Reactivation (English)

01 three flowers IMG_6860(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2015, text and images)

 Jack: [Jack speaks for a few minutes at the beginning to install the altered state of consciousness needed to support the journey.]

So, Victoria, perhaps you could give me a little report about what is present now. How do you feel? What’s going on in the body?

Victoria: The body is fine. It’s just that the heart is well relaxed but it is a little anxious. The journey hasn’t begun yet… There’s a sense of being suspended, waiting – the mechanism of journey has not yet been engaged.

Jack: It’s like we were saying last time too – it’s not a question of pushing, not a question of trying to do something… but a deepening of the state of waiting, of the state of receptivity especially. Perhaps there could be a little deeper relaxation in the area of the heart. Perhaps you need to reassure that part.

Victoria: Yes, I’m trying to find my field of flowers. In fact, now I’m in a field of flowers.

Jack: Good. And in the field of flowers you can feel how the body can absorb colors, vibrations, fragrances of all those flowers. Just by being there already you are helped. There is a help in the presence of those flowers – it’s a real presence that feeds the whole being.

Victoria: Yes. I see semi-translucent beings. Several of them. There is an interaction now.

Jack: Once the beings are visible like that, it is perhaps important to feel the quality of their vibrations – because it’s a very fine and reassuring quality. That too will help deepen.

Victoria: There is a notion of joy, a quality of joy in the interaction – their way of acting, their way of being.

Jack: It’s a beautiful beginning – a beautiful situation that you are in right now.

Victoria: Yes. Very.

Jack: We are very privileged to be in such a place with these beings.

Victoria: I think that Rainbow [the cat lying on her chest] feels them because she stretched out her body when they arrived, during their interaction.

Jack: Probably here at the beginning it’s a question of establishing a contact with these beings… without pushing, without hurrying, of course, but simply feeling. Through deep feeling the contact can be strengthened a little.

Victoria: Yes, I have the impression that there is a kind of path, a road that is opening. It is a luminous path. The light gleams… it’s a light that brightens. Its intensity is everywhere, like rays. It’s as if several rays together form the path. In fact, I see a sphere at the end. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but… That’s what I saw and it wasn’t there a moment ago. It’s there now. A bluish white sphere. My body feels better than it did just before. I feel good.

Jack: The area of the heart as well?

Victoria: Yes, it’s good. Rainbow is doing her work. Among others. [pause]

It’s as if I see many beings moving on the roadway of light. I see several points – they must be beings – they are going up, going down, coming and going. [pause] It stays like that. I am at the beginning of the roadway. Not going forward. Not entirely static but…

Jack: We need to ask that the direction become clearer. The roadway is there. There is something in the distance – a sphere in the distance. And there is coming and going along the roadway. Now it’s a question of action… Perhaps that depends on Victoria – her interest. It doesn’t mean making a decision exactly but… feel where exactly you are attracted to. So, you feel inside, inside the body, in the heart you feel attracted somewhere. And that way a movement can begin.

Victoria: I have entered the sphere. I don’t see anybody but I’m warm. My third eye is warm – in fact it’s hot. My forehead feels open.

Jack: Yes, that will help us because it’s about a visual perception that is being clarified.

Victoria: Yes, because I don’t have a lot of focus but I have the impression of walking in a kind of cloudy state. Yes, like cloudy, like comatose.

Jack: I wonder if a deeper concentration is needed… or if you need to be thinking of something… Perhaps a question of focus.

Victoria: I hear the words “Let it come.”

Jack: Yes. It’s like a relaxation, right?

Victoria: More words come: “Accepting to go” then afterwards “Let it come.” Seemingly contradictory without being contradictory. [pause]

Jack: It’s a question of an inner attitude that needs to be modified just a little in order to find acceptance.

02 field of white flowers IMG_6130Victoria: I’ve entered a small adjustment of an inner passage. I felt… it’s as if another of my bodies emerged from the mist. I see my various bodies of vibratory dimensional rates – here is another one that has come forward. I’m aware that it has emerged from the clouds. I have entered a luminous space, really luminous – clear and luminous. The beings have assumed forms that I can understand – that’s what they’re telling me. [pause] They’re giving me two words: “Small overview.”

Jack: It’s important isn’t it – a small overview – because you need to know a bit better where you’re going with this body, but of course it’s the body that is needed, the body that knows how to move forward, knows how to journey. The body with the vision.

Victoria: The question arises, “Why am I here?” And the reply is, “Let yourself be bathed, very simply, just let yourself be bathed.”

Jack: It would be good to concentrate on the fact that you are already receiving in the light and in this place that is very special. Already you are receiving something. So it isn’t always a question of going further. It’s more a question of being really there, with these influences.

Because the influences that are there have an impact, an impact probably on the whole body.

Victoria: I am letting myself be bathed. Very nice.

Jack: Can you feel if there’s something taking place in the body?

Victoria: Yes, definitely. When I mentioned that I was entering into the sphere, what happened was that I was not entering the sphere. The sphere led me, the sphere that was there. We imagine that there is distance and time but there is neither distance nor time. All those notions are just there to quieten the thinking mind. There I have neither distance nor time. I am here and there. I am where I am. In fact, it’s… Where I am, where we are, the vibratory rate is increasing. A leap in consciousness is happening, a leap in the knowledge of words. The words are all pejorative, they’re all comparative, relative. Everything is relative.

Jack: But perhaps the important thing is that you sense the movement, a little change that can continue – a leap like that. You can feel it inside the body, inside the being.

Victoria: … with every cell. [big breaths]

Jack: So there is an action inside each cell…

Victoria: There is an interaction and if we can call it that – a discussion, a resonance, and an awareness of the activation of the faculties – what we call “faculties.” It’s like cells that are lighting up one after the other. Each cell is a sun; each sun is lighting up. Rainbow is aware of it.

What am I seeing in those small lights from a few moments ago… The word “REACTIVATION” is wandering around everywhere – in capital letters, in small letters, in letters of all kinds of colors. The letters are glittering, there are flashes of light. It’s like a fireworks display of the word “REACTIVATION.” [big breaths] [pause]

And what you are is much more than that, because the thought of earthly limitations went through my mind and the following sentence came in response: “What you are is, and is worth, much more than that.” In reality, that’s what they said.

Jack: Much more than earthly thoughts, is that it?

Victoria: Right. They’re telling us, “We are completely aware of the extent of your feeling, of having awareness in your 3-D thoughts.”

Now I’m seeing a spiraling luminous effect. They are saying to me, “Be careful about what you believe and what you don’t believe. Pay attention to thoughts about your beliefs that enter and destroy your abilities.”

“Destroy especially the extent of your abilities, the extent of the influence from what I am really in each one of my cells.” I’m trying to interpret what they’re saying to me.

Jack: Is this a work with strands of DNA? I’m not sure this is an appropriate question…

Victoria: Up to now, that hasn’t come up, but a response is coming through. “The reconstruction, the re-establishment of your strands of DNA already began ten years ago. Several strands have been reassembled. The initial impact was given in 2004 on Mount Shasta and it hasn’t stopped since then.”

As has been said, each DNA takes time – requiring a reaction in the body for it to be integrated. An integration has been present, as has been said, in the form of a temporary malaise lasting a more or less long time… a lot of durations. And they tell me that, regarding what is happening now, I had forgotten that that was what was happening. A major piece of DNA was in the midst of being installed and that affected the whole area of the heart chakra.

Right. It’s a fact that I hadn’t thought about… not at all. And now they sending me waves of hilarity. Right. They’re telling us that they know very well that you are in the midst of thinking of dramas – too many dramas in your thoughts, too many dramas. Put in joy and laughter; that will get rid of the dramas. CULTIVATE JOY AND LAUGHTER. Too many dramas. [pause]

The third eye, the forehead is totally open. The two other parts that are open – each temple in the temporal area. There is an emanation of light that moves out from my forehead and from each side of the temples – two other emanations of light that move out from each side. [pause]

I am trying to connect with my thinking which is in action, then the work… this other body that is in action too… and what is happening is the unification of these activities. [big breaths]

The barrier was placed in our thinking for such a long, long, long time… the barrier between the two activities was installed whereas originally there was no barrier.

That’s why the magic disappeared. The barrier was put there to prevent the soul from acting. And in the present moment this barrier is beginning to crumble… in the same way as the separation between each being in creation is in the process of crumbling. It is an illusory separation. [pause]

The ray of light in my right temple is more intense and bigger than the ray of light in my left temple – at least twice as intense and twice as big. They should be the same. Ah! They’re in the process of balancing them. [pause] They are in the process of working on a part of the cells of my body too. Bringing about, creating, unification.

On the left side, the opening of light is not yet as big. There seems to still be a difficulty on that side. The following words are being repeated: “Let it come. Let it come to you. Not enough listening.” Listening is missing, listening is missing, in all sorts of ways. Accepting and listening is the same thing. Infinite the receiving. Infinite the receiving. Telepathy. Empathy. Welcoming in.

03 orange and blue flower IMG_6867Jack: It seems to be a learning how to manage feelings.

Victoria: Not so much a management of feelings as a management of emotions. The management of feelings takes place properly when the management of emotions has been handled in the right way. [pause] I am being told too that sometimes emotions come in and block the feelings.

Jack: Yes, I believe that is a big danger.

Victoria: It’s not just blocking, it’s as if the emotions come in on top and envelop the feelings and then people don’t realize – they don’t see their feelings – the emotion is there disturbing them. You really have to manage the emotions first of all. Unfortunately, it all needs to be redone – teaching how to manage emotions. It all has to be redone. Disturbed emotions equals immaturity in the being… It’s an essentially spiritual immaturity because it’s in the realm of spirit and of what we attract to ourselves.

I am seeing all this in the form of a tableau. The emotions are like big patches of color, storm clouds that cover feeling to such an extent that feeling disappears in the clouds. They’re still there but distinguishing the difference between the two is more and more difficult. [pause]

They want to take me into something else. This part is ended for the moment.

Now I hear, “Cats are blessed.” “More blessed than my aunt.” [Her aunt who was just declared ‘blessed’ by the Church.] [pause]

So many things to recuperate. So many things to relearn.

Now a little ray comes in, “Yes, yes you, you have a mind that wants to learn. Yes, yes, yes, that’s it. Comical, comical, comical.” [big breath] [pause]

Jack: Now, is listening still active?

Victoria: It is active but not at its maximum. [rather long pause]

All sorts of images are passing by as if I was in the center of a room and there were images moving across the walls in rapid succession. I can’t grasp anything.

Jack: So, it’s a transition that is taking place. You just have to feel, feel in… What has already happened was precious… It’s possible that’s all but also it’s possible that something more is needed…

Victoria: A pause is needed. I don’t know yet.

Jack: It’s still a question of being patient. There have already been indications of allowing something to come and there’s an acceptance of the fact that a lot has already happened but… [pause]

Victoria: I feel that… The image that comes is… the summit, the room, what is circulating on the walls, right… And now there are beings around me who are making manipulations, movements of the hands, manipulations, re-arranging, re-adjustments, putting things back. It seems to be a big job. There are four of them – four of them working together. There are there on both sides. There is a sphere above them, those four and me, another sphere that is placed and there is pink in it, mostly pink. Soft. A little pink shading into fuchsia.

Each time there is a change Rainbow reacts. She makes a movement. She is sensitive to changes in the activities.

The sphere is rising. It’s as if the notions of gravity – up-down, left-right – that’s done with. So, there is work being done in all directions – because there are no longer any directions. [very long pause]

There are thoughts related to experiences, to images of negativity in our thoughts… What is being said is that these are images of the PAST. In your thoughts CREATE new images. “Put new images into your thoughts so they become your future present.

Jack: So, you have to pay attention to those images, right?

Victoria: Yes. Our work now – our main work on Planet Earth – for each individual – is our thoughts.

What happened in the past, the images of the past have no business being in front of our eyes because they no longer exist and they can no longer be used to create our future. It is not good to remember the past. This relates to the expression, “Let the dead bury their dead.” [very long pause]

The pink bubble is still suspended there. It’s moving around gently. At the same time, I sent out the question whether I’m going to meet them soon, if I can be in contact with the team members so to speak. The reply is, “Soon, soon.” My goodness, I really hear this word, “Soon.”

Jack: If it’s appropriate, I would like to ask a small question about myself, if you could…If there is something that could be said about my work – the kind of work that I’m doing with Victoria and with other people.

04 tentacular leaf IMG_6826Victoria: The word that comes is “Déclencheur.” There is a big word “DÉCLENCHEUR” – which appears in the air in capital letters. DÉCLENCHEUR. “Trigger,” right? Important.

Jack: There’s not really an English word for that but I know what it means, yes.

Victoria: But you have the word “trigger.”

Jack: Yes, there’s the word “trigger” but the French word has a larger meaning. “Trigger” is more just for guns. It’s more like “setting something in motion.” “Getting something going.”

Victoria: Anyway, the gist of it is… what is going through my mind is that each time you help someone to get something going, you pick up a little bit of the work being done… And then what is happening is not just the trigger work going on in you at that moment. It’s a work of liberation. It’s like less weight on you. A greater facility is being established for…

Now there are several words appearing. It has to do with your future, the conception of your future through your beliefs. You have memories that are leaving, that are no longer necessary because you are no longer putting limits on your future.

It is being said more clearly for the conception of that future, and then the welcoming in of that future. Then there is an impression of a heaviness being lightened… a lightening of the heaviness because you are going to be sending fewer old memories into it.

That is being presented as images… I am interpreting the images that are coming. It’s like a cartoon if you will… There are weights and a scale for weighing… all sorts of things… I am describing what I’m seeing… what is being brought.

I see a scales with your soul on one side… It’s the opposite of what played out in your life. Your soul is very light. What makes the weight for your future is the other side of the scales. That needs to be light too. There are old things being held onto. They are saying “vibratory level” but it’s not just that. It’s a weight that puts heaviness into that vibratory level. I see them all as little blocks on the other scale. As for your soul, it has the weight of light, luminous light.

It’s new. If I were a graphic artist, I would love to draw that.

Jack: All that is very useful.

Victoria: There are reassuring words arriving and I see the beings that are around me looking at you and saying, “It’s very encouraging. Don’t worry. You just have to put laughter and joy into your life as much as possible. It doesn’t matter what you do. Whatever you do, you can put laughter and joy into it…” What I hear is, “Do it in joy. You are setting something in motion there too. You are having fun with it because the work is being done as you are having fun.” We are really having fun when we work on this.

Here too I see a big face with a big smile that takes up the whole face. I have no way of describing it. If I were a graphic artist I would draw it. It’s very interesting that they’re giving me graphic images today. Many of the things that I have seen today could be reproduced graphically in images.

Ah, they’re telling me – they’re using graphic images because it’s the lighter side of images. It’s the child-like side of images. At the present time it’s necessary to bring back the child-like side, because we have been programmed to be too serious.

Jack: Yes, seriosity.

Victoria: Seriosity – exactly. Now, I hear the thought – in this particular action, in this particular encounter, you can keep only the child-like side. The laughter of the child in this would already mean success. It’s as if we need to banish from our lives the saying, “Hey, guys, come on now, we’ve got to be serious.” By doing that, we are going to undo the whole weight and ability in the action that we are undertaking.

I think that’s the end of the meeting for today. They are saying to me, “That was definitely a meeting.” You can also call that “a number of meetings.”

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