The Relay Station

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 Alfred: There’s this quality of stillness on the edges. A process has already started. Also there’s a sense of the usual reactivity of the mind and the feelings. Something needs to deepen.

Jack: Yes, it seems very clear that there’s a process that’s unfolding.

Alfred: I wasn’t in touch with it at first, but now through the lower back the density of the body is more accessible. The two qualities of affirming and denying are present.

Already there’s a much larger volume to the body – as if the sensitivity is extending past the skin to include a larger space.

And in the feeling there’s a slight giddiness about going on an adventure to an unknown place. I’m letting go of the known. [pause]

The forehead and the chest seem to be vibrating along a similar frequency. [pause]

One of the lessons from the last session is that I don’t need to comment or interpret. I can just speak what is happening.

Jack: Yes. I think that’s really important.

Alfred: Because there was a shaft of light.

I can take time. I don’t have to fill in gaps because there are no gaps once the process is fully engaged. Just now it’s more about something that needs to mature or concentrate. [pause]

Jack: Yes, it’s work, far-reaching work. [pause]

Alfred: One of those markers of transition is that there are certain experiences that are lived both from within and without – they are both seen and experienced.

There’s a body of starry matter. It is experienced from within and recognized from without. Star-studded sky as a body. [pause]

The first principle is staying close to the observer. That’s critical. I get lost in the observations that are quite striking and then the thread is lost, the observer gets lost.

Jack: Yes, there’s something about the following of what’s taking place, a kind of accompaniment that I think is so vital. It’s important not to be distracted from that following. [pause]

Alfred: There’s a moment that becomes more familiar – those little lapses – which more and more feel like lapses in the discursive mind. Something very rapid was taking place in that gap and a lot was communicated in it. [pause]

I had a glimpse of a street in what would be probably pre-World War II England. Dreariness and a red phone booth. Then there were two women. [pause]

The sense of my body is different. I’m either older or I have a small child’s body. Not clear.

Something suggests air-raids. The time of the air-raids in London. Turmoil. Guys with heavy metal helmets in the street and sirens. [pause]

It feels like the body is opening up a little more. It’s like there’s more in the body than anywhere else as a source. [sneeze]

A field. English countryside. Very green. [pause]

Driving an old-fashioned car through the country. I’m sitting in the back. [pause]

It’s like I’m being worked on. As if there’s some intelligent presence that is operating on my body as it is now. Around the solar plexus area. Something is being added or tuned. I don’t see the exact operation. It may be to improve reception or receptivity. [pause]

Jack: So as if the scenes that you are seeing are ancillary to the real work being done – is it something like that?

Alfred: Simultaneous to my attempts to connect to that scene of driving, of being in the back of a car – a very definite kind of 1930s car – I’m seeing the big spare wheel attached to the back… simultaneously to that I had a little flash of someone working on my body as it is now – not maybe exactly my physical body. The reception seems to have a lot of static.

It’s as if as a result of that fine-tuning I become clear about the destination which is where we will work. It feels like a very large, brown structure. I don’t see it yet but it feels like a huge ancient stone structure, very square. It’s stone and not of the colors of the British landscape. It’s a cube and it’s not clear if there’s an entrance. Very enigmatic. More like a monument than a stone building. It’s seen from a distance as if I haven’t arrived but I know that that’s where we’re heading. Perhaps it is not even in the same time period. The colors of the huge stone are mostly tones of ocher and red, reddish grey. Maybe I’m recognizing the remains of a dolmen and I’m filling in the gaps of what the dolmen was prior to its being destroyed. [pause]

There’s an odd way in which the building has no top. While it seems to be solidly made of rock, the top seems to be endless and it projects into the atmosphere. My mind has difficulty with this. Very hard to describe. It’s like a relay station or some inter-galactic communication device. [pause]

I’m puzzled about the drive out there but it occurs to me that we who are in the car are actually the material for a process that will be engaged in. There’s a certain truth to it and a certain dread in it as well. We are approaching this place to be worked on and to be transformed.

02-grey-cactus-img_9218The structure looks a little bit like what the ka’aba would look like except it’s not black. It is squarish, compact, and huge.

It’s like we’re heading towards either a ceremony, a ritual or a procedure.

I can only see the backs of the other people in the car but there’s a certain solemnity. [pause]

There’s a sense that I’m bringing my physical body as material for this process. No difference from the body that is here at the present time. There were many bodies before this time that have participated in this. This body cannot be the essence of that process, it has to be purged or surrendered, which is not quite the word.

At first, it looked like a static image or a picture but now it is actually a real radiant structure in the middle of a field. All kinds of colors are emanating from it as well as a different type of radiation or vibrations or light.

I have a memory now of that unearthed rock that I was either burying or exposing with a plow. [in a previous session]

Jack: Yes, I remember that.

Alfred: The same type of structure except that this one is alive. It’s now in the process of being activated and it is communicating.

There’s a gathering around it of what I think are blue beings. It’s not that important who they are or what they are.

Jack: It’s the gathering that’s important, right?

Alfred: There’s a certain circle that I join. It like a circuit is being closed. We are clasping each other’s arms, the whole forearm.

Jack: So, a very strong link.

Alfred: Yes.

Whatever idea I had about my body or what it was that I was bringing with me is gradually dissolving into that circle. It’s no longer the body that I was attached to in the car and was afraid of losing.

There’s actually nothing but this moment.

The light of that cube intensifies in brightness and vibration. [pause]

It’s so interesting to have this dilemma of whether to allow oneself to be attached to it and merge with it or to sense my separateness, my individuality as part of that circle. [long pause]

It seems like every second of staying with the pull of that brightness makes the next moment a little more possible. It’s an overwhelming pull in which moment to moment there’s a kind of despair, potential despair, of maintaining something separate from it, while at the same time being present to it. [pause]

Very strong vibrations in the feet and in the solar plexus. An affirmation of the correctness of this effort. [pause]

Something is spoken in me, “Preparation for the moment of dying.”

There’s a certain presence hovering over my physical body. Two bodies – the hovering one and what appears to be the physical one – but actually it may not be the physical one.

As if I’m being presented with the results of the effort. I don’t experience that stone any more. I’m in a different setting. I am here with the two bodies. One clearly hovering over my body on this couch that I’m lying on.

Jack: So really here and now, right?

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

03-white-hollyhock-img_8214There’s a wish to return to that place, because the beings that have generously offered that teaching have not been directly visible to me and yet there’s immense gratitude that flows towards them… towards that intelligence. A certain generosity and care that has been taken in giving me, of all people, that direct experience of the separation of two bodies of entirely different natures in this life. [much emotion in the tone of voice]

I am being instructed. Since it’s according to law and there’s nothing so special about it, I don’t need to become emotional or sentimental about it. It’s just part of the way the world is evolving. It’s not directed at me. It’s not for my benefit. But yet there is a feeling of participation that is deeply moving.

Jack: Yes, and perhaps a kind of respect…

Alfred: That’s right.

Jack: …for the importance, for the purity of perception.

Alfred: And also about some awareness of those forces of denial and doubt that are now more present as all this diminishes. I’m not falling into those forces.

Jack: That’s right, yes, because that is a danger.

Alfred: I trust you to remind me.

Jack: But also something within you needs to be trusted as well. [long pause]

Alfred: It’s strange now to touch my face and find my physical body.

Jack: I’m struck by the fact that it seems as though there is no conflict between separation and no separation.

Alfred: It’s exactly that. And the way that they’re not contradictory: what we ordinarily perceive seems to be just such a partial part of it… It’s just restriction on my ordinary perception and experience that is not allowing the full view of all the gradations of this fuller reality but, once it’s seen, it fits in perfectly well. It’s seamless.

Jack: So the dread is not necessary.

Alfred: That’s right.

Jack: But still it is real and it is experienced.

Alfred: The dread is still that claim for separateness that is shown to be so entrenched but it’s kind of a misunderstanding.

Jack: Yes. It’s being in a limited space.

Alfred: In my present state, which is closer to the ordinary one, it seems that the missing pieces of a dolmen, or of a standing circle like Stonehenge, are not critical because the structure can be functional when the relevant energy, activated by those participating, is occupying that space. Then it operates as a relay station or a connection.

That stone structure feels really essential as one of many such devices that are absolutely necessary for life on this planet. [pause; beginning to move the body]

The site may have been in northwest England. The people who traveled there in that very long 1930s British car were participating in something, tracking something.

Alfred: The teaching is so clearly about presence, about “I am.” The need for something to crystallize that can stand the disintegration.

We often ask the question about what and how these sessions can inform your life, my life, the life of others. It’s in the work in life that something needs to materialize – something much finer. This came with such clarity.

And it leaves a residue.


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