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Sometimes when I facilitate sessions for clients very special circumstances from the past may appear. Here is such a case. The contact with blue entities continued in some of the subsequent sessions. Pleiadians perhaps. [Facilitation in italic font; client in regular font.]


Alfred: [whispered in surprise: Oh, my!]

A bird’s eye view of a huge, huge construction site with a pyramid in the center. Whitish stone. The place, the setting is a little elevated so it’s possible to see some palms, with a suggestion of water, while the construction location is very parched. Closer than the horizon, there is more greenery – either an oasis or probably the river, the Nile perhaps.


There’s a certain temperature change in the lower back, in the back of the feet. I’m aware of warmth in those areas. I’m beginning to orient myself to a desert climate, a dry heat. The feet are making contact with some kind of light footwear appropriate for the desert sand. There is maybe some gold, very fancy.


There’s kind of a clear division along the waistline just a little below the navel where the bottom is feels like a different substance or density than the top, like a different structure. Some elements of two different beings are together in me – as you see in pictures of Egyptian deities. Such as the picture of a falcon, Horus, almost as if the upper body was birdlike, with a pointy beak.


The forehead is relaxing now. I’m going back into the sensation in my feet and my back.


It’s very clear that I have some kind of instrument in my hands. I have a certain role or responsibility.


There is a pulsation in the area below the navel; almost like a heartbeat there – a certain regular vibration.


The process of listening to that vibration – as I’m doing here with you now – was essential to my position then. Part of my role, part of what I am called to do is to study that vibration. It’s as if that listening is a way in which information is received from a certain part of the body, information which would be relevant to those people or to the project in which something is being erected or built.


Jack: Is there a connection to the instrument you have in your hand?


Alfred: It’s a brassy tube. These days I would say that it’s something optical because it has a lens at the end of it but it is not optical. It feels like the material of which it’s made is of the essence. It’s a kind of tube. It feels like metal. It becomes a little clearer as I describe it to you. It feels ancient in that there are signs of use or a patina on it. I would say it’s about a foot long. Clearly, there’s a certain mass to it. The contact that it is making with my hand – it feels inseparable… There’s a flow of vibration and feelings are coming up now. [voice begins to tremble] A lot of feelings. [begins to cry] As if I’m finding a root… or reaching a source. [big breath out]


It’s like a circuit has been closed. With the feet to the ground and that instrument – I’m part of some kind of kind of conduction. This is the spot.


Jack: Are you in a building?


Alfred: It might be kind of a crypt of sorts. There is no source of light but the room is illuminated. Not harshly. It’s funny, I was looking for a torch or a light but there’s nothing like that. The room is lighted with an intrinsic light of sorts.


There’s a sense that there are people waiting behind a door… some people who are related but it’s my calling to be there by myself. I am tasked with something.


I am connecting with ancestors, with a chain of beings. [sobs]


It directly connects to the flow through the back – it’s a large circulation.


The point of contact in the back of the heels, at that particular place, especially feels like making very solid contact to a flow of energy, a flow of life-blood you might say. It is from a source. It moves up the back all the way to the head. Somehow it is supported by the right hand that holds that instrument – my hand firmly is clasped around it. I feel the affirmation of my contact with it. It’s held in a certain way pointing to the ground.


The responsibility feels entirely right. It feels like this is the purpose of my being here. I need to be quiet now. I am a link in a chain of beings. I need to be quiet now. I have to give myself to it completely. Nothing less than that. And yet everything has prepared me for that. [pause]


And the root of that is really at the lower abdomen, at the hara.


Jack: And do you have a sense of something being accomplished?


Alfred: Yes, but not by me. It feels like what’s up to me is a certain openness in the channel in the back and keeping my curiosity from invading this process. The rest is being taken care of by other beings, the beings that are on the other side of this process.


I am not worthy but still I have been given that place. [crying]


There’s a whole lot of activity around a kind of umbilicus… with beings totally attending to me… They are taking care of that process… as if they are establishing a connection of sorts. There is a bluish color. The beings are a bluish color and there is a flow of bluish fluid as well that is part of the connection. That blue is a kind of indigo. It’s like a circulation, a blood of a different color. Cobalt/indigo. Bottle blue. The blue of Chartres. I’ve studied that color in so many ways.


Jack: Tell me a little bit about how that color is present. Is it just in the room… or how do you see it?


Alfred: Now it’s very specific in that it’s a kind of a tube or a pipe or something that is conducting this bluish fluid – as if the bluish fluid that was already in their bodies was now being conducted from some source into my body where it was lighter or not as intense or deep as in theirs – as if I were a novice or a newborn. It’s like another umbilical cord with beings laboring around it. I’m not exactly on an operating table but I’m being cared for by beings who are establishing a connection. My total concentration is required.


Jack: Let’s just see if you could be a little clearer about what the function is.


Alfred: There are two things I can say with some degree of certainty: that the bluish fluid flows through that center, through the hara and that there’s a certain kind of afterward-ness. There’s a link or connection that will survive for whatever is to come next. I am tasked with that, or I’m given that, as my responsibility. I am not alone. I have been designated.


I’m being counted on for something which part of me is not convinced that I can carry through. And yet another part is full of certainty. There is something that needs to be completed.


[Session begins to draw to a close.]


Alfred: Just now, I was moving my hands across my chest and it felt like it is my body and it is not my body. This body is more than one body. There’s no contradiction.


[Departure from the crypt.]


Alfred: Dark. Cool desert. Dry, cool desert night. Yes. Sky and stars as far as the eye can see.

A whole new spine. [pause] Everything is within my skin, but it is no longer a skin. [pause] And yet the body is here, the ordinary body is here too with all of that and there is no contradiction.

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