Knowing One’s Needs

01 abandonned crescent IMG_6917(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2015, text and images)


Introduction by Victoria:

By the grace of God!

Those accompanying us know my needs much better than I do.

Right away at the beginning we can feel the presences of those accompanying us. They are here and are interested in how the session will unfold.

[We put the cat out – which gives time for the garbage trucks to go by.]

And we dive back into the altered state.

The space is vibrating a little differently, especially with the presences in the room.

We’ll be inviting the subconscious to show us the most important and instructive elements. It’s important not to go too fast at the beginning. We’re waiting for something to engage, a certain process that needs to start up. [pause]

It may be important to have an overview of the current situation in the room where we are beginning. And it’s good to have contact with flowers – that will help us begin.

Jack: Victoria, maybe you could give me a brief report on where you are now…

Victoria: The moment you said “flowers” I felt as if two… I’m trying to find words… two enormous, enormous, enormous hands that join together to form something like a container. Underneath me I am taken by these hands and lifted up.

And I am carried like into a cloud, and I don’t see anything else for the moment. I feel supported and I feel carried away. It’s pleasant however.

The view is nothing but whitish, cottony clouds. And now, I’m hot!

Jack: There’s a sensation of movement, right?

Victoria: Yes, a kind of sensation of swaying, very lightly.

Jack: Certainly, there is this focus, there is this mission of finding information from the light, energy, finding things that will help Victoria at this time in her life within this great reservoir of information that is the subconscious.

02 grey on grey IMG_6940Victoria: It’s stagnant. At the moment nothing is moving. I see things in the distance but it’s confused.

Jack: It’s important to look at what’s there. It’s not by chance that that’s what’s there. It’s important to look at the confusion.

Victoria: I realize that the state of confusion has always been a state that I wanted to flee from – all of my life. I don’t like feeling confusion – it makes me very uncomfortable. When I feel confusion, I have the impression that I can’t access my intelligence, whatever intelligence might be there.

When I’m in that confusion, I have the impression precisely of having clouds in my head, and that’s… [big sigh]

And it’s precisely at such times that I have the impression that I’m not intelligent enough yet.

Jack: You don’t want at all costs to ever be caught in a state where you are without intelligence.

Victoria: Exactly! [Brief interruption for postal delivery]

Jack: See if you sense this confusion now.

Victoria: What I feel is a pressure in the third eye. The pressure is on the inside.

The scene is still the same, but now there’s a lot of movement. The clouds are not static. They are impelled by a kind of movement of the wind that stirs them up, makes them turn, turning them into rolls.

Jack: Try to focus on the confusion that is there. It’s not a natural movement because it’s not a state that you like to experience.

Victoria: Right.

Jack: What’s needed is for you to enter into it more deeply. Concentrate on the third eye because there is a connection there to this contact with the confusion, the lack of intelligence.

Victoria: At the moment you said that, there is something like a certainty that yes there is a contact, a very precise connection between the two.

Now I hear the words, “Opening of the third eye, transitory state in the process of opening. This transitory state in the process of opening is inevitable.”

It’s not necessary, it’s inevitable because that is the path between the two – our vision and the vision. Vision can have several degrees, it can be very clear. For the moment, it is not clear.

But through action, it must be programmed using affirmations. I need you to hold the flashlight to help the subconscious continue its inner work. That’s why I feel a push from inside.

I see a tunnel. It’s in the process of being dug so you can see through to the end of it. I don’t see right to the end of it yet.

Jack: And the tunnel?

Victoria: It’s still being dug.

Jack: It’s still being dug.

Victoria: The digging has to continue. I feel a great anxiety in the heart chakra to see the tunnel open. There’s a great wish, a great desire, a great motivation. It’s absolutely necessary to pass through the tunnel today, now.

OK, I see. The heart chakra influences the tunnel digging. The deep feeling in the heart influences the digging.

It feels like I’m making a journey inside my head.

And I hear, “My head is not just my head it’s the whole universe.”

Jack: Is there something that has to be done in the heart chakra, for you, or is it a process which…

04 Blue shapes IMG_6206Victoria: The process is active at the moment. It’s still working at the level of the third eye, in the tunnel.

But something is working at the level of the cosmos because the canopy of the skull is also the canopy of the universe, of the cosmos.

All of this corresponds to my deep desire since birth to be in conscious touch and in love with beings from other spheres – to be able to easily move through inter-dimensions, inter-densities.

I have just been told, “Ah, another stage of the tunnel has just been completed.”

There is perhaps a bit of cleaning within the heart chakra – an anxiety that is not positive has just appeared there. A little bit of cleaning, not a big deal. A small fear from the past just came up from the depths, the elsewhere depths. It’s in the heart chakra but it is coming from far, far, far away. It needs to be removed.

I’m being told that there is a stone in this room that you can take and place on the heart chakra, a pink stone – and that will help. A rose quartz on the heart chakra.

Jack: A pink crystal. [The stone is placed on her chest.]

Victoria: Good. It’s in the process of dissolving the most disturbing clouds. Greyish clouds.

A lot of things are moving through my field of vision.

Accepting to see = Action becoming engaged.

I’m still seeing the same images. The tunnel is still being dug. And the clouds – they’re a bit stationary even though they’re moving. They are moving without moving. There still seems to be some resistance involved.

I feel encouragement around me but I don’t know how to undo the resistance.

Jack: I wonder of the sound of a Tibetan bowl…

Victoria: If the idea comes…

Jack: I don’t know which one… [Jack rings one. The sound is totally soothing.]

Victoria: Ah, there’s an opening happening above the clouds. For sure, it’s as if the clouds are dividing in two to make way for an opening in the shape of a cat’s eye – the iris.

That did it. The sound worked. I was able to get out of the clouds. The tunnel is still being dug. It is short and long at the same time.

I feel a strong pressure in the forehead, but on the inside. It’s not a static pressure, it’s dynamic – it moves around.

Coming out of the cloud, I have two focus points. I’m floating and I see little things and big things floating.

Nevertheless, I see ships, apparatuses going by. And it’s as if I got flattened against one of the vessels and I’m sucked inside. It’s big – blue-white colors, white with blue borders, white with mauve borders. Beautiful.

There is a voice that says that they’re going to keep digging the tunnel.

It’s like I’m seeing beings – not with physical bodies like ours but sort of fluid. They have a human shape but it’s fluid. They can stretch out, get reconstituted, a little like a cloud taking a human shape and when they move around the form gets stretched and then comes back together. A bit like ghosts.

I feel a loving emanation coming from them. I still have the pressure in the third eye. Actually, it is just a bit painful, just a bit.

I’m being led through corridors. I see panels on the walls. I still feel like I’m carried.

05 single ray IMG_6892I have the impression that a little sun is beginning to light up on my forehead. At the same time, it begins to emanate a small ray. As if the opaque partition was being pierced.

And I’m being told clearly that this partition is being worked on, shrunk, thinned in each human being.

The work of massaging the pineal – I’m being shown that it’s extremely useful, effective. I’m being told EFFECTIVE. Now, it’s as if everything I’ve done to clean the pineal gland passes by in review before me with a confirmation of its effectiveness.

Much can be done and much IS BEING DONE to help our bodies simply by our thought of working on the effect. That’s called the mirror effect, the energetic effect, the energetic component of our bodily organs.

I have the impression of being in a big room. I’m more or less floating – lightly. But this lightly makes all the difference.

It’s as if those beings are having fun making all sorts of greetings and salutations just to be comical. It’s weird – this interlude. It almost turns into a dance.

There’s one who comes fiddling around on my forehead. With his palm he makes like a pump, a siphon, pulling on my third eye. I feel the effect through my whole body.

The effect of this work is that the surface area taken by the third eye grows, covering the whole forehead, including even my eyes. It pulls, pulls hard.

And the picture I have of the being who is doing that is that he is putting a lot of intensity into what he’s doing.

And I hear them telling me, “This is not just affecting your eyes, my dear. Many things inside you, in your brain, are leaving: toxins, toxicity, faulty programming. We’re getting rid of a whole lot.”

Childhood memory: a horse who was the incarnation of Evil, who prevented people from working.

They make a small pass over the heart chakra to remove a crust. There is a transformation in progress, another transmutation.

I am given the words, “Decompression chamber. And in a decompression chamber it’s never very pleasant but it doesn’t last long.”

Now I’m seeing my being inside a sphere. My being has been – not recuperated because it was never lost – but it has re-illuminated its light body. My light body has been re-illuminated inside the sphere, inside the vessel.

The pumping of the third eye is what has re-illuminated the light body.

And now it feels like my whole head is under pressure.

06 brave cactus IMG_6657The heart chakra feels better. And about that I’m being told, “For a week you rest.”

I reply, “I rest all the time.” “YOU REST,” they reply. “Do you understand?”

I’m up against all these programmings of laziness, lack of self-worth, etc. when I’m in a period where essentially I don’t think I have anything to do.

And now the phrase comes, “Not for very long.” And then they tell it to me over again.

Jack: What do they tell you?

Victoria: YOU REST!

I have the impression that the whole of 2015 was that. And they reply, “Exactly, that’s what it had to be. And it’s not over.”

“The only reason you feel uncomfortable saying that you’re resting is because of your belief in how others see you. Get rid of that. Enough is enough!”

Jack: How others see you?

Victoria: How others see you. The way other people look at you probably. Anyway, all those ways of looking are illusory. It has no effect and it doesn’t exist.

“The way other people see you, NO! That’s called the judgment of others about you, NO! That doesn’t exist.

“People don’t judge you, they judge THEMSELVES. Each one of them.

“Their looking, their vision, is the look they throw on themselves, the look that they cast, that they place on themselves.

“Just like the look you place on yourself – when you place it on others, this look is the look you place on yourself.

“What do you see in others? You see only what you see in yourself, the look you place on yourself.

“Given that you see beautiful things, continue! Your eye is continuing to open, more and more and more.”

The image of the blue lady that I saw comes back. She tells me that I will see her again. “You will see the lady in blue again.”

I have just been told, “Operation Ended.”

They have a lot to do – re-illuminating light bodies. Each being is an important particle. They all need to be illuminated.

One at a time, beginning with oneself.

I still feel the pressure in my forehead. And it has returned concentratedly. The surface is become concentrated again, smaller.

Now I have left the vessel. I am elsewhere, not anywhere. It’s over.

Jack: It’s totally incredible!

Victoria: It’s what I asked for. I didn’t exactly ask for it – it’s more like a logical continuation. We’re all headed there.

Those things that are asked for take care of themselves – they are not side effects. They know better than we do.

You don’t have to be a tree in the forest in order to look at the forest. You have to be a tree on the mountain in order to look at the forest. In order to see the landscape – because in that case you are no longer seeing only the forest, you’re seeing the whole. The forest is only a little patch in the whole landscape.

Jack: It’s important too to know how to re-illuminate all those bodies.

Victoria: The particles.

Jack: Particles of light. It’s a work that is happening.

Victoria: I am sure that you are going to encounter others who are going to illuminate their light bodies. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

Jack: Of course.

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