Rescue & Ascension

01 keys and money IMG_6701(© Jack Cain 2015, text and images)

This session is a continuation of the previous session, conducted 12 days before, which ended with Alfred taking his place in an amphitheater with many of his blue brothers. We began this new session by visualizing that amphitheater in order to enter more directly into the alternate reality. We were both anxious to learn more about the planned mission that had been mentioned previously.

Alfred: It feels very natural to proceed and take my place there…

Jack: Yes, because there was a place there for you…

Alfred: Yes, a place was kept for me and it needed to be filled. I needed to go through something, to complete something. It feels like that would be the next step. But I’m allowing the body to adjust. I want to let the body and the concentration deepen before I proceed.

Jack: Yes, I think there’s no need to rush the process. This visualization just gives us a starting point. [pause]

Alfred: The shape of the gathering is not the usual amphitheater. It is becoming clearer now. I didn’t have a full view of it before. It’s more determined by boundaries – like it’s probably a spaceship or some kind of a vehicle that everybody is in. Perhaps it has been waiting to take off in order to transfer everybody.

Jack: So the shape was more that it’s very big inside.

Alfred: Yes. But it’s now quite clear that a door is closing. I’m completing that.

Jack: You’re really completing the picture that was only partially there as we ended last time. Good. And I think it may be helpful as well that you’re physically in an environment that doesn’t have any external stress as your office does with its schedule and all that. Plus the stress of the city. The vibe in the country is different.

Alfred: Yes, right.

Jack: So now just allow those details to sharpen and become clearer. [pause – about a minute long]

Alfred: It’s almost as if I have to find my place there. I’m very self-conscious about holding up the works. It’s like when the last passenger arrives on the plane and everyone glares at him for being late.

Jack: I don’t know at what point to mention it but there was also the fact that there had been a plan that was set in front of you.

Alfred: Exactly. Exactly. You are very much in touch with the instructions I was given. I’m not clear about what they were but it seems like this is more like a mission than a homecoming. It’s more like we’re leaving our base or our planet for some purpose. It’s towards some activity that this whole group is heading.

Jack: So the plan that you were not able to say too much about before is beginning to unfold perhaps.

Alfred: Exactly. [pause – about a minute long]

It feels like the information is going to come from the feeling. There’s a certain tightness around the chest, around the heart which I’m staying with… I need to allow it to open up in its own time…

Jack: I don’t think you can rush that. [pause]

Alfred: On the edge of it there’s a certain familiar kind of slight giddiness in being with the people I love and at the same time engaged in something that is quite important for them. And a sense of purpose that gives meaning to my being right there.

It involves some kind of equipment for images you know… as if I’m reading whatever was downloaded into me in the briefing last time with my brother or teacher or… that person in authority – kind of blueprints, 3-D, with all kinds of technical details. I think that might be what is keeping me busy. I’m not free yet to connect with everybody around me.

Jack: You need to apply your concentration to this…

Alfred: Exactly. I need to be really clear about what’s coming. Because I think there are people who will follow me and I’m responsible for something…

Jack: You have some responsibilities.

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

Jack: Take your time. It seems like there’s a lot of detail that needs to be absorbed. [pause]

Are you by yourself studying?

Alfred: No, no. I’m in my row, alongside other people. It feels like there are some people who are in charge – maybe commanders – people who have some type of leadership role in executing the plan.

There are little glimpses of a place that is very fluid, very… I would say the face of a planet maybe… It’s very chaotic, almost like it had some perturbation. I see now – it’s like a flood or a tsunami – massive, massive images of natural disaster, a natural perturbation that we need to enter and therefore we have to be very closely attentive. It has to be a very precise approach.

02 tilted wooden spiral IMG_6705I begin to have chills and a kind of adrenalin rush in recognizing that. It might be a rescue mission for the Atlanteans. I’m trying to make sure it’s not my association… It feels very true in a way. I read a little more about that last night so it’s fresh in my memory. What resonated with me was the survivors… who did not survive on their own and there was probably some rescuing. I think I’m right there.

[voice breaks] Tears. Some tears and… and some sadness… and some great worry… great worry about the fate of that… there’s a kind of urgency…

Jack: Yes, to do as much as possible and in time.

Alfred: Yes, and to study something that is rapidly shifting. We need to find just the right approach or right way to retrieve or save. [pause]

It feels horrible.

It feels like there’s a pre-knowledge that all will be lost… There’s absolutely no certainty that anything will be rescued. Maybe we are responding to some kind of a distress call.

Jack: So, at this point you don’t know if anything can be saved.

Alfred: That’s right. There’s a full appreciation of the magnitude of this calamity.

Jack: It’s on a planetary scale.

Alfred: Yes. I want to say that the planet almost looks like it’s off-center. As if the oceans are kind of… As if something is askew. Huge bodies of water are flooding and spreading to places where they never had been.

The view is from outside or through a visualization. I’m not witnessing it directly. I’m not present physically. It feels like we’re in a war room or situation room.

Jack: Are you looking at it on screens?

Alfred: That’s what I mean. But there is a sense that we are proceeding as fast as we can within that particular vehicle or mode of transportation. As fast as we possibly can.

It feels, and I have shivers all over my body with this kind of recognition, how dear those places, maybe temples or shrines or buildings are to me. I clearly have memory of having been there. [big breath out] Very, very upsetting.

Jack: Yes, because it’s all going under.

Alfred: but also the fact that there is personal worry about people who are very close to me or to us… to us… [pause]

Jack, I opened my eyes and I’m looking through the skylight and there’s definitely a kind of bluish hue. And some awareness of how privileged, how special this moment is when nothing is happening on this planet… There is no body of water threatening this place right this second. But that’s quite unusual… how this is quite a privileged period when we are in between calamities. [pause]

I suppose the image of the water last night here… It was so flat… The water was so calm… and how the calmness doesn’t convey what it looked like when this disaster happened. It left no trace. But we are proceeding and it seems like there is a desperate attempt…

Jack: Yes, how can you enter into that?

Alfred: There’s a way of communicating and there’s an attempt to map the largest concentrations of whatever signals are coming from our blue brethren there so that we can make at least – which is an agonizing kind of choice – to make a first approach to where most of them are concentrated. [pause]

Jack: So there may be some areas that are somewhat safe for them to go to?

Alfred: There might be some colonies or some affiliates or places that we are aware of which are not at the center, which are a little further out of harms way. [long pause]

What seemed to provide some guidance and yet it’s not entirely clear is a certain sense of dread and horror and how focused and calm we need to be in the presence of this dread. We cannot allow our associations and worries about personal connections or relatives or people to interfere with what needs to be a highly technical approach. Like a surgeon focused on what he needs to do with no distractions.

So on the surface there is an emotion of dread but at a deeper level there is feeling which is exactly that instrument we need to locate and communicate. The surface has to be completely calm of any personal concern.

Jack: Just like the body of water you were speaking about.

Alfred: Yes, that’s right. Everything depends on that presence. [pause]

So there’s a clarity that comes with that concentration that is shared among all the people at the table or on that particular ship. It begins to allow a visualization of some type of perhaps a life raft or… something that floats.

It’s almost like it’s possible to sense a kind of spray in the air. It begins to be much more tangible as if we’ve made an approach already and are picking up those people into our ship. It’s like a port is open to let them in and some of them have to be pulled up in the way that you would pull up with a ladder or a rope or…

All of this depends on a certain concentration. It’s not a mechanical action although at some manifestation it feels like everybody there has to be in a state to support that.

It could be at a great distance as well. It’s all of that which allows this to take place. The center of gravity of the action is in the awareness not in the external operation.

Jack: The concentration is what allows it, right?

Alfred: Right, the manifestation there is just the surface of what is taking place. [pause]

Jack: So the image of people being pulled up is just an image that relates to the concentration.

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

There is a sense of something material, something of that planet, something of that quality that has to be actually manipulated or transferred but that’s not the core of it. It’s like… It doesn’t matter… I don’t want to get into that.

Jack: And again you’re working in a group in this concentration.

Alfred: Yes, yes. [pause]

03 inaccesible window IMG_6711There’s a certain image that comes again and again and is extremely troubling. It’s about a three-storied temple. Already in the situation room we had an image of it collapsing. But in the retrieval of our brothers, in the rescue, it seems to come back again as if it’s being communicated again – perhaps it’s the main shrine or main center or…

Jack: So something special may need to be done about that?

Alfred: No, it has already collapsed. It has collapsed and the images of that collapse are reverberating.

It’s very clear… It feels like marble… like three-storied… it’s like the pillars are collapsing one on top of the other as the floors fall down. And there’s some kind of impact, perhaps an earthquake. I don’t see water at that time so it feels more like an earthquake. [pause]

Jack: Was this the cause of the planetary instability?

Alfred: It doesn’t feel like it was the cause but it feels like perhaps it is the first sign that something is going terribly wrong. But there is also a sense of lack of preparation… that somehow there were beings whose job it was to know ahead of time that those things would happen and they have not done their job. I think there’s a kind of background concern and surprise that all of this was not foreseen… in the rescue as well as in the shock of the people who are being rescued… it’s real trauma you know.

Jack: So that’s why the mission had to take place…

Alfred: And so abruptly. And also in some way with some incredulity on my part… I don’t know about the others… How could this really be? I mean we live in an evolved kind of period where these types of disasters are not supposed to catch us unprepared. The forces at play were not at all clear. Somehow… Perhaps those people – maybe it’s conjectural – lost their way or were not vigilant in the way we have to be with all the forces. [pause]

It’s not a very clear sense but it’s quite a conviction that it’s not only people but that there are also some objects that have to be retrieved, that cannot be left behind.

Jack: [chuckling] I’m chuckling because I was about to ask you a little while ago if there were objects to retrieve or whether it was just people.

Alfred: To continue our previous conversation Jack, do you see anything that we should pick up?

Jack: [laughing and embarrassed] No, I’m not that connected.

Alfred: But you know, from that satellite, that kind of extraterrestrial point of view, I could swear that it’s maybe a much earlier version of a North African, Mediterranean kind of shore that we are close to in that rescue. It could be Egypt. But I think it’s further west. Maybe Libya.

Jack: What’s now Libya but the climate was completely different though. [pause]

Yes, further west. And the objects… Is there any clarity there about what needs to be rescued?

Alfred: It would be something squarish, a cube. Perhaps similar to that cube that was unearthed in Provence [in an earlier session]. It’s kind of a relay station. Something that is a crystal of sorts. But it seems like it’s not safe or circumstances have changed so much where this object is that we have no access to it right now.

[long pause] You know it would make perfect sense at this point, now that we have rescued whomever we have been able to rescue, the actual… It is clear that this was kind of a side mission… we are… perhaps the people who are joining us on the ship – shivering and cold and needing to be nurtured back to life and all of that… Our mission goes much beyond the rescue. We need to understand that calamity and we need to put some markers there. Or some kind of… It’s not clear…

At first I thought it was marking the place where the object was – probably a sacred object that could not be retrieved – needing to be marked for future retrieval but it feels like it goes much beyond that to deal with a whole different…

It seems like the implications of this planet being off kilter are just staggering. And we are called upon to fully appreciate the impact of that on everything and anything around us.

[pause] So there was a kind of very local focus but now it’s expanding and I realize that we are being watched by much higher-ups.

Jack: Right. So that’s why you had the sense that so much depended on this mission.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: It’s rescue partly but it is more than the individuals…

Alfred: This planet is part of the whole and the whole now has to be readjusted to this unpredicted calamity.

[pause] Something is clearing in the head. [pause]

And in a way that view allows a contraction of concern for mine and me and even for the people who are there and for the temple… so that we can realize the full impact and the need of the whole universe in relation to that impact. Something relaxes with that.

Jack: Right. You see it from another level.

Alfred: Yes. It feels like I’m now participating rather than… It’s almost like I’m channeling something of a much higher order in terms of the actions that need to be taken. It’s not something that’s originating with me at all.

Jack: But you’re needed still…

Alfred: Yes, I’m needed for that. For a very clear perception and transmission.

I want to say that there is great suffering taking place. What was apparently unpredictable was totally predictable and perhaps even necessary at the higher level from which this is now being watched – necessary for the maintenance of the whole system.

It’s only surprising at my level. From that other perspective, which of course I don’t occupy, it feels like it had to be taken on as something that needs to serve a much larger purpose that I’m not fully conscious of, yet I am very grateful for.

Again there is that perspective that we had when I was concerned with just myself as I was entering the ship – when there was a kind of horror or dread locally. I see it now in a larger picture and I realize how much more suffering on a universal scale is taken on in order to ensure that everything is preserved… that life is preserved. [pause]

Jack: But even more than life it seems… a structure…

Alfred: Yes, that’s what I mean. A whole system. And again, the same kind of glimpse Jack of how – even in whatever – the astral body – one can lapse into identification and be limited instead of having the view of a much larger scale that one is called to be aware of, that one is part of.

Jack: Right. Very helpful.

Alfred: It looked like I’m actually not self-concerned. Actually I’m ready to put my life on the line for those brethren in responding to the immediate calamity and then suddenly I realize that their calamity is miniscule compared to the implication of that calamity on the larger system.

Jack: Interesting perspectives. [pause]

04 flower in hand IMG_6703Alfred: It almost feels like we are offered that which is a much whiter light than the blue that I was almost unaware of but which was the medium. There’s a kind of white light… [pause]

… through which this perspective is becoming visible. It is offered to everybody who is suffering on that ship. It is tremendously soothing, tremendously… [voice shaking] Like a salve. In which our lives are seen for what they really are in relation to the whole.

[pause] Every muscle in the body relaxes. [long pause]

Nothing further is needed.

Jack: No, because the white light is there for you.

Alfred: All the agitation, all the worry, all the doing is accompanied by a kind of affirmation that whatever needed to be done was accomplished and… but also that there’s a certain kind of care and love permeating the whole space… [long pause]

You know it sheds a different light on my mission quite a while ago [in a previous session] where I had to announce or to alert people to an upcoming sandstorm or something – do you remember? And then at some point I find myself with the abbot. At that time I wasn’t as clear about the source of the feeling of acceptance. While my actions were perhaps inadequate at that time, just like now, I was nevertheless meeting whatever needed to be met and the rest was not up to me. It was a way of calling what was perhaps a presence or… or vision or love… It wasn’t that I didn’t need to do everything I was doing or but the rest was not up to me.

Jack: Right. Some of the feelings in that previous session are related to what is happening here.

Alfred: Yes. That I haven’t failed, that I’m not to blame for failing to rescue some of my brethren. And I think we lost a number of them there. And in whatever way our blue brothers are memorialized or relayed to those of them who have been lost… whatever that means there. In that light there’s a certain kind of comfort that they themselves can see their place in the larger picture so it’s not like something was lost.

Jack: It’s hard to be clear about these things because it has to do with feeling and perspective, and with different levels. But nevertheless something is understood through bringing these things into your consciousness. [long pause]

Alfred: I feel a certain kind of completion of this part.

Jack: [chuckling] Yes, that’s what I was about to say. I’m just wondering if there could be or should be any contact with your elder brother before we leave this. I don’t know if that’s a possibility or if it would be helpful…

Alfred: Yes, yes. [pause] I’m tempted to say that he has ascended. [The following part is said with many pauses as Alfred gradually becomes clearer about what is taking place.] As I approach him… it’s clear that he… perhaps… I’m surprised to see that he has perhaps been the source of that white light for me, or that he has conveyed that to me in his ascension. That space was opened up for me in some way… I don’t know if that makes sense… It’s like he has evolved in some way further… in a way that I did not appreciate and that now he can provide for me that type of data that was so invaluable and is still vibrating in me.

Perhaps all of us have evolved and we are no longer where we were when we started.

Jack: Yes, everyone who was on the mission.

Alfred: Exactly. And it’s nothing to do with merit. It has to do with a certain process that continues to be… The only crude way I have of saying it is letting go of something that one would not willingly let go of… face fear, dying… one of those things that we don’t have good words for that involves a certain very, very specific type of suffering which you and I were privileged to see the full scale of, coming from the very top down to our level.

Jack: Yes, there was a perspective there.

Alfred: And in a way it’s no different at the core… at each level it has to take place in a similar way but in a very different… scale. So I feel like he is showing me that.

Jack: Right now?

Alfred: Yes. He invites me to the white light, invites me to let it fully penetrate.

[pause] It’s there. It’s there steadily. It doesn’t flicker at all. I flicker. [both chuckling] [pause]

It illuminates the molecules, the atoms of which I’m made. There is no obstacle. Nothing is refracted; it passes right through. [long pause]

It’s like he’s showing me the state when one is not identified with anything.

Jack: Yes, he’s really showing you something directly.

Alfred: Even those areas that I thought would block the light, like the solar plexus, seem to all become totally porous and allow it all to pass through. [pause]

[intonation of wonder] And yet the sense of “I” does not dissolve at all – it’s present with that. But not defined by those tightenings you know, or by those densities of “I want,” “I’m this,” “I’m that.”

Jack: It’s the me, me, me that’s not there; the “I” is there.

Alfred: Exactly. But in a very tangible kind of way, a very direct way. It is just a gathering of molecules shaped in a certain way, or perhaps not even shaped. It’s almost as if I’m joining him to look at what we call “me.” Wow. So much generosity! And I think in light of what you said earlier about Dolores Cannon, this is probably a marker because he is staying with me to make sure that this stays post-hypnotically you know. This is to carry into my life. And into your life since we’re sharing it. It feels very much so. [pause]

Jack: Yes, it’s really a teaching. [pause]

Alfred: You know it’s very important Jack for us to remember that, and perhaps for me and you to have that as a real solid marker for our next session but it also doesn’t reject the “me” – almost as if the “me” is a little refraction of that.

Jack: I think what you’re saying is that there’s a place for the “me.”

Alfred: Yes, it almost as if it could have a similar relationship to the whole, to that pure light, as if the “I,” just like my limited consciousness in the rescue, could be a portal or could allow me access to that larger view of the universe, that I was given. There’s a relationship there that is not contradictory but needs to be understood. It’s not this versus that.

I saw how limited my perspective was when I was involved in the rescue, still giving myself completely to that even when I was given that much larger perspective. There is the same relationship now to my more individual self. The me, me, me has a relationship to the larger one but it’s so constricted and limited. And yet it’s not to be rejected, it’s to be appreciated as a…

Jack: It’s like a teaching in real substance of man being a microcosmos.

Alfred: That’s right. That’s right.

Jack: Everything is there but it’s not understood usually that way.

Alfred: And I don’t gain anything by rejecting it: the fact that it’s limited and mechanical and dense and all those pejoratives we use for it.

[big sigh]

Jack: Yes, it’s about our usual amount of time. A little over an hour. But it also feels very complete as well.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: Is there any parting message from him?

Alfred: A very important one – and I’m with my eyes open and slightly moving but still lying down – to stay connected with that as long as I can. Through the transition. [pause]

You know I was just reading last night that part of Harner’s book about power quests and how suffering of certain kind is there to invite the spirit to protect you. The relationship to suffering – voluntary suffering – is a very precise form of suffering.

Jack: Yes, very precise – not mechanical, not unconscious.

Alfred: It is an esoteric or spiritual physics of sorts. It’s the same kind of physics except that the forces are of a different nature so that it’s possible for that kind of suffering to lead to the spirits responding – it’s law conformable.

Jack: Yes, when it’s conducted the way it is supposed to be conducted – as in these sessions which are really not conducted by me or by you but are just conducted – by something.

Alfred: It feels more and more like that.

Jack: So, we’re participating. We have to play these two roles because it’s just the way it’s set up but the unfolding is being conducted by someone else.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: Well, I’m starved.

Alfred: Funny. My thought exactly.

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