The New Earth

33_1 IMG_4983(Texto original en español está en el articulo previo.)

(© Jack Cain 2014, text and images)

Carlos: I can’t see clearly.

Jack: Do you see colors?

Carlos: Yes. I’m looking at the sky which is still and there’s a place inside where there are crystals, colored crystals… but they are not really crystals… it’s something else. It’s all made up of pentagons and diamond shapes… it’s not symmetrical.

And yes, I’m with other beings – they are strange… kind of grey… they’re not… playing… (I’m not sure if they’re playing)… sort of playing with humans. In some form or other they are manipulating humans.


There are beings, various beings, in this place. I am with them but I don’t see myself there. I presume I’m with them. I don’t know what this is all about.

There is a leader. He is the one in command of the ship. It’s a ship. All this is not very good. There is a struggle going on but it is not physical… a struggle with other beings.

Jack: What is the reason for this struggle?

Carlos: I am not like them. I am hidden from them. I can change my physical structure. I am there. I am helping others, other beings.

It’s not really… It’s a struggle but… also not a struggle… It’s more like an agreement, an understanding. The struggle is so that we will help humans; and those other beings are manipulating them. There’s a decision that has to be made. Those being are more… they’re darker. They live in the Earth.

Jack: In what part of the Earth?

Carlos: Under the Earth.

Jack: You mean inside the Earth?

Carlos: Yes.

And I am from the other group. I don’t live in the Earth but I am often in the Earth. The Earth is what it’s all about – helping the evolution of the Earth. That’s why we’re engaged in this struggle with the other beings who live inside the Earth.

It’s very strange this… very strange… it’s not… it’s not a struggle… it’s not a fight. It’s strange. There is deep peace.

[one minute pause]

I am colored… white… and blue… (questioning intonation). We are kind of more blue. I am white and blue.

It is as if I can see myself in another life at the same time that I am in this one. I don’t know… I don’t know if it’s earlier. It’s confusing.

Jack: Perhaps you can continue in the first part because I want to ask: What is your mission? What is your task in this situation? You are on a ship. What is your relationship with the commander of the ship?

Carlos: It’s not… like it’s not… not very… not a good relationship but also not bad either. As if there is some sort of mutual respect… because we are from different species… and they… they are doing what they have to do… It’s important also to move back… However, we are doing the opposite.

We’re trying… We want them to leave the Earth… because it’s holding up the Earth’s evolution…


Ash… tar…

Ash… Ashtar (questioning intonation) [pause] Someone called Ashtar. I think that’s it… I’m not sure… Ash… tar… He’s like a guide.

Jack: You can ask the guide for information that’s important for you to know.

Carlos: Yes. Yes I can. But not always.

[pause] A big movement has to take place in the planet.

[pause] It’s important… important to be going with this change, accompanying the Earth… toward another dimension. The Earth is changing dimension. Another evolutionary process. [pause] It’s needed… for the Earth and for us too. [pause] That’s why it is necessary for the other beings to leave.

Because there is so much light. [pause – two minutes]

I don’t know… I don’t know how to explain it.

Jack: Are all human beings going to make this change to another dimension?

Carlos: Not all. It’s as if there were two dimensions on the Earth at the same time and everything is changing to this other dimension.

33_2 IMG_5051Jack: And how can we help this change?

Carlos: [pause – two minutes] By being in tune with the Earth, with her frequency. It feels like… moving away from… moving away from the game at the base for a while. I don’t understand.

I must give up many things and I need to deliver myself into the hands of my guides.

Jack: What do you have to do?

Carlos: Turn myself over to them. And accept. Accept that this is the plan.

As if they are telling me things but through another medium… so that it’s clearer for the mind, through the form that my mind gives it.

I have a strong sensation in the stomach and solar plexus.

As if… as if this was known… what is… it has to be digested… this information has to be digested.

However nobody knows when it’s going to appear… I was aware of something before…

But it’s very clear that I have to obey… obey something inside myself that is not hard to obey. Another part of me is resisting.

Jack: I think that is understandable since there is a mixture of parts in you. What should we do with the information in this session?

Carlos: Try to communicate it.

Jack: Yes.

Carlos: But only reach people within this frequency. If you experience something else, it will just bounce off.

Jack: What are the codes that were mentioned in the last session? What are those codes that you said had been learned?

Carlos: It’s very much… it’s about… about… how it fits with the universe… the universes… and with human beings… We see that… little by little we are going to rid ourselves of fear so that it will be easier to understand the changes that are underway… It’s as though there is a mutation taking place in the Earth and in all of its living beings… when this change takes place it is not only in the Earth but in the galaxy.

Jack: The galaxy is changing too?

Carlos: Yes. [pause]

There is much light.

Jack: Where is the light coming from?

Carlos: The light is perceived but it is not seen with the eyes. It is perceived as a sunrise… as if another sun was added… another star… But it’s another type of light. It need only be perceived and things change.

Jack: Then the perception is very important…

Carlos: Yes, yes.

Jack: And what does a person have to do to perceive this light?

Carlos: Present… be… there… feel the presence of the present.33_4 IMG_4850

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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal
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One Response to The New Earth

  1. Song says:

    Jack & “Carlos” there are truly wondrous synchronicities being shown now. Here is something I read in the comment section of Aisha North’s post this morning…minutes, actually moments, before reading about your experience.

    “Before I got out of bed this morning, I decided…by setting my intention – to help out Mother Earth/Gaia for a bit.

    Almost immediately…I saw myself standing out in space, observing this globe that was our Earth…and it looked like about the size of a soccer ball.
    I was so amazed by how big I was also.

    I instinctively knew what I wanted to do…but, I also knew I needed help, so I asked for my twin soul, Lady ‘O’ to come and help me.
    Out of my peripheral vision to the right, I saw an instant flash go somewhere behind me.
    Then in the next moment, I sensed her celestial form come in from behind me and overlay and intermingle with my form…my spirit body.
    Her fingers became mine and mine became hers.

    Then with two white cords, one in each hand, I/we began winding these cords around Gaia. One going longitude and the other a latitude direction.
    I was amazed at the dexterity of our hands working together, so smoothly and precisely.
    There were words written on each cord.
    On one was the word LOVE and on the other was JOY.
    I kept winding until the Earth was completely wrapped. These cords seemed to be following a grid of some sort.
    I then started the process again with different cords, with different names on them.
    Then came cords of PEACE and PATIENCE.
    Each cord also had unique colors to them.

    I realized that these are the fruits of the spirit.
    At this point things changed a bit.
    Now instead of cords…I /we were applying giant rubber bands to the Earth.
    One on each of these grid lines…that were going in both directions.
    This process was more time consuming and as both hand were required to put each of these rubber bands on.
    Again, I saw different colors and writing on each rubber band, such as GENTLENESS, then KINDNESS, then GOODNESS and SELF-CONTROL.
    Please understand the process took a quite a while to accomplish…it was not as quickly as it is to read this.

    As these rubber bands were being applied, something else most interesting happened.
    I began to see many many critters, who are presently living under the Earth, began to squirm.
    I recognized them as a foe, the Reptilians.

    The bible speaks of: those ABOVE the Earth, (celestial beings)… those ON the Earth, (human beings)… and those UNDER the Earth, (reptilians and perhaps other species).

    I spoke to them, and told them,
    “Your time on Earth is up”
    I told them “I love them… and that, I forgive them for their selfish deeds – that that had done to us humans for millenniums”

    And that they NOW had two choices:
    “Either surrender and peacefully leave and get the needed help from the universe of light and love…and that other workers light would help them become refined and purified and again experience their usefulness to the universe”

    “Or,… continue to experience an ever tightening squeeze… as millions of Earthlings are now in their awakening process, raising the vibration of Gaia – and this will eventually result in their unpleasant expulsion from Earth anyway.”

    I did not see any of the ‘lizzie’s’ leave, but I noticed that there were a few who seemed ready to surrender.
    The vast majority, were extremely mad and angry.
    There was more that happened to me personally…but I’ll save that for another time.

    One thing for sure:
    We’re gonna take the Earth back…and put a peaceful smile on mama Gaia’s face again.
    The twins…Allen & Lady O…”

    I am sending a link to your Trylus post to Allen, as well. These are such confirmations of what is taking place right now.

    Blessings to both of you in this work, Deneen

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