The Sun

01 Stretch legs IMG_7063(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

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Introduction by Victoria

[Purring of the cat “Rainbow” stretched out on my chest]

Jack rings a Tibetan bowl. Signal to welcome presences into the room.

At the moment Jack when you spoke of flowers, there was like a circular portal that opened to the outside, like concentric energy-circles in grey, grey to white. I watched that form into a tunnel but now there’s nothing more for the moment.

From the beginning, from the moment you struck the Tibetan vessel, I saw several beings arrive, staying at a certain distance but forming a circle around us, around me – a multitude of beings. There are many of them.

They are rather far away. I cannot make out any faces. A little like those I saw on Mount Shasta, at the top of the mountain when I went there in 2003.

And when you spoke the word “flower” [a keyword agreed upon in advance for deepening the state of consciousness] and when the tunnel of the portal opened up, they all raised their hands up in the air as if to say, “Ah, finally! We’re so happy. Yippie!”

But for the time being it’s a little static. It’s static waiting for a new suggestion I think.

Jack: Yes, the important thing is to notice that those beings are there even if they’re at a distance.

Victoria: I really feel they are pleased, very pleased, joyful about the visit that is beginning. Pretty interesting way of expressing that.

Jack: Perhaps you could gradually feel in your body, in your being, the effect of being in the presence of those beings standing there – because certainly there is an emanation from them. There’s a circle so they are surrounding us.

Victoria: Yes, completely surrounded. Joy rises up in me. Joy seems to be everywhere right now. JOY. And the word “Finally!”

Jack: Right. The last session was in September and now we’re at the beginning of December. Three months. But what’s important is what is taking place right now.

Victoria: I see that it’s as if all of them just made a little hop, a skip – like a dance step. It’s as if they really want to make sure that we realize completely that they are VERY HAPPY.

And now, in my heart, a questioning rises up: “But for heaven’s sake what are they so HAPPY about? What’s happening for them to be that happy?

And inside me, words rise up: “Maybe they have a gift for me?”

And now my little childish energy replies saying, [child’s voice] “Yes, yes, yes. I’ve got a gift, I’ve got a gift, I’ve got a gift.”

And now they come back with – I’m laughing in telling all this, I’m having a great time – and they come back with: [teasing voice] “Yes, but you’re going to have to wait, have to wait.” And sing-songing away: “Na, na, na, na. Na, na, na, na. Na, na, na, na.”

02 joke IMG_4242[Jack and Victoria laughing]

[child’s voice] Christmas present. I want my Christmas present.

[serious voice] What does Christmas have to do with it?

[child’s voice] Right you are!

[grumpy voice] Doesn’t need to be Christmas to get a gift.

[child’s voice] Ah, OK. Thanks!

[tinny voice] That’s it. Christmas has nothing to do with it. It’s not Christmas, it’s Victoria. OK Thanks.

[Jack and Victoria laughing]

Several aspects of my being are speaking at the same time. They’re talking, they’re having a discussion, you see!

[tinny voice] Yes, they’re having a discussion.

Jack: With different voices…

Victoria: [grumpy voice] And you haven’t seen the end of them.

[child’s voice] Ah.

[grumpy voice] OK.

[child’s voice] OK.


[taunting voice] “You can’t transcribe the voices. Na, na, na, na. Na, na, na, na. Na, na, na, na.”

Jack: [laughing] Yes, it will be difficult to transcribe the voices.

[taunting voice] “Ha, ha, ha. We’ve pulled a fast one on you, haven’t we Jackie.”

Victoria: Oh my god this is fun! [Sigh]

Jack: So I think it’s good to take in the happiness that is there.

Victoria: They’ve just said, “Taking a break from the jokes!”

I see Dominique Michelle who said, “Enough of your jiggidy-jigs there. Ha, ha!”

[Jack laughs]

Time to be serious.

What’s that – serious?

What does that word mean?


Jack: Wow.

Victoria: What comes to me is, “Victoria, you haven’t finished with what you’ve just started. With Réjean and Laurent, with all of them. The sound files are important and you’re going to have a good time.”

Jack: It’s good to have this confirmation.

Victoria: I’m told that it’s to de-mystify the fears with sound files that are speaking of dramatic things but in a tone that makes everybody laugh. [sobs]

Tears of joy – believe me!

Jack: Work well done, eh?

Victoria: Laurent and Réjean are mandated to be part of the team. The meetings with Jack are important for the continuation of the mission.

[confirming sobs]

And now I’m seeing them dance like whirling dervishes. They are saying that it is a prayer of joy to the Creator.

And I’m being told, “Don’t worry about the house. It will all work out. It’s just scare tactics.”

[Just here – loud purring from Rainbow stretched out on my chest.]

The color has changed. The tunnel shape is still there – a semi-tunnel which is now in tones of blue, violet, shading from light blue to dark blue, a little white but mostly shading from violet to pale blue to dark blue. It’s really beautiful.

03 ShadesIMG_7023Jack: Is there a movement in the colors?

Victoria: There’s a movement now. The colors are vibrating a little, like a pulsation. The shading of the colors fluctuates. The shape of the half-circle doesn’t change. The shape is relatively static.

OK. I’m being moved ahead in it. I’m moving ahead. Moving forward. There’s something like a change in energy, as if I’m going through different energetic layer. It’s very pleasant.

The energetic movement gives me the impression of moving through air – as if there was a wind. My clothes are different too. There is something like a fluidity in the clothing that corresponds to the air movement. It’s becoming more and more fluid, vaporous – as if the more I move forward the more the density changes – from solid to more and more fluid. [pause]

Nothing specific now. It has become a little static.

Jack: There is something important in the fact of these magnificent colors. They represent an important vibration – something specific, something special. Perhaps you can feel inside your body the influence that is there, watching out for certain changes to take place.

Victoria: The word from the impression: PEACE shows me PEACE.

I’m told with a bit of laugh, “MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU.”

We still want, we always want that the side of JOY and LAUGHTER be present. JOY and LAUGHTER.

There are also the words, “It’s coming. It’s coming.” Those words are coming in.

[laughing] They are connecting me to the Bolduc song, “It’s coming. It’s coming. So don’t you worry!” [“La Bolduc” – Mary Bolduc, popular Quebec singer of the 1930s]

That’s it – they don’t want me to get lost in seriosity. Because definitely seriosity is a maze that sucks up energy while it empties beings of their essence. That’s the reason they want you to be serious. You have to be serious so people can suck in the energy of joy and creativity that is around you.

These are new concepts for me. Joy and Laughter are from the domain of Creation, and seriosity I’m told is from the domain of destruction. It doesn’t really destroy, it empties created beings of their prime essence.

It’s as if all that’s left is a shell, a carcass – without life.

I’m being told, “Today you merit a course in the theory of applicable concepts.” No, it’s not a theoretical course that I’m being told about – the theory of applicable concepts. It’s not a theoretical course, it’s a practical course.

Don’t mix up theory and theoretical information. They’re not the same. There’s a difference, a nuance between the two. A theoretical concept first of all remains theoretical and is never practical. A theory of a practical concept is the practicality explained by an action.

I’m told, “Victoria, you need the precision of these words. They are part of the vocabulary, the dictionary that you will use in your chronicles.”

I’m receiving dictation.

I don’t see much movement in the landscape.

OK, now I understand. Where I am right now, with the tunnel, the movement of colors – this is a class. I’m in a classroom.

Jack: That’s why it’s static.

Victoria: Yes. I’m told that today the information is auditory and in the feelings. And now my attention is drawn to the presence of my cat Rainbow who is comfortably ensconced on the second chakra. She is acting as a modem or a tool for information transfer.

In fact, she registers the impact inside herself and transmits information with the vibration of her purring. And she’s very happy, very happy doing that.

04 throat chakra opens IMG_6908I am told, “Your throat chakra is in the process of opening.” I am told, “Opening ROYALLY. This is only a beginning. The decision to continue is up to you. Whatever happens, you have the last word.”

“Your listening is increasing too. Listening and being listened to.” They are talking to me about my hopes. Hopes. I don’t know why they have given me this word, ‘hopes.’ Hopes have no connection. The directives don’t come from my hopes.

“The directives comes from your Higher Self. Your hopes are at the level of your lower self and therefore the decision is not up to that self.”

“Everything comes in its own time. The right moment is not yours to decide. And yet that doesn’t mean that your heart won’t be warmed. That doesn’t mean that you won’t derive joy from it – on the contrary. The joy that is to come is much bigger than what you would have if you followed your hopes. Your vision is too narrow. Your vision is too small. Your vision is too skimpy.”

“Your vision is going to open. Your eyes are going to come back – when the time is right. Don’t ask when. That has no importance. When the time comes. Period.”

“The years before you are much more beautiful than the years behind you. Besides, the years before you are infinite. Given that even if you didn’t know it, you could live several” – they’re telling me several – “several infinities at once.”

Where does this notion come from? Never heard of it – no never.

“You’ve never heard of it but you’ll see that you’re going to be talking about it. That’s better still.”

Now they’re giving me a break for a while…

“The integration is going to take place extremely rapidly. In any case, the time that you are living through is speeded up right now.” And that’s true, completely true. “You are going to learn to digest quickly.”

“In fact, right now, it’s not that you don’t have any time to lose – your time, that’s not something important. It’s that time has no time to lose.”

“Events are going to be tumbling together as they speed up. Hold onto your hat. That’s an expression.”

And now, they’re saying, “We know all your expressions. Don’t try to hide even one of them from us.”

Right. I see we’re going to have fun again.

[deep voice] “Always. When you will have learned to laugh at the same time you are [twangy voice] working. Doing that you will become effective.”

And now they’re sending me the song, “Whistle while you work. La la la la la la la.” [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs]

A part of me wants more information, wants to continue to receive information. And I see beings saying, “Send. Send. Continue! She is capable of taking it in. The time is right. Send strongly!”

Now I don’t know what’s happening. It seems like there’s a big chunk coming. No idea what it could be. I see a shape of some kind approaching – something like a big parcel. And in fact I am receiving a big parcel. Enormous. Enormous. It must be 4 to 5 feet by 4 to 5 feet. A great, big mastodon of a box.

I can’t see what’s in it. It’s like wrapped in a big ribbon with a bow.

[taunting voice] “Ha, ha. We told you so. We told you about a gift at the beginning.”

[child’s voice] “Right! Here’s the gift!”

“And you need to develop it.”

[taunting voice] “For sure.”

I’m being asked to develop the gift. I cut the ribbon which is really wide, at least 4 or 5 inches wide. I have to use a really good pair of scissors. I cut the ribbon.

Within me, there is a kind of incredulity which says, “Hey, how am I going to develop a gift like that. I’m having trouble believing what I’m seeing.”

The side of the box seems to open. Rays begin to emanate from the corners gently. The sides descend, the top lifts off and inside I see a sun. A sun radiating in all directions.

05 Sun on water 2IMG_7138I am told, “The sun is you. This is your departure.”

I could never have guessed there would be a sun inside that box. It’s beautiful, very beautiful. Golden, a beautiful golden sun just like the sun in the sky.

Jack: And it emanates.

Victoria: Totally. And everywhere.

We are all suns. We need to emanate. That’s it exactly – send out our rays.

“How the rays are received is not of your concern. Your concern is to emanate and send out your rays, emanate and send out your rays. That’s what’s important.”

And I hear, “Of prime importance.” In fact, I see it in writing, “OF PRIME IMPORTANCE.” “Now you see the sun inside you.”

I see it as a gift there in front of me. And it says, “This sun is you. It is not that the sun is in you. The next step is that you merge with this sun which is simply a part of you that was [tears in the voice] abandoned in the past. This is a retrieval of parts of you; they are merging into you now.”

“For this to be integrated no time can be allotted. It is simply an integration. This is part of your being, of your time, without time, without any period of time. It’s a notion that is found in you in this moment.”

“The time depends on your mind, on your degree of acceptance. Certain wrong beliefs can inhibit the speed of integration. Free yourself from your false beliefs. These false beliefs always have to do with the fear of how other people are going to receive these rays of sun.”

“It’s not your problem. Do you understand?”


“NOT – YOUR – DECISION about how others, who in fact are you, receive the rays of sun. But the way you receive your own sun in yourself is the way others will receive the rays of sun – because the others are you.”

“Do you finally get it, little blockhead?”


“This is the integration of your ability to create, your consciousness of creation.”

[sobs] [it’s hot]

“Maximum reception reached… for the moment.”


After the session:

Now I am being told, “Extremely important stage for the ongoing operations.”

06 peña IMG_5020

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