The Ball of Light

01 Hollyhock IMG_8214(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 Jack: So, I wonder if you have been able to find some place – maybe you could speak to me about it a little…

Guillaume: I’m near a lake. In fact, it is surrounded by mountains. The lake is calm. You can see the sun setting on the other side of the mountain. I feel a little breeze. There is a scent of the natural world.

Jack: Any sounds?

Guillaume: You can hear the waves striking the beach.

[Reinforcement of the beneficent impressions of being there.]

[Traveling on a cloud in order to move back in time and space.]

Jack: Perhaps you can tell me what is there. What are you wearing on your feet? Tell me something about what is there…

Guillaume: I have arrived in a birch tree forest. I am surrounded by birch trees. It seems to be autumn – there are leaves everywhere. It’s not cold yet. It’s sunny.

Jack: How are you dressed?

Guillaume: I’m wearing a blue toga with leather sandals. They are laced part way up the leg. [A bit of surprise in his intonation] I have a beard too.

Jack: Are you seated or walking? What’s happening?

Guillaume: I’m standing.

There is a herd of animals nearby. I can’t seem to tell what they are.

They look like sheep. Actually, the sheep are following me. I have to lead them to a field where they can graze.

I’m walking around. It is calm. We come to a clearing. The sheep have disappeared. There is a temple. A temple made of stone in something like a Greek construction.

There are other people in togas waiting for me at the top of the steps. However, those people have red togas. They invite me to enter. In fact, they were waiting for me in order to begin. I see an altar inside. It seems set up for a ritual. They ask me to approach the altar. They are all lined up. All these men have beards. I am the only one in a blue toga; everyone else is in red. [pause]

I approach the altar by walking up steps. Then, as I am walking up, I notice a man who has a dagger in his belt. I notice that but I don’t pay too much attention to it.

As I walk up the steps I am thinking about what I’m going to say; I am concentrating. I am behind the altar. I pick up a cup. I begin the ceremony. Everyone kneels when I speak. [Loud noise of a machine from the street; Guillaume waits until it stops.]

We begin prayers. I feel that there are people who are hostile. In fact, there are people who don’t like my way of directing. I knew that but I did not take it into account.

In fact, they intend to stab me during the ceremony. I am beginning to understand what is happening. I know I am going to die.

02 Voie IMG_8180Jack: [Jack doesn’t understand exactly what is happening.] Can you feel it? Is there a lot of pain?

Guillaume: In fact, I have not yet been stabbed. I know that it is going to happen. I could save myself. But I have to die so that things change.

Jack: So if you die that will help things change, is that it?

Guillaume: Yes.

Jack: And you know that?

Guillaume: Yes. I’m aware of it. I have to die so that those who were in the wings and those who didn’t want to assume a position actually take a position.

I am raising the cup in the ceremony. The man with the dagger walks up the steps. He approaches me. I see him. He moves his hand to his waist. He buries the dagger in my right side. I fall on my knees. My hands are full of blood. I am crying. I am having trouble breathing. My vision clouds over. A stir begins to move through the temple. I hear people shouting. Some people are still trying to understand what happened. I feel myself calmly dying, but I am not afraid. I am serene with what is happening. I understand why I had to die.

The temple is beginning to empty out. People are running. They are fleeing.

There is a woman who braves this world of men. She enters the temple screaming. She is shouting. She knees on my corpse. She keeps repeating that I should not have gone to the temple. She had told me that. It seems she is my wife. All I am feeling now is my love for her. I feel that her love is sincere. She is wearing silk clothing, her dress is silk, with a scarf on her head, all in pink. She is kneeling in my blood. She is covered in blood. My blood is running down the steps of the temple. My wife is weeping over my death.

The news has spread into the town.

Those leaving the temple spread the news that the king is dead.

Armies are beginning to form. There are people beginning to mobilize who were not in agreement with my death.

Jack: You are able to look at all that from a position a little above, right?

Guillaume: Yes, that’s right. It’s as if my body is a little transparent and is floating in the air. My head is luminous. I feel light.

I see a man who looks like me. He is less than 20. It’s my son. He is in the process of mobilizing men to go to war. [Breathing broken up from emotion throughout this part of the session.]

I am trying to communicate with him in his dreams to tell him that if he goes to war he also will die.

Jack: Does he hear you?

Guillaume: We’re in his dream. And we’re conversing, the two of us.

He is refusing to listen to me. In fact, he acts on impulse. He is very impulsive and easy to anger. He does not accept the fact that I am dead. He wants to use that motive to take vengeance and start a war. I knew there was going to be war. But I didn’t think he would be the one leading it. He’s going to war but not for good reasons. [pause]

He wakes up from his dream. He’s having trouble understanding what happened. He remembers having spoken to me. He knows that I am there beside him.

He decides not to go to war.

Jack: It is marvelous that you managed to communicate all that. It’s not easy.

Guillaume: I see my son setting out. He is not putting on his armor. But he is taking a legion of men with him. He is going to speak to the man who assassinated me. [breathing continues to be difficult; there is so much emotion]My son has brought men with him. They are outnumber the rival clan. He proposes a truce. He proposes to that man that he and his men be exiled. If that is accepted, he will not pursue them. The men accept.

They have accepted the truce but it is a trap. In fact, they want to take advantage of the truce to try to assassinate my son.

I succeeded in intervening in an energetic form. The dagger got moved aside a little. It just grazed my son and that gave him time to turn around. It gave him the time to order his men to attack. Much blood is being shed. Men are crying out. They are afraid. [Guillaume is crying.] Some of them don’t understand what they’re doing there. They were all volunteers. I realized all that. I see all those men who are dying because of my death. [voice breaking up] I feel so powerless. It pains me. I know that it had to happen. I was told it would happen.

Jack: Yes, it is very difficult to withstand all that.

03 Pattern difficile IMG_8152Guillaume: [gasping] I had to die free up all the tensions that had accumulated in the course of centuries. I am happy that it took place but it is so painful.

Jack: There needs to be a letting go of the pain. It is not your fault that all that happened. Of course you are involved but… men are men.

Guillaume: I see a man of light.

Jack: Yes.

Guillaume: He is all in white. He tells me that’s enough. That it is time for me to come back. My death had the effect that it had to have. I remained on earth so I could intervene with my son. And now all that no longer belongs to me.

Jack: Yes.

Guillaume: I have to come back.

Jack: Yes, you need to accept that.

Guillaume: Everything followed its plan. And I was part of a plan and I played my role. But it hurts so much when I turn back and look at the ground.

The man takes me by the hand. And he leads me away with him. I feel all the sadness that I had is draining away calmly. All the darkness I had stuck to me is being replaced by light. I feel all the tensions being freed up. [three big breaths out]

I am beginning to feel light, not so heavy. I feel good. There are many men of light welcoming me.

Jack: They are there to welcome you.

Guillaume: I feel myself becoming hot all over. I am full of light. I feel the energy circulating in me. My hands are boiling. They are full of energy. It is moving around.

Jack: It is like being cleansed.

Guillaume: It is boiling in my chest. I feel the energy circulating in my legs. [Big breaths; body moving around.]

Jack: It’s like an irrigation of light.

Guillaume: Yes, that is what’s happening.

Jack: So that all that pain can leave. A letting go of all that.

Guillaume: Generally, I always have pain in the back. I don’t feel it any more. It is gone.

Jack: Because the cause has disappeared.

Guillaume: My fingers are burning. It’s the energy circulating. [all during this time Guillaume is moving his hands above his body]

Jack: Yes.

Guillaume: It’s vibrating so strongly. It’s like a whole lot of vibrations at the same time.

And there is heat at the same time. Then I direct it toward my chest and I feel it expand.

Depending where I go in my body, the vibrations are different. They don’t have the same rhythm, not the same undulation.

I don’t know exactly where I am on my body but it is much longer in vibration. The waves are much longer – much longer than a moment ago. The energy is calmer. In fact I have the impression that it is in harmony.

I feel practically nothing of the pain in the middle of my back.

Jack: You can see that you are using your hands to direct the energy. That is something to remember – that you have that possibility.

04 lilas IMG_8089Guillaume: I look at my hands. They are luminous.

Jack: Yes, that’s right.

We have hands for directing energy but we don’t know that.

Guillaume: The energy is different here. [his hands are above a different part of the body] I manage to modulate it. I manage to move the energy around.

Jack: All of that is in the form of a teaching.

Guillaume: There is a very intense luminous presence near me. I cannot quite tell if it is a sage. It’s just a big ball of light.

Jack: What is happening in your head?

Guillaume: I see nothing but light. I have the impression that I am seeing an eye. Just an eye in a triangle. I am beginning to see more clearly. In fact, I have my eyes closed and I manage to see my hands. I see the energy coming off them. I don’t need to open my eyes.

Jack: No you don’t need to open them because it is the eyes of the astral body that are looking. You don’t need to open your physical eyes. You are able to see the energy, the light which is circulating, moving.

Guillaume: I know that it is very luminous here in your place. I see you vaguely. I see an outline. Very, very luminous. [pause]

The gift I was given when we walked together the last time. I am being told that now is the time. Now it is completely possible for me to use it.

[A guided visualization took place on April 14, 2016 in which Guillaume received the gift of a ball of light and the being of light who gave it to him told him that one day he would know how to use it.]

Jack: Yes. Because there needed to be a letting go of all those difficulties first so that it could appear, be installed.

Guillaume: There is a lot of energy circulating in your place.

Jack: Yes.

Guillaume: Everything is very luminous. I have the impression that I am discovering another world. There is no pain. There is no sadness. I feel good but it’s kind of neutral.

Jack: Is the being of light still there? The one who helped you at the beginning.

Guillaume: I can feel his presence but he is gradually moving away.

Jack: Before he leaves completely, I would like to ask him if he has any advice to give you about your present life… a few words to help you now in your life… or not. I don’t know if he wants to do that. [pause]

Guillaume: In fact, he is looking at me. He’s not saying a word because we don’t need to talk.

Jack: Yes.

Guillaume: I understand that he is smiling at me.

Jack: Yes. Perhaps that’s all that is needed. A smile, a look.

Guillaume: In fact, according to what I understand through thought, it’s that he could tell me, but that would be too easy. I already have the reply in me.

Jack: Yes.

Guillaume: It’s just that I need to learn to accept it. If I make the effort I will know. It’s all a matter of will. What I have begun is the road I need to take. And I have to keep going like that. I should progress rapidly. I should progress rapidly and I am going to understand everything that is happening… Rapidly it will continue – in the course the coming days, in the course of the coming months. It’s going to speed up. There are things to be done with the energy.

Jack: Yes, that’s right. It’s clear.

Guillaume: Meeting you was not by chance.

Jack: No, not at all.

Guillaume: He tells me I need to rest.

Jack: Yes.

Guillaume: That I’ve had enough.

Jack: Yes. Absolutely. Maybe even a bit too much.

Guillaume: For this evening.

Jack: Yes. For this evening.

05 Ciel detail IMG_8198

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