An Axis of Stability

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Dolores Cannon has now published many books based on her hypnotic regression sessions with clients. These books give a view of our universe and its inhabitants that departs sharply from the view that is prevalent in “Western” society. One title in particular is The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth in which we read that the Earth is in a critical state of transition and to help that movement many souls have come from distant locations in the universe to help. I have found this to be an intriguing concept which rings truer for me than the prevalent Western view of things. The following session has helped reinforce this perception because a very similar picture emerged.


Henry, a young man in his late thirties, came to see me with only very vague issues to do with his physical health. Since he looked the picture of good health, I wondered if there might be more to his impulse than met the eye.

I begin each session with the suggestion to visit some place in nature that feels secure and comfortable. Many people of course choose a tropical beach. But Henry described an imaginary cartoon landscape, totally artificial, full of colors and a bit fuzzy, not clear. “Whoops,” I thought – not a good sign.

But then the scene progressed into a “real” landscape: a valley full of grass and mid-day sunshine where he was enjoying the air and feeling the warmth of the sun. He found himself standing in the middle of a big open space.

From there we moved back into childhood at age 3 or 4. The first scene that appeared was with his grandmother. “She was nice to me but she had a very difficult life and was a bit depressed and at times angry. But she was a good person. I felt sorry for her.”

Next we moved to age 5 or 6 when he was beginning school.

Henry: I remember from that time that I wasn’t getting any explanations about life. I needed explanations about school, about studies and about life itself. There were so many things I needed to understand but nobody explained them to me. I badly needed to know the meaning of things. This was my principal task. And I felt I was not understood.

I could not get motivated about anything when I did not understand. And I felt that I was a special child needing special attention. I always felt separate from the others, at a different level – not a higher level or lower level – just different. But I never got any special attention. And this was all connected to my many unanswered questions – simple questions that could give meaning to my life. I always felt lost about the meaning of my life because I never got those answers. And today I still feel the same way!

Jack: What is the particular feeling attached to that situation of not getting answers?

Henry: I always felt tired – and a little depressed – but especially tired. And I felt confused.

Jack: What was the first time you felt like that?

Henry: Just where we were – primary school and kindergarten – when I was conscious of my space and my surroundings. I felt loneliness. My family was there but I was not connected to my family somehow. That’s the way it was.

Jack: Concentrate on the feeling of loneliness until it is very present in your consciousness. When you concentrate on that does anything else appear?


Henry: The feeling of loneliness is just inside. I was really close to my family in some ways. It’s difficult to explain. I’m not saying I was distant from my family but I was lonely.

Jack: If I ask you now to go to your real home where you would not be lonely what appears?

Henry: Well, the different houses I lived in appear but it doesn’t feel safe and close.

Jack: That’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking you to think of where in the universe you feel that you belong. Let your mind be open to any possibility – even ones that may seem crazy.

Henry: What I’m sure about is that I don’t feel at home here in the Earth.

Jack: Let your mind be open to any possibility. Don’t be constrained by what this world thinks is possible.

Henry: Probably I would feel safe, as if I were at home… [pause] I like the idea of a different planet because I like the feeling of being far away from here. From humans.

Jack: Because they’re very difficult and they can’t answer your questions.

Henry: Right. I am thinking about… my image is somewhere like in a Star Wars universe – a place quite similar to here with trees and so on, but without humans.

Jack: I think there may be a connection to the space we began in – you were in a big open space at the beginning. Let’s go back there. You need to be in a place you feel safe, a place that is very far from planet Earth.

Henry: It’s a forest actually. It’s safe and comfortable and really nice to be there.

Jack: It’s good to be there because you need to realize that you still have that connection even if it’s a little hard to come to. We’ve had to work a bit to get closer to it. Your mind needs to be clear that you’re on assignment to the weird place – planet Earth – but that there’s still the possibility of making a connection once again to where you feel safe so you can continue in whatever your assignment is. You have to realize that it’s a temporary assignment – it’s only going to last as long as this physical body that you’re inhabiting lasts. It will end at some point. I think the real purpose of this session is to reassure you that there is a possibility of a connection to this place we’ve now come to, this forest where you feel safe. Maybe you could go into it a bit more, describe the place a bit more.

Henry: The trees are huge. The air is humid. It’s nice – the weather is nice. It’s a little dark because the trees are huge – it’s difficult to see the sky. But I feel all right. I feel safe. I don’t feel scared.

Jack: Maybe you are not alone in that environment. Maybe there are other beings there with you. They may not have a human form because different planets have different life forms.

Henry: Actually I’m not walking. I’m floating. And there are invisible beings.

Jack: You have to realize that you’re leaving behind the mechanisms of a human body – sight, hearing, smell and so forth. And you’re moving into an environment that isn’t necessarily using the same mechanisms of perception. So you can have trouble describing it because there may not be words available that are suitable. How does it feel to be in the company of those beings?

Henry: I don’t feel lonely but I don’t feel like being with my friends. Actually they are not my friends – they are like other things. It’s not bad. It’s good. Everyone has a different task to do. Nobody is talking. I don’t have to talk with them. I’m just being there with them. I feel nice. I don’t have to interact with them. Everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing and there’s no problem.

Jack: So from the point of view of feeling it feels safe and comfortable – are those words that fit?

Henry: Absolutely.

Jack: So, as you are there in that environment and you feel safe and comfortable, now maybe we can call on the thinking part of the mind to begin to realize why you would never get any answers to the questions you were asking because the humans on the planet Earth have no knowledge of where you came from so the questions are not going to make any sense to them.

Henry: Yes.

Jack: You can now use your thinking process to help the feeling part of your whole being to accept the fact that at the moment you are still living in a human body – perhaps the beginning of an acceptance of your current situation. With this new understanding it’s easier to accept that many things are not going to make sense, not going to be reasonable, not going to be comprehensible because you happen to be inhabiting a rather strange life-form.

Henry: Right.

Jack: Let’s see if we can get any closer to your purpose. Behind this situation there is some kind of reason – things don’t just happen by accident. There’s something going on. If you concentrate on that, maybe you will feel that something is coming into your consciousness that will provide us with some explanation of why is Henry living in a human body right now. What is this all about?


Henry: That’s the whole thing about my questioning – I’m not sure why.

Jack: Yes, right, that is the whole point of your questioning but we have a special opportunity right now. Because you are in a slightly altered state of consciousness, you have a sense of being in this place, your true home, and you can even still feel the presence of the others who are there with you. You need to ask this question now while you are connected to this other place because no answer is going to come from the Earth plane. You need to concentrate on the plane where you feel secure and safe and with these other beings. As you formulate this question maybe something will begin to enter. An explanation may appear as words, it may appear as a feeling or sensations in the physical body. It can appear in all kinds of ways. Be patient and stay with that question.

[long pause]

Henry: Somehow I feel – and I’ve felt this before – that I’m here to guide people – guide people in some way.

Jack: To help people, right?

Henry: More than just helping it is like helping people to discover things. Yes, maybe “helping” is more open than “guiding.” Yes, this helping is what I’ve thought about before.

Jack: In helping there are some dangers. It’s important to be very clear that you are inhabiting a human structure and the human structure has something called an “ego” and it can be very dangerous. When you say you have a mission to help people, it is very important to be very careful that this doesn’t flow into the part called “ego.”

Henry: Right.

Jack: And another part is – [chuckle] as Gurdjieff said too – it would be one thing to help beings who are intelligent but to help beings who are not intelligent in their manifestations is much more difficult. So it is important not to be naïve about the difficulties of the task.

Henry: Right.

Jack: Those are just two things to keep in mind.

Henry: Right. Until now, what I’ve been thinking and doing for a long time now is that I have not been trying to help people but I feel clearly that when a friend is talking with me I am helping. I’ve always been clear about this. I don’t think I have a mission to try and help people. I like helping but it’s not some heavy task I’m carrying around.

Jack: Maybe a better way of saying it is that you don’t impose anything on anyone. Is that right?

Henry: Yes, I agree – that’s right.

Jack: You can help by just being who you are because your being has vibrations that are not the same as other people.

Henry: Right.

Jack: Another important point is to realize that you are not the only person in this situation. There are other people like you here even though you not have met many of them.

Henry: Right. I am really sensitive now at the age I’m at now to emotions, to feelings, to certain vibrations. I’m aware of reactions and aspects that other people can’t see. That’s why sometimes I can use the right words to help people. I feel very clear about this. I know it deeply in myself.

Jack: In this picture that we’re in the midst of now I’d like to bring your initial question which had to do with a concern about the physical body. Can you look at this now from a different angle? Or perhaps you now have a different understanding of it. Let that float through and we’ll see…

Henry: From the point of view of that guy in the big forest somehow it’s the same thing, it’s like… it’s like… It’s like energy somehow… inside… that doesn’t come out.

Jack: Is this something you need to worry about?

Henry: I think I have to… What I need to do is to understand this energy, channel it, direct it.

Jack: It’s important that your consciousness begins to participate more in this whole question of the management of energy. It’s not the physical body itself that is important – it’s the energy that is animating it.

Henry: Right.

Jack: So, as long as the energy that’s animating it is OK then you’ll be fine. Maybe some of your concern and worry was that you were not sufficiently clear in your own mind that it’s an energetic problem not a physical problem. It’s important for you to be clear about this because you have an assignment here and you need to keep your body in good shape to carry it out. It’s an energetic issue not a physical issue. I think instinctively you know what you need to do to manage it.

Henry: That’s absolutely right.

Jack: We’ve been working for about an hour and a half now and I think that’s about enough. And I don’t think I need to do any particular “procedure” to finish this.

Henry: Actually, I’m feeling really fine, really clear in many different ways.

Jack: This has been a work to clarify something – something that before was confused and unclear. I don’t think you really need any help to come back in either mind or body into an ordinary state.

Henry: Being connected to my unconscious is something I’m familiar with but now to have a different perspective on my body and my life here – Wow! – that’s a huge thing. I can see myself in that forest.

Jack: And you need to maintain contact with that place as an exercise. It’s very important.

Henry: Yes, it’s a very good exercise and I will come back to it often. It feels so good to have that connection.

Jack: It will give you an axis of stability inside. Your difficulty was very simple – you just didn’t know where to look for it.

Henry: Right. Now I can see myself clearly.


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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal
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    Just read this cover to cover…a very able work on both accounts: his and yours. Bravo, Jack


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