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Georgette came to me for a session of Dolores Cannon’s style of past life regression. She explained that about a year and a half ago she had “hit the wall.” Her life, which had formerly been mostly lively and positive, suddenly lacked meaning. Ailments and anxiety, unknown in the past, now were part of most days. Something was missing. But what? She had no idea. As I usually do, I explained that we would allow her subconscious to show us exactly what needed to be seen in relation to her current difficulties.


[Guidance to a safe place which is how I usually begin the session.]

Georgette: There are a lot of trees. And there’s a little river that makes a nice calming sound.

Jack: And what’s your feeling there. Are you happy?

Georgette: I’m feeling calm.

[Reinforcement of the state]


[Transition to the place that the subconscious has decided we need to visit today.]

Jack: Tell me what it’s like. Is it day or night? Where are you exactly? Can you see something?

Georgette: I think it’s night.

Jack: See if something more is perceptible – maybe what you’re wearing on your feet. Something more about your being there on this surface at night.

Georgette: [chuckling] I’m wearing my favorite slippers. [pause] I think I’m wearing pajamas but men’s pajamas. You know – like two-piece. They’re blue with white buttons.

Jack: Allow your consciousness to expand a bit… see what more you can take in from the scene…

Sometimes in past lives things are different… you may be a man not a woman… It’s hard to say.

Georgette: Yes. I don’t think I’m a woman.

Jack: So, just feeling the difference. Feeling how the body is different – a little more muscle, a little more mass, a little more height.

Georgette: No, I feel like I’m older.

Jack: Ah, you’re actually older. OK.

Georgette: I have white hair.

Jack: OK. Interesting.

Georgette: I’m older because my skin looks old – wrinkly and soft. [chuckling]

Jack: Just being there in that environment. Maybe we need to expand it a little further to see whether you’re inside our outside, whether you’re in a building or in a bedroom or…

Georgette: [with great assurance] No, I’m outside.

Jack: Ah, you’re outside. OK. Just begin to be aware of the surroundings and what kinds of things are there right now where you happen to be. [pause]

Georgette: I think I… I believe I see buildings but they look uninhabited – they almost look like rubble.

Jack: Like they’re in ruins?

Georgette: Yes… Like there’s nobody living there.

And I think it’s dawn now.

Jack: Let’s just see what happens as the day begins. So you’re old and you’re in a strange environment where you’re amidst ruins… Let’s just see what the next important thing is that you need to see here now.

Georgette: I’m walking down the street. I’m looking at the signs. But it’s not a language I recognize. [pause]

I see nobody. No one’s on the street. [pause]

Now I see this guy. He’s also old. He has one of those old hats, flat in the front. I don’t know what they’re called. He has white hair and a white beard. He’s walking with a stick, a brown stick. He’s wearing an old brown suit. [pause]

He’s smiling at me. [pause]

He’s waving at me to follow him. I think he wants to show me something. [pause]

We’re just walking.

Jack: And you’re still among those buildings.

02 rock lichen needles IMG_7096Georgette: There’s this big building. It’s huge. Hmm. I don’t know what kind of building this is, but it seems to be… I don’t see the end. I look up and it’s big. It’s tall.

Jack: You mean it’s so tall you can’t see the top?

Georgette: Right. But it doesn’t have any windows. And there are two big pillars at the entrance.

We’re going up the steps. I think we have to go inside.

Jack: Yes. It seems like you do.

Georgette: The old man turned towards me and he’s smiling again.

So we’re going in.

[Georgette starts laughing]

Jack: Why is it funny?

Georgette: Because I see monks! Like Buddhist monks – they’re wearing their red stuff. They have no hair and they’re just sitting there as we’re passing by. I did not expect that so it’s funny.

Jack: Do they pay any attention to you or do you just walk by them?

Georgette: I’m walking by but they’re just looking. They’re not saying anything. Just sitting peacefully. I see a lot of them! How many are there?

My hands are tingling.

Jack: Yes. There’s an energy component to what takes place too. But just stay with what’s happening – the old man is still with you, right?

Georgette: Yes.

Jack: And you’re moving through.

Georgette: It’s like this long hallway. And the monks are on both sides. Just seated. And we’re just passing through. [pause]

I’m looking at them. [pause]

I don’t think I see the old man any more. I’m by myself. And I keep walking. [pause]

I’m looking at my hands. Because there’s [chuckle] this ball of energy in each of them. Like a ball. Like a sphere.

Jack: You can actually see it right?

Georgette: But it’s blue. Like a dark blue. Navy blue.

Jack: And within the blue is it moving?

Georgette: Yes, just like a sphere – circular. It’s levitated above the palms of my hands. I’m holding the spheres without really touching them.

Jack: So they’re suspended.

Georgette: I don’t think I’m moving. I stopped and I’m looking at this.

Jack: So you’ve stopped walking and you’re standing still looking at these two balls.

Georgette: Hold on! The second one, the right one is not blue. It’s only the left one that’s blue. The one on the right is white. Just different hues of light I guess.

Jack: Although it’s white there’s movement of the light inside it – something like that?

Georgette. Yes.

Jack: Interesting. Just stay with it. We keep getting more information as you stay with it.

Georgette: [intonation of some surprise] I’m fusing them. I bring my hands close to each other and they start fusing into this spiral of energy or light or… I don’t really know what it is but it’s moving.

Jack: Is it moving up, down, sideways?

Georgette: [emphatically] It’s moving up. And it’s no longer blue. It has many colors. I look up and it’s pitch black and this energy is just going up and up and up and up and I don’t see how far it’s going. [pause]

It’s lighting up a tunnel of some sort. But it makes no sense – it’s all in earth.

Jack: You mean the tunnel is in earth?

Georgette: Yes but it’s up, up above my head.

Jack: Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem to make logical sense.

Brance: Yes, that’s what it is.

Jack: Just stay with whatever is happening.

Georgette: Yes, that’s it.

Jack: But there’s lots of light, right?

03 Flashlight IMG_7117Georgette: It’s this energy that is kind of throwing light onto this tunnel – as if with a flashlight you know. I feel like I want to go up… But I don’t know how.

Jack: Well maybe you just need to go up.

Georgette: [laughing] I’m going up.

Jack: Just sense the motion taking place.

Georgette: It’s like an elevator… except there’s no elevator.

Jack: But there is a movement. You can feel the movement taking place. You can see the walls of the tunnel going by so you know you’re moving. Right?

Georgette: Yes. [pause]

I’ve stopped moving.

Jack: Are you still in the tunnel or what’s happening?

Georgette: I see this white opening. It’s square. It’s like a door. But I don’t actually see the door. I just see this square light.

I’m going to go through.

Jack: Yes, right. Because if it’s a door that’s natural. [pause]

Georgette: I cannot see much because it’s so bright. But I can feel that I’m not alone.

04 too much light 3 IMG_6995Jack: Well, you need to let your eyes become accustomed to the brightness and then you can begin to see who’s with you. [pause]

Georgette: There’s… There are a few… I don’t know what they are. But it’s like they’re standing in a semi-circle in front of me. Like when you’re welcoming somebody.

Jack: Like a welcoming party.

Georgette: Yes. Yes. But it’s so bright.

Jack: You just need to get used to that. But what is the feeling? The feeling is being welcomed right? It feels good to be with them.

Georgette: Yes it does. But my body is cold.

Jack: If you get too cold we can put on another blanket. Let’s just see what’s taking place in this scene with those individuals in front of you. It may be hard to be precise about their form but you can feel their presence very clearly.

And do they have anything to say to you? It may be just a thought that comes to you rather than a word…

Georgette: I think they want to form a circle around me… but they’re not doing it. Maybe they need… I don’t know if they’re asking me for…

Jack: They’re asking you for permission?

Georgette: Yes.

Jack: So you have to decide what you want to answer.

Georgette: I’m going to let them.

Jack: You can make your decision based on the feeling of their presences. If they feel very positive it’s probably a good thing. [pause]

Georgette: I’m feeling colder. I think I have to pee.

Jack: That’s fine. You can go and pee. Just walk peacefully and then come back. Here, take my hand to stand up. [pee break]

[Georgette comes back.] Just lie down the way you were. I’m putting on another blanket. This one is made of alpaca.

Just take your time and close your eyes. [pause]

That’s right… take your time and just pick up where you left off… just as you told me you were able to do in your dreams when you had to go to the washroom and you could come back to where you left off in the dream.

Georgette: Yes. They’re still there.

Jack: So you’ve given them permission to make a circle around you. [pause]

Maybe we could see now why they wanted to do that or see whatever it is that takes place next.

Georgette: They’re holding hands and they’re making a circle around me. But they’re not too close. And they have wings – I can see that now. But they don’t have physical form. It’s like they’re just fluffy. Like energy.

Jack: Yes, it’s very different from a physical form.

Georgette. Yes. And I don’t think they have gender because I can’t make out if they are male or female. [pause]

Jack: Well, let’s just see what takes place next.

Georgette: [pause] I think they’re… It’s like every single one of them is emitting this energy… from the heart center… into me.

Jack: And how does that feel? What do you feel in your body?

Georgette: [puzzled] I’m not sure. I want to feel. I’m just standing there. And I’m letting this energy come in.

Jack: Good.

Georgette: I can’t see myself any more. Actually that’s weird. It’s like I was watching this from the up above.

Jack: You were watching from up above down?

Georgette: Yes. It’s weird. The old man is there – as myself; and I’m now this consciousness above observing what’s happening. So I think I’m going to go back in… back into the body. [pause]

Maybe I have to be still.

Jack: Yes, I think that’s important. [pause]

Georgette: They’re telling me to be patient. [Jack chuckles and then so does Georgette] Because I can’t see anything but the energy now that I’m in the body. I don’t see them any more. [pause]

I think they’re trying to heal me… or something.

They’re doing something to me. I don’t know what it is. But I know it’s not mal intent. [big breath]

Jack: Yes, it might be helpful to just breathe and be connected to the physical body that you’re in. It’s a little weird because you can flip back and forth between these different situations.

Georgette: Yes, because I think I’m supposed to breathe and stay still.

Jack: Yes. Because something is taking place. It will probably become clear after a little while. These processes take time. It’s probably helpful to just feel receptive, open.

05 pink rock vein and lichenIMG_7097Georgette: I have to quiet my mind.

Jack: Yes, just follow the breathing. It’s very central to the body. Just follow each breath in and out. Simply being aware. Even though there’s a movement in the breathing it’s a cycle so it has a stillness to it. And it’s very central to the core of the body. So it’s a way of centering and being still within oneself.

Georgette: I think I’m getting these energies that tell me my body is like in a cocoon. [pause]

Jack: Yes, it needs a certain amount of time in the cocoon state before another form can emerge.

Georgette: Oh! I think… I think I’m now like one of them.

Jack: Ah.

Georgette: Yes. I don’t have PJs. I’m not the old guy any more. I’m just this light.

Jack: Yes, just light.

Georgette: And I also have wings. [pause]

But I can see my hair and my eyes. My eyes are blue. And my hair is gold. It’s long. I seem to be wearing this flowing robe of some sort. It doesn’t have sleeves. It’s like a dress. It’s sky blue. But although none of this has a form it’s still very… It has colors… I see colors. But it’s not a solid form. That’s it.

Jack: I see… not a solid form. Is it like a transparent form would you say?

Georgette: I don’t know if I could see through it. It’s like energy in colors. It’s like a cloud. I can’t see through it.

I think I’m going somewhere. [pause]

It’s like a different world. I feel like I’m standing on this grass. There’s a tree on my left side. And I’m looking out into this open space.

It almost looks like one of those places from a fantasy. It’s nice. There’s a river. And there’s this big white structure. It looks like it’s a building but it’s very [chuckles] futuristic. It’s kind of like this spherical, round building. It reminds me of the planet Saturn because it has a ring around it. I don’t know if it goes all around it because I can only see it from one angle. I think I have to go there. [some eagerness in the voice] Yes, I see a bridge. I’m going to cross the river.

Oh! A bird just landed on my hand. [laughing with delight]

Jack: Nice!

Georgette: It’s such a small bird. But it’s not afraid. That makes me feel really good.

I’m moving again. I’m going to cross this little bridge. [pause]

There are three beings in my path. [pause]

I’m not sure what they want.

Jack: What do they look like?

Georgette: Like me a little bit. They have the wings. Their hair is long. One has blond hair the other two have brown hair.

This blond one seems to have something like a wand. He also has… Well I don’t know if it’s a he or she. I think it’s a he. But I don’t know. You know what. It’s almost like an elf with wings. That’s what they remind me of. They have pointy ears and long hair. There’s a kind of gold crown with this stone that comes across his forehead, a red stone in the center of his forehead. I don’t know. My focus is on him.

Jack: Maybe there’s something that needs to happen between you.

06 Red orchid IMG_6969Georgette: He extended his hand to me. I’m taking it. And we’re moving. [pause]

I think he’s happy to see me.

His left hand is holding my hand but with his right hand now he is showing me this… this world. It seems to be in a valley. As if we were on a little hill looking down below.

And he says, “This is our home.”

It’s really beautiful. [awe in her voice]

But I just see colors.

Jack: You mean colors rather than landscape or buildings.

Georgette: Yes. Yes. Because I’m trying to see. I mean… It’s not like I see buildings or anything like that. I see these clouds of colors and… It’s beautiful but… I can’t really make out… Now he’s holding both of my hands and he’s telling me…

[puzzled] He’s telling me… he’s telling me to let go. [Jack chuckles quietly] Oh, what does he mean?

He really needs me to let go.

Jack: Yes, you need to let go. Don’t object that it’s just colors. [big breath] Yes – breathe deeply.

Georgette: [giggles] I think he’s handsome. He has really nice teeth. What the hell! [pause]

I think we’re moving again. [pause]

OK. I think we’re going into that white building. I think I see the path and the stairs. [pause]

It’s weird. I think we have a connection. He’s not just a random person. He’s smiling.

I think we’re walking in. OK it’s a sliding door. I’m inside. [pause]

[As Georgette enters this building, the church bells near my office begin to ring as they do at noon every day. She later wrote me: “It threw me off completely and I remember thinking ‘Wow – what timing!’ But then I had to focus really hard to get back to the subconscious part. The timing was extremely powerful.”]

It’s like it’s this… big… you know like entrance. This building is huge. They would call this part a lobby maybe. You walk in and there’s this big space. And I think there’s this star on the floor. I’m trying to make out what kind of star it is. I just know it’s a star. [pause]

07 Star on the door 6 IMG_7108Ah. It’s gold color. It’s kind of like the one you have on your door. You know, eight points, lines… that come together in the center. And it’s gold.

It’s a very colorful floor. There’s a lot of colors around. The star’s in the middle and there’s a circle around it. And then there’s… Why am I stuck on this floor? I don’t know. But it’s fascinating. It has these flowers – it’s like a tile but it’s not a tile – it’s a stone. Beautiful flower designs on the floor. I think it’s just so pretty – that’s why I’m fascinated.

Jack: It sounds wonderful.

Georgette: OK there’s this staircase. Yes, it’s brown. It looks like a wooden staircase. It goes up and then into this other section – like a mezzanine to this lobby that I was in. I’m not moving.

Jack: You’re not moving now so you’re there on the mezzanine?

Georgette: No, no. I didn’t climb the staircase. I’m just looking at it.

I think there’s a lot of plants on the right side. I love plants.

Now I look up at the ceiling, a dome-like ceiling made out of what looks like glass, different colors of glass. And the light is coming through. Ah. The light is going straight down into that star on the floor. So now it’s no longer gold; it’s like this white light – the star.

I don’t understand. [chuckle] I think he just pulled on my hand.

[laughing] I think he’s telling me again to let go. That’s funny; I’m laughing. [big breath]

He’s telling me, “You came here for answers, now come and get them.”

But I’m still not moving.

Jack: Can you ask him where you need to go to get them?

Georgette: He’s smiling. He’s telling me, “You’re already here.”

Jack: So maybe you just have to ask your questions. [Georgette had come to the session with 10 written out questions that we reviewed beforehand.]

Georgette: I asked if I was on the right path. The spiritual path. And what I’m getting is that I’m just supposed to follow the star. Let the star be the guide. I’ve done that. [pause]

Jack: What’s the next question?

Georgette: I think I’m asking what’s happening to me. [pause]




Whoof! OK. That was a strong emotion.

Jack: Yes. Clearly.

Georgette: I think I… I think I’m on my way home. [pause]

Jack: Do you have any more questions?

08 White orchid IMG_6913Georgette: I don’t think they matter.

Jack: Right. The important thing is that you’re on your way home.

Georgette: I think he’s telling me to just let go.

I think I’m supposed to stop asking questions.

Jack: Right.

Georgette: I think I’m just supposed to have fun.

Jack: That sounds good.

Georgette: He just keeps saying let go. Let go. Just let go. He’s annoying at this point. But handsome. Handsomely annoying. [laughing]

Jack: I know you’re not supposed to ask any more questions but maybe you could ask him if you could consult him again if you need to. [pause] [big breath]

Georgette: [voice breaking] He says he’s always with me. [pause]

I can come back whenever I want. It’s my home. And he will always wait at the bridge. [pause]

I think he’s giving me a virtual hug. Because he’s not really hugging me. But it’s like a projection of the thought. That’s how I’m receiving it.

I’m asking him his name. He’s telling me it’s not important.

Jack: [laughing] So he can be really annoying.

Georgette: Because he said that I’ll always know. He doesn’t need to have a name. But I don’t know if he has one. Again he’s telling me it’s not important. OK.

Jack: You don’t need a name to communicate with him.

Georgette: No, I just need to go back to this place. And now I know how to get there.

Hmm. He’s telling me to follow the same path.

Jack: Yes.

Georgette: To come back. [pause]

I think we’re leaving that building.

He’s smiling. [pause]

In front I’m trying to take in more scenery but I only see colors. Like these colorful clouds of the rainbow-ish energy. [pause]

Hmm. I think the bird is back.

Jack: Oh, nice.

Georgette: It’s this little red bird with a little bit of black.

I think it’s time to go.

Jack: Yes, you need to begin to come back. So do you need to cross that bridge again?

Georgette: Yes.

He is not crossing the bridge.

Jack: It would be good to come back to where we began – the same tree and little stream. [big sigh] Can you do that?

Georgette: Yes.

It was tough to leave.

Jack: I know it’s tough but we each have a body, we’re incarnated here. We have to come back – for now.

Just feeling that environment – it doesn’t have the same qualities even though it’s very nice. But it’s still very wonderful too in its own way. So just spending a bit of time there and then knowing that you have the elements of this journey in your mind very clearly. So that you can make it again when you need to, when you’re called to do that. Knowing very clearly that you just need to follow that star when you’re trying to decide something or you need help.

[We exit the session.]

09 two empty chairs at sunset IMG_6885

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