01 Sun IMG_7613(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

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 Note: This session took place in two parts with a night of sleep in between. In the first part there were several segments that moved very slowly. There was a heavy tiredness, a fatigue through this whole first part also. And yet, at the same time, it wasn’t empty. Something was being worked on… Here is a part of what took place in this first part.

Jack: There is also the question of implants – what do we need to know about all of that?

Victoria: As soon as you said “implants” a big sun appeared and took up the whole horizon. We’re still in the yellow and the gold.

Pressure is building up inside my head. Many images flashing in and out. It seems like I’m in the middle of a circle made up of five or six banks of film images – all around me – so many images that I can’t really make out any one of them.

Suddenly I see that the images are beginning to crumble, to break into pieces, and fly away. That gives me more breathing room. Freed from prison. Feet are lighter. I hear the words:

“Ready for new things in a few moments, when all the images have gone” – and they break away bit by bit. The experiences don’t go away but the importance of them does go away. The importance they’ve been accorded goes away. Their actual influence is legitimate but the importance that our thoughts give them is mistaken.

“Place things according to their proper value, place things as they should be placed, as they were placed.”

We’re coming to an end because the whole circle of images has been dismantled, taken down. The last “lock-down” maybe we could say is in the process of being undone and it’s the most difficult, the most resistant, the most twisted. I’m told that’s not quite right – the programming of the lock-down was twisted. We have to manage to open it, go beyond it…

Jack: Get past a wall?

Victoria: No, it’s about getting past how the lock-down was done. It’s twisted. It was done from a twisted thought, maliciously twisted. We just have to undo this lock-down. There are some pretty disgusting things in all of that. I really have the impression that I’m seeing mechanical lock-downs that are metallic.

It must be approached with the opposite force. If I approach it with my deep, initial and essential being, with my hands, it disintegrates into pieces, pieces of the mechanism, one at a time. Not forced but using a pure Force, a force of love. There is a sound in my ear, the felt-sense, the good intention – all that is concentrated in my hands and the mechanism quietly comes apart.

A first piece is lifted away. From somewhere I see the question: How did a mechanical metallic mechanism come to be here? It doesn’t make any sense. And I hear, “You’ve got it!” That makes the mechanism disappear. It’s not there.

I’m in the process of entering a great – I’m inclined to say “sun” but it’s not a sun. A great, cloudy white core with a certain density, but it’s not an intensity. It’s just a different vibratory state, and it’s also a density.

I don’t know where I am. Inside it’s a non-time and non-space. You just have to dive in. And even the word “dive” doesn’t mean anything in this place. In this inner space I have access to all times and all spaces.

There is no end and no beginning, no time and no space. It’s not a nothingness, it is an all. I am beginning to see other beings floating just like me in this place, non-place. I see in their eyes the wisdom of infinite time. I still don’t know why I’ve been led to this place.

Jack: But being in the company of these beings must be reassuring…

Victoria: It’s neutral.

Jack: Neutral?

Victoria: I feel as though I’m in a state of emotional neutrality. Something seems to be missing. It feels like I’m in a waiting room. Waiting for something because everything is neutral for me in this present moment.

Jack: In fact, it’s difficult to do something without involving the emotional center since it provides the necessary force, the motor for doing. However, in any given situation we can ask for help.

Victoria: In a white room, I see a young woman dressed in a long white dress, sitting in front of a computer. She has her hair cut short and has golden skin. She is dressed in a beautiful white sleeveless dress. There is no sensation accompanying this image.

I have the impression I’m on a dead-end road. Or that there’s a blockage of some kind. The image is static.

Everything is neutral. But I do feel a pressure in my head.

02 writhing stone IMG_7601Jack: Perhaps you need to concentrate on that pressure in your head. Find out what is the cause of it – because there is always a cause. Perhaps you can move deeply behind it and find the cause that is somewhere back there.

Victoria: It’s not as simple as that. And I still have the impression that I’m falling asleep, that I need sleep. It’s an uncomfortable state. Something’s not right. I hear the words, “Not right.” I hear the word “Adjustment.”

Jack: But who is going to make the adjustment? How is that going to happen? Are we pushing too much or not enough?

Victoria: Adjustment is on its way. It’s not done. I hear the words, “Need to sleep first.”

It seems as though we’re being told that we have to stop for now and begin again later.

The disintegration of the circle of film images had an impact. And all these images, all these things, crumbled away. It was very important. I feel that something happened in all that.

I was in the center of a big circle of four or five banks of films and the impression that I had was that all these images were coming from all the experiences that I had since my terrestrial experiences began.

Jack: So a very long period of time…

Victoria: It means millions of years – since we left the creator and found ourselves imprisoned on planet Earth.


[We stop.]


Part 2: We begin again the next day.


Jack: It’s as if our awareness is expanded by the silence that is present here in this space which is already at a high level of vibration. And there is an inner joy that you mentioned. That too is a perception of the quality of this present moment.

I would like to mention right at the beginning that there is a goal for this session: to consider the state of health of Victoria’s physical body if that is appropriate. And this session today February 26th, 2016 is a continuation of yesterday’s session in which we already made a beginning. Perhaps I can mention the word “flower” to establish a connection with what we have done in the past.

I would also like to invite those who can enter into the session as has also been done in the past. And certainly we need help from whatever being the universe judges to be corresponding to our request for Jack as well as for Victoria. We have lit two candles to accompany us on this voyage today.

Victoria, perhaps you could give me a little report at this point.

Victoria: When you mentioned the word “flower,” a few more lights went on. When you invited friends, yes, people arrived. A child too – a being that was more of a child. When you mentioned health, they said, “Yes, that needs to be taken care of from time to time. One time or another it’s important to address this factor.

And for the moment, there is no definite place. I’m in a non-place place – in an undefined rosy space. That’s where I’m at.

Jack: Perhaps you can concentrate on the rosy color. It may intensify a bit. Perhaps there will be a movement in the color.

Victoria: I see a funnel movement, from smaller to larger, upward.

Jack: Does the movement continue upward?

Victoria: The image is high but static.

Jack: Perhaps it’s a matter of Victoria questioning inside herself where the word come from, where does the impulse to enter into movement come from – something that must be discovered, something to be found, something to be asked for perhaps.

03 Frost forest IMG_7608Victoria: I’m asking what it is doing there. The image was like on a wall, and the wall opened like a door. Right, now I’m coming into a décor.

I’m coming into a garden space, a very beautiful garden, actually with somewhat surrealist colors. A garden with beautiful, brilliant, surrealist colors. I move forward somewhat as though I was entering a landscape painting. And now, the history of painting comes into my head. There’s a film called “What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams.

Perhaps the message is coming from there – seeing how we shape our afterlife where all our beliefs become realities. The thing is I don’t want to go into a belief, I want to go into a reality.

Jack: Yes, that’s it. You are seeing what the person constructs for himself.

Victoria: We construct our reality. I think that has a connection with the physical body. And I hear voices in the background saying, “Ah, she’s getting close, she’s getting close, she’s getting warmer.” And I hear,

“The intensity of focus leads to construction.”

Now the request has come through that you read the sentence about the cellular structure [which Victoria had discussed with Jack before the session began] so that it is firmly implanted in my subconscious for the fashioning of my physical body. So now, introduce the request so that in some way it becomes an automatic function.

Jack: So, I will read:


Dear cellular structure:

Create in me perfect harmony and total health

Which I have a right to.

Raise your vibrations.

Reflect the creator in yourself.


I think it’s good to read it three times.

And I’m placing these words on this big crystal so that they rest there while we continue our journey.

Victoria: And may these words become firmly anchored in the functioning of this vehicle.

Jack: And may these words become firmly anchored in the functioning of this vehicle.

Victoria: It seems like everything is falling into place. For the moment everything is fine, continuing on with another aspect. But the reading and what has been deposited had a large vibratory effect on the whole physical body. There was a resonance, a vibration in all the cells. I felt the cells moving – in my head – both on the scalp and inside the head.

I hear the words, “Better and better, better and better, better and better. At all levels.” I hear the words, “You are well prepared. We’re preparing you well. It’s not done. You are moving forward to encounter your destiny which you cannot be aware of now. The images that you already have – keep them. They are part of the steps on your staircase. But that’s not the whole staircase. This goes for you too, Jack.”

“Yesterday’s session: perfect; today’s session: necessary.”

Jack: So the two sessions are really part of one whole.

Victoria: Yes, one and the same thing. One moment between heartbeats. In the same symphony. The beings all around us today are less playful, more settled, calm, solemn.

They are transmitting thoughts which I speak as they are received. I hear, “The words you are perceiving portend; they portend much more than you can conceive of. The words on the adjustment of the physical body were necessary for readjusting the cells.”

“Already many operations have been received and the necessary adjustments made, orders sent out, orders for adjustments that have become obligatory.”

I can see the intrinsic powers of the human vehicle and their reactivation – also my personal resistances that need to be swept away when I hear the word “power.”

“Accept the powers in their totality because there is wisdom in them whatever you might think to the contrary. Fear of being short on wisdom. Resistance is certainly there. It’s a fear of not having enough wisdom.”

Jack: It’s wisdom that is directing the power isn’t it? So then you can trust what is happening here.

Victoria: When they say, “Stop fooling around!” what they mean is stop putting yourself down. [Tears]

“Everything that you said in explaining to Jack the lines in his hands” – I need to also consider those things for me too. The mirror is pretty impressive.

Jack: Yes, there was a great deal of wisdom in your reading of my palms. Much wisdom.

Victoria: Very important… Moments of helping each other – the functioning of a team. Very difficult for me to accept this totality. And yet, that is what I aspire to.

04 blue and white IMG_7256Jack: So what is needed for you to accept it completely? Does something need to dissolve? Is something going to shift a little?

Victoria: From somewhere the word “continue” comes once again.

Jack: So is it just a matter of continuing?

Victoria: “Continue! Continue!” It feels like they are putting their hands on my back and giving me a push forward.

“Push! Push! Push! But don’t draw on any particular event. Just push and accept.”

“Do not provoke.”

I’m not tempted to provoke either. Welcome. Acceptance. Thanks. They are always there. Events will be engendered and we will be led towards them. Those we need to participate in will present themselves easily.

Ease in participation, ease in all sorts of ways – they will present themselves on their own. Whatever they may be.

I have the impression that I’m entering a semi-circle composed of all these beings for whom the connections are really made heart-to-heart. You can even see the rays emanating from hearts to join other hearts – connecting hearts together.

It is golden around these people – gold tinted with a little green. It’s very beautiful. And they’re speaking of the Council.

Jack: They might give you some advice…

Victoria: No, they’re telling me that I am one of the Council members.

Jack: Ah, you’re part of the Council. All these people in a semi-circle and connected heart to heart. It’s very beautiful.

Victoria: One part of the Council is speaking about ethics.

They are telling me that the whole formation of lines in the hand was part of the formation of ethics. There is applause in the Council. They are all applauding each other. Several of those present are already on planet Earth for future physical meetings.

They are showing me Le Manuscrit Du Voyageur [Manuscript of the Traveller] which I haven’t sent to you yet. They are saying it’s a gem. I have the impression of suddenly seeing the planet Earth.

You might say that all this is linked to different spheres of existence towards which Earth is moving. An opening, a doorway, an entranceway. A way in or a path leading in. Between these two spheres – the earthly sphere and this other sphere I don’t have a name for. Perhaps it’s the No-Name Sphere.

Jack: Perhaps it’s the New Earth.

Victoria: Possibly. Clearly, ethics, the word ethics can be put as the basis for the existence of this other place, this other sphere. You see – that brings me back to the physical body by saying that ethics is also the fundamental point in maintaining the integrity of the physical body. There is a certain dose of ethics that needs to be respected in relation to the physical body.

Here it feels like I’m being told that we are coming close to the end of this session. Is there any last recommendation on your part?

Jack: Before leaving it is always good to ask if there is something else, a final question to be discussed, or a final piece to be conveyed before we leave… I’m wondering if there is something else…

05 Strange tracks IMG_7599Victoria: I’m putting myself in a receptive mode in case there is something that might manifest.

I see smiling images. Images of comedy, acrobats are coming back. I’m told a strange sentence:

“Have fun laughing!”

Jack: Yes, that has been said often in other sessions as well.

Victoria: “It’s important. Have fun laughing, if you want to influence some of the circumstances that are moving toward you. Have fun laughing! You will then attract the circumstances that you will enjoy experiencing. Have fun laughing!

“This is much more important than it appears to be right now, at this moment, on Planet Earth, in your sphere. Have fun laughing!

“There is not enough laughter. You need to laugh again, over again, please! Practice laughing every day.”

I’m remembering an exercise that I practiced with Tania in Brazil:

Burst out laughing even if it’s forced. Vigorous laughter for five minutes.

“Please do that. Put it into your routine. Important! Important! Very important!”

“Important first of all for the individual, secondly important for all those around him/her. And when the reverberations of the laughing come together it’s amazing. You cannot imagine what that does. And, and the importance all that has. It’s unimaginable.”

“Which leads us to say don’t fall into seriosity, don’t get too serious. PLEASE! We beg you, five minutes of laughter every day. PLEASE! Five minutes of laughter every day is more important than an hour or two or even five minutes of meditation. Much more important. More, more, more important. The importance of meditation has been exaggerated.”

“We’re speaking about heart-felt laughter, healthy laughter, healthy as in a healthy life and holy as in sanctified and sacred. Laughter is a sacred act.”

“HERE YOU HAVE A GREAT SECRET revealed to you this day. This has never been given before. It is given to you in this present moment. Mark down the place, the time and the hour.”

“Don’t let the smallness of your mind minimize the importance of this moment. WE BEG OF YOU. We are done. End of information.”

Jack: It is three minutes after 3:00 in the afternoon of February 26th, 2016. And perhaps all this gives rise to a lot of gratitude for all that has come through in this session, a great big thank you for all that and toward all those who participated.

Victoria: Yes, we thank you a whole lot.

Need of a commitment here, a commitment of both persons present here – you Jack, me Victoria – we have to commit five minutes a day. “Your lives will change.”

Wow, important on Internet.

Jack: What do you mean, “Important on Internet.”

Victoria: The little recipe!

06 granite design 2 IMG_7234

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