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 Alfred: There’s a sense of darkness and a kind of reptilian movement. Undulating. [long pause] The movement is experienced in an enormous body. It is experienced both from inside and outside that body. Perhaps it’s Quetzalcoatl.

Jack: The feathered serpent.

Alfred: I think it is feathered but I’m not sure because it appears to be rapidly moving in interstellar space. It has striking colors – gold and red and green – shimmering.

The vision is incredible, a 360 degree taking in. Planets, heavenly bodies all around. A very powerful movement of flying. [long pause]

There was a direction to that. It felt like there was a direction to this movement – some kind of purpose or destination which I need to allow to appear. It comes in and out of focus.

Jack: Yes, exactly. You need to make sure you’re not going with a distraction. I think it’s good to connect in feeling too because you can feel the direction more easily than seeing it.

Alfred: Yes, that’s helpful. There’s a certain longing for unification, for reuniting with something that right now I’m separated from. [pause]

There’s an increase in intensity in the vibration, in the movement towards the light. Something is becoming brighter and brighter. The intensity of the light is becoming part of a sphere. It’s an incredibly illuminated sphere that this being, Quetzalcoatl, merges with, dissolves into, all surrounded by light. There is still awareness of his being. Completely illuminated.

Trusting this process. [pause]

The light diminishes now into grey – into a kind of grey landscape. It appears to be a grey town. Overcast weather and people on the street. Very grey. Almost no colors.

Jack: In contrast to the brilliant colors you were seeing a little while ago.

02-grey-img_8541Alfred: It transformed into that landscape and into that scenery. Like an industrial town – like a Glasgow or a Manchester – the way one of those British industrial towns would look.

It seems that one house is brighter and has a light in it. I seem to be attracted to that house. It has something blue about it. The light seems to be coming from the second floor or the attic. There are certain blue walls around it.

There seems to be a gathering although I’m not confident about that.

I’m joining that gathering. The room that I’ve entered seems much larger than how it appeared from the outside. With rugs. The room seems to be suited to that type of sitting in a circle with rugs and unfamiliar objects. [pause]

There’s a need to connect to the feeling and to the connection with these people. Right now that connection is not accessible. It’s clear there’s a purpose for my joining this group but I still feel distant – as if I haven’t found the thread. [pause]

Jack: Is there a need to relax in the forehead or some other part?

Alfred: Yes.

To be less preoccupied with what’s next and more with what’s now. [pause]

There’s a kind of expansion of the field of vision that is clearly limited by some effort or strain on my part. It expands into an observatory from where the whole surface of that planet can be seen from where we’re sitting. [pause]

I’m struck by how blue – deep blue – the surface I’m sitting on is. It feels either like a very deep rug or something that is liquid. It’s a very grounding experience. What is very clear is the texture of something very supportive, deep blue. It has a movement to it. It makes me wish to say that it could be floating. Perhaps it’s a raft or a boat or… And there’s an urgency to connect to others.

Jack: And are you aware of the presence of others or is that not clear?

Alfred: I’m aware that they are there. But I’m aware that there’s a certain intensity that needs to be increased in that connection in order to perceive. That intensity cannot come through the visual … almost as if through sensation something clarifies itself.

It’s with the breathing.

The movement up and down suggests that we are on water. [pause]

Through direct transmission of light through me, coming from above, the light begins to flow to the people around me. They are not very clear visually but they clearly require that substance. [pause]

Jack: So the connection is becoming a little clearer…

Alfred: Yes.

These people are sitting around me in a circle. They have an almost statue-like quality – just because they’re so motionless. A kind of Seza posture of meditation and prayer. [pause]

Something wants to say that they have Assyrian features that you would see on Assyrian statues with their curly hair and elongated faces. [pause]

There’s a certain death that is required to all my extraneous interests.

Jack: So it means a more intense focus… [pause]

Alfred: There’s a very strong feeling of looking for results in the wrong place in the sense of holding to a certain form that I have been accustomed to and that no longer serves. And the difficulty in giving it up and just trusting that source to show a different direction.

Jack: Yes – really accepting that you don’t know. [pause]

Alfred: With that, there’s a certain letting go that seems to be more natural… letting go of a grasping… as if I’m rising from the bottom of an ocean on a beam of vibration. The light intensifies. Where the blue passes through grey, the light increases. [pause]

It leads back to a source… to that sphere.

Still little flashbacks to that circle of Assyrians at the bottom of an ocean or something. A certain sadness, a certain remorse or regret in relation to that.

As the light becomes more intense, there’s a certain melting into a totality.

[Note: There is a transition taking place here that neither Jack nor Alfred was entirely clear about during the session itself. Later Alfred explained that he was not entirely cognizant that the Assyrians in the circle were already dead. He was desperately trying to revive them but was not successful. Gradually it became clear that the time for that circle which he had a great attachment to and a long history with was over.

The scene now moves on at this point to an entirely different and very alive set of beings.]

There is a sense of closeness to a source, to others. The light is too intense to make out features or detail. But it seems to emanate from those individuals, those lighted shadows. There was a glimpse of a table with sacred individuals around it. [pause]

It’s almost not clear whether what I’m saying is leading or following this movement but I have a place among them. There’s a kind of a sense of recognizing what I have gone through in giving up, in letting go. As if those around me know of that work, of that experience. I am feeling incredibly supported because I didn’t know that my experience was a shared experience. My attachment to that Assyrian group that I have left behind seems, from this place, to be so clearly a clinging. It wasn’t possible to see that from where I was before.

03-snail-img_8598Deep gratitude flows towards those individuals around me. It’s all so brightly lighted that it’s kind of hard on the eyes. But the feeling is very clear. [pause]

I have to call those individuals “angels” – there’s no other name. I was searching for another name. It’s not clear why but the feeling is very clear. [pause]

Jack: Yes, the feeling may tell you more than the mind trying to find the right word.

Alfred: There’s a part of me that is seeking a purpose or what’s next and there’s a certain unhurriedness and complete presence in those individuals that helps me not to be too concerned with whatever comes next, with what there is for me to do, for me to serve – all those questions are no longer necessary.

Jack: So what’s important is just where you are.

Alfred: Yes. Because I was preoccupied. I wasn’t aware there was an increase in the intensity. There’s more and more light flowing. [pause]

More and more that can be received. [pause]

We are being sustained from above. [pause]

There is a very interesting clarity about the confusion between the capacity to perceive, to absorb and an identification that is completely unnecessary. The whole process of perception is an absorption that does not require anything other than absorption.

Jack: Yes, that’s not a requirement – it’s just what’s taking place, right?

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: It’s not something you’re doing…

Alfred: Not at all. It’s just that there’s a part of me that cannot conceive that there’s no boundaries to me or to anything. But the fact is so clear and it’s such a clear instruction. There are no limits to what can be absorbed and no limits to what is offered.

Jack: So it’s kind of a teaching through instruction, through just experiencing what is taking place.

Alfred: Exactly. [pause]

And there’s no need for greed because there’s no limit to what is offered. All qualities such as greed so clearly come from something external to that. [pause]

I’m given the teaching of the breath as a marker for this. Both breath and air are symbols and a very practical teaching of the limitlessness in what can be received and in what is offered.

Jack: So it seems like there’s a kind of coming together – what is offered and what is received.

Alfred: And it’s offered with such abundance almost as if to dispel any doubt or any anxiety about scarcity.

Everything is made of that materiality or energy. It can become anything. [pause]

It feels like I have not only received a teaching but I have also received a bookmark.

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