Ritual is Just a Doorway

Blog30no1IMG_4956(© Jack Cain 2014, text and images)

Angela: I feel like I’m either in a cave or a jail. And the image that keeps coming to me is of a set of keys.

Jack: The set of keys seems to relate to the jail since you need a set of keys to get out of jail. Stay with that and, as you do, tell me if there is anything in particular you feel in the physical body. What’s happening in the physical body?

Angela: The front of my stomach is feeling tingly – the right side, not as far down as my hips. On the left side in the front there’s a throbbing and on the right side there’s a throbbing as well. On the right it’s on the side and on the left it’s more on the front.

Jack: Stay with those sensations – they’re important. The body is really reporting in its own way on this situation we’ve moved into – this particular scene that may be a cave or a jail or both. And we have this mystery of a set of keys sort of hanging there. Concentrate on those two areas of throbbing sensations in the body. Feel them as intensely as you can. Just connect to them – very deeply. We can use this as a bridge to take us to what is behind those sensations. One, two, three. What is behind those sensations? Does something else appear?

Angela: A feeling of not being able to get up. The feeling of being beat down. It flashes to a scene of what almost seems to be a gargoyle – a badly beat person, beat to the point of looking defaced and deformed.

Jack: Let’s see if we can back up in time and see what led to this particular situation.

Angela: I get this feeling of being seized and the word that comes up is “truth.” And I can see the outfits on whoever is seizing. I don’t know if this is me or the story or… They have metal helmets – it reminds me of something out of Braveheart – helmets with spikes on them.

Jack: This word “truth” … let’s see if something can appear now that makes this situation a little clearer. Who is looking for the truth? Is it you or is it these soldiers? I guess they are soldiers … anyway some scary-looking dudes.

Angela: I keep getting images being put up next to each other…

Jack: OK.

Angela: And I hear the words, “protecting from the truth.” … It’s like light/dark… It’s playing with the lightness and the darkness… and the just and the unjust. I keep getting the light/dark, just/unjust… And then the key appears in the middle.

Jack: OK. Good.

Angela: And then the key turns and it just opens up to light.

Jack: Good. Very good. So the key turns and it opens up to light.


See if you can move forward toward that light. Now that the key has turned, you see that by turning the key there is a movement towards the light whereas before turning the key there was a flipping back and forth between the two. So let’s just see if we move off in the direction of light where is that going to take us now.

Angela: It gives me two things. It took me to an Alice in Wonderland type scene, really a fantasy – like with unicorns for example. And it took me to a religious deity – his name is Eleggua. It’s just red and black – that’s how he’s symbolized – like a stone that’s red and black.

Jack: OK. Let’s stay with that. We have Eleggua there – let’s see – maybe he has some message to convey to Angela.


Angela: I hear, “It’s OK.” And I really feel like I’m being held. [voice quavers with emotion] My eyes tear up because I feel this intense … fatherly love … just holding me.

Jack: Accept that. Stay with that. Allow that to enter into you very, very deeply – that sense that you are completely protected, and that you are open to that fatherly love that is being expressed so completely, so deeply, without any conditions – an endless source of that kind of feeling.

I’d like you to feel that it’s moving into your body, circulating all through the cellular structure of your body – so that something is in fact being transformed in this process. Also, at the same time, a privileged contact with this level of what we could call love – although that poor word has been so debased – but anyway with that feeling. It’s best to just stay with how it feels because that’s more real – just staying with that feeling that’s entering into you. Feeling that all the cells of the body are open to receive that and that it moves through very, very completely – very, very thoroughly. And that the basic message is, “It’s OK. It’s OK.”

Allowing some time for that process to take place. Allowing the energies to move very deeply into your being so that gradually they can wash away the hurts and the damage from certain past events that we saw a little of at the beginning. By moving toward the light there is the possibility of a contact, a very deep, deep contact with this kind of feeling that can enter into the body, into the soul, into the whole organism, into the whole being. Feeling that taking place very, very deeply. Can you say a little more?


Angela: [voice quavering still] I see a room of… I want to say ancestors… and I keep hearing, “It’s OK to cross over.”

Jack: Yes, there is a path between these two. There is a path. But maybe we need to be clearer about the crossing over. Does that mean now, or does that mean at a certain time, or … Certainly it’s OK to have this contact – it’s OK to cross over to be closer to this light. But on the other hand Angela is living incarnated in this planet Earth and life isn’t always so easy. Maybe there could be something further said, something helpful, that would help Angela in this current incarnation, because there are difficulties right now. So, is it just the contact with the light that is needed? Let’s see if there is any further clarification.

Blog30No2IMG_4955Angela: I get this image now of my great-grandma saying, “Stay.” Not necessarily with them but just stay, stay here. [crying] But I have wanted to go so bad.

Jack: Ah, I see. You’ve wanted to go so bad – that’s why. Yes, it’s hard. Very hard. But maybe you’ve been forgetting that this contact we’re making right now is possible. It’s not always possible. It’s not always possible just when we want it. But what’s important right now, what’s being learned maybe more deeply is simply that it is possible. Not only is it possible, we need this contact and support otherwise it’s not possible to do what we’re being asked to do by being incarnated on this difficult planet.

So I think if your great-grandma says you need to stay, it’s because there is something you need to do. There is a mission, there is a purpose that you started out with which is very easy to forget, very easy to lose touch with – because of what we were shown at the beginning. You can flip back and forth very easily between light and dark. There’s a key, a set of keys that you have been given and even though your mind may say, “Well, I don’t know how to use them” but we just used them and we moved into this contact with the light. So it’s possible – it’s possible to make that contact with the light.

Angela: Now I get an image of a knight on a white horse. I know deity-wise who it would be – it would be Obatala. I wasn’t expecting this to come up because I’ve been so confused and resentful over that particular part of my path. I know in my heart it’s part of my path but it’s just … [big sigh].

Jack: Do you say resentful because it was forced on you? Why do you say resentful?

Angela: Because it’s weird – it’s not mainstream.

Jack: [laughing] Oh, I see.

Angela: You realize – to use a Harry Potter term – you’re not a muggle. [both laughing]

Jack: That’s a good term. I think that’s wonderful.

Angela: Yes, it made them laugh too.

Jack: But… being where we are right now… and in the kind of company you’re keeping right now… it’s easier in these circumstances to be clear that … it doesn’t matter what the muggles think. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. What matters is your connection to the truth.

Angela: Yes.

Jack: And you can feel right now in your body, and in your mind, and in your emotions, in your soul – you can feel the truth of what you are experiencing right now – the truth of this contact, the truth of this light, the truth of these two deities that you’ve mentioned. You can feel the truth of them – there’s nothing to doubt. I think you would agree wouldn’t you?

Angela: Yes, it’s easy not to doubt it in this state.

Jack: Yes, it’s a temporary thing in a way, nevertheless a part of you knew that you needed to ask for this session to be done. And of course this isn’t Jack doing something, it’s just Jack being a facilitator. What’s happening is that this is being directed from the other side. This is being directed by the deities on the other side, not by me – or you – it’s being directed in Angela’s best interest so that there can be a deep, deep understanding now of what truth is. And once that deep understanding has been contacted, there’s no need for any concern about what anyone thinks about it. It’s very important to see that.

We also have to be practical – we have to recognize that this session will end in a little while and you’ll be back in all of the circumstances of your life. And those circumstances won’t have changed very much except… that you now have a much more solid contact with a very simple thing – turning a key. All we’ve done is turn a key that will allow you to move toward the light, move toward a contact with both of these divinities. Both of them are important to you in ways you probably need to discover on your own. You need to feel close to both of them. And you need to feel that all that’s necessary is to ask and some contact will be made possible.

Angela: Yes, I see.

Jack: Something is up to you and something is not up to you. It’s not up to you that they will respond whenever you want them to because they have other things to do and they have their lives too but on the other hand when there’s a sincere need – which there is right now – you have difficulties – there are several areas of your job and your studies and your living situation and – a bunch of things where you probably need some help with direction, some help to find your way through – these things that appear very unsolvable at the moment, but in fact they’re all very solvable with a little bit of help from the other side. You really need to feel that it’s possible at almost any time to make that contact.

You already have an understanding of those two divinities but now you also have an actual experience, a very strong experience of their energies and of what they represent in the world and in you. It’s possible to come into contact with that – really feel that the help that you need is there right now completely.

I’d like to ask now – there may be some question that Jack hasn’t thought to ask, that neither of us has thought to ask. There may be something else that needs to be brought or commented on by these forces on the other side including your great-grandma. Let’s just see if something else needs to appear before we move toward a completion.

Angela: I guess I’ve been wanting to know why… why do I have to [big sigh] go through these man-made rituals and…

Jack: Well, do you? Is that a question?

Angela: Yes.

Jack: Well then we should ask that question – Do you need to go through these man-made rituals? Let’s just see if your grandma or either of those two divinities can advise you. If you have a question about that we should ask it right now. And we should see what might appear – because that’s a legitimate question. You want a contact with something real, with the truth. A ritual is always an approximation – it’s never the complete thing. You’ve now had a contact with something very real. So maybe there’s a question: What should your relationship be to the rituals?

Angela: Yes, yes. When I look I see nodding heads. I see nodding heads and… and… it makes me want to throw a tantrum. [Big sigh]

Jack: But what do the nodding heads mean? That you should be using the rituals or you should not? Are they agreeing with Jack when I say that the contact is more important? How do you interpret what you’re seeing?

Angela: I see it as… yes to the rituals and the focus has to be the contact. I’m really angry. I hear it coming through. I’m really…

Jack: This wasn’t what you wanted to hear…

Angela: It isn’t… I’m really… Exactly. That’s why I can feel myself getting… [big sigh]

Jack: Let’s just stay with that…

Angela: It’s not what I want to hear but… it’s… what I hear and it’s coming so fast – but I do get it on my soul level – is that I have to keep… The ritual’s just the marker. I have to keep the contact – that is the most important piece – that I keep that contact in the forefront of my mind. It’s like with my studies – that is the physical marker but the internal work is what I have to prioritize and no person can do that for me. The key is that I hold onto that experience. That’s it.

Jack: What experience?

Angela: The experience of what the ritual creates and the connection that I have afterwards. I hear the Eleggua saying that my focus has been too much on the ritual being the main thing. And I get this image of full expansion saying, “No that’s just a part of the process, just the beginning.”

Jack: That’s right, I agree with that too.

Angela: So now I get image of doors. The ritual is just a door to walk through to the complete experience.

Jack: Yes, that’s right. It’s just a device.

Angela: Yes and so I get… on my left I see the Obakala character just saying you can’t separate spirit from matter.

Jack: That’s right.

Angela: It’s like… I mean this is hard core physics shit – pardon my French – but like he’s saying that people will always need some type of marker as they go through to a different level of consciousness.

Jack: Yes, that’s right.

Angela: There’s always a threshold, if you will, and my focus has been the ritual, the ritual, the ritual but the ritual is just the threshold to a wider connection.

Jack: Yes. In this particular session we circumvented the ritual because that is just the kind of work I’m doing but it shows you something nevertheless. It shows you the power of the connection.

Angela: My great-grandma takes my hand and says, “I’m here with you. Don’t be scared. You’re in good hands. You’re in very good hands. I know that’s what you’ve been worrying about but you’re in good hands.”

Jack: Yes. You’re protected. You are protected.

Angela: It’s the connection. This is the beginning of me making a conscious decision to have that connection and to prioritize that connection because before everything had been external and I depended on other people to create the connection but this is the birthing of me establishing that connection for myself and that’s why it’s so hard and why so much shit is coming up, because I’m birthing that part of myself.

Jack: That’s right – it is a real birth.

Angela: And before this, it was just, “Go to the tarot reader and they’ll have the answer.” “Go to the this or that…”

Jack: [laughing] That’s right. It’s all inside you. It’s all there inside you.

Angela: I get it. I get it. I get it.

Jack: That doesn’t mean it’s easy but it’s interesting that we began with that word “truth.” That’s what came first and that’s really what all this is about.

Angela: Yes.

Jack: It’s about an approach to the truth that is not made up, invented, stylized, or ritualized. It’s just truth.

Angela: Yes, and the truth is that I want to connect with them. I want to connect with my ancestors. I want to connect with the many expressions of the divine. That is my truth even though I also want to be a muggle.

Jack: [both laughing] Well, you kind of have to loosen your attachment to that Angela who wants to be very conventional and do all the right things. That just doesn’t seem to be your role. If it were, this contact would never have been possible. It just wouldn’t have been possible. And you can feel the strength of that contact with those two divinities – each one of them.

Angela: Oh God, Jack my whole body just fills with fire – not in a bad way.

Jack: Right, not in a bad way but full of that energy from another level – a level of divinity.

Angela: And I hear there’ll be times when I have to lead myself. This is the time when I have to lead myself. This is the time when I have to rely on my connection.

Jack: Yes, because it is your connection. It’s not anyone else’s. And, as you say, you have things that only you can do – no one else can do them. And in a way you’ve been given – not exactly a road map but at least the right direction – the direction of contact – and the concept that any ritual is just a doorway. It’s very important to recognize that – not to depend on the outer forms of things. Behind the forms there is a formless reality. Even that is beginning to be understood in physics – behind the form is a formless reality. Even science is beginning to approach this but it’s taking a while.

Humanity is beginning a whole new cycle so each of us has a responsibility to help this movement towards the light. There is a lot of darkness still but there is now a movement, a very definite movement towards the light that is being helped very much by all these entities on the other side, and the ancestors, but we have to do our part too. We have a part to play. Definitely.

Gently now, I think we need to bring this session to a close.


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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal www.trylus.com jack@trylus.com
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2 Responses to Ritual is Just a Doorway

  1. Sophia Cowing says:

    Jack, it took a long time to read through the material. It’s quite a lot but in the end I realized there was only one way to benefit from what this woman followed… and you followed… during this transformative process. From these blogs, there is no doubt now in my mind that what you took her through was what a shaman calls a ‘journey,’ only usually one does not have an earthly companion by one’s side to help matters move along. This is very interesting. Thank you for it. Sophia

    • trylus says:

      Yes, my focus is accompaniment. Your comment helps clarify the process for me as well. And I think you would agree that the process is being directed from a higher level — a level with which I must constantly strive to be in harmony. I feel that connection rather than know it.

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