A Single Intelligence

37_1 IMG_4347(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

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Michel: It’s a place with a lot of light – from a backlit source. There is water, lots of water. It’s a spot where I feel really good, rested, fresh… a place where everything is possible and nothing is impossible. It’s calm, probably near the sea. Very clean, very peaceful. The light is clean. The water is clean. Everything shines.

Jack: It would be good to stay there for a while, just feeling yourself there a bit longer.

Michel: It’s something known and it’s something unknown – the two are felt precisely. It’s something I’m living and it’s something new… to be lived – both at the same time.

It’s morning – a new day… a day that is leaving behind the darkness of the night, a darkness that was needed for this light.

Jack: What feelings are present?

Michel: Peace. The feeling of a great peace. And a feeling of… a slight sadness, a sadness that is needed in order to understand this peace… a sadness that is needed so that delight does not take over. The one cannot be there without the other. It is precisely when we are between the two that I feel good. So, of course, we can be truly at peace through this delight, through this sadness. To be taken by the delight only, by the sadness only… there is this middle way… a middle in the dichotomy.

It’s a geometric shape – like a kind of bean – divided in two.

And we take energy from one part and energy from the other part.

Jack: Is it a matter of a state of equilibrium?

Michel: An active repose… an active vibration in this repose. It’s not sleep where everything becomes absence – it’s an active repose.

Jack: [Guided transition to the possibility of a past life]

Michel: Very quickly there is someone seated – almost in a lotus position, legs crossed. Someone brown-skinned with something on the head, a tall headdress.

Jack: Man or woman?

Michel: A man, I think. There are clouds around, very high up.

For a moment I had the impression I was becoming this person who is sitting. What I mean is that I am in front of that person, I move into him, I move out and I become…

Jack: Perhaps it’s important to stay inside, feel that you are there and feel the inside of that person. What happens when you are there with your legs crossed and you enter fully into that state? Because there is something to be met inside…

Michel: Hmm, yes. Something dark. Night… but a night with colors, luminous. There are sounds. Songs… voices, high pitched voices. I become the seated person again… the person whose skin is not black but tanned.

Jack: You are there inside that person and perhaps we can move ahead a little – I don’t know if it’s a matter of moving to another state inside that person or to another situation but the subconscious mind is very capable of knowing where to go now…

Michel: The earth. An impression of arriving on the earth… near a riverbank – wide open spaces, big sky, a sky with clouds. Really beautiful. I am above and below at the same time. I am in the mountains and I’m on the riverbank… right between the two. It’s hard to go down. I’m having a hard time… well not really a hard time… I’m positioned in this in-between place. I am still the same person. There is something static about it – something like a statue. There is something that wants to get moving and that wants to leave this form. There is still this sky, water, earth… There is always something looking from above as if I was a bird… something that can see everything at the same time… the detail and the ensemble. The big picture. I feel that I have this possibility – of seeing everything – of having an overview and the detail too.

I am feeling my thorax very clearly. I feel that that’s where there’s a… a space, a sensation never before felt, a space of warmth, of well-being, a space that is small but when I move my attention to this space it is very big and it is indispensable for life. It is the heart of life. I have to remain in touch with that. It’s strange… it’s at the center of the person that I saw. That’s where my place is. There is no other place but that one.

Jack: It’s good to find one’s place. Is it a place that is connected to All that Is?

37_2 IMG_4275Michel: Yes. It is connected to nature – water, air, earth – it’s to be found at a single point, the meeting point of water, air, earth, sun, warmth – everything is there, everything is there. Very fragile too. I know it is there, this point.

I’m going to leave from this point in order to be able to come back – you can’t stay there all the time. It’s like a series of exercises – leave, come back, leave. Each time you come back, it’s different, it’s much more… I don’t know… It’s different… I leave, I come back. I have to come back to this point, to be this point. Everything is joining together… even the emptiness, an immense emptiness. An emptiness that has no name – a mixture of space, silence, repose.

Jack: There’s another question I want to ask… I wonder if in this state there is a possibility of communication with other intelligences, with other beings?

Michel: I sense a single intelligence, a great intelligence, that is reflected in each life, in all lives… an incredible multiplicity… millions upon millions… like little cells, atoms, micro particles that all know each other, that enter into contact, that touch for a fraction of a nanosecond, that separate again but that know each other the whole time, that know that they exist, that know where they are even if they’re very far away. These particles know.

I am a particle. It’s as if… I am the infinite in the finite and the finite in the infinite. A movement, an enormous movement which is in movement all the time in an impeccable silence. It’s like a constant becoming – this understanding in the heart, in the thorax which produces this… what we call love – this interaction of millions upon millions of particles. I am this particle which produces… constantly…

It’s not a person. It’s like a point of emanating intelligence, that breathes, that reproduces, that produces, that changes constantly, that brings back… In fact, I have the impression that if I pay attention to this point of silent emanating luminescence, I have no need of any other thing except to melt into this point of luminescence, a luminescence surrounded by darkness. A silence surrounded by vibrations. That’s what I am receiving… constantly. All the time… in this life, in the other lives, in the lives to come… Everything comes back to this point, this kind of concentration of matter that is totally in vibration.

The rest is of little importance. It’s maintaining a little more… It’s known; it’s completely unknown. Both at the same time. Known, unknown. Vibrant. Very beautiful sound… a silent music. Good. There. We are everywhere and nowhere. A secret, really known – and which stays secret.

I feel very clearly the movement that there is at the top of my head, in the fontanelles – a heliacal movement, like something that is trying to penetrate to the tips of my toes. Cold, but living, vibrant, continuous – all that joy in the center – at the center of the body – towards the navel.

There is this sensation in my stretched out body. I don’t see myself. This body which is like the presence of the other person that I saw. Like the sensation of looking at myself. It’s about being just fine above this body. A body that is a little… a little rigid but clearly defined. As if that person that I met who is probably myself… but it is starting from the body that everything is possible. Sensation lost.


It’s like being in a forest. I’m coming back quickly, very quickly… I am coming back to this forest. It is incredibly verdant. There’s a little path, very narrow and fine, a little luminous in relation to everything else. I see that this road is very long, very, very long. There are trees high up on either side, patches of light. I am walking. I am walking but not really on the ground, on the earth. I have the impression that I’m cutting this forest in two. It is very much divided into two sides. And I am this presence in between. I know that I have to go through this forest here. I can get to the other side. I think I already know what’s there. Have to see it.


There is a vibration. I’m hearing a whistling that disappears. I feel my body again now.

[We finish.]


I have often found interesting material in the huge archive channeled by Edgar Cayce. Here are three brief extracts that recently came my way “accidentally” and relate in an intriguing way to more than one of the above sessions.

“First the continuity of life. There is no time: it is one time; there is no space: it is one space; there is no force: it is one force.” (Reading 4341-1)

“How many dimensions are in this solar system?” “Eight.” (Reading 5755-2)

“We find in the earth plane the three dimensions, in Venus – or five, as in Jupiter. There may be only one as in Mars. There may be many more as in those of Neptune, or they become as nil – until purified in Saturn’s fires.” (Reading 311-2)

37_3 IMG_5059

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