people.

Jack: As you say it’s a compression of time; it’s the way things are received sometimes. There can be a jump.

Alfred: Very bright lights. Perhaps the middle of the day. It could be Italy or Rome where it’s summertime and very bright. Perhaps a gathering for some type of spectacle. People are dressed up with all kinds of capes.

The structure seems not to be a coliseum. It’s elevated on one side so there are seats quite steeply into the heights – 180 to 270 degrees with the center being below. [pause]

There’s a sense that the seats, the whole structure is so built that from each seat there’s a line to a focal point, an altar perhaps where someone like a high priest would be sitting. So it’s almost like a lens for concentrating vibrations. [pause]

[voice now almost a whisper] There’s an intensification of vibration as people take their places and the practice, the purpose is beginning to clarify itself. Like a deep, deep hum. [pause]

There is a sense of a beam of light that seems related to the group’s concentration. The beam is leaving the surface of the planet where the building is located and feels almost like a fiber, a living fiber, as if it’s propelling the planet, the planet being seeded, into a certain orbit. It has to be placed into a precise orbit via this flow of energy that is generated by our group. [pause]

Jack: Does that mean that it’s the planet that’s at the focal point.

Alfred: It means that the planet is related to a larger field outside of it as a hitch, or as a lever, placing it in the correct orbit. [pause]

There was a sense that it’s not a neutral kind of maneuver because it has a profound impact on the target planet. It felt like there was a shaking as a result.

Jack: What kind of maneuver?

Alfred: A very precise maneuver but it’s not neutral. It’s not a smooth maneuver – it creates a certain strain in which the planet is quaked or shaken or vibrated which felt very perceptible to us there. [pause]

There were images of oceans pouring out, spilling out of their beds, and floods which are of no consequence to our project. We are there to… we have only one aim which is to make sure this planet is aligned. [pause]

I have a flashback to a previous session of a group of people at the bottom of the ocean, kind of frozen, in a circle with me part of them and realizing that we all have drowned with the submersion of Atlantis. It’s like a time warp as I’m now aware and conscious of them and that I’m one of them.

It almost clarifies the current process because it’s probably a similar project of re-aligning the planet. It’s clear that one: it’s a correction of planet’s course as a result of a collision; and that two: that it will be changing the surface in such a way that beings that are participating in this alignment on the surface of the planet will not survive this – which doesn’t seem to matter to the group that is engaged in the realignment effort.

There’s a sense that the beings who perished and the beings involved in the realignment are the same beings in different time frames. I’m seeing both simultaneously.

When there’s a full participation in that state, there’s actually no reporting of anything; it’s a state of complete absorption in that effort. There’s no differentiation or separation between what needs to be accomplished and what is taking place. It’s all one state. And what’s needed is to let go of the attempts to know what the purpose of that activity is and to give oneself to it completely. [long pause]

It’s not that one is working on some external substance or material – it’s one’s own being that is the work that is taking place. There’s no separation to the extent that those vibrations can travel unobstructed. Whatever the purpose of this is, it is closer to being accomplished. [pause]

And the whole external features, shapes and forms of that particular gathering and the shapes of the bodies involved, all the forms are dissolving into a light, into a vibration without shape or form. [pause]

There is a certain trust that whatever that is is also what’s needed for the larger task – not even larger, it’s inseparable. Words don’t do justice to it. [pause]

There’s a kind of impartiality to this particular coating of this particular body. It’s completely immaterial or irrelevant what form it has, but it’s suited to those planetary circumstances but it’s in its relationship to the others and to this necessity for participation in some kind of planetary maintenance, or inter-planetary maintenance, that the whole purpose appears or emerges. [pause]

Part of that process is also the ascent and departure from that planet within the same beam that has accomplished the orbit change. It is the same beam on which we’ve all been participants. We seem to flow, transmigrate to a place outside of that planet. We can see it fading into the distance, still very clear and still very pristine as a bluish, watery feel to it – it wasn’t like that before – it was more green as in a plant environment. Still very clean and uninhabited. But perhaps just placed rightly for it to be seeded correctly. [pause]

As we travel out to a distance, there’s still a sensing of gravity fields and how they interact so that we can verify that the planet is accurately placed. From a very specific point in space, we can sense the balancing among the fields. [pause]

It feels almost like a construction project that was accomplished as we are making our way back away from that worksite.

Jack: So the gathering is dispersing?

Alfred: Now, we are all traveling together with the last verifications that we left the site with the work completed. We’re all heading upwards. Seems to be attracted by some kind of sense of home, return; perhaps an ascent. [pause]

A sense of a return home; which is not entirely known or visible but… something was accomplished.

Flashbacks to different images of what looked like a stadium. And this kind of hitching of the planet to a different field via this beam of energy. It feels a bit like a review.

I’ll just say it now, because I’m not sure I’ll remember it after we stop, that the group of beings that I was part of seemed to know that they are both of this planet but also not of this planet and they know that their mission is to somehow save or adjust this planet and they’re quite indifferent to the fate on this planet as far as this planet goes. I couldn’t get a sense of whether they’re actually planetary beings that are having their existence there but it felt like we were quite impartial to our own personal fate.

There was an absence of the previous kind of attachment and agony.

Jack: Yes, there seemed to be none of that at all in this session.

Alfred: Yes, it felt very much like an engineering project that was clear and was taking place from beginning to end but with no hysteria.

Jack: Yes, a kind of planetary scale technology.

Alfred: And the beings all had capes that were blue with golden edges to them. Perhaps these were markings of rank although I didn’t see differences. And I’m not sure if they themselves were blue or if I was blue but there was definitely a very shimmering blue, sky-blue kind of color to those capes at the gathering.

Jack: So an impressive sight in a way.

Alfred: Yes. And a total precision in each one of the individuals and it looked like there were hundreds or more, each one in a seat precisely facing what might have been a crystal or something at the center that was like a focal point of that stadium.

Jack: And the beam of light was white?

Alfred: Yes. And it travelled through the crystal and from there it refracted into the sky, into the planet. It clearly felt like it was changing the course of the way that the planet was orbiting. [pause]

Now my eyes are open and the trees are moving in the wind. And the feeling of this planet is that it’s a very small body that is very vulnerable to all kinds of forces.

Jack: You’re talking about the planet that you’re on right now aren’t you?

Alfred: Yes. This our home planet. Planet Earth. Very vulnerable.

Jack: Right.

Alfred: It’s almost like it’s possible to perceive its motion. Opening to that. We’re on something that moves very quickly but not very steadily.

Jack: We’re at one hour exactly.

Alfred: There’s a part of me that wants to have much more drama and… I really had to kind of watch that part and not have it invent all kind of fancy stories.

Jack: No, but I think it’s still pretty dramatic.

Alfred: Does anything strike you or that you saw or felt?

Jack: I think what’s important is that you’re coming to a kind of objectivity about what you’re receiving instead of reacting to it.

However, when you’re concentrated on what you’re receiving, your grammar goes to hell in a hand basket. But that is a part of the process that you’re undergoing because you have to leave behind that kind of focus on words and language in order to focus on what you’re participating in. Because it is a participation. You’re part of what is going on which gives it an authenticity. Otherwise it would be fantasy.

Alfred: I am back to my more or less ordinary state. What was clear to me on transitioning was that this planetary readjustment or calibration cannot just happen externally – it requires that there will be some presence on this planet in order to accomplish that.

Jack: That didn’t come through in anything you said.

Alfred: No, no it didn’t. And our presence there – those beings that were there, that group of beings that I was part of, there was no other way for this to be accomplished. It required the participation of beings of that planet to get it accomplished which has very profound meaning.

Jack: It’s very interesting you say that because I’ve had the impression for some time now that the work I’m engaged in right now – having sessions with you and quite a few other people – is because certain influences cannot be conveyed without the participation of someone incarnated.

Alfred: That’s right.

Jack: If you’re trying to make changes in those beings who are incarnated and on planets that are materialized, you can’t do that without the participation of something local. I don’t know where that concept came to me from but I’ve been entertaining that concept for a year or two now and feeling that there’s a certain validity to it. Partly it comes from me trying to understand what I’m doing – but I don’t think it’s just that. It just seems to make sense in the way you just spoke about – that mission could not be accomplished without the participation of the beings who were on the planet. And what happened to them was immaterial but you’ve been shown again and again too that the transition we call death is not the finality that we think it is – it’s a transition.

And also all of this is very relevant to our situation at this moment in time on this planet because it certainly feels like an adjustment is going to happen. In fact, I just had this in the immediately preceding session: an adjustment is about to happen on a planetary scale. And there needs to be a certain number of people who are aware and who understand what’s going on.

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