Three Lives

01 Blue mystery IMG_6306(© Jack Cain 2015, text and images)

Emily came for a past life regression session in an effort “to clarify questions of life purpose and next steps”. She had found me through an interest in Dolores Cannon’s “QHHT” – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and wanted a session with someone who had been trained by Dolores.

The session was unusual in that we visited three lives rather than just one, the first two being very brief. Following the three lives is a dialogue with Emily’s higher consciousness which Dolores calls simply the “Subconscious” or “SC” for short. In this dialogue we explore the reasons why those particular three lives were shown to Emily as well as asking some of Emily’s list of questions that had been prepared ahead of time.

After a long chat to get to know each other, we engaged in the preparatory stages leading to the first past life. I ask whether it’s day or night and what she is wearing on her feet. The response is a little confused because she is having trouble understanding her situation…


Emily: Kind of hard to tell what I am actually. I almost feel like a dinosaur. I’m very long and stretched out. Well kind of like a dinosaur actually.

Jack: Well, just stay with the first impression; it’s usually the right one. So feeling this now from the inside. You’re in this very different body and you feel how movement is different, texture is different, length is different, locomotion is kind of different. As you can – just tell me a little more about how that is.

Emily: Well, it feels like I have a really long neck, it’s kind of very high up and it waves back and forth. And I look way down and my feet are really far down. It’s a very strange feeling, feeling so long.

Jack: Yes, of course, very unaccustomed. You haven’t been in this body for a long time; it’s many millions of years ago really. So you’re there in that body – maybe you could tell me a little about the surroundings. Is there vegetation or what is it like.

Emily: Yes, there’s greenery. Almost trees but they’re actually not as tall as I am so I can look right over them. Hmm. Rather odd.

Jack: It’s OK. Just be in it and feel the… There must be a certain feeling of strength being in this body.

Emily: Yes, my arms and legs are very thick. It feels so odd to have this very long neck and my head at the top of it there. It’s almost like you get dizzy looking down. [laughing] It’s so weird. Holy cow! What do I do now!

And there’s more of me behind me.

Jack: You mean you have a tail?

Emily: Yes, I have a long tail. I just move. And it’s very quiet.

Jack: So you’re moving quietly through this landscape I guess…

Emily: Yes. Just looking around. There’s water. There’s a bird – one of those pterodactyls flying around. [They lived 145 million years ago.] This is really different. Well, all right. OK.

Jack: Flowers?

Emily: Mostly green. Green leafy kind of stuff. It’s warm and soft. Swampy underfoot. Soft and squishy to step on. Moss. Water. The water’s not that deep – it’s just that the earth is really wet. I’m just going along here minding my own business.

Jack: So you’re moving forward and we need to just allow the scene to continue and move on to the next significant thing that happens in this life.

Emily: I don’t see anything terribly significant happening actually.

Jack: It may just continue to be life as usual. What about eating? Do you eat vegetable matter?

Emily: Mostly leaves. Some things in the water – wet things. I see this huge ball of fire coming actually. Like this round thing.

Jack: Really? Wow!

Emily: [unperturbed] Yes. It’s coming from the sky. Down. And then everything is kind of shaking.

Jack: Including you?

Emily: Including me, yes. And there’s a wind. It feels like this really strong wind. And it’s hot. And it just kind of blows everything away. A big whoosh.

Jack: And also including you?

Emily: Including me. Everything disintegrates.

Jack: Well, that’s very clear. That was the end of that life. [both laughing] You were there at a very critical moment with that asteroid or whatever it was that ended the dinosaur period.

Emily: Significant change.

02 crash IMG_6338

[Procedure to go on to another life since this one was so short. On arrival, I ask Emily to be aware of the situation she now is in.]


Emily: Well I am in another situation! It’s light, it’s very light, very bright light. And I’m standing in this really white sand, a very grainy kind of sand. Everything is a kind of bright white. There are white buildings around and they’re almost like little pyramids. All kind of clustered around. It’s a white place.

And I’m looking at myself. And I’m not sure that I’m actually human. My arms are kind of long. And they’re dark.

Jack: Smooth or rough?

Emily: Kind of smooth but thin and long. Long fingers – they’re almost like a dark green color. My legs are long too. And they’re thin and kind of green. My body is long and thin and green. My head is there – small and stretched out.

Jack: Interesting.

Emily: Yes. Different too. Odd.

Jack: Yes, a different kind of body. So say something more about the environment you’re in. Are you approaching these buildings? What’s happening?

Emily: I’m just sort of standing looking at them. But I can walk in the sand.

Jack: What kind of temperature?

Emily: It’s warm. I’m wondering if I’m still some kind of dinosaur. Long and tall and spindly. Long fingers. And I actually have a tail too. A long thin tail. But I’m standing pretty straight, tall. [In a follow-up email, Emily clarified that her body was lizard-like – even though she walked vertically.]

Jack: So you’re vertical?

Emily: Yes. And I’m walking to these buildings. They’re like pyramids, stone, very white. Shiny surface. Like polished white. They reflect the light. Everything looks very white.

Jack: So, what happens next?

Emily: It’s also very quiet. And there’s water around. I guess these buildings are kind of on a point that goes out into the water. The water’s very blue. It’s almost like this place is empty. There used to be people here but they’ve gone. It’s all very quiet. And I’m just walking through looking at everything. Whoever was here is gone.

Jack: So it’s deserted?

Emily: Yes.

Jack: Let’s just try and connect to why you’re there…

Emily: To find out what happened and to see if anybody’s left here… But there doesn’t seem to be anybody left. I see that they’ve… I get this image of a ship… something silver shining in the sky. They were here but they’ve gone.

Jack: Oh, they were here but they’ve left on a ship.

Emily: Yes. And all they’ve left are these buildings because they’re out of stone and they just leave them. There’s nothing else left.

Jack: So it sounds like you’re on a kind of fact-finding mission…

Emily: I’m kind of curious as to what happened. And I wonder why they’ve gone. And then I just leave. There are forests, there’s green. I go back. I just kind of feel that they’ve left us. Left us to do our own thing.

Jack: What did you said about green?

Emily: These buildings are kind of on a point of land that’s very sandy and that goes out into the water. But as you go off that point there’s green, there’s forest. It’s like a jungle. Very green. You can hear the birds. It’s darker just because it’s so dense. It’s humid.

03 white mystery IMG_6305Jack: Are you alone?

Emily: There are others like me in this place. We just live together in this place. We’re OK. We’re very peaceful. We just live in this place. But there’s a sense that we’re on our own now. We do our own thing. It’s like it’s our turn, kind of. To keep going. To do our own thing.

It’s change. I guess the word that comes to me from both of them [both lives] is “change.” Doing our own thing. Yes.

Jack: I have a sense that we may need to travel again…

Emily: Just before that… The people who were there, the beings that were there were white. They were like light. They were very… very… very light.

Jack: Very different from you?

Emily: Yes, very different from me. They were like these white… white forms that were very wispy. They were there. They were there for a while and then they left. But there’s something still there.

Jack: More than just the buildings?

Emily: Yes, it’s kind of an energy I suppose. Kind of a… Kind of a… Almost like a radiance that’s still there.

Jack: Was there a period when you were both living together?

Emily: Yes, I think we knew them. And I think we interacted with them. We knew this place. It was a good place. Of all places, it is very peaceful. There’s a lot of peacefulness here. And that peacefulness was for us too. And we interacted with them; and they with us.

Jack: Wonderful.

Emily: Yes. It was a lot of an energy thing. It’s different. They’re not there any more but there’s a presence, a feeling, an energy – and that’s OK. There’s a sense that it’s our turn now to do whatever it is that we need to do. And we just do it. And it’s not a big change in some ways. But whatever it is that we interacted with them for that’s what we keep doing. And so it’s kind of the energy that they gave us and we carry it forward to what it is that we’re doing. The energy has influenced us somehow. It just gave us a feeling.

Jack: And do you have to engage in a practice or do anything to be in touch with that energy or does it just sort of happen? Is it just there?

Emily: It’s with us now. We interacted with them and by our interacting with them that energy kind of became a part of us as well. And now we just kind of keep going and that energy is with us and it stays with us but we do what we need to do just in the way we live. We live together. We do things together. And that’s OK. We can do these things now. And that’s it.

Jack: That’s helpful. It’s much clearer now. What the situation really was. [24:35]


[Facilitated travel, travel on a cloud as with the first two, to a third life.]

04 storage IMG_6280

Emily: So the cloud kind of became this chair that was traveling through the sky and I’m sitting on this chair and this time I do have a body. And it’s a human body. And I’m flying over the sands and I’m coming to the pyramids. This is really cool! And I’m landing and this time I have human feet. And I’m wearing sandals and I have a white robe with a belt around my waist.

Jack: Are you male or female?

Emily: I’m female. And I’m coming back. And I’m back. I’m back at the pyramids. The pyramid is not like you see it today. It’s still covered. And it is covered with a white stone and it’s very smooth and it still has its gold tip on the top. It’s very exciting.

Jack: Wonderful to see it in its original form.

Emily: I’m very excited to be here. And there’s water around it. And there’s green and there’s like a garden. And there’s papyrus plants and there’s a bench. And I’ve been to this place before. And it’s a bright day.

Jack: You’ve been to this place before in this life?

Emily: Yes, I’ve been to this place before. There are paths with stone on them. And there’s a bench, a stone bench by the water. I go and sit on the bench. And I can see the water. I have dark hair and it’s long. And I’m Egyptian, yes. This is good. And I’m wearing bracelets on my arms. And I’m really excited to be back here.

Jack: Does it feel like home?

Emily: It feels like home. It’s quiet too though. But I can hear people talking. They’re getting together and they’re laughing. And I know there’s a school here somewhere. It’s a building with pillars. It’s cool inside and it’s hot outside. The stone makes it nice and cool. Everybody’s in the school and it’s cool inside. And there are tall pillars. Very big.

Jack: Are you a student? Or a teacher?

Emily: I’m a student. I might be a teacher too. I think I am a teacher because there are some young students and some older students. A little bit older. One of the older students starts to teach some of the younger ones. But I’m also a student still. So I do both. I learn and I teach – especially with the younger ones who are new, who are just coming. Girls. They laugh and they’re happy to be here. This is a big place; there are many buildings here. It’s good.

Jack: Wonderful to be there. Let’s just see what else needs to be seen. Maybe there are one or more significant events that we might need to visit in this life. So… just moving on to whatever the next thing is that we need to see.

Emily: There are passageways. And they go under the ground. And there are stairs and the stairs go down and the walls are smooth – they’re a bit damp because they go down under the ground. I’m going down the passageway. Hmm. There was a door. I went down one passageway into a room and then there was a door and that door opened. And it was like a big door. The color blue. It was a blue door. A dark blue door and it had metal pieces on it that were shiny. And you opened those pieces and the door opens and you go into a passageway that’s dark. The walls are smooth. But you go down, down the stairs. There’s stone stairs. But it’s OK. You can just feel the wall, feel along the wall as you go. But it’s OK.

Jack: You don’t feel any danger?

Emily: No, it’s not dangerous. It’s not scary. You just get accustomed to walking in the darkness and the quiet. You go down this hall, passageways. And there’s a room at the end of the passageway. There are people working in this room. It’s a big room. Like a rectangle. And there are tables. There are people working here. The passage continues. There are other rooms. They are all underground. It’s cooler to work underground. There are a lot of people here and they’re all working. [In a follow-up email, Emily clarified that the rooms were well lit even though the source of light was not apparent.]

Jack: What kind of work are they doing?

Emily: Well, they’re reading. And they have scrolls. Some of them are writing on the scrolls. Then there are places to store the scrolls that are in the walls. There’s a long wall and it’s full of scrolls. But it’s OK because it’s not damp down here. And the scrolls will be OK. It’s dry down here actually. I don’t know why that difference is of temperature but… It’s dry. It’s good for the scrolls. You can keep them here a long time. All these people are writing things. They’re writing different things.

Jack: Are you writing too?

Emily: Not yet. No, I’ve just come down. I’ve come to see what they’re doing. And if they need anything. I’m watching, looking to see if they’ve written everything that they’ve supposed to. That’s my job. I help. I make sure the work gets done the way it is supposed to. And that they have the access to the information that they need. And some of it is different – some of it is writing and some of it is like… when I look at it I see different shapes, and they’re in different colors and there are some that’s in gold and there are kind of like jewels on it. But it’s in different shapes. But they are still scrolls. You can roll it up and put it in a safe place. But it’s important to do this. It’s a lot of information. We need to keep the information and put it in a safe place. It’s very important to do this. Yes. We have to keep all of this. Keep it in a place that’s safe.

Jack: And why is that important?

Emily: Because it’s very important information.

Jack: I see.

Emily: It’s about many different things. Things that we know and things that others know and have shared with us… from many different places.

Jack: So this is a very safe place…

Emily: It’s like a center. It’s a place where people come to learn and to share information and to put things that are important to have. It’s like a center – people come from many different places. I see them coming even in ships. And light. It’s very busy. And there’s a school. And there are some quiet places.

Jack: Did you say they come in ships and in light?

Emily: Yes, in light. The ships are shiny and reflect light.

Jack: These are air ships or water ships?

Emily: Air ships. They are shiny shapes. Different. And they come. And it’s a very busy place because there’s lots of going on. People coming. And then there’s the school. And sometimes… I think it’s the Hathors actually. I don’t know if that’s my imagination or…

Jack: It’s a what?

Emily: The Hathors. The place of the Hathors.

[ ] They come and they’re very tall. And they come to teach us. And they work with the children. They’re very quiet. And so we’re all very busy making sure all the information is recorded and kept in a safe place. [pause] [concluding tone] And that’s what we do.

Jack: And so is the information still safe?

Emily: We’ve made sure it’s still safe. And that it’s there for a very long time. There are actually ways of recording it that are safer. So that it’s recorded in two ways – maybe more – so that it’s there and so that if even one way of recording is lost there are other ways. I see these cubes of almost like crystal or glass and the information is in those cubes somehow. I’m not sure how that’s done but it’s in there. And those cubes are stored here too. They’re much safer than the scrolls even though the scrolls are pretty safe.

[cf. Douglas James Cottrell speaking of a similar kind of recording in the Hall of Record in the Yucatan: ]


There’s a lot of information.

Jack: Yes, it’s a huge library.

Emily: And I see on the wall there’s kind of a wheel. And it has different shapes in it. Different forms – like triangles and… circles. Different shapes. And that is information too somehow. It’s like a way of accessing the information as well. If you have to… like depending on what you press on you can access information. And there’s an incredible amount of information about everything that’s in there. Yes. Wow. It’s amazing.

Jack: So it seems that that’s what we were meant to visit here and get as much information as possible about.

05 storage 2 IMG_6279

[Here, following Dolores Cannon’s method, we make a guided transition to ask Emily’s higher consciousness to come forward and answer questions. The first question is always to ask why we were shown the life or lives that have just taken place, followed by questions that have been thought about, discussed and prepared before the session began.]


Jack: Respectfully I wish to ask for an explanation of the purpose of the choice of lives we have been shown.

SC: Well, some of it has to do with change. The first experience was an experience of very drastic change. Things change and sometimes they change very drastically and very quickly. It’s just the way things go.

The second experience was also an experience of change but it wasn’t drastic change. It was the change whose time had come. And so the help that was there for these beings gave information, gave capacities, gave energies that these beings absorbed and then carried forward within their own responsibility and their own capacity to carry that forward, having been given the energy from the beings who initially came to help them. So they carried that forward. Then it proved it knowledge that was shared with them – knowledge that was shared to some extent as example but to a large extent as energy that was left with them that they absorbed and that they were able to integrate into their being and carry forward as they needed to. And this was a good thing.

And then the third experience was also an experience of sharing energy, sharing knowledge, gathering knowledge, gathering information. And she has a tendency to want to gather very much information – by reading it all – but it doesn’t work very well. [laughter] But you can’t remember it all. And I think that’s one of her challenges – trying to remember everything she has read whereas the enjoyment of reading is good and it’s interesting and some things are remembered but it’s not possible to remember all of the information. And to think of all the information that is stored in that place – which is still stored there – and some of that information has been shared in different ways. But there is what would really be an incredible amount of information for you to imagine that’s stored there. She’s just not going to be able to do that. Nonetheless gaining some information is good.

The other part of that is – and I think she’s had a sense of that herself for a while – to trust her own innate ability to connect with the information that she needs when she needs it and not always expect someone else to give the answer to the question. So… it’s learning to trust. To trust herself.

Jack: And to trust the information that is there within her, right?

SC: Yes. And to trust her ability to even access that information which is a challenge at the moment – not that she can’t do it. She can do it. But she needs to take the step with doing it. It’s kind of like those beings that were left, when their helpers left they needed to trust their ability to do what they needed to do and that they had been given all of the tools they needed to do that. And that they were now able to step forward, and move forward on their own and have confidence in that. And that’s the same issue. So that’s another relative thing.

Jack: Could the SC say something about Emily’s purpose and how she is to move more fully towards it?

SC: Well, we all have many purposes. There’s not just one. There are many needs – the word flexibility comes to me. To be flexible. To respond to the needs that are there. And that in itself is important because we can have an idea that we want to do this and it can be very rigid and that may not be what is needed. There’s a flexibility of responding to the changes that are coming as is needed, bringing an energy. Energy has been part of her being on this planet. Even from the time of the dinosaur there’s an energy. The dinosaur was a very peaceful dinosaur and it brought a peaceful energy to the place in which it lived. It was a plant eater. It didn’t eat others. It was peaceful and it brought a peaceful energy to the Earth. And that’s important too because there were others who were not peaceful and didn’t bring peaceful energies. So bringing peacefulness is important.

The second group of beings were also peaceful beings. So they brought that energy and they carried that energy forward that was gifted to them by this group of beings who were there who had come to bring peacefulness to the Earth, to boost that energy of peacefulness on the Earth.

Jack: So that was on the Earth as well – the same planet?

SC: Yes, it was on the Earth as well. It was a different time, a different place. Things had changed again. But the earth was seeded many times with energies to help to move it forward in its journey. And its journey is one of establishing peacefulness. But there are many journeys that it must go through, many experiences that happen. And so the challenge is to hold that energy of peacefulness in all circumstances. To carry that forward. And so in the last place – that situation changed too – that phase changed – that’s why they were needing to collect the energy, the information and gather it and place it in a safe place. Because that is also energy that is held there. So that was important. But they needed to do it because they knew it was being threatened and that it would need safety. And that it would need to come to bring more peacefulness again to the Earth.

So the choices are hers as to how she wishes to bring peacefulness into the Earth – there’s no set plan. That’s again where she needs to take responsibility for her own choices. The commitment is to bring peacefulness. The commitment is not necessarily to one particular job. The choice is there. There’s free will. She would like to have answers. [laughter] But tough luck kid! And that’s a sense of needing to have more confidence in herself and her own abilities because the abilities are there. It’s just trusting them and connecting and finding them and connecting with her own peacefulness. And bringing that forward.

It’s good. Good times are coming, exciting times are coming. This is a very exciting time for Earth. And many, many, many peacefulness initiatives are there. And they will grow; they will be nourished.

Patience is a virtue also. She has heard that before. And it can be reiterated. Be patient and trust. Look inward. Look inward. That’s where the answers are, where the choices are. It will be done. There’s no problem. There’s no need for fear.

Jack: There was concern about fear and anxiety.

SC: Yes.

Jack: Maybe there could be a scan of the physical body to see if there’s indications or advice for the care of the physical body.

SC: Tension anxiety is there and it’s there in many layers. Finding ways to release that… Massage is a good way. Energy healing too. To release the layers because there are layers that are coming through from many different experiences.

Head knowledge, interest in learning has been part of her journey. So it’s caught in the head – feelings of anxiety, guilt, errors – they’re not errors. But they all stick.

Jack: They need to be let go of right? With massage or energy.

SC: Yes. That’s right.

Jack: And can there be any advice about her son, her interaction with him or anything that would be helpful.

SC: Patience. He has a lot of energy and it’s a very special energy. But he needs to find his path; just like she needs to trust her own path. She needs to trust that he can find his own path. And he needs to trust that. So the journeys in some ways have similarities. They’re connected; they’ve had many journeys together, many experiences that are balancing and that need to find balance. Patience. The sense of time is different for you as it is for us. There’s no time for us.

Jack: When you say “us” who are you referring to?

SC: Spirit.

Jack: Is there some final piece of advice that needs to be given to Emily right now from this level?

SC: That she’s capable of making her own decisions. That she’s not alone. That her presence is there. We remind her of the bird and the bird is still a sign of presence. And to listen to the birds, watch them in the morning. They’re always there.

Jack: Very practical. And in her moving forward is it also a question of looking for the right signs to guide her on her way?

SC: Yes. Trust that the signs are there. And that she is able to read them. She has this ability. And that she has had in the past much experience in reading signs. And that she can, is able to, is permitted to look to her past experience to read signs. And to trust that ability. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes; that’s not a problem. Sometimes that’s the most important way to learn – through what appears to be an error. It’s not always an error – let go of that. Learn from the signs, learn from the experience of having read signs. And trust that the information that is given – and perceived – is correct even if it doesn’t appear to be at the time. There is, in the end, no error.

06 Flowering IMG_6302


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