A Kind of Star

01 Horizon IMG_6155(© Jack Cain 2015, text and images)

[Beginning as usual with a visit to a place that’s safe and secure.]

Maureen: I’m in my back garden where my roses are blooming and my vegetables are beginning to grow. It’s very quiet there and very peaceful. I go there to be alone and to gather something that’s rooted.

Jack: Nice, very nice. So you sometimes sit there in that area?

Maureen: I do.

Jack: So maybe right now you could be sitting there in that environment which of course you’re visiting in your mind but nevertheless there is an impact, an influence, by being there – an influence for the physical body. You can perhaps feel the calm and quiet – all these qualities – entering into all three centers of the “planetary body.” Although it’s a simple exercise, it is very helpful, very calming. And it’s an exercise that you can repeat any time you need. You can simply take a few minutes to lie down as you’re doing now and be in your garden.

And there’s something very special too, as we know, about roses – a special quality that they have. So the fact that you’re close to that and can feel that is important. The fact that there are vegetables there and their rootedness is important as well. All of those aspects are bringing certain qualities to this moment – to the physical body, to the emotional center, to the mind. Feeling that all this is very good and just the way it needs to be.

Maybe you could give me a little report on how you’re feeling at this moment.

Maureen: I feel very comfortable and very safe. And I’m remembering how the birds come and eat, and the hummers [hummingbirds] come. It’s like I’m being recognized by them – recognized, comforted, and acknowledged. It always brings a smile to my face when I hear the birds and watch them eat. And when I see those hummers – every time I see a hummer – it’s like, “Oh, you are with me.”

Jack: So there’s a real communication taking place. And yes, those birds – being able to hear them, being able to feel the contact with them through the sound. Yes, as if you’re being recognized – very interesting.

So just staying there a little longer to be very clear about the qualities of that place which you know so well. As if we’re having it present in a way. It’s not quite the same as being there, but very close. The body will respond to those qualities of quiet and peace. The body will be able to absorb those qualities and benefit from them. The body needs such times of restoration and quiet in order for it to be working in the best possible way.

02 oneredflowerIMG_6205

[Guided transition to another plane.]

Jack: Is it daytime or nighttime?

Maureen: Well, it seems to be daytime but I don’t seem to see anything.

Jack: Well, very often it’s not visual as we discussed before the session. It may be just a sense of being somewhere. So… feel the quality of the light and the air that’s around you. Things take a while sometimes because this isn’t an activity you engage in every day – it takes a certain adjustment to allow the mind to be open so that material can arise from the subconscious part – the part that has all those storehouses of memory and events that have taken place.

Can you say anything about the quality of light that is present?

Maureen: It’s almost like the light is on the horizon. I can almost sense a fairly high horizon and a blue sky coming up. I don’t feel anybody around me, but I feel trees around me or at least entities that are stable.

Jack: Yes, stay with that.

Maureen: There seems to be a kind of a star – even though it’s daytime. There’s something that’s kind of beckoning me or trying to show itself.

Jack: Yes, that’s what you need to focus on. Very often there’s something that seems to be calling, or there’s a certain direction toward which one is attracted. So we don’t know what that star is exactly but it’s probably good to focus on it and see what takes place. Because as you focus on it certain changes will take place. Certain things may fall away and certain other things may become clearer. And do take your time – there’s no rush for us to move into something. It needs to take place in a tempo that is comfortable. [pause]

Maureen: Well, you know, I’m surrounded by the smell of roses – it’s very sweet but not cloying, very pleasant. It’s almost like there’s somebody on the other side of that horizon that gets associated with that smell.

Maybe the star is a reflection of her.

Jack: Yes, that could be. I get the impression almost that there’s someone really waiting for you there. You need to be patient, you need to see what will be required for you to make an approach or allow her to approach you. It’s interesting when you sense a presence like that it’s not totally clear at the beginning and yet you can feel something. It’s a feeling rather than visual.

Maureen: Well, it’s almost like the star is a mirror and it’s reflecting my side of the horizon as well as her side of the horizon. The two reflections are coming together in the star. It’s not very clear that I’m seeing her reflection – it’s just that I’m seeing the mechanism of the reflection.

03 mechanism of star IMG_6161Jack: Is there a certain quality associated with her?

Maureen: It’s very sweet, gentle, and comforting. Very motherly. [pause]

Jack: It seems to be a very important connection, so it would be good if you could find a way to be closer or ask her to be closer to you. Let’s just see what takes place as you’re aware of that situation. You do seem to be on different sides of the horizon. But there may be some way for there to be a closer contact. Perhaps she has something to convey to you.

Maureen: It seems like the next step is for me to open my heart. There’s something in my chest that needs to be softened, to open. I’m going to ask it to open and soften. There’s some kind of a sensation in the upper part of my chest about releasing or…

Jack: It’s very good to work with what’s taking place in the body because it’s direct. The body doesn’t make up stories. It’s just there. So it’s able to help you move into a state that’s appropriate for the communication that might take place with this… whoever this is… Of course, it may need some preparation, softening from how we are ordinarily and a vibrational level that is capable of making this kind of connection. But here there’s a special possibility because we’ve set aside the associative mind and it’s just something taking place in the body. So if you concentrate on that upper part of the chest and really feel that there’s a deep, deep letting go there – a softening as you said. And that’s required really. An opening. It’s almost like tuning an instrument that has to be able to find the right frequency. [pause]

Maureen: Well, it seems like the message is not to be afraid. Now I’m getting some kind of sense that I should open and not be afraid.

Jack: Yes, I think you’re being helped by what’s already coming through. The perfume that came through, the quality that came through from her. Something sweet and gentle. So maybe there’s no reason to be afraid. But instinctively we are built – unfortunately – to be afraid of anything that’s brand new. This is a unique moment in a unique situation so… Of course by concentrating on the chest like that, feeling that softness, you could begin to feel that any apprehension is beginning to drain away from the upper body. Almost like a fluid beginning to drain away – any fear or apprehension. Maybe there’s a very deep part of Maureen that knows very well that there’s nothing to fear. The instinct can tell – not just because Jack is saying that. Check for yourself in your own instinct. Be very connected to the body; very connected to that area, particularly the upper chest. Perhaps a bit of awareness of the breathing as well.

Maureen: Well, it’s almost like when the chest opens there’s this deep, deep ocean that’s just right there in my chest and it’s fathomless. It’s so deep. And the light just goes down just a little ways, you know, just a few feet and you can see it glistening. Then it gets really dark… But it is comforting; it’s not scary. I have the impression that it holds a lot, that it has tremendous complexity to it.

It’s almost as if there’s a book coming from the bottom of the ocean, coming up. A book! [chuckle]

Jack: It’s OK. The mind is using symbols. You may see it as a book. But it’s OK. [long pause] Is anything more happening as the book is coming up?

Maureen: The book just seems to be rising for miles and miles and miles – it’s traveling. I don’t have the inclination to open it or take it out of the water.

Jack: You need to follow what your instinct feels is the right thing to do. As long as something is taking place there. The important thing is the perception of what you’re observing. The depth in particular – how deep that is… the fact that there is a book rising up out of it.

I understand that this is really taking place in the area of the chest, right?

Maureen: Right.

Jack: There is a depth there.

Maureen: It’s like there’s just miles and miles and miles of deep ocean. It seems to have all kinds of things in it. Very deep.

I’m just looking to see if there’s anything else rising to the top… I saw the book…

Jack: We began with a presence at the beginning of someone – is that someone still around?

Maureen: I still see that horizon.

Jack: It hasn’t disappeared. Good.

Maureen: It’s almost as if that person on the other side has wings or something. It’s a very unusual entity. She is very silent – almost like a sentry, a guardian, or a witness maybe.

Jack: You can have several elements present at the same time. You have that horizon, you have that presence on the other side that sounds very special. You’re observing the depth in that area of the body. Sometimes the message is really just in what is taking place. There may not be any words being conveyed but there is certainly information being conveyed through the images and the sense perceptions that you have.

And the smell of roses… is that still present too?

Maureen: No, it’s gone. It was very strong then for a while now it’s…

04 GoslingsIMG_6238Jack: That’s fine. It doesn’t have to be there all the time.

Maureen: I don’t feel who I am watching this. I feel completely that I’m nothing but a seer – I’m not a person, I’m not an actor – just a watcher.

Jack: Yes, you’re just watching what is taking place, right? But there is a connection to this beingin the sense that you are perceiving her and so you’re in a situation in which there is a communication taking place even if it’s just a sense of this person being there and a sense of this enormous depth, a sense of that book rising – these are all elements that are coming together in your perception. It’s Maureen’s perception – it’s nothing to do with Jack. I’m not suggesting these things. This is your material; your experience in this moment. [pause]

As a facilitator I’d just like to ask if there’s some particular indication or advice or words that could come either from that being or from the depths that would be helpful to Maureen right at this point in her life, this point in time and space here.

Maureen: Well, Julian of Norwich’s statement comes:

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”

And it’s very comforting, very soothing because even as I hear that quotation I’m also remembering that whatever this depth is, it’s incredibly unknown – it’s just not known. It’s almost symbolic of all mystery.

Jack: And in spite of being in the face of that, there’s this wonderful statement. It’s very beautiful and strong.

So, once again I think it’s important that there’s nothing to fear. There’s a lot of unknown but there’s nothing to fear.

Maureen: It’s as if I left the fear up on the crust of my chest. And my chest opened and showed me this ocean and now I’m down below the crust of my chest so I’m actually below the fear. The fear was very material. It was associated with the epidermis and this is way below the epidermis.

Jack: Let’s just see now what needs to take place next. There’s a deep experience in just what’s there. Maybe there’s another step that needs to take place.

Maureen: I’m asking if there’s some direction to look. I see that horizon. I see this deep, deep ocean and I see… I sense a presence with me. And I sense that I’m below, underneath – underneath all my usual fears that can come a mile a minute and swap places with each other.

That’s one lesson right there – fear is not ubiquitous. There is a place where there is no fear.

Jack: Yes, and that’s where you are.

So it’s good to put a marker, some kind of indication. You’re at that point right now. We maybe can’t live there all the time but to be there and sense its depth is a gift – just as that presence is a gift too. It is something that has come down from a much higher level into you… at least to a level that can be perceived. [pause]

I think you’re doing exactly what needs to be done which is to see if there’s anything that needs to be asked, anything that needs to be requested. From either that being or the current situation.

Maureen: Well, I feel like a little girl asking what I need and not knowing what I need. That’s a very innocent question and really a sincere one. When I go to the associative mind, which is always there, I can list my needs by the thousands,

Jack: Yes, but in the current situation the question has a different import really. So it’s good to ask that.

Maureen: The person who’s asking is different – it’s like “What do I need?” It’s not particularly the Maureen personality that needs anything. It’s something much deeper.

Jack: Because of the openness that’s present, something may come through or it may not. I don’t know. [pause]

It’s good to keep the connection with the body very strong – especially with the chest and the breathing.

Maureen: Right. It’s like the deeper I breathe the more I can stay with that openness in the chest. [long pause – breathing]

I feel like I’m getting acclimatized to the Andes. It’s like I’m breathing in a different way because the oxygen level is different or something. And I’m just kind of staying at a certain level to gain my equilibrium.

Jack: Yes, acclimated so that you can function in an atmosphere that’s rarified. Yes, it makes sense. Because this is not an ordinary stateit’s a special state. You are somewhere else at the moment.

Maureen: I think that this presence is trying to get across to me that I can return here.

Jack: Aha. Yes, that’s why it’s important that we spend a certain amount of time and not rush and that you really feel that you are more and more acclimatized to this very special place where you are right now. [long pause]

Sometimes the communication is difficult with a being like that – as you say: “Trying to get across to you.” The associative mind can interfere and say, “Well, I don’t know if I’m really receiving that or not.” It’s good to try to maintain a kind of relaxation there. Whatever it is that arises – just allow it to pass through, even though there may be doubts or uncertainties. Something is certainly taking place. There is a connection now, a communication.

Maureen: It seems almost like I’m seeing parts of faces. For example, I saw Ganesha’s eye – his eyes are very distinctive – and I saw Krishna’s eye. They just sort of pass before me as little images. [pause]

Jack: There also has to be a judgment about what the right amount of time is to spend in a place like this because we can’t be there all the time and it is very special. It’s not a matter of trying to draw it out or prolong it but it is a matter of finding the right moment to… We just need to be sensitive to what seems to be still taking place there.

Maureen: Well, I seem not to see ocean any more but I’m still very calm.

Jack: The images you saw are an indication that we’re changing levels once again or making a transition of some kind. So it makes sense now that the horizon disappears… At the same time there’s something that has been experienced – particularly in the depths of that ocean there’s something there that cannot be erased because it’s a real experience… The breathing has taken you into a real atmosphere. And I would say that it’s a depth that you need. It is really a response to the question that you asked. The whole experience is a response.

And the presence of that being – is that still there?

Maureen: It’s kind of drifting away… It seems like the message is that there is a depth in me that can be witnessed or accessed over time. And that it’s a fact.

Jack: It’s a fact. Exactly.

[Session ends with a standard exit procedure.]

05 BlueRockIMG_6206

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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal www.trylus.com jack@trylus.com
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2 Responses to A Kind of Star

  1. Georgina Cannon says:

    glorious…. thank you!

  2. Gemma Deneen Peckinpah says:

    Jack, I find this a particularly helpful post in the way the process unfolds so slowly and without any particularly dramatic story line. Seems so apt, so like the natural process where one plants a seed and appreciates the way it must remain in the darkness of the soil in order to germinate, not expecting to see a full grown plant instantly appear and not digging it up to see if anything is happening.

    I appreciate the way that you as the facilitator encourage Maureen to stay with her process without an expectation of outcome. & how she, for her part, allows this deep restful exploration of an unfamiliar reality,, accepting that she is being acclimated to a new frequency.

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