The Joy of Taking My Place

01 blue skyIMG_6368(Copyright © Jack Cain 2015, text and images)

Jack: Have you been able to sense the presence of that blue figure?

Alfred: No, not directly, but I can sense a certain warmth, almost as if someone is standing by my side.

Jack: It doesn’t have to be visual; you can just sense that someone is there.

Alfred: It’s associated with that hand on my shoulder or the hand holding my hand in previous sessions.

It’s very distinct now in my left arm. As if my arm is being held by something that is a source of warmth. On the left side – more on the outside of the hand. But definitely now the left arm is much warmer than the right arm. And there’s a certain kind of sense of blue circulation in that arm. And that leg too; it’s like that particular sensation is spreading on that side of the body.

Now it’s crossing the mid line and spreading to the right side. It’s like I’m traveling through a medium of a different materiality – like sideways, laterally, where my body is beginning to take more and more that coloration and that warmth.

The sensation is a process I just let happen and it happens with great benevolence.

Jack: Yes, just following the process with your attention. It’s a process that needs to be accompanied by your awareness for it to have its full effect.

Alfred: There’s a gradual awakening of a wish to be more and more part of that contact, like a longing to meet the source of that sensation, that feeling. [pause]

There’s almost a kind of embarrassment to acknowledge to you Jack that I might already be in front of that presence, that creature, that person. He’s been there all along but my vision was not quick enough to perceive it.

Jack: Yes, but that’s part of the education that’s taking place.

Alfred: That’s right.

Jack: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about; it’s more becoming familiar with what is required. The perceptions in the astral body don’t work the same way. You don’t think it’s happening but it is happening.

Alfred: This is what I mean by your being very helpful in the way you help me make sense of why I could not perceive it. It wasn’t lack of respect.

Jack: Or lack of trying.

Alfred: Yes, of trying or of being capable.

Jack: Right, it’s not about being capable. It’s more a discovery of these inner territories so that they’re understood.

Alfred: Yes. It’s like I’m being taken in more and more. [pause]

There are sounds there. Lips are moving. There’s more than one person, one fellow there. And there’s always the same feeling that I’ve been expected. No one is surprised to see me. It’s like I’m taking my place. I’ve slowed down because I think that the words are getting slightly ahead of me. It’s more like something needs to be established in the perception.

Jack: Yes and in the materiality of your body, both bodies. You can trust the sensations in them more than the mind’s comments on them. But it’s fine. It’s going well.

Alfred: What seems to me to be a guide is the opening of the heart.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: That layer of protection around it seems to have melted. It’s not absent entirely but it seems like… Ah… My heart seems to be… that’s very interesting… There’s an external circulation in addition to the physical one now. It is circulating outside of my physical body.

Jack: In the area of the heart you mean?

Alfred: Yes, as if to the left where the warmth is there are veins and capillaries and all those kind of… The circulatory system is going beyond my skin to include those other presences, those other beings.

02 Capilliaries 3IMG_6371Jack: And do you feel any constriction there?

Alfred: Interesting question. It feels like I’m feeling my way into it. Am I safe or not? Do I like those people? It’s the equivalent of the ordinary making acquaintance. Like meet and greet through a circulation. But it goes much deeper than that. [pause]

Jack: Our human meeting and greeting is a pale reflection of what you’re experiencing.

Alfred: Yes. But it’s becoming clear that all this is leading somewhere and those people, those beings have been expecting me and that there will be a gradual clarification of the purpose of this encounter.

Jack: Good.

Alfred: Something that’s curious about that – it feels like half of my body is connecting while that right half is not entirely engaged yet. Or maybe it’s not at all engaged.

[Doorbell rings for what turns out to be an unexpected Fedex delivery. Alfred gets up to answer it and then we resume.]

Jack: We were speaking of the two sides of the body. I would say just take mental note of that but don’t feel that you have to do anything particularly.

Alfred: But prior to that, I was on the verge, just before the doorbell rang, that one of the purposes of this contact is exactly something like that, something that belongs to this physical existence. Like almost bringing something to be examined or to be studied by these blue beings.

Jack: Oh, I see, studied by them.

Alfred: Yes. I don’t want to go beyond the data but there was a little flash – as if I was carrying some object, from one to the other and that was the nature of that kind of inbetweenness, you know.

Jack: “From one to the other?” What does that mean?

Alfred: From the planetary existence, from this planet.

Jack: Carrying something from this planet to where they are?

Alfred: Yes, to where they are, for them to, or for us to ponder it together. Something like that. As if my two natures so to speak are actually being made use of…

Jack: Yes, that makes sense.

Alfred: … in the study of something those beings are trying to communicate to this level of existence by having that object brought to them. It’s like you’d bring a specimen of something to another lab or another place where it’s studied with some aim in mind.

Jack: Let’s just stay with that without saying too much more about it. Maybe the doorbell is even part of what’s going on here… [Alfred laughs] You’re holding very clearly in your consciousness the physical body and at the same time you’re holding in your consciousness the connection to these

Alfred: That’s right.

Jack: entities we’re communicating with – our blue brothers maybe we could call them. There is a sort of a mystery here but it would make a lot of sense that the physical body and the astral body are things both we and they are trying to understand more about. If you stay focused on that maybe some further communication can come through. It’s not easy because we don’t have the words for it but… You had a bit of a flash of something there. Let’s just stay with that.

Alfred: The feeling is moving more now towards a sense of something like a family. The reason I’m with those people, with those blue brothers or blue siblings is because it’s my blue family so to speak. So there’s this kind of joy of reunion with them.

Jack: Well, they really are your blood brothers.

03 Blue flower brothers IMG_6432Alfred: You know it feels almost fuller, not so much sibling relationships but more like a full family with parents. Maybe I’m one of the kids who’s been away on a mission or something.

Jack: Do you feel adult?

Alfred: It feels like I’m an adult son. I’m in the presence of parents or just persons in authority which in that world might mean the same thing.

Jack: And in previous sessions we’ve had a sense of one or more levels of administration above you.

Alfred: But it’s less formal, more spontaneous, more an organic sense. For example, there might be little ones there – which I’m very happy to see. [pause]

Jack: So, you have a deepening feeling of the connections – of what we might call the human connections even though maybe they’re not human – anyway that kind of feeling.

Alfred: You know, it’s very interesting, this thing I’m bringing along. I thought it would be more of a specimen, but it might be more like the equivalent of what the college student brings home after his first year on a different planet. What he would bring home to the family as a kind of present or curiosity for everyone to look at and wonder or marvel at as something that comes from a different part of the universe. It looks more like a kind of a skull – not an ordinary skull but something skull shaped. But it’s made of precious metals and stones.

Jack: [chuckling] It’s a nice token of your physical existence. It’s quite an adventure you’re reporting on.

Alfred: That object has a certain function which I’m trying to explain to my family, my blue family. What would be the equivalent of our way of communicating for those beings where I come from. Or some kind of way in which those other beings do what we do here in a more evolved form and how they still need to do that via those type of objects. Maybe cell phones. [Alfred laughing]

Jack: But interestingly you’re talking about communication.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: Communication in different circumstances. The communication that you and I are engaged in in this session but also simultaneously the communication that you’re engaged in with your blue brother. So there’s been an object created to kind of…

Alfred: [interrupting] Wait, wait, wait, wait. Stay, stay, because… because I was resisting the blue brother and I noticed that, when you said that, that something in me was opposing that. As you were speaking, that familiar feeling arose of missing the right half of the body. All this speaks to something very nearby. [pause]

Yes, he is closer now – the same being with the insignia – not so much a leader but more like an older brother. I recognize him. We are kind of brothers. He’s my older brother and he has a little impatience on his face, like, “OK brother what is taking you so long. Isn’t it time for you to show up already. Enough of this.”

Much more casual in a certain way, like “We have work to do, so let’s get to it.”

Jack: OK. Proceed!

Alfred: I don’t know, he’s laying something on the table. Something that would be the equivalent of a plan or map. But it’s not ordinary communication. You know it’s so interesting – everything that happens is filtered through my ordinary mind and now I can see how familiar forms are projected onto things that I have absolutely no way of speaking about.

Jack: But we have to, it’s the only way we can do it, so don’t worry.

Alfred: No, no, I don’t worry. It’s just that it’s new to me to realize that – how inaccurate the words are.

Jack: But “plan” or “map” is not bad. It gives an idea even though it may be totally different. [pause]

06 The Plan IMG_6394What else is taking place?

Alfred: I think I said it to you a couple of times before – even in an astral body experience, one can become distracted. And it’s very interesting, I’m not sure if I’m saying it right, but he’s kind of a little miffed with me or… I’m like the little unfocused brother who he needs to be patient with and…

Jack: [giggling] Well, yes, you do need to focus Alfred…

Alfred: He’s patient but also firm, like, “Come on, pay attention, this is important.

Jack: Yes. So don’t allow those excursions in your mind to slow it down… because you’ve got a plan in front of you and something needs to be communicated. [long pause]

Alfred: It has to do with some type of a mission which he lays out for me. I can’t say more about it right now other than that it involves some kind of emerald green fluid. Perhaps that’s… no, I don’t want to speculate.

Jack: OK, that’s enough. Anyway you’re getting your explanation. It doesn’t mean you have to put it into words but you do have to be open enough to receive it and focused enough to receive it.

Alfred: Exactly. That’s very helpful Jack. The obstacle is my reluctance… a little petulant. Like, “Not again!”

Jack: And your habit to fool around with the words too much. But you still have to say something so it’s not easy. Anyway you’re receiving more detail about the plan. [long pause]

Can you say anything about what’s transpiring there Alfred? [pause]

Alfred: It feels like I’m receiving that plan. There’s a certain kind of ambivalence that is interfering with the full reception. Like I’m the difficult brother in that family. Something like that.

Jack: Is there a reluctance about taking on this mission?

Alfred: Yes. And I’m not sure whether it’s fear or just being the equivalent of a teenager or something. It feels more like that, more like… it’s not so much the fear, it’s more like… I’m challenging a little bit. It’s like I don’t have a full view of the necessity of what’s being communicated.

Jack: That’s a good way to put it. Well, maybe he can help you with that.

Alfred: Yes. That’s what I was hoping for. [pause]

Jack: Maybe by showing you something of what’s at stake…

Alfred: Yes, now I can see a little more of the whole space crowded with what would be like our brethren. And there’s a certain way in which I was not at all aware of how I’m holding everything up. There’s a certain kind of something that needs to happen… which will not take place… I think he’s making me aware of that.

Jack: Will not take place without your help.

Alfred: Exactly… without my participation. And what I misread as a kind of pressure or pulling rank feels more like a need for a participation that is equal, is necessary for all of us so that something can take place. And I’m holding up the works in a way that is kind of edging toward remorse. [pause]

Yes, it becomes a little clearer, Jack, that my being incomplete in a certain way has to do with exactly the same process. That everybody has to participate for everybody to evolve. [pause]

Jack: It’s very good to have that clarified.

Alfred: It’s such a familiar feeling – the giving up something about me…

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: And it’s funny. It felt petulant, like a teenager. It’s a lesson, you know. Pubescent. “I’m not!” and I realize that it’s not that anybody requires this of me: it’s required of everybody. It’s the giving up of that “me.”

07 resistence Standing stone IMG_6593Jack: It’s not just you who has that requirement.

Alfred: Yes. And it’s not just me who has difficulty with this. Everyone has to come to that moment of being part of the whole. And there’s no way around that.

Jack: No.

Alfred: It’s felt in the whole body now.

Jack: Ah. Very good.

Alfred: The body is no longer my body… almost as if it had held to a kind of defiance. Something of that is letting go. Something begins to circulate and penetrate. It’s the same old lesson, all over again.

Jack: Is your brother expressing any kind of happiness instead of being miffed?

Alfred: Yes, yes. “You hard-headed brother. How many times do we have to go through this?” [chuckling]

It’s around the feet, it’s around the back of the legs, and it’s OK. It’s a result that couldn’t have been anticipated. It took the personal affront out of it. It wasn’t something that was demanded of me; it was more that I’m participating in a vast movement.

And just so you know Jack, that space is shaped in a particular way with the blue brethren all lined up in seats in something like an amphitheater. It’s a place of worship where everybody is engaged in the same activity. And now I can take my place there. Maybe in the last seat in the house. And maybe something can be completed now.

There is the same kind of place of concentration above the center of that hall. It’s like the focal point of a lens or the crystal we had in previous sessions. The gathering is there to really concentrate so that something can be sublimated… or transmuted.

Jack: We’re facing a difficult juncture here because we have to get you back into your earthly schedule even thought this isn’t the best moment to be rushing you into it. It’s 19 minutes to 12.

Alfred: I can take a little tiny bit more here.

Jack: Yes, I think you need to take a bit more to come to some kind of agreement on how this is going to be continued.

Alfred: Exactly.

Jack: You’ve got an assignment. You’ve overcome a big difficulty… and now there needs to be something else happen but it can’t happen at just this moment time-wise but we need some indication. Let me just say that part of it that we need to work out some ways of being more effective or efficient in getting the contact established more fully, more quickly, at the beginning of a session. So the image that you have in front of you of this assembly we maybe need to begin there next time.

Alfred: For this to take place I feel I need to get a fuller impression of just being there with that space filled with brethren who are engaged in a similar activity.

Jack: Yes, you need to imprint that.

Alfred: Exactly.

Jack: And then we can begin from that next time.

Alfred: Yes. You know it feels more like that particular assembly has its own purpose. It’s like the equivalent of a meditation for those beings. [pause]

Jack: And you’re participating in that right?

Alfred: Yes. [pause]

It feels like conforming to a certain law or purpose. Everybody has his place there. And there’s a great joy that I can see I’m on the edge of – the joy of taking my place. My own unique place in this chain of beings perhaps. Not less and not more important than exactly where I need to be. So the whole question of authority or obedience is irrelevant to this. Where I was stuck before is completely free now as I’m experiencing that full participation.

Jack: Once you take your place, it all falls into place.

Alfred: Exactly. And the body is maybe the most important thing right now. We were asking for that help. I feel that you and I were turning to our brothers there and they are giving me this experience right now of the body being porous and bluish and both individual and part of that whole at the very same time.

Jack: You’re feeling this in the body, right?

Alfred: Yes. A certain coherence between what I might call personal and communal. [pause]

So now I think I have a good landing place and maybe a place to take off from next time.

Jack: Yes. We can end now.

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  1. Sophia Cowing says:

    Jack, I’ve just finished the amazing latest episode in ‘Alfred’s’ journey and I am deeply touched and thrilled with the truths of the inner world, which he seeks to establish and incorporate through this work you two have opened. When I read the phrase about ‘authority’ being ‘irrelevant,’ silently, I cheered. Tears sprang to my eyes. Bravo! Sophia

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