01 flood IMG_7798(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 Alfred: A sense of being confined, perhaps even enclosed, or entombed, or embalmed. In tight bandages and being carried in some way. [pause]

I’m being moved around. I’m being carried by humans or by beings that walk and carry. Perhaps in a coffin. But it doesn’t feel enclosed because I can see above.

Jack: So it’s not entirely enclosed…

Alfred: No. There’s an opening and a sense that perhaps I’m alive and being carried. [pause]

Jack: So, a number of beings are carrying you?

Alfred: Yes. Supported by either a box or a stretcher or something that holds my body. I feel those beings – perhaps six of them. I feel their shoulders under something like a stretcher.

But it’s not a stretcher because it feels more like part of a ritual, perhaps involving some kind of a deity. [pause]

When the mind was taking a little break in those little pauses, there was a view of the starry night – incredibly alive with an infinite number of planets. [pause]

It all begins to settle and gain some stability. A certain stillness is beginning to appear. I’m perceiving it from everywhere, through eyes that are just taking everything in without any constraints from spatial limits.

It now has a quality of lying down, perhaps of having been laid down. Maybe in a whole different setting. It feels like I’m supported by some type of very solid foundation. My body rests on it.

Jack: So that’s a change – you’re not on someone’s shoulders any more.

Alfred: No, in the interval I was put down, laid down on some very solid surface, again something altar-like – something very solid, maybe rock. I’m facing up to the sky.

Jack: You still see the sky?

Alfred: Yes. It is gaining a little bluishness. It’s not clear what the source of that blue hue is. It was dark and now… Perhaps it is daybreak. But it’s not clear. It isn’t like daybreak. It is almost like light was emanating from within that space without there being any particular source for the light. [pause]

There is a circle or maybe a few circles of people sitting around and I am at the center of them on that rock. The sky is lighting up. I’m still very aware of the infinity of planets that I’ve been witnessing.

Once again the familiar motion of moving from lying down to sitting up. Now I am facing the circle of those who are around the stone.

From the beginning it has felt very pharaonic. There is something about the features or the accouterments and something about the landscape too – the desert. The quality of the air and the sand, palms. [pause]

It feels like there’s a certain kind of freedom from the functions now. I can more clearly discard input from the ordinary mind and the ordinary body. It is like a channel opening to what is necessary for this situation in which those people are expecting something of me. And a connection is being made to a different source.

I need to know that I’m given all the time I need and that there’s no pressure on me so that I don’t manufacture anything.

Jack: Right.

Alfred: Because there is a sense that something is needed – a sense that is not coming from me but from looking at the faces around me – from the expressions on those faces. They are hanging on every word, on whatever I’m going to say. It’s a great responsibility – to be really pure about that.

Jack: Yes.

02 golden orb IMG_7675Alfred: And it definitely has to do with the sun. It is communicated directly by an image of the sun directly above my head. A very strong radiance. I feel its warmth passing through my body. Golden light. It is filling my body and somehow I transmit that to the gathering. I don’t know if it’s through my extremities but in some way they are perceiving that.

There is definitely an orb which has a golden, super-bright quality. It is slightly above my head and in front of me. It is external and internal at the same time. [pause]

The process goes on. The occasional diminishing of it depends on my capacity to be a conductor of that force. An ordinary association every once in a while seems to pass by and yet the process actually intensifies – especially around the solar plexus now. A feeling seems to be added to that circulation.

Jack: This is happening in silence?

Alfred: Yes. There is some recognition of kinship to those gathered.

Jack: I see.

Alfred: That feeling was not there at the beginning. [pause]

There is some concern there and it’s not clear. I’m not sure I know or will know why there’s such a great need for this transmission.

I don’t know if they’re facing some enemy, or facing some natural cataclysm.

I need to allow this to deepen.

Jack: Yes, I think it needs to deepen. [pause]

Alfred: It is one. The breath is becoming the breath of everything, involving particles from all over the universe. Very clearly.

Until I see that there’s a certain kind of futility.

The question that is posed to me is, “Where shall we go for safety?” but there is no place of safety. What I see is that there is a huge flood coming. So the ordinary, “Where shall we go for safety?” does not yield a clear destination. Instead, a different means of survival is required – such as floating – some type of flotation devices. Something different than any possible way using just boats. The whole civilization, or the whole group has to be taken onto floating devices to survive this calamity. It’s not a matter of navigating; it’s a matter of staying afloat. That’s how it feels. [pause]

03 cannot convey IMG_7883The only thing I can add is that it seems like the people who are present are still locked in the notion of oceans or waves as they know that. The kind of mass of water that is going to immerse everything or submerge everything is something that no one has a concept of. No one can imagine anything of that magnitude. Systems of levies are totally meaningless in the face of that. [pause]

Jack: So you have a difficulty in conveying the concept…

Alfred: Yes. Yes. I can see how they are trapped in their linear thoughts about the quantity of water that is about to threaten their planet. There’s nothing linear about it. Perhaps the whole planet will become submerged. [pause]

Of course I’m taken by the immediacy of this and its relevance to here and now so I’m a bit distracted by it.

Jack: But you were saying earlier that it does appear pharaonic…

Alfred: It does. It does. Because there was an image of the plains, of the sand plains completely flooded. The desert, the structures all gradually – not gradually but abruptly actually – being covered by water.

To my ordinary mind there was a kind of a very upsetting glimpse of spirits leaving the planet – a flow of spirits of the beings who were destroyed in the calamity.

Jack: A big flow of that?

Alfred: A big flow which I was looking at from a distance without fully grasping what I was looking at. A luminous flow, like a river of light. On closer inspection I realized that it is made up of an infinite number of beings who are flowing away from the face of this planet as this event is taking place.

Sadness begins to appear. Some tears are beginning to flow for those lost beings. But at the same time it is being viewed – yet not so forcefully – from a larger more universal perspective where this planet is just one of many places where something like this is happening.

Something has to relax in my head to allow that perspective to clarify; otherwise I’m identified with the luminous flow.

Jack: Well, yes you have some experience now in knowing what you need to do in this kind of circumstance.

Alfred: Exactly. From the universal perspective it’s not so dramatic at all. It seems to be a periodic process of cleansing or maintenance.

Jack: Right.

Alfred: The fact that this planet will now be submerged seems very miniscule in the larger scope of things.

It’s almost like it’s time for that element to become prominent… after another element has run its course. Does that make any sense?

Jack: Do you mean the element of a larger view?

Alfred: No, I mean the element of water. After earth has finished its prominence, the element water comes into its own.

Jack: Oh.

Alfred: There is a lawfulness in the sequence of events.

Jack: I see.

Alfred: And that is in sharp contrast to the sense of misfortune coming from the surface of the planet. The missed opportunity, the “should have,” “could have,” is also part of the larger view.

The missed opportunity is not completely obliterated. It is hard to really say this clearly but… Those beings were given an opportunity to participate in this… or I don’t know… I don’t want to say… [voice trailing off]

Perhaps it’s an experiment that has to restart… something like that.

Jack: Are you saying they had some responsibility? Because you mentioned a cleansing…

Alfred: Yes, there was an opportunity and there was some hope put on the maintainers of that planet. Something was not met. [pause]

04 muddy world IMG_7879It is interesting that we are now departing from that planet… I’m not sure that I am one of those beings travelling in that river of light you know… It feels more like a spaceship. I’m more with my kind. It feels more like we are seated in some type of ship as we see the planet getting smaller. It is very troubling. Brownish water – muddy water – is taking over the whole surface.

There’s a feeling still that is close to a sense of loss coming from having spent time there and having become attached to those beings, you know. But it’s a much smaller part than the part that is firmly with this group of beings who are departing. Something is letting go of the grasp in the mind. I’m thinking too hard.

It feels like the darkness of space is kind of becoming more pronounced as we are further away from that planet. It begins to be just one of many other planets. It makes it more difficult to identify it among the others.

Jack: It just gets lost among all the others?

Alfred: Yes. Yes. But part of me still has strong feelings. [sharp breath out] I am searching in space for it, trying to locate it…

Jack: It sounds like there’s some regret.

Alfred: Yes. [pause] Regret that I’m not finding out whether those people whom I advised to devise flotation instruments, whether they were successful in rescuing themselves. Because my comrades and I had to leave in haste… leaving them to their own devices with only the best advice that I could give them.

I think there were full instructions about how to accomplish what they needed to accomplish. It wasn’t just a view of the calamity but also they were given a means of saving themselves.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: It feels like we are moving quickly towards a center where differences begin to disappear… distinctions of past and present. The light is intense and increasing. We are moving towards the source of that same light from which the instructions came to the gathering. It feels like going back to the source. There’s a certain relief accompanying this – a letting go. And a certain gladness.

Jack: Good.

Alfred: And a very different perspective on the inevitability of this you know.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: I’m giving myself to another cycle. I cannot say with certainty that it is another cycle. I’m just giving myself to that… what comes on the other side of this is unknown.

There is no resistance in that. It seems like the beings around me – there’s a lot of feeling toward them – we are all sharing in that kind of rejoicing and that letting go. A lot of feelings come with the rejoicing. We are letting go of something that had to be borne or carried for the time that we were away. It can now be let go of.

Jack: So the joy is in the letting go, right?

Alfred: Yes. We recognize it in each other in the special place that we are given, or the privilege and the good fortune of receiving that. It’s like a line from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Something melting completely. [pause]

Aware of the stillness, a kind of a living stillness all around. Where nothing is claimed as me.

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One Response to Flood

  1. Song says:

    Jack and “Alfred,” I find this oddly encouraging in the way a larger perspective is experienced.
    We seem near to this kind of cleansing experience here on earth now and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling a deep sense of grief over what has already happened & how slowly the process of human evolution seems to be taking place. However, I know things can shift in a flash as enough of us awaken to set off a collective awakening.

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