The Altar of Gold

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 Alfred: So perhaps we can just let ourselves connect in the way that is sometimes possible.

Jack: Yes, we just need to allow some time now for that to happen. [pause]

Alfred: There is a sensation of the whole body being like an arc – a link between heaven and earth – an actual channel. [pause]

It seems that I need to be closer to the back and to the breathing because there are those little snippets of distractions – images, names and so on. I’m not fixating on that flow of fragments. [pause]

The body opens up from the back and is sensed as having much more of a vibratory presence – as if it’s part of a much larger entity. It is also much more sensitive. [pause]

Something is tuning in to a different source.

Jack: Yes. That connection becomes more predominant.

Alfred: Yes.

A sense of the body being entirely free of the oppression of the mind. It is resonating.

And there is a certain darkness that is very alive. [long pause]

There’s a kind of a sense of an image of some light piercing through darkness. Some vehicles or beings.

The mind is not relaxed enough yet. It tries to take over and interpret. [pause]

There’s a growing wish for guidance.

There’s a process in which the darkness is being digested. It’s a substance that is being metabolized. It is coming in through the breath, or entering this organism in some way and it is being transformed into something. [pause]

It’s like every breath is contributing to a sense of movement within this dark substance. Dark and still – like a living substance. A living silence in which something is taking place. A certain coming together. [pause]

I’m operating now in an environment where different forms are beginning to emerge – various shapes of equipment which are largely gold or gold colored. [pause]

The forms are dream-like and very elusive. I need to stay very close to the breath and to what’s going on. I can see the need for that. Otherwise there are only fragments that are not intelligible.

Jack: A type of focusing isn’t it?

Alfred: Yes, but lightly and yet very consistent – a certain way of staying close without tensing.

Jack: Ah, I see.

Alfred: Almost like I’m finding now what’s needed is a certain kind of care, some feeling for it, otherwise it’s very abstract. I need to recognize that something is needed from me. I need to take care. It’s like a living thing. [pause]

I need a certain care, a certain feeling for this body that is resting here. And with that there comes immediately a care for all bodies. [pause]

Taking care that there’s a wish to allow life to move through – unobstructed. [pause]

With that, it seems as if there is more access to that gold. I’m calling it the “gold control room.” Access is more possible. It’s as if the access is not available as long as that care, that sensitivity to the purpose of what is taking place is not present. Access is barred unless I surrender to serving something.

With that, it’s like an entrance to a treasure room. It’s all filled with gold.

02-yellow-flower-img_3393There is some equipment or a machine that is made of solid gold. That is what it appears to be. It has shiny buttons that look like precious stones. There’s a very squarish feel to it like an altar. It’s not the material that is overwhelming, it’s the vibration that it emanates. Clearly it’s a center of energy for some type of activity.

Kneeling next to me are others who are blues. They are there to receive or participate in something. There’s a shape – perhaps a cross shape? Not clear. [pause]

Being in the presence of that altar requires one to be very quiet and very submissive, obedient, respectful or else the purpose of what is taking place is lost. [long pause]

The material of my body and of my mind seem too coarse to be resonating with this super bright intense vibration but the requirement is to stay with that vibrational discrepancy. [long pause]

Distracted and then returning.

Jack: Yes, it’s very demanding.

Alfred: It’s so clear that what has to be given up is any sense of separateness. [pause]

It feels like there’s a lot at stake. Everybody around in the circle has to reach a certain level. So it’s a collaborative effort to elevate everybody to that level. Nothing can take place till everybody reaches it. [pause]

There’s a very simple teaching flowing through this. All those areas of impurity or density are revealed in the body and in the depths. As they become visible they dissolve into that golden light that seems to emanate like a substance. Especially around the solar plexus there’s a density that is more difficult to dissolve but it’s clearly present to the perception. It’s so clear that the relaxation we talked about is not anything like we thought but more like a much finer substance being substituted for a coarser one. [long pause]

Through guidance there is such an abundance of generosity in allowing me to get lost and to be found again with no repercussions or judgment.

The body is transformed into a golden volume, a golden content. As if something is being poured into it. Almost as if the whole shape is now becoming full of that real, substantial gold. But perhaps it’s a very high vibration or type of material that is experienced as gold. It feels very substantial.

There’s a kind of association to a pharaonic gold statue.

I’m being shown the whole circle of my kin. They are gold. They are transformed. They are kneeling – still in the same position.

We all have featureless bodies. There are no faces. Just shapes. There’s no real distinction between people but I know that these are my kin.

It seems like something in that altar – its quality or intensity – is diminishing gradually. [pause]

[sneeze] It’s a familiar sneeze with me that indicates an opening of the passageways but it feels like an opening of the heart that begins to feel deep gratitude.

Jack: Yes. Deep gratitude seems very right. Very fitting.

Alfred: As the scene begins to fade, there is also a change in the goldness of that experience of the whole organism, of the whole body. It’s more dim, but still present. [pause]

The ribcage is beginning to take its more usual physical configuration. It seems like it was made of a different substance altogether until now. And the breath now seems to be more the earthly breath – the bringing in of air. And the body of flesh seems to be gradually… There’s a way in which it still has a different resonance and a different coloration, but its usual qualities are becoming more prominent – its tensions and I would say its weight or mass. It seems like I’m being led back to my ordinary existence with a trace left – not so much a trace actually – a certain vibration, a certain awareness, a sensitivity to an entirely different quality that this body of flesh is part of. The part for the physical body is essential but quite small.

Jack: You mean its role is quite small?

Alfred: It’s essential. It’s a portal. It’s not possible to go through what I’ve been through without it. It acts as an access point but it doesn’t have much importance beyond that. [pause]

I feel that it’s very important for both you and me to be very attentive to this return. It is like leaving something open which cannot intentionally be left open. What I’ve called in the past bookmarks, or markers or… just a taste that the body is not… what I call the physical body is in the unknown. It doesn’t play the part I assume it plays even when I… I think it’s a mystery. I don’t want to say more…

Jack: I think it’s good not to say too much but it is a type of recognition. A type of understanding also I think.

Because we’re approaching the darkest day of the year, there’s something very significant about the timing of this session. I was feeling that through the whole session. In previous sessions there has been this same kind of contact you might say… But not at this level. It seems to be an entirely new level.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: And also there is something very special about this time. And maybe also not just the time of year but also the time of…

Alfred: This planet.

Jack: Yes, I don’t know how to say it but there’s something very special going on and I think this is somehow related.

Alfred: Just one more word before we stop – the sense of darkness as a substance that is actually a kind of nutriment was very clear and powerful while I was still quite unfocused and unattuned. It came in very strongly – almost like a substance that was breathed in. And it was transformative.

Jack: I think it’s so important to say what you just said about that because we have such associations with the word “darkness” and this is an entirely different darkness.

Alfred: I wanted to tell you then that it was a darkness with absolutely no fear

Jack: Right. Because it was nourishing. And this whole dyad of the darkness and the light – it’s as if that dyad is transformed into gold.

Alfred: Yes. It brings tears what you just said.

Jack: Yes, I feel it too.

Alfred: I send you a hug over the wires – my brother from another mother.

Jack: Well put. That is the feeling.


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  1. mateusz says:

    In agreement with the experience of darkness as a rich, even fertile substance.

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