The Manipulation of Humanity Is Ending

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Jack: I want to request the help of other beings whose presence I can sense here in the room with us. I want to ask for help in this session – so that the session will be useful for Carlos and for Jack and perhaps for others as well. And it would be very good to receive information that is helpful to Carlos’ evolution, Jack’s evolution and the evolution of the planet as well.

We need to begin in a place somewhere. I don’t know which place but if you can go now to a place to begin and in a few moments I will ask you to describe that place a little. Perhaps it will take some time to reach it, but when you feel ready please speak a little about where you are. [Eight minute pause. After the session, Carlos spoke of how at a certain moment in this pause he felt a “click” of connection taking place.]

Is it possible to describe a little what is happening now? [Two minute pause]

Carlos: It’s a place that is white, and luminous.

I am surrounded by various beings. These beings look after, care for, the Earth. They are in the nucleus, in the central sun of the Earth. They are white, tall. [pause]

They are in charge of balancing what tends to be unbalanced. [pause]

They are saying that there are other beings trying to unbalance the natural equilibrium of the Earth. These other beings are manipulating humanity. When those doing the manipulation interfere with the evolutionary process of humanity, they [the white beings] intervene by balancing everything.

Their intention [The intention of the white beings] is to continue balancing the energies of the vibrational frequencies of the Earth, raising that frequency and raising, indirectly, the frequency of humanity at the same time. As the range of frequencies of the Earth is raised, the range is raised for humanity as well. This is going to… it’s like a protection, because in this way the beings who are manipulating the vibrational frequency, using their dense vibrational frequency, will no longer be able to keep manipulating it, because their frequency is no longer going to fit, it will no longer fit with higher frequencies. It is impossible for the beings who are manipulating to enter this frequency. This is why there is an intent [by the beings of light] to maintain the balance and raise the frequency.

These other beings who are manipulating already realize that they can do nothing now to delay humanity’s evolutionary process. They can only do that for as long as human beings don’t realize they are being manipulated. And this is the point in humanity’s history when most of those beings have managed to completely dominate humanity.


The white beings say that those who are manipulating know that they hold domination over the planet provisionally.

Many souls who are experiencing physical human life will be finishing their third dimension evolutionary process on other planets – planets that are still accepting third-dimensional vibrations. [pause]

Something like half or more of the human beings will be having, within a few lifetimes, their life experiences elsewhere on other planets (there are many third dimensional planets) that are more dense than the Earth was in the third dimension. [pause]

However, humanity still has various cycles (in the Earth not many) in order to transcend the three-dimensional experience, and continue its evolutionary process in the fourth dimension, and the fifth dimension as human beings. There are very few human beings in the fifth dimension on the Earth at this time. [pause]

[Note added after to help explain: Those who transcend the third dimension while on Earth will continue on the Earth in the fourth dimension. Those who don’t will have to continue on other planets since, after a period of about two centuries, the range of frequencies of the Earth will no longer allow third-dimensional frequencies to enter.]

It is important to communicate to humanity the importance of disconnecting from the system that was created and manipulated by these other manipulating races. [pause]

[The white beings] are called “elohim.” [pause]

They are of light.

And all the races that humanity sees as positive or negative are also of light but at various vibratory frequencies, states of consciousness and evolutionary processes. [pause]

There are innumerable races, both physical and etheric, who are contributing to the vibratory acceleration of the Earth.

[The beings of light] say: We arrived here many millions of years before the history of humanity began.

They [These beings of light] have been here since the time when other planets contributed by bringing water to the Earth, along with the dolphins and whales, who from the beginning have been aware that they are from Sirius.

They [The dolphins and whales] are spreading the frequency of love around the whole planet also to maintain its equilibrium. And they still are connected with Sirius. [pause]

They [are spreading that frequency of love] in the medium of water (the waters) while we, [the white beings, are doing that] in the intermediate part of the Earth.

Companions of our same collective consciousness also take care of things from the Moon. [pause] Our brothers in the Moon, balance from the Moon everything that contains water which means a major part of the planet and its individual planets – physical [human] bodies. [pause]

We too [The beings of light] are guided by beings of other dimensions and higher frequencies. [long pause]

To live fully in the third dimension is to be in the fourth dimension. [pause]

Jack: Perhaps this is enough for this time… I don’t know, however… [pause]

Carlos: The network [The holographic matrix] is disintegrating and this is very positive for humanity. [long pause]

Jack: I would like to ask if we should stop.

Carlos: Yes. It would be good to stop.

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Note: After we finished Carlos asked me if I knew the strange word “elohim” that he had used in the session. I explained that it was a Hebrew word from the Bible meaning God or angels.

A trilogy of sessions: Beyond Space and Time, The Manipulation of Humanity Is Ending, Alert.

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