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Jack: I feel something at this moment about the quality… already a shift has taken place… the quality of the atmosphere – the quality of your connection, my connection and the relationship to where we’re going – there’s a sense of something being gathered, accumulating.

Alfred: Exactly. Like parts that have to come together and relate. Some claim about separateness – the “me” – has to relax a little more. [pause]

It has that quality in my back, a quality which begins to be a little more familiar, becoming more vibrant, becoming one living experience. All the places where the body makes contact with the support – they all feel as one.

Jack: A very definite progression is taking place. Without anything being forced – just allowing things to fall into place. [pause]

Alfred: There begins to be a break in the darkness. With some activity. I want to be very precise… with some blue activity… which appears as if to the bottom, by my feet… towards the lower quadrant of my body… above me.

Jack: Is it near your feet or above you?

Alfred: Above me, above me. As if the transition has taken place already but there’s a more patient waiting for the last residue of… the attachment to the body has to loosen by itself in some way.

Jack: So that last part is the feet you mean?

Alfred: Maybe it’s the feet or maybe that’s where those beings might begin to become more visible. It becomes very clear that the body has to be relinquished in a certain way that is very specific. But it must be fully experienced in order for that to take place. [pause]

The mind is now… the forehead is gradually relaxing…

Jack: Yes, that usually seems to be a requirement as well – that particular, specific relaxation.

Alfred: A kind of second chakra opening.

Jack: Yes, there’s an opening there and that’s part of the relinquishing of the thinking mind… to be more open to the light that can enter there.

Alfred: It becomes very clear as you describe it.

Jack: That’s definitely the spot where we’re able to make a connection with the light…

Alfred: Feeling is waking up too. A kind of a longing, and a waiting, like “Where have you been?” I don’t yet see the interlocutors of feeling so to speak.

Jack: No… you’re getting the feeling first before you get any pictures.

Alfred: It feels like it’s been received as much as given out – I’ve been expected; I’ve been expecting. [pause]

There’s still a residue of ordinary awareness that superimposes on the visual but the visual is… like there’s black leather furniture or something… or… It’s so nice to be able to wait and not impose a rush… And you, Jack, feel much more with me in that you don’t convey any expectation or rushing and that’s very relaxing.

Jack: I think it is important. Sometimes I see that I push too much in some sessions but I’m being much more careful in this one.

Alfred: We’re talking about what feels as true or as real as possible.

Jack: It depends on the connection between you and me – as it would with anyone I’m working with but… It’s becoming clearerthe pacing that needs to take place. There’s a particular pace at which this moves and it’s very specific to what is happening. It becomes clearer every time. [pause]

Alfred: It’s more like allowing things to come to me rather than… And trusting that the time here is not going to miss a glimmer of something because that glimmer can become more of a steady experience. It’s allowing.

Jack: And trusting based on past experience that it will unfold just as it needs to.

02 Moon on the water IMG_3452Alfred: You know it’s more feeling. Perhaps it’s not a bad way to enter that space is…

Jack: No, not at all.

Alfred: …being at the beach this weekend… and seeing at high tide how much higher the ocean seemed to be. It was so deeply troubling to me. Like sensing, I could see the beach, my feet by the water like everyone else’s… like watching a disaster, watching something that is blindly progressing and is unstoppable. Seeing some ruin that is advancing and that is very related to an urgency in the call for us to work with our partners here you know.

Jack: Yes, I think it is urgent. I keep seeing and hearing that again and again.

Alfred: And the urgency creates a feeling of both remorse and a sense that I’m part of that. I’m a planetary creature here who is part of the perpetrator as much as connected to another world but…

Jack: Anyway we have a special possibility and it’s the link through feeling that is a very reliable way to make the connection… much more reliable than the mind and perhaps even the body because the feeling has the power to make the connection. And, as you say, it’s on both sides – you are expected and you are expecting.

Alfred: Blue hands are lifting me from something. Beautiful blue hands. There’s some jewelry or adornment on the wrists – a little feminine. Great love and great sense of beauty in this help I’m being given… to be lifted weightlessly from… whether it’s from that vehicle or… It feels like probably something I was lying prone on.

Jack: And now you’re being lifted…

Alfred: With great tenderness, with great care. Lighter blue – I see the hands – almost sense them around my hands. My hands are still my ordinary… maybe not… I’m not paying attention. I don’t see my hands; I see only the hands lifting me… by holding me by the hands. Very floaty feeling. [pause]

Jack: Is it as if you’re moving into a different medium?

Alfred: I haven’t even noticed the transition – I haven’t noticed that my body is already that bluish body. It was a very smooth transition. No surprise. I know what to do with it. But there’s a little disorientation. I need to be a little more focused, a focus that is specific to being among those creatures. That somehow the purpose or what’s holding me back is a certain lack of focus, or lack of giving myself to perceive more. I just need to be with that.

Jack: Yes, I think you need to take your time and be with what is taking place. Of course it’s a transition – it needs your attention – your steady attention.

Alfred: The attempts by the ordinary mind to bypass all that are very obvious and not that difficult to keep at bay.

Jack: Good. [pause]

Alfred: The lower belly is waking up. Around the hara. It seems like that will need my attention for this phase now. [pause]

The breath is more continuous – no separation between the in- and the out- breath. More focused. As if there’s a different organ of breathing in the hara area. It takes in more fluid than air. It feels like a different breathing system. [pause]

Beautiful! Just following that almost subtle intention. The mind, the third eye area is relaxing further… as does the solar plexus.

Jack: Along with the solar plexus.

Alfred: Yes. It almost feels like the parts have to come together at this level… [pause]

The medium feels a little more liquidy now. I’m being enveloped on all sides with something that is making contact with my body. Very light as in illuminated. The light is turning from bluish to white. The white that we spoke about, the white that is of super intensity. Barely perceptible, overwhelming, but very clear. I am sustained through this.

Jack: Yes, I think that’s an important transition – that transition from blue to white. We’ve had that before. It’s critical somehow.

Alfred: I’m being taught something in the transition about presence. Not to be passive as it takes place. [pause]

The presence creates feelings of gratitude. A kind of direct instruction. [pause]

It’s so very difficult to stay present to the feeling – it falls into labels or something partial… but I’m asked to stay exactly with that.

Jack: And your perceptions are telling you when you don’t… so that’s a help.

Alfred: Exactly. The lack of that vibration in the solar plexus indicates that something has been distracted. [pause]

It’s almost like the kind of realization that here on this Earth it’s possible to relate to the highest… directly… it’s like a miracle…

Jack: Yes, we’ve been told that but to experience it is something else entirely.

Alfred: I’m being told or I’m being shown that there’s a difference in being saturated with that light passively or actively… that I’ve kind of graduated in a way to the expectation that I’m to be more active in receiving this, which means the kind of awareness that needs to be perceived and a sense of question about the purpose that has to be ongoing with that or else it falls into “me” so to speak. [pause]

It allows a sense of ascent. [pause] Some fear but also support.

Jack: You’re entering into unknown territory so it’s not surprising there’d be a little of that but there’s also the support. [pause]

Alfred: It almost illuminates the fact that I have always been part of everything. And I have not known that. It’s funny… there was a red apple showing up… and clearly my having been that red apple.

But now what is more critical is that I’m more a part of what looks like an immense mountain of white light, or river of white light that I’m ascending or moving along. And that I am moving along is not “I am” in my ordinary “I am-ness.” It’s spoken for something that is within that flow but it’s not anything I would recognize as mine. It is not bounded by anything I know anything about. [pause] It’s like an “I am-ness,” you know.

Jack: But not the one you’re ordinary aware of?

Alfred: No. Well it has a certain ah… I have lost a sense of myself and yet that self is part of everything. It’s a kind of a truth that has been and is there to be discovered again. In the light. [long pause]

I had a glimpse and it becomes a little stronger of being shown something. Something like a whole world of worlds you know. [pause]

It’s… Ah… I’m just going to go with that… because there are four angels. A kid in my office, strangely enough, spoke of the four archangels two hours ago. I thought at the time, “Thank you. You’re preparing me for Jack.”

Jack: Yes. Exactly.

Alfred: Four of them! Getting into their study. Some kind of assignment. This is like too literal to be true! Angels with wings, white wings. Kind of. I’m still pinching myself.

Jack: [chuckling] You don’t need to pinch yourself Alfred! Just be with what is taking place. You already had an indication that prepared you… a little…

03 red leaf IMG_6831Alfred: Michael, Gabriel… I’m definitely welcome there. It’s a big mahogany desk. Beautiful. Crimson kind of volumes in the library. [pause] It’s almost as if that vision of angelic appearance gradually fades into a more business-like environment where those four figures… How can there be four figures because I am at the table and the table has only four sides and I’m at one side. I cannot possibly be one of those characters. [laughing]

Jack: Don’t try and make sense of it. And take the opportunity of attuning yourself to their presence because there is an opportunity to enter into the connection that is in front of you.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: Whether it’s at the table or wherever – it doesn’t have to be logical. But the presence and the precision with which you perceive that presence are both important.

Alfred: Yes. Totally. Red hair. Red-haired locks, kind of curly hair… Light complexion. Beautiful.

Jack: They have a presence. It’s instructive.

Alfred: Yes. My feelings are very alive now. I can trust that I will know at the pace and that I can know what this is about without me getting ahead of myself.

Jack: Exactly. Steadiness of attention is required – even more now.

Alfred: Yes. A need to be very careful.

Jack: Exactly. [pause]

Alfred: Something is being received through the third eye. I sense the limit of reception in the kind of vessel, the kind of container I am… It feels like it’s not yet fully capable. Just staying with that. [long pause]

It’s quite clear that the body changes again… changes its volume… its volume is much larger… like wings, like as if I have a span of wings that are much larger… arms… along the shoulders… along the arms all the way to the fingertips. I’m included in this gathering. I am part of… this… Recognizing some very high intensity vibration in the solar plexus. Kind of transparency almost… of the whole physical existence. White light. Maybe golden. Through the whole body. Overwhelming feelings. Crying. Tears and… Deeply, deeply touched. [pause]

The head has an entirely different shape. Perhaps bird-like. I’m not sure what it is but… The eyes are set back and there’s more of a like a nose or a beak. Less interest in the shape and the transformation and more with the feelings – I’m staying close to that.

Jack: Yes, I think that’s right.

Alfred: I lose myself in the form otherwise.

It feels like air on feathers. Air on some surface… maybe even fast air as in flying. Not alone but with those others. Very enjoyable. Leaving the surface of some kind of a planet. Moving into darkness from a spherical kind of a body. I’m just following the movement.

Jack: Yes, just follow the movement… and the feeling.

Alfred: The group moves as one. There’s clarity about the direction, where we’re going.

The brother leading with me… it’s as if we’re looking at each other… at the head of this formation. Great love and a kind of confidence in each other.

Jack: The same elder brother, as it were?

Alfred: Well, the same form, the same kind of a… bird flying type of… I don’t want to…

Jack: But I mean you feel the kinship with him…

Alfred: Yes, yes. We know where we’re going. “Are you OK brother?” “Yes, I’m OK.” [pause]

Light beginning to appear in the distance. Getting stronger. Moving quickly towards that light that is increasing rapidly. Much bigger planet than the one we departed from. A planet of light. Golden. [pause]

Coming home. The substance of that body and the substance of that planet seem to vibrate the same. No different. Merging into the body of that planet. That body. [pause]

The mind is still trying to make sense of that.

Jack: [chuckling] It never gives up you know.

Alfred: It’s amazing. It’s there and wants to figure it out which is exactly what it cannot do. How can my brother be there when we’ve completely merged with something? And yet there’s a complete certainty that we exist in some form within that cosmic body. Almost like an egg yolk feeling… almost like a source, like… Yes. We’re at the source.

[pause] Silence. Stillness. [pause]

Strong vibrations all around me. It’s clear around the ears. [pause]

It’s like becoming a seed again. [pause]

Very, very, very beginning of a new form as it’s being born. [pause] Images of animal embryos. Or just embryos. [long pause]

Something is beginning to come to life. Very subtly. Just as I was about to give up.

Jack: [chuckling] Yes. That’s a lesson. Yes, there has to be a confidence that the timing is exactly what it needs to be.

Alfred: It felt like I was giving up on something or I wasn’t worthy to… [pause]

Almost like young shoots, young shoots in the earth. Very young shoots sprouting.

Jack: New life.

Alfred: Very fertile earth. I’m that. I’m given to see that.

Jack: Yes, but not just see – it’s a participation.

06 Flower IMG_6743Alfred: Yes. And actually now it becomes a rain-forest for some… very rapidly… almost in a blink… It’s like I saw the very beginning of it. Whew! What it means to be teaming with life. I hear birds. I hear the wind. With colors that are a little too strong so to speak… [pause]

It feels like I’m making it up and that same time it feels so true – I see a hairy hand swinging off branches. [pause]

Jack: Yes. Not to worry about that. What’s important is the unfolding. The whole picture. Of course the mind may be providing some of the details but that doesn’t matter. The direction of the unfolding is clear. Burgeoning growth.

Alfred: Yes.

I’m actually all the animals there. I could actually be each one. Now there’s a zebra. Like witnessing those different life-forms from the inside and from the outside.

You know it feels like a certain kind of very, very careful assembling of this composition of this particular jungle so that each of the animals will have a reason to be there… to provide something. There is great care put into this as we involve ourselves in doing it. Something like that. It doesn’t feel accidental at all – it feels intentional. Great care to balance everything.

Perhaps, you know, when I was sitting in front of the ocean on the weekend… It’s related to a feeling I have now about how this water is filled with creatures, each one is there for a reason. This careful balance was being upset and now I’m being shown how it was created. With great love, and I’m one of those people… I’m there in that work. It feels like that’s what we are doing there. Creating organic life.

Jack: Creating an eco-system.

Alfred: Exactly.

There’s great beauty to this. This is a labor of great love and care. Whew! [strong feeling] With each creature. Wishes come with that, for that to do well, to serve, to fulfill the role, the responsibility. Whew! Yes.

Jack: Yes, each one has a part to play. A very carefully designed part.

Alfred: I’m very aware of the church bells two blocks away from me going off now. What time is it Jack?

Jack: We’re at an hour and ten minutes.

Alfred: I don’t want to rush but it felt like…

Jack: It felt like a signal… Just be very close to your feeling of the unfolding of all of this. It does feel like a circle now, a completion, but we have to be careful not to miss something in the final stretch as it were.

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

Whew! That’s it, you know. The two come together. The knowledge of how all this work will come to a bad end cannot interfere with the love that goes into it. Cannot.

Jack: Well, it’s even more than that. I think that the love and care can always appear.

Alfred: Yes, that’s right.

Jack: They are eternal.

Alfred: That’s so helpful. Because for a moment I felt the limitations of that and you opened that. The source is infinite.

Jack: Yes. There’s no reason for despair. There’s every reason to rejoice. Rejoice.

Alfred: [big breath; strong feeling]

Jack: And we have to accept that we really don’t know what just happened.

Alfred: That’s right. [tears] Such a gift!

Jack: Yes. [pause] Yes, and, as you’re doing, stay close to the breathing in order to make a transition back.

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

Jack: It’s almost as if we moved out of time and now we have to move back into time.

Alfred: Yes. [pause] But what was shown is there. It exists.

Jack: Absolutely.

Alfred: As is said, “The sun is shining even if the clouds are covering it.”

The tears keep flowing although the feelings are much diminished.

Jack: That’s an important element as well. The feelings are critical to this process.

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

It’s so true. We often communicate in such a wrong way about feelings. We don’t know what feelings are. Often they are judgmental. In our ordinary state what feelings really are is something completely unknown.

Jack: But this experience does give some material.

Alfred: Yes, exactly.

Jack: Very definitely. Very valid material that maybe can’t be given in any other way.

Alfred: I’m in my room.

Jack: Yes. Your eyes are open now?

Alfred: My eyes are open. It doesn’t bother me at all that this room might be a big aquarium or… Whatever this materiality needs to present itself as…

Jack: [chuckling] It doesn’t shove aside what just took place.

Alfred: Exactly. Exactly. Happy landing brother!

What happened here – we will leave to the part of us that knows what happened.

Jack: Yes, there’s a part that knows what happened. Absolutely.

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