An Encounter with the Higher Self

01 Reaching up to heaven IMG_7668(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

Sophia had recently discovered Dolores Cannon’s “QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis” and was intrigued about the possibility of contacting and communicating with her higher self. We began the session with Dolores’ procedure for moving to a past life but that is not what took place. Instead it seems that we entered directly and immediately into contact with Sophia’s higher self. I had asked that we be taken to exactly the place that would be most helpful to Sophia in her current existence. The account below begins just after she has arrived at the location to which her subconscious has taken her.

Jack: Tell me what it’s like. Is it daytime or nighttime? What’s around you?

Sophia: It’s daytime. I’m on a rock. And there are edges to that rock. It’s not a cliff. It’s like layers.

Jack: Let your awareness expand. Try to see yourself in that. Tell me what you’re wearing on your feet, on your body.

Sophia: Well, it was pretty strange because as I descended it was like… I had my arms out on either side…  it was like… I mean… like I was an angel or something… or God or something… like Christ… but I’m not. But I’m in light. And I’m bringing light down. And I’m barefoot. And I’m in a white robe. And I’m male! I seem to have a beard, a brown beard. And I guess blue eyes. But there’s a lot of yellow light around my head. And light down to where my arms are and they’re out to my side.

Jack: As you’re observing these details do try to be observant of the quality of that light. What’s happening with your feelings?

Sophia: Completely safe. And I’m oddly bringing light to this place. And they don’t know it. Some see it. But it doesn’t matter that they don’t know it.

And it’s warm. It’s not like cotton wool but kind of a bit thicker and yellow. Not really thick thick – you can touch it.

Jack: We need to see now what needs to happen next. Let’s just see what happens if you move forward to the next important scene in this situation.

Sophia: Well, I don’t know why but it seemed like I was seeing a cherub with golden wings. It’s kind of reaching out almost like the hand of God reaching Adam but from the right to the left. I’m reaching with my right hand to this cherub who is on my right.

I don’t know why but it seems to get some kind of help from that.

Jack: Are there any words being exchanged with the cherub or is it like an energetic exchange?

Sophia: Right, there doesn’t have to be words.

Jack: I see – no words.

Sophia: And it’s like I’m giving light to the cherub.

Jack: I’d just like to pause and see if anything more needs to take place in that particular scene…

Sophia: No.

Jack: OK fine. We need to keep moving on because I think there are a number of aspects of this situation that you find yourself in that need to be explored. So just moving on to the next important thing in this journey.

Sophia: So now I have sandals on. And there seems to be something sort of Roman or centurion-like. And I don’t know if it’s the being who is nearby or whether my being is being absorbed or if I’m half who I am and half the centurion.

Jack: Just go with what’s taking place. It may take a moment or two or it to be clear.

Sophia: It’s like the right side of me is staying with who I am and the left side is turning into a centurion or turning towards this centurion but I am completely affected by this centurion. And I’m losing a part of myself. Because the centurion is armor-plated and cold, colder. And not really thinking about feelings and not really thinking about how beautiful life is – just sort of cold and obeying orders and armor-plated.

02 armor plated IMG_7433It’s odd because the cherub was almost like a statue as well. The cherub was not doing much, not really full of life – the cherub was almost like a statue but with more life than a statue. But not quite full of life.

Jack: But were you adding life to the cherub?

Sophia: Yes, I was.

And now it seems almost like the centurion is trying to, or happening to, drain some light or life. Or maybe I’m giving life to the centurion. Because now the centurion is more yellow, full of light.

Jack: Maybe you can see what response that creates in him…

Sophia: It’s like he’s opening up to the world, becoming a person.

Jack: Wonderful.

Sophia: And able to function on his own. It’s like he’s separating. Instead of being half of me he’s now becoming his own person. And he’s a person, he’s not just taking orders. And he’s separating from me.

But I still have all my light intact. So he wasn’t really taking away as much as just taking.

Jack: It’s like a well where you draw water but you don’t deplete the well.

Sophia: Right.

Now he’s mostly gone. There’s sort of a blackness that is left in his wake – like emptiness, like void. Almost like there are stars there. Yes, all of a sudden there’s a void.

Jack: Maybe something has to happen with that void or maybe something completely new will enter.

Sophia: It’s like seeing a planet in that void and it’s full of light and it’s got three circles around it. The center one is a bit wider than the inner and the outer ones. And it’s circles – I don’t know if it’s like a Saturn on its side. It’s full of light and even the rings are full of light. I don’t know if there are spheres around it that I can see through or what… You can see the void in between the rings.

And it’s the same quality of light except that it’s turning a bit orange. Orange and rust.

Jack: Is there some connection between you and this planet or are you just observing it.

Sophia: I feel I’m just observing it because I couldn’t possibly affect it.

Jack: [chucking] Well, don’t make any conclusions about that. Just feel what is happening.

Sophia: Well, I feel that there’s a distance between us and I… At first I thought that it and I were one because the light was the same quality and the light was as fierce and as strong and almost thick – the exact same color of light as me. But now it’s getting darker and almost like a dying star – I don’t know if it is – and because its quality of light changed I thought, “Oh well, it’s not me.” Because I’m still that yellow.

Jack: I’d just like to see if there’s any action you need to take at this point between you and this planet or whether you just continue to observe what takes place as…

Sophia: It’s like it’s dying.

Jack: Yes, you said that. It sounds like that.

Sophia: It’s getting a bit red now – like a sunset.

It feels sad.

Jack: Ah!

Sophia: Like it wanted to live forever.

So it’s going. Mostly gone now.

Jack: OK. Fine. [pause]

Sophia: And I’m changing. My light is getting bluer and almost like filaments that are joined are coming out of me and blending in different directions, almost like the sun’s corona and bursts from it just sort of blending and arcing in all different directions like how you see energy pulsing or live blood on a slide. And instead of void in the middle there’s that yellow light.

03 arcs out of it IMG_7663So it’s almost like in The Terminator – the second Terminator movie – when Arnie arcs out of fire. It arcs out of it. It’s just so much energy – it’s boiling with energy.

It’s almost like it’s renewing itself.

Jack: Does this look like a planet re-forming – is that what you’re saying?

Sophia: It’s part of me. It is both out and in. It’s part of me.

So it is like a planet forming because that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. But I don’t know why it’s me and outside of me at the same time. It’s almost like it’s cooling so that it’s more that yellow color. So it’s bursting from just being arcs of energy toward one solid blob. A planet I guess.

Jack: So it is spherical?

Sophia: Now it is. It still arcs out of it but… There’s red coming in from somewhere but I don’t know where. And it’s hazing it over but I don’t want it to so I move it away. I don’t want it to hurt this little planet.

Jack: So there’s certainly a process that you’re observing here.

Sophia: Yes. But I think we all observe it. That’s why the Arnie movie – that section was so primal. Because we’ve all seen it; we’ve all done it. It’s not just me.

But saying that makes the red appear in me. It’s like I deny myself to say that. But I feel it anyway I mean. I do feel it’s not just me but when I say that I’m covered over with red and that beautiful golden light is more hidden now.

Jack: So it is probably good to remain in connection with the golden light…

Sophia: It is.

Jack: …and not worry about whether it’s just you, or who it is, or how many people there are, or whatever.

Sophia: Right.

Jack: … just stay with that connection because it’s obviously so positive and so connected to life itself.

Sophia: Yes, it is.

Jack: So we just need to see what needs to be seen next. We just need to keep moving but I don’t think there’s anything we need to do in order to keep moving. There is a progression taking place.

Sophia: It’s odd. I see these kind of like cigars flitting – two cigars, or maybe three, or four. They’re like spaceships. I’m struggling to get back my yellow light and move the red out, away.

Jack: So stay with that. That sounds like what you should be doing.

Sophia: Yes, it much nicer, much warmer.

Jack: And the spaceships are like a distraction to that effort or… ?

Sophia: No actually they help. They help remove the fear out of dealing with the red.

It’s almost like they’re like the spaceship Enterprise from Star Trek – little itty-bitty Enterprises. Far out there but yellow. Everything’s yellow. I mean everything that I like is yellow. Everything ends up getting yellow, being yellow. [musing] Maybe I should re-decorate.

So the spaceships don’t matter any more now.

05 quiver IMG_7649I’m seeing this giant eye. Blinking. Looking at me. It’s me. And there’s red around where my nose is and my head. Which I need to get rid of.

It’s like this eye is me and this eye knows things I do not. I don’t know what to do about it.

Jack: Don’t rush. Take your time and see…

Sophia: It’s crying.

Jack: Ah!

Sophia: It’s crying tears that I can never cry. Because if I were to cry I would just be overwhelmed. But it doesn’t cry a lot of tears – just some. But it’s such a big eye it’s like rivers. But it’s pretty calm and pretty placid. I mean placid not that it just takes things but it’s accepting and gentle. And in a sense it doesn’t give a shit about what’s happening. Because it knows that it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know why it’s just one eye… my right eye looking back at me.

Jack: You know that it’s your right eye?

Sophia: Oh yes. I know where my nose would be but I only see the outline of it or the silhouette of my nose even though I’m looking at the eye straight on. Of course the right eye has more feeling than the left eye. It’s associated with the right brain is it not?

Jack: I think it’s the other way around; I think it’s the left brain. But the right eye is usually predominant.

Sophia: Oh it doesn’t matter!

Jack: In a sense it may be more of a symbol.

Sophia: You mean my third eye?

Jack: Well maybe that too. I was thinking just of a symbol of seeing.

Sophia: Yes. It sees me whole as I am. And it sees the world in a way that I don’t. It’s more in tune with the world than I am. It’s more able to cope in the world than I seem to be. It’s more accepting of people’s mistakes, issues, challenges, dumb things. It’s more compassionate. I take things more personally than it does.

[In the second part of the session we worked with how this material relates to issues in Sophia’s life today.]

06 moon IMG_7666

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