The Unicorn

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 Jack: So, I wonder if you’ve been able to find a place and if you could tell me a bit about it…

Sylvie: Yes, it’s in a little wooded area near here. In the trees. It’s a woods – I call it a forest even though it’s not a forest. But for me it’s a forest. There are beautiful trees, snow – and the temperature is soft, soft, soft. A little light snow is falling. There’s a stream – it’s frozen but you can hear the water flowing underneath – as if the force of life is still there even though everything looks frozen. A little squirrel is wandering around. And you can hear the birds singing.

Jack: Good. That’s great – just stay there for a while. You already know what it’s like to be there and I want you to notice how being there now – in your imagination maybe we could say – that there is definitely an impact on your being, on your body. So something is entering – it’s almost like a food coming in – the vibrations of nature, listening to the water flowing. It’s a very special sound when water is flowing like that under ice.

So it’s good to be there and to feel that you are nourished by the surroundings. And I want you to notice as well that this is something that arose from the subconscious part of your being – I didn’t suggest it – so it’s not something coming from me. And it’s really good to be here in this present moment receiving something as you are now doing – receiving impressions – impressions of beauty, impressions of feeling safe and secure just from being there.

And this is also a practice that you can do on your own, of course. If you come up against a difficulty, you can take 10 minutes or 15 minutes to stretch out as you are doing now, perhaps count yourself down from 10 to 1 as we did and then coming back to this place in the forest – without having to actually go there – but simply entering into it again as you are doing now and having the same impressions – because the body is nourished by these impressions. The whole being is nourished in fact.

So it’s a little like entering another world but also is a kind of receiving. You can feel how there is something inside you that is nourished by these vibrations, by this place where you are right now. It’s true that it is in your imagination but it is a reality too – because you really are there. And you are receiving something. So you are in two places at the same time – here and in the forest too. It is good to be there in this environment. It is good to be there.

And perhaps you can say what you are feeling – what kind of feelings are there inside you now?

Sylvie: There is a feeling of peace… also a happiness at being there. But, at the same time… When you said, “Oh, you chose this spot.” I said to myself, “Oh, I should have chosen another spot instead of that one… Oh, there’s another spot that I love too that I could have decided on…”. Oh, oh… and I start going back and forth about it. Now, I’m back and I’ve settled on this spot here. There are other beautiful ones but this one is where I am now. And it’s peaceful!

Jack: Yes, it’s peaceful.

And now that that’s what has happened, it would be good perhaps to study the whole process – a process which you mentioned also before the session. When the mental part of the mind comes in like that, it gives rise to doubts. You were wondering if you really should have chosen a different place but finally you come back to your first choice. Now I want you to notice that there is a part inside you that knows the right spot. And that’s why you came back to it. But maybe that part needs to become a little firmer, a little more familiar. Where is it inside? There is a part inside that knows quite well… knows the right spot.

So, if you deliberately go looking inside yourself for that… What happens when I ask you to do that?

Sylvie: I’ve gone inside now and I’ve moved along the throat…

Jack: Yes…

Sylvie: There was a tightening… and after that I moved down into the heart. And then I had the question, “What’s happening?”

And, it’s like, “Oh, my goodness, I need to be searching.” And I’m afraid I won’t find anything. It’s like I’m in emptiness. Inside me there’s something like a space and maybe the truth is there but at the same time there is an empty space.

Jack: So, it is important not to move too quickly – stay in the present moment. You are inside yourself. You entered by the throat – there was a tightening – yes, good, OK. You travelled on by way of the heart and you discovered that there was this emptiness and that there was fear being in front of that emptiness.

02 unknown IMG_7786Now it’s important to stay there for a moment. Try to establish a relationship with the emptiness that is there. So if you stay there you are aware that there is fear – but it’s like that for everybody when you’re in front of something unknown. Because an emptiness is unknown – so when you’re facing that… you also can establish a relationship with it. You can certainly have confidence that all is well because the inside is empty of anything at all – in fact it is even difficult to come into this state. People spend hours in meditation in order to come close to an emptiness. There is something fundamental about it.

But at the same time you can feel that you are there, right? You are there.

Sylvie: Yes.

Jack: So, your being is in front of an emptiness. And it is possible to feel something like a verticality – like your spine is there and solid within you. There’s a connection with the vertebrae of the spine. It isn’t just the spine but there is an inner verticality. And it extends above and below. A verticality is there. When you study that it can become more and more solid. And you can stay there in front of the emptiness without shaking – just being solid.

So, you’ve been there now for a while. What is happening now? Has there been a change? Or is it exactly the same? What is happening?

Sylvie: It’s dark but there is like a white horse. It’s as if I’m in darkness but there is a white horse in the distance who is galloping and going around in circles.

Jack: So, that’s what is beautiful about emptiness – something can appear in the emptiness. That’s what emptiness is like – and that’s why it’s empty! Because something can come out of it.

So, there is a white horse. We’re going to see what will happen with that. Maybe it’s just evanescent – maybe it’s going to disappear… But the fact that the horse is going around in circles already tells us something… So, we have to see now – what’s going to happen? Are you going to approach the horse? Is the horse going to approach you? What happens next?

Sylvie: I move forward and then the horse stops turning. We are looking at each other.

Now I am going up to him. I extend my hand toward him and he puts his muzzle into my hand.

Oh! I would love to jump up, climb up on him! But it’s so far up.

Jack: But are you asking his permission before doing that? Do you have some kind of communication with him? There was a communication with your hand…

Sylvie: Yes. But I didn’t think of asking his permission. That’s a good idea.

Jack: Yes because there is a communication beginning between you and the horse. It’s entirely possible to communicate, to speak to each other…

Sylvie: Ah! It’s OK that I get up on him.

And now I grab onto his hair, his mane… And I am able to leap up and climb onto him!

Jack: Ah!

Sylvie: And now that I’m on him, I see that he has grown a horn.

Jack: So he’s not just an ordinary horse… He’s a unicorn!

Sylvie: That’s right. And now, I hear, “Believe in yourself.”

03 white lily IMG_7941Jack: Yes. There’s wisdom in that.

And in your abilities – believe in your abilities.

You said a moment ago that you were in front of emptiness. There was nothing there. There was fear. But now something has come out of that.

Sylvie: Yes.

Jack: A communication… with the horse, with the unicorn. You’ve made it up onto him. And there is a message: “Believe in yourself.” A very clear message.

So, we’re going to see what happens next. Perhaps other things will be communicated. You were asking a little while ago about your life mission. That’s something else you could ask…

Sylvie: Ask the horse?

Jack: Yes.

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s not up to him to answer… but maybe it is… He has already begun with the words, “Believe in yourself.” And you can feel how true that is. So you are beginning to establish a relationship with that unicorn. Maybe it’s good to continue the conversation, to ask questions. I’m suggesting asking about your life mission but maybe there are other questions… It’s up to you. [pause]

Sylvie: I asked, “Who am I?” “What talents do I have?”

And now, “I’m going to show you!” and we leave. We are leaving.

Jack: You’re leaving?

Sylvie: We’re moving off into the darkness. And now I’m going to see what will happen. [pause]

There’s a world… Above it we see the Earth, the face of the Earth. And there are also other worlds. We are moving through the infinite.

I am able to see and to hear. [pause]

The infinite is in the finite. In the infinitely small.

“Stop searching and welcome in.”

Jack: It’s very clear.

Sylvie: Yes. “Welcome this infinitely small and be proud of what you are because you have the possibility of knowing the infinite within yourself.” [pause]

We have come back to the inner space where it is dark.

Now I get off the horse and thank him.

Jack: Are there other messages or does he acknowledge your thank you?

Sylvie: Yes.

“I am your friend. I will always be there when you need me.” [pause]

Now it’s really painful because he is leaving. [pause]

[Chuckling] Well now, there you go… A horse, a unicorn as a guide. It’s not what I would have expected. [both laugh] It’s a beautiful gift. But, at the same time, there is some disappointment… because it’s not what I believed it would be.

Jack: No, but what you were expecting was arising from the mental part of the mind perhaps, or from various parts of yourself…

Sylvie: I’ve just heard someone saying – someone who was splitting his gut laughing – he was saying, “Ha, ha, ha. You’re attached to the form.”

04 form ha ha IMG_7687Jack: Ah! So it’s a lesson about not being attached to the form!

Sylvie: That’s right.

“We are here and you have a concept in your head about what a guide is but it’s not that! It can be any form, and at any moment. It’s about opening.”

Jack: Yes, it’s the opening that is important. And also the fact that he has just said that he will always be there for you when you need him.

Sylvie: Yes.

Jack: You can ask. Perhaps next time the form will be different.

What’s important is the connection, the friendship that is there. You can feel the quality of this feeling, the quality of this connection. Nothing is forced, everything happens spontaneously and without difficulty. The messages coming through are clear. So it’s really a terrific communication. [pause]

Sylvie: He says that… Ah, I see!… He says that I need friendship because what I receive is never enough. Instead of giving thanks for the gifts I already have I set them aside; I don’t believe.

Jack: So now you are seeing things a little more clearly…

Sylvie: Yes. There is an inner richness that is there but it is not shining forth. And I need to free myself from concerns about status – being seen and acknowledged – because there’s a richness there that needs to radiate. That’s it.

Jack: It’s subtle.

And it’s important to recognize as well that it’s inside you… It’s not somewhere else. It’s not something you have to go looking for. It’s already there. You may have to search around inside. But you don’t need to go somewhere else to find it. And it was just like that with the unicorn as well. That was something that took place inside you.

And there was the advice to practice meditation regularly. That is a practice that will help.

Sylvie: I’m doing that.

Jack: You’re already doing that?

Sylvie: Yes.

Jack: Well now with the information that has been brought to light there will be a deepening of what you are already doing.

Sylvie: I have to trust. Trust. To be more in trust than in fear. Which has to take place when the time is right.

Like gifts along the way that need to be welcomed such as the meeting that is taking place now. [pause]

It is good to have chosen the soul, to have responded to the needs of the soul instead of feeling unsure, insecure inside.

Jack: You can see that the insecurity doesn’t lead anywhere. It takes you around in a circle. A circle that doesn’t lead anywhere. And it is somewhat driven by the mental part of the mind. It’s not a question of destroying that mental part but that part needs to take its rightful place. It needs to be set aside a little; it is useful in life but when something important is at stake, you need to make the trip inward where you will find what is necessary to continue on your path – everything is there.

Sylvie: It’s like carpe diem. [pause]

I hear, “Song for a little girl who is being reborn.” That’s what I hear. [pause]

05 profusion 2 IMG_8003Jack: Yes. That’s what is taking place.

Do you hear the song or just the words?

Sylvie: I don’t hear the music, just the words: “Song for a little girl who is being reborn.”

Jack: That’s fine. It’s the message that is important.

Sylvie: It’s as if… “It is we who are singing, because there is a rebirth for the little girl who has the right to be who she is.” [pause]

But now then… How am I going to know if it’s true or if I’m just telling myself that?

Jack: [laughing] So here comes that part again that is doubting, right? It comes back all the time. It’s always going to be there.

Sylvie: Take it easy dear mental part!

Jack: Yes. But gradually it’s going to become clearer. Every time. Because there is a quality of doubt in that: “Is it my voice or some other voice?” Who is asking? And yet you know very well that you have received an important message.

Sylvie: Yes.

Jack: “A song for a little girl who is being reborn.” It’s very clear. There is something in that.

Now, the part that wants to know – who is it that is asking that? That part.

Sylvie: It’s not important?

Jack: No, it’s not important.

But also there is a part of you that can judge the quality of the message you received. There’s something very gentle about it. It’s not forced. It is delivered very calmly.

Whereas the part that doubts – it has hard edges. It’s kind of circular, ordinary…

So you can tell the two apart by their quality. It’s true that sometimes it’s not so easy. But you’ve already encountered many examples in your life – you spoke to me about them before the session. Since the doubt arose in this session, it probably means it will continue for a while. But with all that has happened in the session, it has become much clearer – how to tell the difference.

You can simply set these questions aside because they don’t help move you forward. What will help your progress on the path is the rebirth that is in the process of happening. And the trust that is beginning to be reborn in you.

The way forward has been shown; it’s very clear. [pause]

Sylvie: This is the story of a life that began with Sylvie and is going forward so that the light can be made part of it and so that the light can shine forth.

Jack: That is your life mission.

Sylvie: Yes. It’s up to you to believe. [pause]

[Sylvie bursts out laughing.] It’s up to you to believe and here’s what you do with the doubt: You roll it up like a ball of paper and give it a swift kick. [both laughing]

Jack: That’s very beautiful. Beautiful image, beautiful image. It’s just a bit of paper.

Sylvie: What a good idea. When I starting doubting that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to visualize a paper ball and Bang!

Jack: That’s right because those doubts have no substance. In the past they had a kind of power but now with everything that you have received, they no longer have any substance. So you can throw them out like that. It’s very clear.

This shining forth is something very important. The world is really in need of that. But there are more and more people who shine and gradually that will change everything.

07 Malincha 2 IMG_7728

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