I Know Them but I Don’t Recognize Them

01 path of light and love IMG_7526(El texto español original se encuentra en el artículo anterior.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

Carlo: There’s a field. And a lake, a waterfall and some big mountains nearby. A horse.

Jack: What do you feel being in this place?

Carlo: I feel calm. The land comforts me and so does the horse.

Jack: Are you sitting down?

Carlo: I’m standing.

Jack: I want you to feel that there is an influence on you from this environment. Feel that vibrations emanate from all these things – the field, the lake, the waterfall – as if you can feel that your body is absorbing them.

It’s very good and calming for the body and good for health in general. These vibrations allow a deeper relaxation in the physical body and in the thinking part as well.

You can come back to this place after the session, later in the day or whenever you like. This is a way of relaxing, a way of entering a state that’s a little different. When you feel the need of entering it, go ahead and do it. This exercise can be useful to you.

This place is not something suggested by Jack. It’s your own place – it belongs to you – because it arose from your own subconscious. We may come back to it later in the session but now it’s important to begin to move away a little in order to discover in your subconscious things that will be useful to Carlo in this present life, this 9th of October, 2015 in Mexico City.

If you can begin to feel that you are travelling, travelling in a certain direction. The subconscious part knows very well where we need to go today – a place, a situation that will help Carlo in his life here in Mexico. Feel that you are travelling, travelling, going back, going back into your life – or into another life, that also is possible. Feel the movement. It is not necessary to see something, it is not necessary to see images – it’s possible at times to just feel something. After this movement, we come to something. 1, 2, 3. Where are you right now? Can you describe it?

Carlo: It’s like a crack opening with light coming through. It’s dark and the crack is opening, letting in more and more light.

Jack: Try to describe a little more. Is there light all around you? What’s it like?

Carlo: It is in front of me. It’s very deep and it is going through me. It is penetrating through me and I feel accompanied.

Jack: Yes. In this situation is it possible to meet a person who can help you?

Carlo: There are many people but they are not saying anything. Some are smiling, some are serious, but nobody is upset. I’m heading to the other side.

Jack: What’s on the other side?

Carlo: I’m heading to the other side.

Jack: What’s happening on the other side?

Carlo: They want me to see something but I don’t know what it is.

Jack: It’s important to wait a bit. Don’t try to go too fast. You may need to allow the necessary changes to take place so you can see something. What is happening now?

02 three lines IMG_7530Carlo: It’s like there’s a dragon that wants to enter my head but a dog is not letting him. I know these two but I don’t recognize them. I don’t know if I’m part of them or if I shouldn’t be in their fight.

Jack: And now what’s happening?

Carlo: I’m in battles. I stay the same. It’s not my war. I’m just passing through…

Jack: You’re what? [Jack didn’t know the Spanish expression for passing through – de paso.]

Carlo: Passing through… It’s not my war but I want to help them. I feel the pain of many people – I want to help them channel it. I feel it in my chest. I want to help in letting it go but my arms are getting tired. I cannot channel all their pain through me. I have to stop.

I see like a face. It’s like a stone face, like light. It/He speaks to me without using words, using puffs through, between the eyes and through the nose. Something enters me. I don’t understand what he is saying but he is blowing on me and taking away the pain of the others. However, I’m going back, once again. It’s not for the body. I’m told that it’s not for the body, that it’s not through the body. But I don’t know what – the pain? I don’t know what. He is teaching me what they have done. I don’t know if it’s me or someone else, but it’s a line of light in the universe. However, it’s like striated…

Jack: And the pain now?

Carlo: He tells me he did not create it, that I don’t have to take it in, that I don’t have to help, that I must let go, move away. Who knows where he is leading me except that it’s away. And I don’t know who will move me away. If I want to ask him to move farther away, then he pushes me – I don’t know where but it’s far from the pain. I want to ask things but they grab my head and tell me “No.”

Jack: Perhaps you could ask without words, in the chest…

Carlo: There are only luminous colors now.

Jack: A little louder…

Carlo: There are only luminous colors.

Jack: Colors?

Carlo: They are from the place where they are. Here there is no pain, no thoughts and no bodies either. They are like a kind of jellyfish. There are a lot of them in many places and many times and we cannot see them. There’s a canoe, going over a waterfall but it’s not mine. However, if I look into it someone else is going, is handling it. That person is not smiling but I feel his smile.

Jack: Is this the same place we began in?

Carlo: No. It’s another place. There are waters that are not waters, but they are cleansing the body. They want me to cleanse my body. I don’t see myself cleaning it but I have to let them. They are putting a kind of mask on me, like a type of disguise. It raises up my face. They want me to hold my face raised up, that I go forward with it placed this way – so that it raises the face up, and this way I can see the signs.

Jack: Yes. It’s important to see the signs.

03 Sun beads IMG_7584Carlo: They want the face held up and able to see the light together, in order to see who is taking them. I have to raise the face in order to see the carriers and follow the signs not all of which can be followed with the body.

There is a fox – or something that lets itself be seen as a fox – dazzling me. However, behind the head, it hurts if I think with the head. Because of this the chest is imprisoned.

If I try to see things becomes blurred. If I stop trying and raise my head, things can be seen.

I feel like I have heavy eyelids.

There is something like light, something like water which is to help me cleanse, but I am tired. I’m tired but willing.

They are saying something to me but I don’t understand. Something like “demeen.”

Jack: What is happening now?

Carlo: It’s that I don’t know if my eyes are opened or closed. They want me to do something over again but I can’t get what it is. I thought that they told me that I will be stuck in what had been done – I thought it was something bad. But no, they want to do it again – it would be like an exchange of helping. They are saying that they can help me cleanse my chest but I don’t know if I believe them. However, if I want, I don’t know, it wouldn’t be so easy.

Jack: I believe the time has come to begin to move out of the session, but before doing so, I want to ask if there’s anything more to ask, anything more to be seen or felt. What are you feeling in the chest?

Carlo: Yes there is but I think that we can leave it now.

Exit procedure.

Email received a few months after the session:

Jack. Warm greetings. Here is the transcription you asked me to do. It is as accurate as I could make it. Transcribing the last part was wonderful – so many images full of magic – a path full of both light and uncertainty, making me feel so much inside myself, filling me and connecting me in a multitude of ways with myself. It’s much more than I can describe and it makes me feel really good. Big hug. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help or share. Thanks. Good vibrations and much love. Carlo.

04 tree cloud reaching IMG_7512

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