Planetary Signs and Universal Perspectives

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01-flower-in-hand-img_8044 Alfred: A sense of benevolence – a feeling of benevolence that is turned towards you and me.

Jack: Yes. It’s wonderful that word benevolence – very gentle but very powerful. [pause]

Alfred: There is a very specific guidance to the heart and to the opening of the heart.

Jack: Great!

Alfred: It means being with all this constriction around the heart without changing anything – just allowing that to be as it is. But also without regarding it as an obstacle or a barrier.

Earlier I had this notion, which came to me a couple of times recently that what I consider a barrier or an obstacle is a medium leading to whatever it is that I actually experience as being obstructed. The obstacle is in contact with whatever it is that wishes to be known on the other side of it.

Jack: Yes, it’s very important.

And the body is such an instrument to allow that to take place. So helpful. [pause]

Alfred: It feels like a very pleasant warmth and light are making contact with the skin. The top of the body is allowing that, actually allowing the penetration of a bright and golden light. [pause]

There was a kind of sleepiness for a minute which is familiar. It is not sleepiness but as if a transition took place and now I am seeing an upright movement – people are moving, bipeds. They seem to be blue humanoids.

They have a kind of interesting walk as if they’re in a low gravity area.

Jack: Ah, I see – a different kind of walk.

Alfred: Yes, much lighter and longer steps – more like floating steps. I see them walking on a platform – as if there’s some activity that they’re involved in. [pause]

Now a south seas image, a Polynesian kind of scenery with a hut and some of those voluptuous women. It isn’t clear.

Jack: So two very different scenes.

Alfred: Very different scenes.

Jack: Well, I think it’s always good to just go with what you feel attracted to.

Alfred: Yes. What it feels like is that perhaps it’s an indication of a location.

Jack: I see.

Alfred: Like an island. [pause]

There’s a certain constriction – like fear. Dread perhaps. Fear of immersing myself in that scene. [pause]

Now something is more relaxed around the solar plexus.

Jack: Is the platform still in the picture?

Alfred: There’s a certain appreciation of the beauty of that place – that Pacific island – a peaceful existence.

I think there’s a shrine there.

Jack: I see.

Alfred: And I think that the purpose of my being there is that, in some way, I’m serving some function in that shrine. Now I can see different objects and, in particular, relief carving on what seems to be an altar or some very elaborate structure. There’s an elevated altar or a place where it’s someone’s function to intermediate or to act as a priest or a high priest. Someone who is taking his place.

I think it’s primarily of wood not of stone – it feels like wood carving.

There’s a certain joy in being in that place – a sense of purpose. I think the blues that came in the beginning are making their connection known by way of an intermediary – meaning me being the intermediary. So it’s not entirely unrelated. I don’t think I’m making up the connection.

Jack: Yes, it makes sense.

Alfred: I’m kind of transmitting and receiving with those blue brethren or masters for the locals. [pause]

It’s interesting – it feels like I need to take my time to receive something here but also it parallels a process of being in that particular sacred space there on that island. There is the need to allow something to be received without falling for surface appearances or distraction… There must be no pressure and a really total need for sincerity. [pause]

Something in me wishes to say that it’s preparation for a visit by those blue brothers to that location. I’m in the process of preparing for their arrival. Perhaps preparing certain conditions for their visit. [pause]

It’s clear now that the location is very significant – that particular island. I can almost see a fault line at the bottom of the ocean. This is a key location in terms of the vulnerability of the planet.

So there’s a reason why this effort is taking place – to either assess or repair something – like a deep underwater volcanic kind of activity. [pause]

I think at this point there is a very intimate kind of presence of a bunch of them. I see blue arms next to me at a design table. There is some kind of calculation going on and a certain seriousness around the using of computer-type equipment or machinery to assess with great severity the potential for an eruption.

I can’t see myself clearly but I could equally be one of the blue beings. I see very clearly blue arms with something like bracelets. They are holding instruments – very much prehensile and with a hand that’s very similar to ours.

Jack: Very serious work going on.

Alfred: Yes. Very deliberate and very timely in the sense that there’s an urgency. A lot depends on the assessment of whether this is more like regular activity of that volcanic fault line or whether it requires some preventive measures or a rescue mission.

02-red-burst-img_7997Jack: So everyone is concentrated on the problem at hand…

Alfred: Yes. And also there’s a kind of lack of surprise – as if that fault line is a troublesome spot that has been causing that concern for a while. It was almost anticipated that something could happen. And they are there to preempt or to take whatever measures are necessary.

You know, I am having the same difficulty that I had previously in that exact same situation. Having lived among those islanders, I find that I am much more attached there than are my blue brothers. I am having great difficulty in seeing and fully absorbing what needs to happen. Difficulty letting go and taking the measures that are needed from a planetary and maybe more universal perspective. A perspective that my brothers are realizing. [pause]

It’s very interesting to absorb their attitude in that perspective. I’m saying that because I’m observing not just one person in particular but the kind of conversation that is taking place. It is very impartial and objective and takes the islanders as one factor among many others that I’m not familiar with. It’s a perspective that is well-versed in that they’re not at all having feelings about that particular location but are looking at the impact on other things. They are, I would say, unsurprised and are ready to finish the mission.

Jack: Hmm!

Alfred: As in, “OK, brother, get your stuff. We’re getting the hell out of here.”

Jack: [laughs]

Alfred: Unlike them, I’m in a very different place in relation to that island. And maybe there was even a woman that I was with or connected to. Sadness comes in. Attachment perhaps. [emotion in the voice]

Jack: It’s very hard.

Alfred: Children. And an existence. A life that… At least I played a role there. That kind of being stuck. [pause]

What appeared to be possible preemptive measures not yet in the present begins now to look more like very high waves that are beginning to appear on the island. [pause]

I think that’s the core of what I’m experiencing about the urgency. Once we were off, I felt the urgency to evacuate. And that is now more visible because the waves are rising above the shoreline. This affirms something that I did not entirely believe because of my attachment to the existence I had there. It’s very compelling.

Jack: So where do you find yourself to be then? With your blue brothers?

Alfred: Yes. With them. There are not even farewells. It feels very uneventful in a way. I’m back in some space that might be a spaceship or… some place where I’m with them.

It’s almost as if time has not passed. I’m with them as I always have been. And there’s no looking back. It’s very abrupt in a way.

There was a moment of clarity when that was communicated and I was not lingering on all the difficulties. In previous sessions, we had long goodbyes with children and family and friends that were excruciating. This one was very clear and very quick.

Jack: Very interesting… You were able to let go of the attachment more quickly.

Alfred: Yes. Yes. Without confusion and without…

Jack: Without confusion and without going over and over it.

Alfred: Also the presence of the blue brothers seems so natural and so spontaneous and present. I mean it’s as if we were a work team and I was rejoining it.

Jack: And there’s a feeling in that too isn’t there? – A camaraderie or whatever you want to call it.

Alfred: Yes. Yes. My reasoning was not different in any significant way from their reasoning. Their conclusion was my conclusion. There’s not much of a felt conflict in that.

Jack: And there wasn’t really a choice either was there? There was nothing to be done.

Alfred: Jack, what is really striking also is that it was so clear that this place was troubled and, as anticipated, trouble erupted and it was time to go and leave it to whatever forces were active in that situation. It wasn’t personal at all.

Jack: So it was not appropriate to intervene.

Alfred: Right. It’s interesting that I had images of a fault line at the bottom of the ocean with red, hot, molten lava coming through it. I’ve seen those underwater eruptions on some documentary. It was very vivid. It was vivid also and it was clear that it was part of the whole re-balancing of that planet – that there was something severely out of balance with that planet that is now righting itself in that way.

Jack: So it was a natural requirement in a way.

Alfred: Yes. Yes. It’s almost like there was nothing to intervene in. It was happening in a lawful way. The delegation or the group that arrived and that I had prepared for engaged in deliberations which I was present at and everyone was simply satisfied with the process. It was only required for us to disappear or leave. There was nothing else for us to do there. [pause]

It sounds like I’ve tailored a very compact session.

Jack: Yes, yes, it’s pretty compact. It’s a very clear picture of non-interference in the natural progress of events.

Alfred: Yes. I was not at all preoccupied. You know… just before we stop… because I will have to go… I wanted to share with you that there was this micro-earthquake in Japan that triggered a relatively mild tsunami.

Jack: Ah. I didn’t know about that.

Alfred: Yes, there was one and actually Fukushima and that area of eastern Japan was affected. I found myself so triggered by that and then, by mistake or not by mistake, it sent me to some links for the 2011 big tsunami. The images – I couldn’t tear my eyes off them. I was following them with a kind of dread and anticipation. It wasn’t clear for a second whether it was past or future. There’s something about that repeated tsunami there… The warning signs are everywhere

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: And we’re not heeding them.


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