The Alchemy of Transmuting Blue to White

Sun Dog

Sun Dog

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

Alfred: There are moments of an awareness of a certain film between reality and my perception… something separating them that can get thicker or thinner.

Jack: Yes, and from my point of view there’s a kind of substance forming… It’s as if the space that that I’m inhabiting is charged.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: The charge is more than it was before we started. So I can appreciate that charge increasing and yes I think it does have an effect on what’s sometimes called the veil that separates us from reality.

Alfred: One of the things that is very compelling in the way that you guide the sessions is that it’s almost like a potential energy in the physical sense. Like what is accumulated when an object is lifted against gravity – it accumulates a certain amount of energy for a fall. A momentum. There’s a sense that something is being charged.

Jack: Yes, it’s like Franz Anton Mesmer who spoke of magnetism. The magnetic field can increase. And I think it’s important that we begin to understand these laws a little better. But it’s also good to understand them through experience as we’re doing… not just theoretically. [pause]

And then there’s the instrument of the physical body that each of us is inhabiting.

Alfred: That’s exactly where this process is unfolding. [pause]

Jack: I think it’s interesting as well that there’s something about the process that has its own natural rhythm or momentum determining its progress… in the sense that you can’t push a river…

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: …so you have to feel connected to whatever is flowing.

Alfred: You know it’s amazing how the back of my body which I initially experienced as supported by the couch is in fact opening to a wide, wide, wide space that is quite limitless. There is no boundary towards the back – it’s like a dark interstellar space. The front is still on the couch with its ordinary configuration. Also the front of the body is not as significant as the space behind from which everything emerges. Almost as if what is experienced in the front is a manifestation of some of the energy that flows from the back. [pause]

That natural process we spoke about is taking place. It is experienced as a concentrated waiting or being in abeyance.

Jack: Fine. Yes. I think that’s a good way of putting it: a concentrated waiting. Almost as if it’s a special kind of waiting that has no expectation.

Alfred: That’s right. The expectation becomes kind of transparent. It flows in and out and doesn’t capture the whole. It doesn’t take over. [pause]

The breath begins to play a much greater role in that concentrated waiting. [pause]

Jack: Yes, and I think somehow too the breath is more than the usual breath, more than the usual breathing – a different process.

Alfred: It works like a go-between between an inner and an outer which are no longer inner and outer. It becomes its own movement. The organism is second to the breath.

Jack: Interesting. [pause]

Alfred: It’s a movement that you and I are familiar with already from previous sessions where certain particles are beginning to be noticeable in the flow of the breath. Very luminous particles. Flowing in and out. A certain movement of those particles.

Jack: Excellent. [pause]

Alfred: There was a passing embryo of sorts. Something being born. Perhaps those… I don’t want to speculate.

Jack: We’ve discussed this before but it’s so important as something begins to form to keep a balance that allows you to report without falling into the speculation.

Alfred: Right.

Jack: But I think it’s still helpful to report partly just for the record but also because it helps whatever is forming to form. To recognize it with a few words. But it’s delicate. It has to be just the right number of words or the right words. But a word like embryo is charged with a lot of meaning which is good… without being too defined.

02 Looking up IMG_4162Alfred: It’s a kind of a gaze upwards as if my eyes were open. To the sky. There’s a bluishness all around. On the sides there are railings I would say of a crib or something. Which would be embodied as a baby in a crib perhaps looking at the ceiling. [pause]

Different textures suggest themselves to my fingers – like those crib blankets. It’s the kind of the gaze of a baby who is just born and is not yet oriented to this world. [pause]

Jack: So with this sense of touch there’s an awareness then of this new body?

Alfred: Yes.

It’s not clear… I get almost a glimpse of a future of this child… a teenage body… maybe watching someone else… It’s not clear where it’s from.

So awareness of being in a crib still and taking in this new environment.

Something relaxing in the forehead which is familiar.

Jack: Yes, familiar. That’s good. That is usually a sign of a movement of transition.

Alfred: It opens the peripheral vision more. [pause]

It’s like an awareness that there’s a huge space that is dark and filled with stars lying beyond the shell of this building or this ceiling or… At the same time there’s an awareness of deep space. It comes through the eyes of that baby. It is in direct relationship to that baby. And it is in direct relationship to the cosmos but is blocked by the confines of the visible, you know.

I experience that more directly with my body now. Being face to face with the deep, dark space with infinite numbers of celestial bodies.

Jack: So it’s wonderful to have that dual awareness of both.

Alfred: Yes.

Kind of an awareness that I’m off it, I’m off that world. There’s no fear.

I think I’m beginning to be aware of some presences attending to me on the periphery of the crib-like place where I’m still enclosed. Beyond it there are some beings monitoring it.

Jack: Good. Sounds good. Sounds sensible.

Alfred: There’s a sense of benevolence and well-being. In a kind of strange way there is a feeding going on from the starry world directly to my body. I’m participating in some kind of a methodology in which my body is being fed by these stars or particles that now are more like actual planets separated by deep darkness. It is possible now when I relax a bit, the deep darkness is not so dark. It is filled with a flow – like rivers of particles – shimmering particles. [pause]

There is a beginning emergence of both a sense of infinite wellbeing, a sense of being fully taken care of and an emerging awareness of some purpose of all of this that will reveal itself. A sense that I am destined for something. Some action. But it’s not yet clear. It feels as though it’s kind of early to know that.

Jack: Yes, it’s still too early in that embodiment.

Are you still aware of the presences nearby who are monitoring?

Alfred: Less so.

I’m perhaps more aware of other beings like me who are being formed in this way. I’m aware that I’m part of a larger group that is being… I want to say “seeded.” Or raised in some way, or crystalized, or… [long pause]

Jack: So I’m thinking there may be a movement here to move on to the next important thing but I don’t want to suggest we cut short anything either. It feels very complete though. Or maybe something has to enter into this scene – I don’t know.

Alfred: It almost feels like I went into a little somnolence you know.

Jack: Well that’s fine. It provides a rest and restoration when that happens.

So just be open to what may come next.

Alfred: Something is going to be erected or… The words “Masonic Temple” were spoken in my mind. I’m not sure why but there was a glimpse of a very huge cathedral type of a building. [pause] Not clear.

Jack: Well, not everything proceeds in a logical order so… Sometimes pieces come out of sequence. Just stay with whatever moves through.

Alfred: Something needs to let go in the forehead. I noticed that and it really does need to let go. Now something is more visible.

There’s a way of staying much closer to the process. It requires a certain action similar to what is done in sittings. But different. Not allowing passivity to take over.

Jack: Yes, so important that you’re not passive.

Alfred: The spine forms more like a curve. Definitely a blue body. A blue body and other similar blue bodies… with a coiled spine. The spine seems to be coiled maybe to facilitate movement through a liquid. [long pause]

The breathing is taking place through the whole skin in a blue body that is moving through the breathing – the breathing facilitates the movement.

Jack: Do you mean that the body is displacing from one place to another or that the movement is internal?

Alfred: No, the body is displacing. It is propelled by this breathing motion.

Jack: And the environment is no longer the crib, right?

03 white cactus flower IMG_4764Alfred: Right – no longer. It’s a kind of liquid medium.

There’s a certain way in which I move in and out of a state of attentiveness. There are fluctuations in that. Like it’s difficult to stay with what’s going on. But on returning to it there is a fresh impression that is striking and then it fades.

Jack: I think there is a process of attention that is being learned here maybe. How to be attentive in this situation which is different from ordinary life.

Alfred: Something dropped in the tension in the forehead and around the eyebrows.

And now there is a clear vision through a window. Something is moving, something like a flying vehicle or a spaceship is moving to a green field. The shape of the window is a hexagon. It is something through which a pilot would see the surface on which he’s about to land. In this case it is a green grassy field. There are a lot of blue figures – very dark blue, that kind of indigo blue. The figures are occupying the field. I’m struck by the depth of that blue.

I think at this point we’ve landed and we are among these beings.

The green of the grass is very green, a very, very striking green in contrast to the blue of the beings who seem to be not wearing anything; it’s like their skin is visible.

The letting go in the forehead is very helpful. It is from a kind of an instinct to concentrate in order to make sense of something. Not concentrate but tighten.

Jack: Tighten to try to figure out…

Alfred: That’s right.

Jack: That’s what we need to avoid. Just look. Just see.

Alfred: [chuckling] Right.

Jack: The apparatus works…

Alfred: It’s coming to me; I don’t have to go to it.

Jack: You have an apparatus that functions. You have your perceptions.

Alfred: Yes, there’s a base there.

There’s a gathering with some purpose and I’m making my way towards that center with an entourage I think. Or I’m part of the entourage. We’re moving towards that.

There’s a very smooth movement. It is not step-like as you would have in biped walking. It’s just a sliding type of movement toward that elevation which is more gold-like in color. It’s not a huge elevation. It’s what a stage would be like in a stadium.

As I climb I look up in the sky and it’s the same type of infinite sky. And yet there is light in the whole space that we occupy but the sky is immediately there without any barrier.

Jack: Almost as if there’s no atmosphere.

Alfred: Yes. It’s all directly related to the universe without any barriers. We operate consistently with that. With that contact from whatever is governing this movement. The activity is coming directly from the stars. It is a direct influence. It conforms – that activity conforms.

I think there’s a certain formation on the field in front of us of those beings as we are taking our places. The gathering definitely has a purpose in relation to the universe, in relation to the starry bodies that we are all in the presence of. It’s as if we’re waiting for further perception from that part of the universe.

There was some red there. I’m not sure if it was blood or…

04 Blue face IMG_4165It seems like a ceremony of sorts. Part of me wants to say “sacrifice” but… I’m not sure where it’s coming from.

There’s a very clear sense of the form that all of this need to take. It’s very precise.

[The next day, Alfred added this clarification: “The scene at the “Altar” was a sacrificial scene where it was verified that the attachment to the body could be severed or loosened without alteration to the presence. A kind of a carefully staged “miracle.”]


I wish to say almost like an umbilical cord or a kind of connection has to be established with an altar or a place of reception that we are surrounding.

I can almost hear in my ears the kind of energy that is intensifying as the beam is concentrating. There is a line of reception opening up with some static as it stabilizes.

There are descending creatures moving along a silver line. Something is establishing the means for certain higher beings to join us. There is a feeling of an approaching reunion. White light. Those beings are materializing in that light.

[voice shaking] Feelings of an approaching presence that we all seek and wish to be part of.

Jack: Yes. I imagine the feelings would be very strong. I can feel them too.

Alfred: There is a kind of a longing that is being met. A completion. [pause]

It’s very hard to see but there’s a clear certainty that beings are kind of arriving through this very living, mercurial but not opaque, highly, highly vibrational white light, a silver white. Those joining us are higher beings to us blues.

Jack: Are there many of them joining you?

Alfred: I noticed one of them, a kind of central figure that feels like a person of great consequence. I think there are more but everyone is focused on that particular being.

A sense of benevolence and great authority.

At the same time an immediate impulse for obedience.

Jack: Which is inspired by his presence, I imagine.

Alfred: Yes. Yes. I cannot entirely make out his presence. It comes in and out of focus due to my inability to perceive it.

Something opens up a little further in the forehead. Exactly that same effort trying to pierce through is relaxing.

05 sun burst IMG_4778Some of my blue body is transformed into more of that white quality. It’s as if there’s a transmission. [voice shaking] A reception. To the extent that I can open myself to that. It seems like it’s shared with everybody.

Jack: Others are having the same experience.

Alfred: Yes, that being has come to transmit that quality to us. That is the purpose of its arriving. It changes our bodies. [pause]

In my perception it feels like the body is changing as more and more of that white silver luminous quality is received. Compared to it the previous blue body was much denser. [pause]

It’s so naturally completing itself. It feels like that higher being is satisfied with the result. Almost like very amicable in a way of “the job is done.” Almost like rubbing his hands with “that went well.” [Jack chuckling.] “I think we’re more or less done here.” It’s so funny and everybody seems to be very pleased with the result. It’s more a sense of completion – “pleased” is not exactly the right word.

Jack: Yes, a sense of completion.

Alfred: And I think they are now making their way back in the same way on that kind of beam which is now again more noticeable. It really cuts through space, as I told you. It opens into wide infinite space. The beam gets lost at some point into the…

Jack: Because it goes so far?

Alfred: Yes. Yes. Then it gradually diminishes.

That stadium or whatever it is – the green of that place has now become more perceptible and it looks like the gathering is about to break up.

In a telltale way I have this taste or craving for chocolate. [both chuckling] You and I recognize that.

Jack: Well, yes, the body has its needs.

Alfred: Oh, my! You know I didn’t make up a single bit of all this.

Note: A different client of mine, who was having a first session that turned out to be a journey a little like Alfred’s, commented that he assumed at first that the material he was perceiving was coming from his imagination. But then he realized that, unlike imagination in an ordinary state where you are free to change what you are imagining, under these special conditions, you are really on a journey and you can no more change what you are perceiving than you can on an actual journey. You can however focus and look at something more carefully or closely. And the focus depends on your attention.

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06 Iris IMG_4596

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