Contamination in the Mind

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Carlos: I am seeing many lights. It’s like a cloud full of luminous ships. In the center there is a nucleus – much, much, much light… kind of green. They are looking out for us – taking care of us.

Jack: Are there many beings?

Carlos: Yes. Yes many. They are like a single thing. They can move together in a synchronized way. [Long pause] They say that it is important to help the movement of the Earth.

Jack: How to help – in what way?

Carlos: [pause] Change together with the Earth to the dimensional plane where they are to be found now. They are helping us in this process – in this process of change.

Jack: Who are they?

Carlos: They are living; I don’t hear a name. They are in another planet, a white planet.

Their mission, their function – one of their functions in this dimension – is to help human beings in the path of their three-dimensional life, in the process of this experimentation.

Jack: Who is directing this experimentation.

Carlos: It is just the experimentation of human beings.

[pause] I have to give up many things and let myself be guided. It’s important. Everything that lives fulfills a function for something else. Only that which lives with the harmonics, that which has a certain frequency, can help me in the process of evolution. And you can help them.

[pause] A point is going to be reached when we might – all of us – be in harmony with the Earth in the dimension where she is.

[pause] They are all processes – which seem long from another perspective – but that is not the way time passes.

[long pause] Time is only… that’s how humans see time but that is not how it is. Time is another force, another energy… like another being…

[long pause] Everything has always been more literal than we imagine. The unreality is the contamination in my head – in our minds – and this is something we need to get rid of.

Jack: And how must we get rid of this contamination in the mind?

Carlos: [pause] Giving up, little by little, every idea, every concept, whatever form that the mind can give it… It’s garbage.

All the time coming closer to myself and opening myself to the perception of an opening to these energies. Things are clearer from the perspective of the light. Everything, everything is being shown constantly from this open perspective. The union, the coming together can be seen – the whole meaning of the things that are happening in the Earth and in the Universe and in everything. The meaning of all and of nothing. All and nothing are together. Everything is just one thing.

[long pause] I need to see the freedom – freedom that discards the bondage of the mind – the garbage. It will be shown for what it is in its own time.

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[long pause] I am often looking at the sun. As if it is calling me. As if it had a… no not as if it had… The sun is a gift… in many ways… for everyone…

[long pause] I am seeing a symbol – that they are showing me very clearly. I don’t know what it is. It means something, something… It’s like… like a… like an “L”… It’s like a circle formed from triangles. I remember… I have seen this symbol before.

Jack: Perhaps you can record this symbol and write it down after the session.

Carlos: I will try to draw it.

IMG_7349[long pause] There is another symbol. It’s like a rhomboid, like divided into four – and below it there is a triangular base. It has seven points below in the base.

Codigo - 03-12-2014 9-32 a.m.-page-001

[long pause] It is important to see the sun.


[long pause] I feel that they have fallen silent. I am receiving their presence… It’s like a preparation.

Jack: A preparation for what?

Carlos: I don’t know.

Jack: Are you feeling anything in the body?

Carlos: I’m feeling a lot in the center of the forehead – a strong force in the body – like a presence in the body – like something neutral in the stomach – as if I’m being wrapped in something – something wrapping my body – it’s an energy surrounding… in my body – like… or a sphere.

[long pause]

Jack: What is happening now?

Carlos: I feel myself here. I feel that… as if they weren’t talking to me just now… not saying anything. They’re not here.

Jack: I think that it is important now to move back into an ordinary state. Many things have been received.

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