The New Era Is Beginning

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 Marie: I’m at the far end of our garden. I have formed a ball of gold that surrounds me and surrounds my favorite oak. There are ducks on the lake and it is very pretty. It is soothing and very pleasant.

Jack: Good. That’s perfect. Excellent.

So now it’s important to stay there for a while, because it’s a spot that you know very well. And you can feel the ball of golden light that is there. And very simply you can feel the beauty of the garden. You are nourished by being in that setting.

Is there a particular feeling that is there for you now that you could say a few words about.

Marie: I feel that there’s something preventing me from relaxing. Or something is trying to pierce by ball of security.

Jack: Yes, yes. That happens sometimes. But just the same you can still see the ball of light; you can still see the garden, can’t you?

Marie: Yes.

Jack: Now I would like you to begin to bring your attention to the physical body and, although it’s perhaps not too pleasant, I would like you to deliberately try to approach this something that’s trying to break into the ball of light. Because there is something inside you that needs to be discovered. When you bring your attention to the body do you feel something or what happens?

Marie: My body is resisting and it is making the ball of light more solid to ward off this sensation of something coming into my space. I see a tall man, with brown hair and black clothing. This clothing is shaped like the wings of a bat with points at the ends. He is trying to puncture my ball. He doesn’t manage to do it but that is preventing me from being completely relaxed.

Jack: Yes, of course.

Marie: In fact, I’m struggling with him.

Jack: Is it possible to ask for help in your struggle?

Marie: I’m asking.

Jack: Yes, I think it’s good to ask. Because alone you have strength, but it might not be enough. [pause]

Marie: There is light which seems to bother him but he is continuing just the same to try and pierce my ball of security.

I see a… ah… I see a… something like a rainbow.

Jack: Yes. Good.

Marie: It’s burning him but he manages to stay there for a bit… what… I don’t know how to explain what I’m seeing.

Jack: It’s often like that Marie. It’s hard to explain. It’s also difficult to describe. But at the same time it is clear what is happening. It is clear that he is diminished but he is still trying to pierce the ball of light.

Marie: I’m cold.

Jack: Yes. Can you ask him what he wants of you?

Marie: Oh! He’s making me cry. [Marie cries.]

He wants my energy because he has lost his wings.

Oh! I’m cold!

Jack: Yes. But can you ask that someone help him? Because it’s not your job exactly to put back his wings or help him. You need to explain to him to go towards the light.

Marie: He’s angry.

Jack: Yes. Naturally.

Marie: He says that the light won’t have him.

Jack: You need to tell him that he needs to doubt that. The light doesn’t prevent anyone from approaching the light. Anyone at all can approach the light.

Marie: He wants to regain the powers that he had with the light and that he cannot have today. But the light will not give them back to him because it’s not for doing good.

Jack: Yes, so he has to accept to change, doesn’t he? It’s important for him to understand that. In order to approach the light, he has to change inside.

Marie: He says that I’m an archangel.

Jack: He’s speaking about himself, right? He was an archangel before wasn’t he?

Marie: Yes.

Jack: Yes, there are many fallen angels, aren’t there?

Marie: He passes himself off as the Archangel Michael and he deceives many people. He tricked me as well.

Jack: Yes. But you are there with him now for a reason. So you need to be patient. You mustn’t go too fast now in finding some way of straightening out what is in front you and what is in you at this moment.

Marie: Now my ball is bigger and it has rainbow colors.

Jack: Yes. Good. So there is someone there helping you.

Marie: Yes.

Jack: Yes, absolutely. Perhaps you can’t see that person but that doesn’t matter…

Marie: I see a big hand.

Jack: Ah!

Marie: [Marie begins to cry] This is touching me very deeply.

Jack: Yes. Of course. It’s moving.

Marie: It’s magnificent!

Jack: It’s magnificent. Exactly. When you make an approach to a level that is as high as this, you can only cry because of the contact you are making with this high level. But you had to go to this level in order to help the situation you found yourself in. And that is why you were given this situation – in order to make this contact.

Marie: I see the face of a man. He has curly hair. He is… You could say he might be black, white or Asian. He’s not any particular race. He is very, very handsome. [Marie begins to cry] He tells me that he is my mother’s guardian angel whom she called “Aro” but that he is called “Chamuel.” And that he is an archangel. He was reborn.

Jack: So he knows the process!

Marie: He is protecting me. The other one is still there but he can’t do anything.

Jack: No. He can’t do anything. But this guardian angel who has just arrived – perhaps he can help this situation. He is going to help you but perhaps he can also help the fallen angel. But that is not up to you or up to me either. We need to ask this guardian angel to do what is needed in this situation.

Marie: He is telling me that the other one can’t doing anything to me but that thanks to him I am learning to grow up.

Jack: Yes.

Marie: And that he is keeping an eye on us and that nothing will happen to us because of those beings because he says that he is limiting what they can do.

Jack: Yes. Exactly. Exactly.

Marie: [Marie begins to cry] I didn’t believe mother but she was right. It’s really him.

Jack: Absolutely. And now you can see him! You have been given the vision of seeing that angel.

Marie: [still in tears] He is magnificent. Oh, what energy! Oh!

Jack: Can you ask him if you can contact him if you need to in future?

Marie: He is saying yes but I’m not necessarily going to feel him and see him as I’m seeing him now but that he going to always be there for me. And he sees – he’s telling me he sees everything. And he’s joking. [Marie begins laughing] He winked at me. The strength of his humor!

Jack: Very beautiful.

Marie: I’m asking him about the session I had earlier. [An earlier session with a different facilitator]

Jack: Yes. You can ask questions in his presence now.

Marie: He tells me that I was an angel before. That that was true. And that I incarnated in my mother in order to evolve here. And that like others, I am not the only one able to protect beings who need to be protected. And to help.

Jack: Helping others, yes.

Marie: He is telling me that there are many of us and that by having us all awaken we are going to create a force that is like a shield and that this shield is going to transmute things that need to be transmuted in the change so that people who want… how is he saying… Ah, yes. People who want to rise above this world, in fact rise above this system of low energy are going to be able to evolve together, but, in fact, we are tired and overextended… We must reconnect through thought. Even if we don’t see each other, we are in fact connected through thought and every time one being among us thinks, or prays, or meditates that creates and reinforces this sphere of energy which must burn, drive away everything which is not welcome for the evolution of those who want to evolve.

Jack: Yes, yes. That’s right.

Marie: He’s dancing! [we burst out laughing] He says he’s seeing me dancing the Jumbolo [dance originating in the Ivory Coast]. Ah, what a sense of humor! It’s incredible!

Jack: Yes, there’s a sense of humor on the other side, for sure. There has to be. It’s part of the lightness. Everything is light. There is no heaviness.

Good. Do you have other questions to ask?

Marie: Yes, he is telling me that what I saw [in the earlier session] is partly true, that not everything is to be taken at face value but he is saying that deep inside myself I know what is true in what I saw in the earlier hypnosis and what was false. He says that the truth is within me and that I know it.

Jack: Yes, you can distinguish between false and true.

Marie: Yes.

Jack: It’s inside you. It’s part of you. You just need to turn inward.

Marie: I asked about my mother and he told me that my mother also is destined for that. But, because she was attached to earning a living and so on she got led astray. But that now she understands and I shouldn’t worry about her – she’s already much better and he is looking out for her. She is learning to defend herself against those forces which…

The other one is still there. He’s in the distance but he doesn’t have any intention of giving up.

Jack: But I have the impression that there’s nothing to be done about this other one who is still there…

Marie: No, nothing.

Jack: And you are protected and there is no fear about his being there. And it’s not your business to sort all that out.

Marie: Right.

Jack: And [before the session] you were asking about your mission in this life. Can you ask the guardian angel what you are going to be doing in life?

Marie: [chuckling] He’s kneeling, he’s assuming meditation postures so I guess he’s saying that all prayer or meditation is a good thing. So I must continue and he’s telling me I have good ideas and therefore I should put them into practice and that I will be helped so that what needs to happen will happen.

Jack: Yes, exactly.

Marie: It’s nice and he’s telling me that the work I used to do – the singing that I did before – I didn’t realize it but it touched the hearts and feelings of people in a good way. So, in fact, I only have to take note that I’ve already begun in this moment.

Jack: So you really need to continue singing then, right?

Marie: He says yes. He is going to guide me so that I meet good people with good intentions so that my songs are not just to earn money but are for something good in fact.

Jack: Yes, and also it’s a way of communicating something to people because when you try to communicate something with words the communication is not complete. Song has a greater range of possibilities in my opinion. There’s something very powerful in it, much more powerful than someone trying to explain something to another person. And in singing you can reach many more people.

Marie: Yes, yes. He is showing me something that I had forgotten about however it’s rather… I was in Martinique and I had a vision of a big serpent. And I had to fight in fact because I didn’t want this serpent entering me and I saw this dark being who is bothering me here. And he [the guardian angel] is explaining to me that in fact this dark being still has the power to give people clairvoyance. He is explaining that this dark being is angry because he still has these powers and he wanted to have those powers enter me by passing himself off as Archangel Michael. I did well to refuse this serpent because he was evil. I could have had those powers but given by a dark being in fact.

Jack: Yes, it was a temptation but you rejected it for very good reasons.

Marie: That dark being dupes many people. He makes people believe he is a good archangel and he shows them things and certain people who are approaching awaking think it is good but he is a dark being and he his not alone. He has his army. I’m being shown other shadows behind him. Many of them.

I’m cold now. Maybe because he showed me that.

Jack: Yes. But the guardian angel is still there for you, isn’t he?

Marie: Yes. He is like a rainbow. And he’s reminding me that when I see a rainbow when I’m praying, he’s telling me that it’s him. Before having had this vision now, well, I had seen the form of a tree. It was a mango tree but it was in the shape of a man’s head, a big head. And there was a rainbow. He told me that when he is nearby that’s why I see trees that are shaped like a man’s head and that there are rainbows or something that reminds me of rainbows.

Jack: I wonder if there are other questions you need to ask?

Marie: [chuckles] He’s smiling Jack. He is following what you are saying and while he’s looking at me he’s asking, “Well, are there other questions?”

Jack: I wonder if I can ask if he has something to say to me, to Jack, about my work with other people or my life or something else.

Marie: He’s thanking you because you are the right person – for me in any case – and that he would never have shown himself with the person who did hypnosis for me before because there is information that some can hear and others not.

He sends you love.

Jack: Ah, thanks!

Marie: And he is thanking you because what you are doing is good. It helps.

Jack: Sometimes what I do is to make a transcription of the session on my public blog on Internet. I wonder if it would help other people if you and I could put up a transcription of what happened not necessarily all but a part.

Marie: He says that if you want to do that it would be very good because other people often get themselves trapped…

Jack: Right, right!

Marie: … because they have false guides and false archangels.

And he says that the divination cards I used helped me learn but they were not clean and that there are archangels in the… Oh! The card deck of archangels from… OK. He’s telling me not to say which one. But anyway you have to be very careful of archangels on cards…

Jack: Ah!

Marie: … because some of them for a long time now… they are fallen in fact and they are no longer from the Kingdom of Heaven. People don’t know that and they call on them… but they are not there… they have become only empty shells unfortunately.

He is telling me that the archangels are working very hard because human beings are so poisoned that it is difficult to wake them up. Their free will means they can do what they want for themselves and the angels cannot do anything about that.

Jack: Yes, I understand that.

Marie: And the archangel is saying that they too are attacked by them. For archangels it’s OK but for angels who are attacked by the fallen ones who have a lot of power and strength, certain angels become discouraged and fall to the darkness in fact. Certain demons pass themselves off as reptilians but really they’re just demons that’s all.

Jack: Marie, I think we need to begin to finish.

Marie: OK.

Jack: Yes, because we cannot stay too long with a contact like this – it’s simply not possible. Perhaps we could express our gratitude for all that has taken place in this session…

Marie: Yes.

Jack: … the fact that your guardian angel came to you and that he really showed you his face.

Marie: He felt that I was still mistrustful so he is showing me his eyes and I see the universe in fact.

Jack: Ah, yes.

Marie: He is saying to me, “This is what you are; this is what we are.”

Jack: Yes.

Marie: Oh, it is so moving [tears]. He is saying to me that if I work hard, if I continue to make progress, I will become an archangel like him. And he says to me, “And why not?”

Jack: You have the ability inside you. And if you encounter difficulties in the future you can ask for his help.

Marie: I would like to ask him a final question.

Jack: Yes. Go ahead. [pause]

Marie: Yes, he is telling me that what my mother said was right – something rather personal.

Jack: Yes, there’s no need to explain. You asked your question and you received your answer.

Marie: He says that he has a strong, strong love for human beings, for nature and animals and that he has been working very hard for a long time to help us out of here but that now, the Source, the God of all things, has decided that all that needs to be shaken up.

Jack: Yes.

Marie: He has me understand that the Bad Ones will have to either disappear or make their own place for themselves where they won’t trouble us anyone. They are going to kill each other. They’re going to die.

Jack: They are going to die, yes. I have received this message several times.

Marie: Ah, yes. They are going to die. They are going to kill each other. He is telling me that. Unfortunately.

He also has brother and sister archangels who are fallen, who have chosen, who are discouraged. That troubles him greatly but it is time for the new age to begin. Deliverance is very, very near.

Jack: There are many changes that will be happening on the planet, right?

Marie: Yes, it has already begun.

He’s telling me that many little children, babies who are being born, are clairvoyant. They are destined to become what we normally should be – beings of light. And that’s why my little nieces and nephews are like they are today.

I am thanking him.

And he says, “Thanks to Jack”.

Jack: OK. It was very beautiful – very beautiful what has happened.

Marie: He has reinforced my ball of light. I will be able to rest easy for the time being.

Jack: So it would be good to return to the garden with the ball of golden light. It’s a way of coming full circle, returning to the beginning. The fact that you are there and that you are protected. The vision of the little lake, the flowers…

Marie: He is caressing my ball of light. [we laugh] He is showing me that our house is… the work on it is progressing very, very quickly. Flowers are appearing.

He says to me, “Blessings be upon you.” [tears]

Jack: We are truly blessed. We have received much more than we ever could have imagined.

[We finish.]

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