Messages of Light within Love

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(Note: This posting is a transcript of a session conducted March 25th, 2017 with “Carlos.” There is no dialogue; the whole session was the reception of channeled information.)

We are beings of light as you are also, but we are in a unity consciousness. Our plane does not have forms. What appear to you as stars are planets that we inhabit. What you see as stars or suns are planets that we inhabit in unity consciousness. We have always been with you. Humanity had to reach this level of frequency – at which now a percentage are arriving – in order to realize that we have always been with you here.

Right now there are already many human beings who are conscious of this and thus we are able to make contact with you. It makes us happy that you are reaching this frequency point in which the lower frequencies in your process of consciousness are beginning to yield, as it might be said in your language. These lower frequencies will always be supported by us because for us, being in unity consciousness, it is impossible for us to see things as separated or to see as you do in your belief systems that evil exists.

Our great city of light is more complex than your operating system of the mind and in this city of light there are many more colors than those that you are able to imagine.

As a collective consciousness, we inhabit the seventh dimension. From this location we have to project ourselves into the fifth dimension so that you, human beings, can perceive our messages of light within love. We are aware of the form in which you see dimensions from this third dimension in transition to the fourth dimension, which is the case for human beings but not for the earth.

So that you understand us, our same consciousness is interconnected within the ninth dimension where it is much more complex for you to perceive the frequencies – however, it is not impossible – [for example, those] where you find Antares. And we are interconnected in the eleventh, thirteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, nineteenth and twenty-first dimensions. The twenty-second dimension is like the next octave but we do not see them as separate.

We are aware that we are inhabiting all the dimensions that you are able to imagine.

All the unity consciousnesses, which in reality are one, are charged with re-establishing the planetary templates, all and each one of them. And this is why there is a better reception of those rays in frequencies that are constantly entering the earth. There is an immense range of new frequencies that are entering the earth at this time even though, for many people, it is possible that they will perceive these freqencies only five or ten years after they have entered. This is due to your state of consciousness and your vibratory frequency.

We are not hurried because we do not see things in timelines which is how you perceive them. It is important to begin to perceive things – movement, and your day-to-day – in a cyclic manner which is what is real, and not according to belief systems about time or clocks that you believe exist. The only thing that exists are cycles and the instantaneousness of a continuous, eternal and infinite present.

Many beings – speaking from a soul point of view – who have had much experience on the earth are urging other beings to raise their vibrational frequency in order to balance the collective. And many who don’t understand yet about the dualistic functioning of their minds can observe animals. Animals do not function dualistically. They perceive things in the same way as human beings will perceive them in the proper time – as frequencies.

A human mind believes that an animal prefers one thing or another when they are given food, but, in fact, they are guided by the frequencies that they perceive perfectly, and in many cases by something that is called the sense of smell, but they do not have preferences. If you observe them, they can be your new guides for those who need them, because already in the new frequencies of the earth a point has been reached in which guides are over and done with. In this new frequency both the majority of the beings who are being born in the earth and a great percentage of those that are already on earth already do not feel the necessity for a spiritual guide. In the given frequencies and clarity that exists now on the earth you can see that you are your own guides. Your minds may see us as guides but the reality is that we are you. [pause]

We express our deep gratitude for your reception [of our message]. And for your minds that help to form in your language what we are sending which are only frequencies for us. We who see your light bodies as frequencies. This is why it is so simple in our dimension for us to see your state of consciousness [many sighs and big breaths in this section as if the reception process was very difficult for Carlos’ physical body] since we only see if there are dissonances or harmony. It is through the harmony in your vibratory frequency that we can connect with you. For this reason, we are also very thankful for your physical body which also withstands these very elevated and new frequencies that until now have not been perceived physically.

Now everything is being prepared also so that your physical bodies and your matter can be brought back to the light, to what we would call the enlightenment of matter.

However, before that, you must integrate this perception that is part of you, that is nothing other than the light that we are in unity as a collective. [pause]

We know that your minds want to confuse you, mainly the ego which will want to stick to its habitual ways of thinking and will want to trick you, using its dual and insatiable functioning, in order to gain dominion. [pause]

However it is so simple to know and be conscious that this is not and never has been who you are. And that evolution is not of the mind nor of anything you have believed.

Evolution is one, like consciousness; we have always been one.

We love all from the vibration of Void that we are.

We salute you in love, [pause] consciousnesses of unity and light.

On this occasion impelled by the connection with the Reticulan consciousness, Zeta Reticuli in connection with Sirius and many more unity collective consciousnesses.

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One Response to Messages of Light within Love

  1. Ellen Alice Middleton says:

    Truly astonishing and so helpful

    As I was reading it lying down here resting the sun begins to shine right in my face through the slats in the venetian blinds

    We are all one and the vibration is current all the ways that we know are coming together to help

    thank you for doing this good work



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