Remake (English)

01Blog40IMG_2727(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

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A good friend introduced me to Victoria at the beginning of November 2011. A few weeks later I conducted our first session – a regression to a past life as a black slave girl of 25 who suffered many injustices and whose life was terminated by a rifle shot to her throat. We then spent quite a lot of time in the session to repair the effects of this difficult time – a letting go of anger, forgiveness for those responsible and so on. And of course, some repair to Victoria’s throat in her present-day body.

In a second session a week later, we encountered a life in the period when the planet Earth was being seeded with life and, in order to participate in that, Victoria had taken on a masculine presence.

In conversation, I learned that in 2004, during a meditation on Mount Shasta, she met a group of twelve light beings who indicated to her that she needed corrections in the sequencing of her DNA.

At the beginning of 2012, she met John of God in Brazil where she underwent an operation to straighten out connections in the head and in the spinal column.

During the year 2012, we did a number of sessions. Flowers often played a big role. Here is an extract from the session on July 15th: “Suggestion that we begin with the image of a flower. A daisy appears, then a lily, then a rose – light pink. Upon the suggestion that something will enter the body from these three flowers, they blend and enter the body as light.” Beauty was often present in over-abundance. We learned that one of the aims of the sessions was a recuperation of her powers. Lots of work on a psychological and mental level.

After only one session in 2013, and just two or three sessions at the beginning of 2014, we came to a session in the middle of 2014 that seemed to be preparing for work on the physical body. I can only find a few fragmentary notes scribbled down during the session:

“Activation of all powers; regeneration of the body; mental programming; fragility of the programming removed, unstuck; integration; installation; return to a state of normalcy. Joy. Ease. Freedom. The bad extinguished. The bad is not activated. Opening around the head… attaching, stabilization in God. Initialization. Something in the ears; the right ear; residue in the left ear; expulsion from the left ear; sense of an almost physical odor from the left ear.”

“Weight on the chest; opening; not very pleasant but necessary; further operation required; not finished; a part only has been done. Rebalancing. Reset. An impression of something coming in from both sides of the crown of the head – which is what is accomplishing the reset. The chest is put back together; the third eye as well. Wrapping up. All is well. The system, the whole vehicle balanced. I hear: “Renewal; the antennae.” Complete acceptation required and essential. Now we are ready to travel.”


All of this to explain a little the background of the following session which was done recently – deeper operations at the level of the physical body.


02Blog40IMG_3914Session done in the afternoon. Her house was quiet.


Victoria: In the list of my programming what is the most important thing to address?

Jack: I prefer to leave the choice to the subconscious part. But at the same time it is clear that the pain in your chest is important.

Victoria: I know that there is a certain amount of stress from that. It happened two times this morning and I had to lie down on the sofa. Very unpleasant.

Jack: How long has this been going on?

Victoria: For a week and a half.

Jack: Is it a sharp pain?

Victoria: It is more of a burning sensation. All the energy of my body is going there to try to fix it. I feel that my state of very weak. I feel an energy moving up to the chest from the hands, from the tips of my fingers – from the right hand especially.


3:33 (time elapsed in the session)

Victoria: I am calling in my assistants to help me.

Jack: I can feel them arrive.

Victoria: Those who have come to accompany me are very amusing.

Jack: [Introduction to the session]



Request for help from guides and from being at higher levels.


Jack: What is happening right now?

Victoria: Friends from the invisible world have arrived. They have not put on serious faces. They march in with a big saw, a huge pair of scissors, a crankshaft… just to be funny. Everyone is just there… The scene feels a bit static…


Introduction of a white cloud to travel on.


In a forest… She lands there a fraction of a second before Jack says that is what is happening. An enormous fir tree. Huge. Semi-darkness, end of day. Reflections of the setting sun on the horizon.


Victoria: I am being shown the image of the chest operation that was done last time. The image has come and gone. It was shown in four pans, from the four sides. Now it’s like color is coming in. It’s as though I’m looking at myself from outside myself. It varies from red to orange with a yellow center that emerges from a hole you might say. There is the word “reworking” that comes in. I am trying to not filter anything through my mind. The assistants are still there. They are pretending to threaten me with their big tools. They want to remove stress, make sure I’m not anxious. Hey, just look! It’s true I was anxious. Now I feel content and happy.


Emanation of colors which move out from an opening in the chest. The pain was exactly in that precise spot. It seems clear that questionings arose in me to do with the transformation of the planet. I have had no response to them. A kind of transition is taking place; people are being transformed.

IMG_5622rev1Jack: Is the operation continuing?

Victoria: No, I am only seeing light; that’s all that I see. It’s still static. There is no continuation of the activity for the moment.

Jack: The throat chakra – what needs to be done to fix that part of the body?

Victoria: The reply that comes is that what is taking place in the chest is inter-related to that… the thoughts that come… the chest however is… The identity point is there – my true identity. The first three points [in the list of points to address in my programming] are inter-related.

[The three points:

  1. My true identity
  2. Reactivation of the 12 strings of DNA
  3. Having a teaching ability founded in unconditional love, understanding and compassion.]

Words are coming in as follows: “You need to continue to dig and explore at this point these three inter-related points.” You’ve got to use your flashlight… I can’t do it… you are the guide… you have to dig… I am also being told, “Jack, you are the guide; we can only follow your suggestions.”


Everything is very fuzzy, very fuzzy, very…


[Jack asks for help from the presences in the room.]

Victoria: I hear the phrase, “Go up.”

I am given a ladder. I have to go up. The further I go up, the clearer the surrounding atmosphere becomes.

Moving out of the cloud. The ladder led me out of the cloud. I see far and wide. No landscapes but just the sun on the horizon. But I am still in the world of clouds… wisps of cloud… white, blue, a bit of pink. Nothing well defined.

[Jack suggests continuing with the ladder and another ladder appears based on this suggestion.]

tetrahedronsinterpenetratingVictoria: At the base of the new ladder I see a formation – it’s what Drunvalo Melchizedek calls the flower of life – the image of two interpenetrating tetrahedrons (in 3D). At each point of the tetrahedrons there is a planet. All of that is in continual movement – turning, linking together – a flower of life that is active, is moving… we could call it a galaxy. It’s very tiny.

The new ladder is pointed out to me… I climb the ladder… more clouds, really tiny clouds… it’s as if I’m getting into other clouds… they’re not clear, they’re grey… I arrive in yet another space… yet another space… not really well defined… I continue to climb… but I no longer see the ladder. I continue to climb as if there was a ladder but I no longer see the ladder. It seems to go on into infinity. I hear, “Go on, go on.” I keep going up.

Jack: There’s still a sense of levels isn’t there. You’re still going up?

Victoria: I hear someone say, “Are you sure it’s up? Here there is no up or down.”

Flashes of light appear and disappear, light that is blue or rainbow colored… Good, it’s beginning to get a little more lively. I keep going up. [pause]

I no longer have the feeling of going up but of floating, floating on my back. As if I were being carried. And I still hear, “That’s it, that’s it. Keep going, keep going.”

Jack: It’s good to keep going, to accept that you’re on a long journey and you need to keep going.

Victoria: You’re right, it is very long and then someone says to me, “It’s about time.” [pause]

I am in a state of complete uncertainty, total uncertainty, a state of not knowing, of nothingness. I no longer am in control of anything, that’s for sure. [pause]

Jack asks if at this level we can ask a question about the 12 strands of DNA… because something has to change for that to happen. Is there a reply to that, something that could help this addition take place.

Victoria: There’s something like a flash, a burst of joy. I hear, “It’s coming. It’s coming.”

Jack: But is there a preparation to help that or is it just a question of waiting for the right time?

Victoria: The preparation is already under way.

I see a spaceship; I am on board a spaceship. I am being told, “It’s coming.”

Jack: Can you describe the spaceship?

Victoria: It’s an image I already familiar with. Something I saw on Internet.

I have the impression of seeing things coming out of my chest. It’s like a continuous stream if you like, like a ball, everything attached, coming out, coming out, just coming out. At one point, it’s like sticks coming out. When it’s sticks, it’s a little more uncomfortable, more painful. They need to come out. Old stuff built up over a long time. Also coming out from the third eye.

I see a kind of bandage around the throat that is also being removed. I see an eye band, a metal band around the head that is in the process of being snapped off. It’s as if there are all kinds of activities taking place in the body – pretty much everywhere – in the waist, in the second chakra, things coming out of the feet, the soles of the feet. There is also work going on in the spine, as if they’re installing a metal rod the spine. God! What comes to mind is “Robocop”!

Finalblog40IMG_4799I hear laughter, uproar – they’re having great fun doing all that. There isn’t a serious face in the bunch. They’re really having a good time. Very happy, very joyful. But the feeling I have – a deep feeling – is that they’re doing something extremely grave and serious. But for them, they’re getting rid of all “seriousity” you might say, because there has to be absolutely no stress present. It’s as if they’re engaged in a “remake” so that I can continue my mission in an appropriate fashion – they have to do “body shop work.”

I am told, my thoughts are telling me, that up to now we’ve always done psychological or spiritual sessions but in this case it’s really physical. The response I’m receiving is: “You have to take of your vehicle. It’s time for hands-on work.”

I thank them just the same. There are several of them – not less than a dozen working all around.

Before I was not looking at the environment but now I see the environment. As if the environment had been blocked out and now it has just appeared. I’m really in an operating theater. Oh! No, it’s a trick they’re playing on me in response to my needs. They had an operating room appear to me to reassure me because of my need for concrete reference points in the third dimension. [pause]

The next things to be done about all that is – to remove programming that prevents all that from materializing fully – programming, limitations… we have to remove all that. Complete freedom.


Now they’re showing me my big toe on the left foot – they’re pulling on it, placing it a little.

Finishing up.

They’ve gotten to the trapezius, working on the trapezius.

A readjustment of the cranial cavity at the top of the spinal column. (at the atlas bone which is located where the spinal cord turns into the brain through the medulla oblongata; in French it is called “the mouth of God.”)

It’s as though there’s a small job being done in the cranial cavity to readjust the whole thing so I’ll be able to receive an upgraded computer.

Now they’re going back to the heart and the chest.

All around the heart, in the whole cardiac area, I saw them putting in something like a thick froth of white light – to nourish the whole area – to integrate the adjustments they were installing – the body could not do that on its own – it takes an additional supplement of light energy. Without that it would not be possible – the body would not be able to take it.

I hear, “Three days of rest.”


The last time they had to open the chest. That was in the last session six months ago. That was a preparation that had to be done in advance. The pain I’ve been experiencing in the chest was foreseen.

No stress. Everything is just right for the body. Even more so now.

I’m being told I have to stay home tomorrow (instead of going to the meeting in Boucherville – an assembly of persons connected with John of God.) I’m going to need a lot of sleep.

From our point of view, all of that was taking place at a very high vibratory level.


I am being told, “It’s happening directly on your body, Fifille.” They call me Fifille – I haven’t heard that for a long time.

One of them is showing me his face, because I wasn’t really seeing their faces. He is a male being, a little saturnine with sort of hollow cheeks. But he is not a physical being. It’s not an earthly face – not at all. He’s a different being, a different species. I am happy to see him. [She cries.] He envelops me with boundless love, boundless tenderness…

Jack: He is instructing you in unconditional love.

Victoria: It’s not really that. It’s more as if I was his daughter but that does not exist in those realms.

He is encouraging me to be patient, to have a lot of patience. All things in good time – even more so now. I am being told quite forcibly: “Wisdom is everything and is all that matters and it is above all else.

More instructions will follow. It’s as though now I will be able to assimilate more. The operation on the brain that I received in Brazil [with John of God] was the very beginning of this series that has brought me here today with them.

There is still a lot of laughter, dancing, fun going on.

He doesn’t really have a human face. The forehead is wide and the chin is narrow with hollow cheeks. There are the colors red, pink and blue, mostly pink and blue. The closest image I can come up with is the Lion King, from the film, “The Lion King.” A kind of ape (the wise counselor of the king) with all kinds of colors on his face. That’s the closest thing on this planet. But what I am seeing is more beautiful, the colors are softer and the outlines are more refined.

The exterior lines are half-solid, half-vaporous. He is maintaining a solid appearance just for my benefit so I can have a reference point.


IMG_1773He tells me, “The way is open before you and doors are opening as well.” Many confirmations and much information will reach me from their group. He is only a personification of the whole group. In fact, it is not him I am seeing it is the whole group that I see in a single image even if it seems they are separate. It’s so wonderful. He says that he has to leave us now. For today it’s more than enough… for the time being. Indeed.

I express my gratitude and I accept all this. He says to me, “You are one of us.” [She cries.]

I had even thought over these last few days that I might give up the ghost. And he replies, “No way!”

Jack: Gently, gently. We must end. It would be good to record clearly these feelings in your heart. You are part of something, something very great.

Victoria: I hear a few words saying, “You too Jack. And you too.”

For me, there is no one else who could have been my guide in the way you have.

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2 Responses to Remake (English)

  1. nkk says:

    Thank you for posting this! it is such a confirmation for my similar encounters and helps me in my study of ‘Lightwork’ which is not quite at the kindergarden level

  2. Sophia Cowing says:

    just some comments…

    1. so odd to read a shamanic record that is not at all coming from a tradition…
    yet it has all the elements… but then, of what I’ve read in Harner’s book where these records
    were published apparently for the first time ever on the planet: although each is unique, each is
    so much the same in its structural components.

    2. yogi’s would refer to this relam as the ‘etheric’ … the world of the second body… where everything can change with greater ease within that realm, but for that cosmos to affect ours takes this sort of special action… you seem to be working exactly in this tradition as guide… in Gf’s terminology this takes place in deuterocosmos.

    3. for your information, however, your own growth, you are associated with Gf work which, in yogic terms, has its aim in the next level of development: the causal… Gf would call this protocosmos where through the effort of Reason… the aim here or one of them…. is to separate illusion from reality… not so many can tolerate this very hard, rather ‘dry’ work… it takes a long time in the second body to be able to tolerate the aims of the third body… one eventually may tire of the etheric and second body but most people don’t and considering it to be ‘heaven’ they spend countless eons there.

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