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Jack: This is not the first time that we have done a session and I believe each time it becomes a little easier to enter into the state we need in order to do this work.

I would like to respectfully ask for help from other beings, other intelligences, to help us to receive light and information that could help us and help others as well and if possible help the planet too. [pause]

It is the 14th of November, 2016 and perhaps there are important things to receive at this time.

We need a little time for Carlos’ body and mind to adapt to the necessary frequencies in order to be able to receive. [pause]

In the previous session, there was a click of contact at a certain moment and perhaps it’s possible to find once again the necessary connection in order to begin.

When you feel ready you can simply begin to speak of your experience. [10 minute pause]

Carlos: There are moments when it is easier for human beings to receive certain energies and frequencies.

There are dimensional portals such as 11:11 that are small cycles within which it is sometimes easier for us to communicate something.

We are part of the network of life of the planet and we are working so that everything remains connected without there being any interferences. We are collective consciousnesses just as you are as well. And we serve everything – something your mind cannot understand. And yet you are doing the same thing.

All collective consciousnesses have distinct functions in the galaxy and in the universe. Although the consciousnesses appear to be separate, we are one together with you and with everything. Nothing exists separately. It’s only that we have different functions and processes – so to say consciously speaking.

It is a touching moment for you because of all the doors that the beings of light are opening each moment so that you become clearer and remember what you are – which is to say what we are.

You can receive a gift in each moment, each instant, simply by being aware that you are not your mind, you are not your emotions and not your physical bodies either.

Constantly, we are sending frequencies in the form of messages or codes that the soul understands very well.

Remember the word “Alert.” [pause]

Today you have beautiful frequencies being sent and engendered from the Moon, which during these days is much closer to the planet. You can feel a greater strength in its energy which was connected with you as it is and always was.

A greeting in Love, consciousnesses of light.

And much gratitude for your in depth receiving. [two big breaths]

I’m cold, Jack. I’m cold. [urgency in the voice]

[I add a big comforter to the wool blanket he already has.]

I’m happy. I feel great happiness.

Jack: My impression is that the transmission is complete. But I don’t know.

However, a bit of time is needed for your body to regain its normal temperature.

[We agreed that the session was complete and Carlos rested for half an hour. Then we ate a good supper.]

02-quick-water-img_0866A trilogy of sessions: Beyond Space and Time, The Manipulation of Humanity Is Ending, Alert.

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