Toe-Holds and Alligators

01darkwithedgesIMG_6289(© Jack Cain 2015, text and images)

Angela: It feels dark but it feels like a fire-pit I went to a few weeks ago at a hotel. There are beautiful lounge chairs. That’s where I feel I’m closest to right now.

Jack: That’s fine. Dark can be very comforting actually. Do you see flames from the fire-pit?

Angela: No. It feels like the fire has gone out – it’s cold.

Jack: It’s cold. Well, we need to see what takes place in this place you’ve come to first. Just see where we go from there. It would be good to stay with it for a bit because this is where your mind has taken you. And we need to see what will happen in this place. Are you stretched out on one of those lounge chairs?

Angela: Yes.

Jack: And you’re in a comfortable condition. And there’s a kind of darkness but you maybe need to see what begins to appear. Something may appear visually or you may begin to have a feeling of something.

Angela: It feels like I’m being shaded. It feels warm. Like a hot Miami day. It’s hot so this is just the coolest place to be. It’s actually very refreshing. I don’t feel constrained.

Jack: That’s fine then. A place like that is wonderful on a hot day. And if there’s a touch of coolness it would be very refreshing.

Angela: And what flashes in my mind is a star. Like the beginning of a pentagram.

Jack: Yes. So just stay with that. It flashes – and that’s often the way things begin. It’s just a flash. A star is an indication of a direction. It can lead us somewhere. Just staying there very comfortably. It’s a comfortable temperature. You can feel the movement of air, a bit of a breeze perhaps. So let’s just see. Maybe that star has something more to offer or there will be something else that comes along. It’s important not to rush – it’s like you were speaking about earlier – we need to allow things to take place in just the time that’s required. Not pushing or pulling. Just being there very comfortably in that environment. Feeling that you can trust that, whatever the forces are in the invisible world, they can bring to you what is needed right now. Just exactly what is needed for Angela. There needs to be more understanding, we all need more understanding. So maybe something can begin to appear or a direction can begin to take place here.

Angela: So, on my left, I feel like there’s a coin in my hand. It feels very much like the Tarot cards – the one I want to say is the four of pentacles or the ace of pentacles. And I can feel a gold coin with just that star and I can feel it going to the right.

And on the right I feel like there’s… I feel the presence of a big animal. I don’t know if it’s a bear. It’s a fierce, ferocious animal but I don’t feel threatened by it. Still it is a little daunting. It feels like a bear or a lion or… It’s sleeping. It feels actually like a guard. It’s guarding inward but it’s guarding me from going outward at the same time. What I keep hearing is, “You have to tame that beast.” And I definitely feel it on my right side.

Jack: Yes, on the right side. That’s very good. That’s very good. We need to see what is required in order for you to tame that beast. I would think that you need to begin to develop some kind of relationship there with that part, with that animal. There needs to begin to be some communication and maybe we could ask a question of that animal like, “What do you need from me?” Or maybe you have a question of your own.

Angela: It shows me… the next flash that keeps coming is this labyrinth and spiral of going inward. And when I get to… it’s not the bottom, it’s… there’s a lot of light in that journey inward and I guess what I can call the bottom but I hear it say, “I’m your friend, I’m your foe.” The image that I keep getting or what I keep hearing is… I get this image of petting and a taming of the mind… I just keep hearing, “A taming of the beast.”

Jack: Good. OK. So the direction is very clear. That beast on the right side, that is potentially fierce but right now is just there with you. Something needs to be tamed there so that it’s never out of control. Not ever wild.

Angela: Yes. I keep hearing, “It can be friend and it can be foe.”

Jack: All right. You’re there. The situation is very clear… in the sense that you see clearly what’s there with you… So I think you need to begin to look further into yourself for what you require. What’s required of you right now. What needs to come forward from you in this situation. So if you just concentrate, concentrate your energies, your forces, looking to see what it is that comes next. What has to be either seen, or felt, or experienced.

Angela: There’s a lot of shape-shifting going on so… When you first said, “What needs to come forth,” I saw a cliff and I saw an eagle soar from it. And then it morphed into a delicate, gentle flower – almost like a desert rose or just a really pretty tender flower – and what I hear about the beast is: “Regardless of whether it’s friend or foe, always trust what you know in your inner knowing.” The beast is an illusion. The other words, what I hear is that it is a projection of my shadow. But I keep getting this spiraling inward, especially around my heart area and the center of my body.

02PrettyFlowerIMG_6180Jack: I think you need to stay with that spiraling. It was there a moment ago too. You need to stay with it because you need to move to a deeper level inside yourself. The word “deep” is perhaps not accurate – it isn’t deep in the sense of down; it’s just in. You’re going further inward in the journey.

Angela: And then I get to this oasis of just stillness, cool water, lots of light. Light smells. Cool energy. Cool light, bright, white light. Just the stillness and the silence that comes from going within.

And I get this image of a turtle and a shell and I’m being shown that I’m afraid that if I go within I won’t be protected but actually that’s when I’m most protected – when I’m most in tune with what’s inside. And I get the image of a peach or a mango – that ripeness, that juiciness of going within.

Jack: Very clear.

Angela: And I get a leash. [chuckle] The leash bends internally. The leash goes in and goes up and that’s what you pull yourself up with. And now, to give it even more clearly, there’s this image of rock-climbing. Now I have the harness on and I have the rope and the rope is coming from above.

And I get an image of – I guess it is my grandmother or my great-grandmother – shaking her finger at me and saying, “No. Don’t look down. Don’t pull your rope from below. Pull from above.”

And then – what I guess is one of my totems – I get this image of my octopus. Just being there.

Jack: Right. Just being there for you.

Angela: Yes. But there’s a lot of upward motion. There’s a lot of “climb up, don’t pull from below, climb up.”

And I get the image of the cords I used in order to grow from below starting to fall off, starting to be cut.

Jack: So those cords are cut and fall away.

Angela: Yes, yes. And I can feel the entanglement in my stomach and in my pelvis area of… of being held by that, versus… I think what I’m being shown is the difference of being held from a “below-energy” and being held from an “above-energy.”

And the energy coming from above is infinite – like I’m afraid that I’ll run out of rope but I can’t run out of rope when I’m pulling from above but when I’m pulling from below – and this is coming through crystal clear and I can feel it in my body – when I’m pulling from below the words that I hear are, “I get ensnared.” That any energy that I pick from below tangles and ensnares but any energy coming from above just takes me higher.

03EntangledIMG_6190Jack: Beautiful. Very, very clear. Yes. Wonderful.

Angela: And so the question I start to ask is, “How can I trust this?” “How can I trust this is coming from on high or… How can I discern?”

And then I felt like a lurch. I felt like that is what has happened with… in the back of my mind, “Well, what about this initiation [an initiation which Angela just took] – what in the world did I do – and I feel like I’ve lurched.

Jack: Yes, it’s important to sense that clearly.

Angela: Yes, and that was the lurch that I… I lurch and then I turn around and there’s nothing but light and I start to go up.

Jack: Right. [chuckle] So, when you’re mountain climbing like that, it’s very important to keep your gaze upward as you’re being told. So, even if you lurch, you are still connected with that rope. You still have hand-holds and toe-holds. But you have to keep your wits about you too. And continue to look up.

Angela: Yes, yes. I get this feeling of “It’s OK.” And I can feel myself being carried across… literally across a pool of alligators with the faces of the people that I had dealt with – I can literally see them snapping, I can see them jumping – but I can feel myself being hand-glided across.

Jack: Yes, because you’re being protected there. So that’s very good to understand clearly that there are alligators and that you do need to just hand-glide across them. But you have the connections for that to take place because it is taking place.

04AlligatorRockIMG_6176Angela: Yes, I get this image of landing and then a seed and then the seed just blossoming into a tree. And I keep hearing… I keep getting the image – is it Job from the Bible – “Don’t look back. Don’t look back. Just to forward. Just go up. Don’t look back with the intent of going back.”

Because – you know me – I’m like: “Well, you know, what if it’s OK to feel the looking back but… .” I hear, “You want to be superhuman. You’re trying to prohibit yourself from looking… from not having human urges… But don’t allow yourself to get sucked into that energy of… of wanting to turn the course. I hear literally, very strongly, “No. Stay straight. Stay your course.”

Jack: Yes, stay the course.

Angela: You do not have to go back. You just go forward.

Jack: Yes, I think too maybe you can feel in your body the different quality of when you look up, of when you see some of these images, there’s a quality of support.

Angela: Yes, yes.

Jack: And when you even think about what you left behind or what’s below you, I think you can feel in the body right away maybe a little queasiness or discomfort?

Angela: Constriction. I feel almost tentacles on my legs or snakes wrapped around my legs, just pulling as tight as they can.

Jack: So, we mustn’t curse them or bad-mouth them because it’s very important that you have these signals in your body.

Angela: Yes, yes.

Jack: And they’re immediate. It’s an immediate signal. You can tell right away if you have gone or even looked in a wrong direction.

Angela: Yes, yes.

Jack: So as soon as you say, “What if…” those tentacles will touch you and you can say, “Oh. I guess that’s not the right direction.” It’s a very important tool that you’re being given here. And I think you need to even bless those tools that are helpful.

Angela: Yes, I guess that’s one of the things that was coming up and I keep getting this image of a heart on fire. A sacred heart. How do I articulate it? I can feel it in my body. I can see the spines. I can see the writing on the wall. And sometimes I’m afraid that I’m not powerful, or that I’m not on point. But I love this idea of blessing that signal.

Jack: And also you’ve gotten a clear message here that the power that supports you is unlimited. A very important understanding there. There is no limit to that power that is above you. So you can trust that that power has all the resources that it needs.

Angela: Yes. And there is just literally star dust and stars falling and stars blessing and touching me everywhere. And then there’s this white cobra – it slitters – it’s scary because it’s a white cobra but – it just wraps itself around me – the word that comes to me is “kundalini” energy. I can feel it merge with my body and it goes up.

Jack: Yes, and you can see that it’s white. It’s something very positive. So, there’s maybe a teaching here on the management of energy. You have to manage the energy that you’ve been given and allow it to go up just as you’ve been going up.

Angela: And I just keep hearing, “Let it go. Let it go. Let go of anything that constricts or that doesn’t feel expansive, really just let it go. Let it walk away and let it go. And it’s OK.”

Because I’m so afraid to… This is the part about my truth. And I get this image of a gift. A big, huge, blue box. [both laugh]

Jack: That’s nice. With a bow on it?

Angela: Yes. This huge big blue box of… this is true.

Jack: And this is your truth as well, right?

Angela: Yes.

Jack: It’s for you not for someone else.

Angela: Yes.

And it touches my head and that becomes the North Star if you will.

And now everything just goes slow motion because I can hear a part of me asking how do I keep this, how do I transfer this. [both laughing] And it really is… it’s the slowing down where I will feel most expansive; it’s the doing less where I will be able to… – I get the image of the rope coming down – where I will be able to achieve or acquire or enjoy more.

Jack: Yes, yes. Another very critical message there. So when you find yourself going too fast, you just slow down. It’s not always easy because you maybe don’t notice it right away. Before you know it you’re going a mile a minute. But with this teaching it will enter also into your body. Often the body will remember before the mind remembers. So you may find yourself just stopping at times and being quiet so that you can reconnect to what you’re experiencing now. Once you’ve had this experience, it cannot be taken away from you. It’s always there in your memory banks as it were. It’s always possible to attune yourself to it. But it does require you to slow down – or even stop completely and be in stillness. It’s in the stillness that all of this can be maintained.

Angela: Yes. And that’s what I see – I see a ticking time bomb and then a shake and an explosion but then a phoenix or an Isis-like character arises with wings spread. And I hear the words “divine time” – everything is in divine time – that is what you rest in.

Jack: Yes, exactly. It’s a different time.

Ericka: Yes.

Jack: And it’s available to us really at any moment. Any moment of need or even not need you can connect to this. It’s just there. All the time. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Angela: And then the guardian comes back but now it’s like a meek little kitten. [both laugh]

Jack: OK. That’s nice very nice. So then you can bring some comfort to that little kitten actually, bring some love and affection.

Angela: Yes.

Jack: So then there’s a relationship now with that part – that does need to be cared for. It’s a part.

Angela: Yes.

Jack: But it can be just a kitten – just the way a lion or a bear can be just a kitten with the right circumstances, with the right influences.

Angela: I see the dual image: I can see the kitten but I also see… It’s almost like I see the kitten and then its shadow is the guardian – the friend or foe.

Jack: Yes. Beautiful.

Angela: And I can feel myself winding back up, up steps, with the kitten in my hand, holding onto it. And now I’m in a park. And I’m surrounded by… they are people but they feel like ancestors to me or they feel like guides – they feel very close. I can feel them making… It’s funny – it’s going back where we started. I can feel them making the shade for me. I can feel their arms and their hands and their presence around. And I can feel myself back at the fire-pit. I can feel myself in the exact same place where I started but it was like all that I sensed is now being… the puzzle pieces are coming… “Oh, that’s what that really was…”

Jack: So now you see what was behind, what was being shaded. And I think it’s very important to realize that we’re not alone. You have this connection to what I sometimes call a lineage. There’s a lineage of connection to other beings some of whom may be in this life, some may not, but there’s a line of individuals – we’re part of each other. They’re supporting you; you’re supporting them too. You’re an important link in that chain – a link that links the past and the future to now. It’s very important to realize that we’re not isolated.

05PujaIMG_4850Angela: Yes. There’s this image of honey and sweet flowers and milk, like an Indian puja, being poured all over me from the top of my head down to my feet. And there’s this beautiful white elephant Maharaja style right there. And this guy is saying, “Go up, go up on the elephant. You can see better.” It’s funny – you can see better from on high.”

Jack: Of course you can see better.

Angela: So the height… taking a higher perspective is definitely a thread here. I keep hearing, “Find the highest point and see the situation from that point.”

Jack: Beautiful. Find the highest point and see the situation from that point.

Angela: Wow!

Jack: Yes, very good advice. So there’s a real direction there – a real indication of what is needed. So I feel that it’s a very complete response to your questions.

Angela: Yes, yes. And I hear: “Don’t be afraid of failure.” Because that part of me that moves faster than me is saying, “But what if I make a mistake? What if I fail? What if I’ve missed the cue? But it’s like: “The rope is always there.”

Jack: The rope is always there. And in any situation. It may look dismal but you have to really memorize that statement, “The rope is always there.” And also you have that lineage of protection who are watching over you all the time as well. There is that protection and that world of honey and light is available to you whenever it’s needed really. Very nice.

Angela: Yes.

And then I feel my octopus. I have an octopus tattoo. It’s on my right arm, but I can feel it on my left shoulder and I hear, “You can use that – you can ask – you can send that energy out to pull things to you.”

I feel how weary I get. I keep trying to make things happen – I’ve got to do. I’ve got to do. But I keep hearing, “You’ve got resources.” Especially animal resources. Huge animals.

I have a hummingbird tattoo on my shoulder. I literally hear, “You can send that, you can call on that to bring you what you need so that you don’t always have to be the hunter.”

I get the image of a falcon and how a hunter will send the falcon out to scout and bring things back.

Jack: Right. So you can send something out to scout. If you’re unsure about something you can use those animal images – they’re not images actually they’re real – you can send them out to help you in certain situations. It’s difficult sometimes because we don’t have enough information.

Angela: Yes.

Jack: Something like a falcon can get that for you, come back and give you the information that you need. Yes, very important.

Angela: And then it closes. I literally see… the image that I get is – and I’ve seen her before – this Indian woman dressed all in white but she has a lot of blue energy around her – I don’t know if it’s her throat or her eyes. She’s putting her hands up to her forehead and there’s a jewel there that is purplish, bluish. She bows towards me and I bow towards her. I can feel her connection or her closing.

Jack: Well, that’s like a blessing also on exactly what has taken place. She’s representing a much higher level I believe. You have a blessing and a confirmation on what just took place.

And the fact that that jewel is at the position of the third eye is a reminder that you always have the possibility to see into these other levels. Yes, very important.

Angela: And I get the image of the seed and the plant.

Jack: Yes, I think it’s extremely important and very necessary for this world that we live in that more and more individuals find a way to grow this tree that connects us all together and connects us upward. What you’re starting is very important. And you’ve had some difficult bumps along the way but the direction now seems so very clear. You know what the right direction is. You’ve expressed it to me before the session actually. But now it’s known in a way that is firmer and more solid.

Angela: Yes, yes, yes. And there’s just trees, there’s lush trees and waves of energy just pulsating.

Jack: Yes, yes that’s what’s required.

Angela: Blues, purples, oranges. Like the colors of sunset and sunrise. Just pulsing.

Jack: Beautiful. Well, I feel very privileged once again being part of this journey. It’s very beautiful. A very beautiful journey.


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