The Volcano and the Treasure Chest

01 plane IMG_7285(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

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We began this session by following the procedure to regress to a past life but we ended up going “elsewhere.” In completing this procedure I ask that the person – in a state of modified consciousness created by the hypnotic induction – float gently like a leaf “to the surface” after having moved back and back in time and space.


Adele: It’s like I’ve come down above the mouth of a volcano. It’s dark around me – black.

Jack: So just stay with it. Feel what it’s like to be there.

Adele: I kept coming down like a leaf but into the mouth of a volcano. I haven’t landed.

Jack: Is there fire at the bottom? What’s there at the bottom? Do you still feel it?

Adele: Yes, I can make out bubbling red lava on the walls and elsewhere it’s carbonized. There’s a Transat [Airlines] seat there and I sit down on it. There’s a lagoon of water too.

Jack: What color is it?

Adele: A beautiful turquoise blue – not very deep – a small pool. It really contrasts with the rest of the setting because everything is black, carbonized. Bubbling red lava on the walls and then in that little pool it seems that there’s a big, big, big creature – a big fish. I don’t really see the head but it seems to me that the head is very scary and has big teeth. It’s between a shark and a whale. It’s grey. And also, the fish has a big strongbox in its maw – a treasure chest. He’s a bit crafty. He wants to keep it. He doesn’t want to give it to me. He’s doing this on purpose. He knows I want the treasure chest but he doesn’t want to set it outside the pool.

Jack: Is there something you can offer him in exchange?

Adele: It’s like I’m sitting here on my Transat chair thinking I can’t do anything. I’m letting myself be really impressed by his jaws and teeth. He’s big.

Jack: It’s also possible to ask for help from somewhere.

Adele: I don’t quite know who to ask for help.

Actually, I’m asking help from divers. I ask them to attach the fish with cables to all the walls of the volcano because once he’s tied down his mouth will have to be open and I’m going to be able to take the treasure chest.

Now there are more and more divers and then once the fish is tied down, they’re going to take the treasure chest. They set it down beside my chair.

And now the fish has become really small, really small. It’s only a minnow. And the treasure chest is incrusted with precious stones. Its stones are shining but it has a combination lock on it.

Whew! I’m hot!

Jack: What happens next?

Adele: [laughing] It would seem that the combination has three numbers and they are shown on the dial. I don’t have to unlock the chest. The numbers are from my old phone number: 4-5-7. They are right there. In the end, the chest was never locked.


I’m looking at the chest but I’m not opening it.

Jack: Hmm.

Adele: It belongs to me but I’m not opening it. I know that I’m waiting but I don’t know what I’m waiting for.

Jack: It’s a little strange that after all that work to get the strongbox you’re not opening it.

Adele: No. I’m simply wondering how I’m going to get out of this hole. I don’t see any way of getting out of the crater of a volcano or, at least, I don’t know how.

Jack: It’s important to get out. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life in a hole…

Adele: The thing is maybe if I open the chest there will be something in it that gets me out of the hole.

Jack: You don’t know because you haven’t opened it. Once again, you can ask for help from the outside.

Adele: [laughing] The divers are already up top. I don’t know how they got there. They are lowering down a trampoline. [chuckling]

“You just have to jump on it and we’ll catch you up here.”

OK. Fine. But hold on. I can’t leave the chest here. And this chest is big.

Now the divers spread out. They are saying, “Well, we can drop down ropes and we can haul up the strongbox. No problem.”

Jack: So the difficulty is partially resolved. Are you out of the volcano?

Adele: I jumped on the trampoline. It didn’t take long. I made it out but once up there I find there’s a lot of people, really a whole lot of people. It’s clear and bright – no more darkness.

The people are all wearing lively colors, pastel colors. They are all well dressed. They are all smiling. It feels like a big event – I really don’t know. The chest has been placed on a chariot which is escorted. And then I get into the vehicle which is pulling the chariot with the chest. The crowd is cheering as if it was a great discovery or an event.

Jack: A great event.

Adele: Nobody tries to touch or take the chest. It is well and truly my chest.

02 precious stones IMG_7281Jack: Is the chest old?

Adele: Yes and no. It is well preserved but what stands out are the brilliant precious stones encrusted all over it. I’m having fun imagining that they are like eyes. I can even take them out of their settings… they are mine after all.

Now the divers are joking with me about how funny it was that they had to lower a trampoline because there was already a big one down there. They didn’t really need to lower one down. I didn’t see it even though it was huge.

Jack: What happens next?

Adele: Actually, when I asked them to retrieve the strongbox, the lagoon with the fish in it became small and turned into a trampoline. It was a trampoline. It wasn’t a blue lagoon, it was a trampoline. But I didn’t see it.

And it’s the same thing. It’s as if I have a big treasure chest but I don’t look into it. I cannot see.

It’s as if, when it comes to looking at a treasure chest, I am blind. Even if I look, I don’t see. So I don’t look. I say that I’m blind, so I don’t see.

It’s strange because the big stones set on the sides of the chest look like eyes to me, big shining eyes. Each perfect sphere of the brilliant stones looks like an eye. There is one in particular that I’m looking at. It’s like the globe of an eye. It’s pink, a really brilliant stone. Now I keep watching myself taking it out of its setting on the side of the box.

Jack: If you take it out what are you going to do with it?

Adele: What I see is that I’m going to put it on my forehead in the position of the third eye and then I’m going to look into the chest… I won’t be blind any more.

Whew! There’s a lot of emotion…

I was not seeing. I was not able to see what I was trying to see with my physical eyes. I was not seeing.

I was not seeing with that eye because I was afraid of seeing horrors. However, it’s an eye that is brilliant, all full of light… It’s not…

Jack: It’s beginning to be totally brilliant…

Adele: It’s as if I was not able to let my brilliant eye light up my physical eyes. It’s not my brilliant eye that sees horrors, it’s my physical eyes. I hadn’t realized the difference.

Jack: And when you look with this brilliant eye what do you see?

03 third eye IMG_7295Adele: I see that I can continue on and that everything can be clear in front of me. I see that I can continue on a lighted path. There is nothing that can prevent that light from shining.

Jack: That’s right. That’s its nature.

Adele: That’s the nature of the third eye?

Jack: Yes, because it is shining.

Adele: It’s as if I was afraid of that eye even though I don’t need to be afraid or terrified when I see with it.

Jack: That’s a very important realization. It’s important to make the distinction between the third eye and the physical eye. They are two completely different things. Now you have the possibility of seeing a lighted path.

Adele: Yes and, although having a big crowd around could seem threatening, when I emerged from the trampoline, all the people were clear and luminous. There was no reason at all to be afraid.

Jack: The change is very clear.

Adele: It’s like I have the impression that I’m going to be walking down the street with a spotlight that lights everything up.

Jack: That’s right. It’s lit up in front of you. That’s what was missing before. The lighting wasn’t there.

Adele: I have a different image. It’s the tasseled peak of a falcon’s hood. It’s as if I had put a hood on but now it’s removed. I had put a hood on because my physical eyes were seeing horrors and I didn’t want to see anything anymore.

Jack: You don’t have to see those horrors. It’s important to see with the third eye. It will light your path.

Adele: Definitely. I see myself walking around like a big spotlight. It goes everywhere. A big beam of light.

And now my beam of light is lighting things up so much that I have the impression that I not longer have to worry about material questions, or being short of money, or lacking help or support. I don’t have to bother about it – I have my beam of light which will show the way.

It’s OK. I feel lighter. It was time.

04 spotlight IMG_7300

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