Pristine Stillness

01 Empty bridge IMG_7248Copyright 2016 © Jack Cain both text and images

(This posting concludes material from the previous two postings)

Alfred: I think we could actually move into a session. Was that the plan or…

Jack: We didn’t even talk about it… [laughing]

Alfred: No we didn’t. With our growing efficiency in moving in and out of realities maybe we can make a transition.

Jack: If we look at where we ended in the last session, it was kind of abrupt. At one moment you were in that river, really at the center of the white light that was coming down and almost in the next moment you were back in your office. I was struck by that.

Alfred: That was very clear towards the end as it became clear that one could move toward the center where the light is more intense whereas as one gets distracted and attention fades one moves away from the center to the edges of the river. It may have been exactly in that instance where I was losing the contact.

And the abruptness you mention raises the question, almost with a kind of respect for that other quality of seeing and the light, whether we could not leave on a distraction but end the session with presence.

Jack: That’s a good point.

Maybe we need to attempt to flip right back to where you were – in the river, in the light.

Alfred: It’s quite vivid just now as we speak of it.

Jack: Well then it might be possible.

Alfred: It’s quite vivid in a mental way but it’s not yet permeating the body.

Jack: Yes, maybe that’s the transition that needs to be made. It’s one thing for it to be clear as an image and it’s another for the body to begin to participate. The body is your instrument really.

Let’s just take some time.

Alfred: Already there is a very early opening in the forehead. It’s like a spreading of the skin of the forehead in all directions.

It’s also easier to be in touch with the larger configuration of the skull.

Jack: Yes, that will help the transition as well – to be in touch with that larger structure… [pause]

Alfred: The body is much more amenable, almost consenting to be an instrument of something finer – without much resistance.

Jack: Well, I think that the body has learned now over a long period of time that there’s a benefit there for the body as well. [pause]

Alfred: The heartbeat seems to be pumping or vibrating in a much larger structure and that is felt throughout the body. [pause]

Very dark surrounding the skin. A dense darkness around the whole body. It has already become a kind of familiar transition. There’s no fear in that – it’s more like a velvety darkness. And a stillness in the body. [pause]

A sensation of being lifted – as happened before.

Jack: Are you lifted through the darkness would you say?

Alfred: Well, it becomes light – almost as if the upper half of the body becomes weightless or is lifted. Light on the front half of the body begins to penetrate from the front to the back.

I see all of that from observing the body and what’s been done to it. More and more the body is in the light. This is sensed both from within the body and from outside the body. Sensing, watching. [pause]

Something has to be saturated or concentrated. [pause]

It becomes so clear that it’s not up to me but that it’s a process that has to be gone through. [pause]

There was a little blinking of the awareness, kind of little micro-sleeps.

Jack: I wouldn’t worry about those micro-sleeps because sometimes it’s needed to do a bit of restoration. You can then move forward more because something has been rested or restored.

Alfred: I want to say that I’m standing much taller in the blue body.

Jack: You’re becoming more comfortable in that body it seems.

Alfred: There’s a clear sensation of stuff around my neck, clothes on my body and equipment that I’m carrying. I’m wearing clothes on a body that is quite different.

It sounds like I’m saying things to people, to someone. I can’t see them clearly but… as if from inside that body I sense my mouth moving, addressing perhaps the gathering.

Jack: Just take your time. Who you’re speaking to and what you’re saying will probably become clearer.

02 beadwork IMG_6440Alfred: Yes, right after I said that, I began to see rows of blue beings in an amphitheater kind of structure. I’m addressing them. It felt so instantaneous that part of me doubted it but now it feels quite steady. Rows of blue beings in an amphitheater-like setting.

The equipment looks like a beadwork made of coral. It is hanging around my neck and is very intricate. I’m communicating with those people through it. Perhaps that’s the paraphernalia we thought in the past was a type of authority or status insignia.

Jack: So you’re communicating through it?

Alfred: It feels like I’m communicating through it in the same way we would have a mike around the neck or pinned to the lapel. But also it feels more elaborate than that.

Jack: Maybe it will become clearer to you just what function it has. [pause]

Alfred: I want to say that what I communicate to the gathering is something of great import. [pause]

It is still addressing the green radiation.

Jack: Ah, so it still has to do with that.

Alfred: There’s a feeling it might have to do with that because I was seeing that kind of radiation as I was looking at the crowd through these eyes. These eyes are very slanted. They can take in a whole 180 degree range or more. They take in the whole gathering.

I think there are ways of communicating directly to their awareness. I communicate to them that image I saw one or two sessions before of the green radiation breaking through some kind of clouds, repeatedly indicating some kind of impending danger.

The head relaxes a little more. I was tensing in trying to be clear and it’s quite the opposite movement that is necessary.

Jack: Yes, usually things become clearer through relaxation not tensing but it’s hard to remember that.

Alfred: The tensing also has to do with the nature of that situation and it is perilous.

There’s great concern about that. I think I’m about to indicate or communicate information from higher-ups about what this gathering needs to know in relation to previous attempts which have failed. [pause]

Larger vibration. Some distraction. A vibration that encompasses the whole gathering. It takes a darker kind of capsule or envelope that includes everyone and…

Jack: But it’s darker?

03 gotten darker IMG_7079Alfred: It’s gotten darker there in a kind of ominous way. [pause]

There are brief moments of somnolence you know. But when something comes back, it comes to that density…

Ah. It becomes a little more clear that it’s concentrated around the heart – that that’s the next thing that needs some light because there’s an obstacle there.

Jack: I remember that you said last time there needed to be more opening there in the arteries of the heart.

Alfred: There’s a threshold to which the mind can bring one but a different type of opening is required. This is quite accurate. There is more light coming now with that opening. [pause]

After a certain wave of impatience has passed, there is an awareness that we are actually moving within this dark substance. It is a kind of dense liquid.

One navigates using a very different system than the visual.

But there is a kind of little break in the darkness, some patches of less density, but it still feels dense and resistant to the movement we’re making.

It feels like I’m the leader. I’m moving into this stuff and the others will follow – like I’m making a way. I’m meeting it where it’s the most dense. I wish I could receive some help in this. I’m not sure where to turn to for help.

Jack: Well, I think some part of you knows which way to turn for help.

Alfred: It is the repulsion from that dark stuff that is the obstacle here. I don’t love it enough. [pause]

It’s almost like allowing myself to know the contact it makes with my body. It is cold and sticky and repulsive. Allowing myself, just allowing that perception to be there without rejecting it.

Jack: Without judgment really. It’s just a fact.

Alfred: That’s right.

Jack: The important thing is your relation to yourself here – especially your relation to your heart.

Alfred: It’s so interesting how from the heart, which is now lighted, that substance isn’t identifiable. [pause] It’s so interesting… I’m still in that transition from experiencing it as menacing and constricting to it’s vanishing completely.

It’s like the cells are expanding in my body. It feels like each cell is making contact with the cells immediately adjacent. [pause]

Jack: So is something being transferred between the cells? Is that what you’re saying?

Alfred: Instead of shrinking from contact, each cell is venturing to contact other cells and also that dark medium in which they are embedded. With no fear each cell is making that contact with the light originating from the heart.

Jack: That’s what really driving the whole thing?

Alfred: Yes, the heart has that knowledge, that light, which is not yet permeating the whole of the organism. However, gradually it does move into the organism cell by cell as it receives the light and the light makes contact with surrounding cells.

Strange pain in the left leg, behind the knee, sudden onset. That’s fine – it passes.

Jack: Knees are often related to movement forward, but you do seem to be moving forward just fine. [pause]

Alfred: There is now a more even light across the body. And also an awareness of the others now.

Jack: Ah yes, I was wondering what was happening with the others.

Alfred: It breaks through a barrier of isolation that was agonizing. I recognize the others there. It’s not clear, it’s not over. But the substance we’re in is much clearer.

It’s almost as if we are getting to the surface of that liquid where the incredible white light touches its surface. We are about to cross over into that other medium.

Uninterrupted contact between the light and that other liquid that we set out to enter. We lose our form in the white light. It’s not that we lose our form, we’re just formless. Whatever was formed in that darker medium is no longer there.

Jack: Whatever was what?

04 lose form IMG_7227Alfred: Whatever was a form or body-like is no longer there.

Jack: It’s formless now is that right?

Alfred: Yes, it’s formless. It’s clearly present with a sense of “I” that is not lost in that formlessness.

Jack: The sense of “I” is still there eh?

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

With great concern, we are carefully and cautiously watching how everyone is making that passage. Also you can see how those bodies move from the dark matter into the light matter. The light, radiance. One by one. Making sure that everybody crosses.


It’s like a birthing –anxiously watching that the birthing process has been completed. Evolution. Something that has to happen and is being carefully monitored.

I have that place of responsibility in relation to that and I have the personal concern for each and every one who is approaching that barrier.

Jack: Of course. [pause]

Alfred: It’s confusing. I don’t know whether it’s a flashback to a previous moment or… There’s still a feeling of the presence of the blue body with its equipment… all of that on me. So it’s not that the form is gone. But perhaps the light – that bright, white light is…

I don’t know.

I don’t need to know that.

Jack: I think what’s important was just your perception that the form was gone. It doesn’t have to make sense with the equipment and the body. They are two different things really.

Alfred: It feels like a joyous gathering of all those who have lived through the transition. They are light beings – slight contours within the white light.

Jack: Right. [pause]

Alfred: A great calamity has been averted – that is the feeling.

Jack: Wow. [pause] And it’s really taken all the work that led up to this to be able…

Alfred: That’s exactly how it felt. As if the previous efforts made clear what was inadequate and that nothing less than what we just did was what was required.

It’s as if it required each individual to make the journey for themselves from a place that is no longer safe or habitable. [pause]

06 pristine IMG_6336Strong vibration and stillness. Images of life restored on some kind of a planet. Green fields. Things like that. Looked at from above. Very pristine. Like a planet that is about to be populated. Fresh beginning. [pause]

[big breath] It reminds me a little of that Swiss scene at the top of the mountain when the cleanup team purified the place from the residue of whatever toxins where there. [Blog posting: Cosmic Cleanup Team.] The colors are almost unnaturally strong – the greens, the yellows, the earth colors.

Jack: Almost glowing right?

Alfred: Yes, yes. A clear sense of animals beginning to occupy – in the fields – perhaps invisible.

There’s a sense of completion for me and for the team. Soon we will be on our way. It’s not for us to occupy that place. That is going to happen on its own and in its own time. The container is there – established.

Jack: Good.

Alfred: It’s so clear now. I’m noticing that when my forehead strains it’s kind of… now it relaxes. It almost feels like that’s where I may overstep the data. Then with the relaxation the truth of that comes. The source of doubt is in the straining and in the questioning coming from the mind you know.

Jack: It’s very good to have that signal.

Alfred: Exactly.

[tentatively] You know when it’s relaxing there’s more of a sense that the rejoicing is an ordinary perspective on that. There’s more of an understanding that this is the work that needs to take place in the life of this other being that I am. We’re fixing planets, that’s what we’re doing. And we restore life where life is interrupted. I’m not particularly invested in that planet or in those colors or… It is the care of the whole that is driving that so I cannot care that much about one particular place. The care for the whole is more evenly distributed.

Jack: Good. That makes sense.

Alfred: Normally that would be a natural place to stop but given what I said to you at the beginning, I feel I want to stay a little longer… not leave at a point of distraction or completion so to speak but more from a place of awareness. [pause]

There is an intensification of a vibration in the light. [pause]

An awareness of my being in my physical body and yet being miles away above it at the same time.

An awareness of how the distance is shortened between that out-of-the-body awareness and the body lying here. Kind of a landing of sorts.

Jack: I’m wondering – does it mean that some of the light is coming back with you?

Alfred: Yes. More in the form of a kind of vibration than something visual. A kind of high-pitched stillness. In the solar plexus. Along the back. [pause]

Yes. It’s all here now. [pause]

There is an urge to have some chocolate. [both chuckle]

I think that indicates the moment of arrival.

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