Reality Spheres

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 01 Purple flower burst IMG_6799

Healing Animal Vegetation


The word “preparation” comes – even before we begin the session.


Jack: There was a big realization in the last session [one month before] – a big new awareness. Now, we’re taking the next step, continuing something. Something was installed last time – something more firmly established in the heart. An affirmation. But perhaps there is still work to do in the heart. I want to leave all that for the subconscious part to decide exactly where we need to go on this voyage of discover today, the 23rd of March 2015.

So… I’d like to ask if you could just say what’s taking place for you right now, Victoria. What is your deep feeling?

Victoria: It’s pretty neutral. However, the phrase comes, “You have to prepare. You have to prepare.” There are no images, nothing. And the background is grey.

Jack: Perhaps you need to simply make a stronger connection with the body – first of all. Because there can be reflections in the body a little ahead of time that indicate the direction to take. So, if you could do a scan of the whole body to see if there are indications somewhere…

Victoria: Well, there’s something like a numbness in the head. As for balance – it’s OK – it’s neutral. There seems to be some movement in the crown chakra and in the third eye. The balance is neutral.

Jack: It’s important not to hurry, not to be in a rush – just quietly allow the time that you need for light to enter…

Victoria: There is a glow… a green glow that comes in – not a light. And below to the right there is a red glow.

Jack: So, there’s already a movement of color – that’s something. The position is probably important – the green above and the red below to the right. And while that glow is there, is there any change in the head? Is the numbness still there?

Victoria: It’s still the same and at the levels of words I feel something like “I ask. I put in my order.”

I’m now given the word “experience;” and the word “meaningful.” OK: “very meaningful.” OK: “Very meaningful for opening.” (I’m given just a few words at a time.)

“Meaningful experience. Very meaningful for opening.”

“The road is moving off exponentially in collaboration with those with whom we laid out the direction, the trajectory of the present life.” (I receive these words but I don’t even know how they’re going to continue.)

I see beings around me. There is however a center – yellow, golden, sun. The beings around me applaud the opening. The yellow, the sun is important.

02 yellow flowers IMG_6800Jack: Is there a connection between the yellow and the opening?

Victoria: Yes. They’re showing an orifice that is opening and when it opens it’s yellow.

And I hear the sentence, “And the voyage has begun!”

The images that come in this present moment are images from the stargate – scenes from stargate when people cross the ring. (This refers to the ring which is the stargate for interplanetary voyages in the TV series “La Porte des Étoiles” (Stargate).)


Jack: So, the trip has started. What is the first thing that happens?

Victoria: I don’t see much change going forward… It’s as if I’m standing still in the doorway. I don’t know… Maybe you have to give some indication. I don’t know.

Jack: You said a moment ago that you had to put in your order for the experience. Perhaps that’s an indication… toward that experience there’s an opening… Also we began with the word “preparation.” There already has been a preparation but… Perhaps also it’s a matter of moving toward something that is a preparation… toward something where there’s a link with your experience… the meaning of the present life.

Victoria: When you say “present life,” I hear “transitory passing through.” [small pause]

Now there’s a burgeoning of colors. Many colors today – a geometry of colors. Many forms of colors in all sorts of ways. Forms which look like flowers. Vegetation which is animal – and also amicable.

Right. I have the impression at this moment of being in a kind of big garden. In a location where there are all these plants of all sorts of colors, in every way possible. Unimaginable forms you might say.

But they all have awareness. An awareness – I don’t know if we could say – of uncompromising love. Meaning that nothing can enter here unless it is love… regardless.

Any feeling that could be called negative could only wound – the word “wound” is better than “destroy” – each one of the living beings that inhabit this space.

Mustn’t hurry. Nothing justifies hurrying in this space. If you hurry, you kill a being. It’s a requirement to adapt to that.

The being surrounds us, welcomes us, strokes us, caresses us. This being which is an animal-plant showers us with an extraordinary, limitless love.

Hmm. I don’t know why they’re bringing me here. They say to me, “So you can feel deeply.” [Big breath in]

03 Roots IMG_6725Now those beings, those plant-beings, are stretching out their – maybe I could say tentacles – their tentacle-like arms – toward “Rainbow” [The cat which is stretched out on Victoria’s stomach.] in order to breathe into her a healing love.

Now I see something like a cloud which moves out from each side of me, wrapping around over me and covering Rainbow as well.

My crown chakra is still open and the two points on either side of the head – the two spots where horns would be if I can put it that way – or antenna – above the ears on both sides.


I’m sort of stretched out – horizontal in any case. I can’t see the ground. I’m being taken care of. I’m not very active – not at all. It’s as if I’m numbed or put to sleep by the emanations of these beings. [pause]

Jack: Because it’s a higher level right? A different level…

Victoria: “Another reality,” I’m being told. [pause]

These realities are permeable. Once you find the door or the entrance, you can always come back whenever you want.

All these reality spheres communicate with each other. You can move from one reality to another, at will, and it can happen quickly according to the person’s circumstances, need, will, desire, emotion… whatever the pretext might be… [pause]

I have an impression… the impression that I am receiving this reality. It’s a healing reality.

And now the word “preparation” comes back to me. That’s it. A preparation reality. [pause]

And then I am told, following the great desire in my heart… I hear a voice saying, “Don’t worry Victoria, the great setting forth is coming.”

At several levels, I am asked, I am asked… to keep that in my heart… to not sully this initiative, or that setting forth, by any thought that could be considered negative within that reality, within our reality sphere.

Many are standing by and ready. Many are already ready. And the moment is precious. [pause]

I am also told, “The moment is truth and truth is the moment.” [pause]

I sent out an appeal for my vehicle to be working well. The response was immediate. “What do you think we are in the midst of doing?!” [Jack laughs.]

That’s why I’m stretched out among all these kinds of tentacle-like vegetation. It’s really pleasant.

[very long pause]

I saw Rainbow arrive on top of me. But she’s all white.

It seems there is very deep work going on.

Jack: The body is being prepared, right?

Victoria: It seems like that. It’s the physical body that is being worked on in all sorts of ways. It’s like adjustments – many, many adjustments.

Each tentacle is working on a place of re-adjustment, re-positioning, re-calibration. Some things are being rooted out; others adjusted. I am told, “A necessary necessity.” – Pretty funny: “A necessary necessity.

All those things I’m seeing are actions that are difficult for the ordinary human mind to conceive of, difficult for it to grasp the extent of them. You could say that it is difficult to accept the extent or the reality, but nevertheless – that reality is.

04 Sky IMG_6809Oh! The scene is changing. I see a radiation coming down – like a funnel with the open end facing down.

It’s like the arrival of… we could call it “energy” for lack of a better word… but it’s in the form of vapor… really a whitish vapor that comes down over us – Rainbow is still there; she’s benefitting from all of this.

She seems to be savoring everything in the highest degree. Very joyful. The vapor is enveloping the whole body. I hear the sentence, “Put back what had been removed from her.” Great thanks rises up from my heart. I feel my heart chakra vibrating strongly. Very happy – very, very happy.

There is a question about strength, strength to move forward in what I have to do… The response is, “Strength will be there for you.”

I am asked to welcome it. “Welcome, welcome, welcome this strength! Know that you have it, know that it is there.”

“At every moment, KNOW that you can use it. Henceforth that doubt will not visit you, much less take up residence in you.”

And the order to eradicate doubt is there, in fact.

Above the funnel, it is golden – and it is the passageway toward another reality sphere. We are moved into this reality sphere using teleportation.

I am going into the sphere through a door that seems relatively small. Through teleportation, the fluidity of the molecules – they go through and reassemble on the other side.

And on the other side, there is a big space – immense, immense, immense… immense. Not very occupied you might say. Sort of empty. In tones of bluish white.

The atmosphere is extremely velvety, very light, very soft. Almost silent. Like an atmosphere for resting or settling yourself down. Because all that I want to do there, in that place, the only thing that comes to me is, “stretch out and sleep.”

My body is being re-formed, re-assembled. A stretcher, you might say, arrives; my body reassembles itself on it. Resting.

Not just rest – I am told, “A time for regeneration – but not just regeneration – we could say re-transformation, re-transmutation, re-assembly. That’s it: reassembly of the vehicle for the best.”

I’m looking for a word. [pause] It’s “optimum utility.” I am told, “The ambassador of light needs an improved version of this vehicle – more than just improved – super-improved, optimized.”

I am told, “Much delicate fineness, much… the word “laser-jet” comes through.”

[Big breaths. Yawning.]

I am being shown that there are some remains of burdensome things that should not have been there in the first place and that this new reality sphere is finishing off the rooting out of those particles, as well as materials that prevented top-notch functioning.

And they add, “Not just in the physical body, but in all the bodies. The physical body cannot function without the other bodies. They go together.”

Now I’m really hot. Everything is turning, churning. I feel it. The third eye – seems to be the size of the whole forehead. The throat has become… it’s heating up.

The heart chakra has become bigger than the body. The solar plexus is half the size of the heart chakra. The second chakra is half the size of the solar plexus. The base chakra is… not very big but it extends down to the feet.

It’s the same at the back. And the crown chakra is larger than the body.

Regarding the chakras, it seems that there are two formations – one on each side of the head at the temples. I’m told that these are extensions of the pineal gland.

A few days, several days of adaptation and total rest. I feel joy rising up in my heart. I am being told very strongly, “Need for rest. Need for rest.”

The body has to integrate. Important to give the body the best, the very best liquid, as much liquid as possible.

They say, “Transformation.” The word “unexpected” is there because the mental part cannot conceive of this on its own. Acceptance. Press “Enter.”

And they say, “We told you we were going to be coming soon? The soon is now. We are the ones you saw the other morning in your garden from the kitchen window. [This confirmation brings tears.]

“You have been awaiting us since childhood.” [Tears]

“You often hear us but you have trouble accepting and believing that it’s true. Know now that it is true. [Tears, Rainbow purring loudly.] We are always with you – at all times, in every moment.”

[Big breath]

What I see around me is very intangible. Information arrives from beings which are not really in an earthly reality.

It’s as if they are beings made of vapor or are partly fluid – grey/blue. I see a human form that is rather imprecise. It seems to me that this is not the first time I’ve seen them. [pause]

And I hear, “Many people are going to be surprised. It has begun. In any case, for us it has begun, and for many people it will be soon. And it’s not further off than “soon.” According to your time.”

There we have it!

Now I see them wrapping me up in a cloud… That’s it… a white, liquid light all around my body which is lying on the stretcher. A thick cushion, at least a foot thick all around – liquid light.

They are showing me my chest where the operation took place. There is like a flower there, a flower that has spread out there. In warm tones, yellow, a lot of yellow, full of yellow.

Jack: Very beautiful.

Victoria: Yes. And that’s it. They are leaving now.

Jack: Yes, we’re finishing.

Victoria: Yes, everyone is finished.

Need for rest, a lot of rest for integration.

Jack: Rest is very important!

Victoria: The tone will in time be absorbed within the body – in its own time. It is food.

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