Catastrophe (A Prophecy)

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I planned a number of enjoyable things for my birthday on December 16th, 2013 – two sacred numbers 7 and 3 making up my new age. But neither the massage nor the dinner with a friend worked out and ended up on other days. So, when a client called wanting a session that Monday, I said to myself, “I guess that’s what I am supposed to do… ” and I accepted. Little did I know…

What to do when a prophesy appears before you? Would anyone listen? Would anyone listen to me? Jeanne Dixon tried very hard to warn President Kennedy – to no avail. Hasn’t this nearly always been the fate of those who foretell? And yet…

Can the foretelling avert the outcome? One would never know; at least, not in this life; perhaps in another…

What follows is a verbatim transcript from an audio recording of the first part of the December 16th session with my client in Montreal.

I began with a fairly standard induction to an altered state, keeping my indications very general:

 Jack: […]

…moving back and back and back in time and space, to whatever the subconscious mind tells us we need to look at today, either in this life or another. The important thing is… What is the right thing for today? The right thing to assist in the progress of this life in this particular incarnation…


…  moving back and back and back until finally something begins to be possible, so … 1, 2, 3 … what is the first thing that comes to mind right now?

Client: I’m hearing or feeling or sensing the word “catastrophe.”

Jack: So, just listen to that word, listen to its reverberation in you. And as you listen to the word, perhaps some images will begin to come or the outlines of something will begin to appear. Is this a catastrophe you were involved in some time ago? What’s the next thing we need to look at here? … We don’t need to hurry, we just take our time …

Client: I’m sensing that there’s an earthquake…


Jack: Can you tell if this is in the past or the future?

Client:  [whispered] It doesn’t feel like the past. I don’t know. I’m not sure …

Jack: Let’s just see if we can see it more clearly, see if there’s more detail that can begin to appear, see if there’s a particular place that you find yourself, and whether you’re alone or with others, see what’s taking place around you now…

Client: Everything appears to be really dark. … And a lot of noise, really loud noises and people screaming, a lot of confusion and…


Jack: And are you at your house? Where are you in this, are you in a different location? In a city?

Client: It seems like a city but I don’t feel like I’m involved in it. It’s like it’s happening all around me, but I’m not really…

Jack: So, you mean, you’re like a spectator?

Client: It feels like I’m right in the center of it almost, but I’m not really … it’s like I’m just watching it. Like I’m in a bubble.

Jack: So you mean that it’s not really upsetting to you? Is that it?

Client: Yeah. I’m not scared or… I’m not going crazy like other people around me.

Jack: You’re not screaming and hysterical. OK. … Are you with anyone that you recognize? Or are you by yourself watching this?


Client: I don’t sense that there’s anybody that I know or…


Jack: Is there any indication about where this is? Is it here in Canada or somewhere else? Is there any sense of that?


Client: The only city name that is coming to me is New York City.

Jack: Ah, yes, New York. Yes. And is there a time associated with this?


Client: It’s too funny. [i.e. strange] It’s like a voice is saying to me, “Tell him it’s 2016.” “Tell him” – OK so who’s talking there?

Jack: Don’t worry about who it is … just accept that that’s what’s being said.

Client: Because I, I…  I’m like … like I hesitated to say that and then it’s like “Just tell him … it’s 2016.” [with an intonation of impatience in the voice being heard]

Jack: Right, just tell him. Don’t be silly about it. Is there a month or a day?

Client: The month of May.

Jack: And an actual day?


 Client: No, I’m not getting a day.

 Jack: So this material has come through. You know that it’s a terrible event.  So for some reason this has come through. This was more important than anything else so it came through and that’s fine. I’d like to ask the subconscious now if there is something that you need to do about this? Or should we go on to something else now? What is your relationship to this event? Or is there any? – maybe there’s no relationship to it – it’s just a piece of information? What feeling comes or are there any words that come now around this?

 Client: Just for you to mark that on your calendar so you’re not there.

 Jack: Is that referring to you or to me or to both of us?

 Client: To you.

Jack: To me. OK. Thank you…  [laughing] But we’re supposed to be here helping you not me…  [seriously] But I appreciate that, because I go to New York.

 Client: And I don’t go to NY so…

 Jack: It’s important and I have a lot of friends in New York. That piece came through because it was needed.



That Richter himself stated in 1959 that New York City hosted fault zones capable of producing earthquakes of magnitude 8 and 9 (on his scale) is not common knowledge.



Question: What can we do to counteract such serious happenings?

Answer Cayce: Tendencies in the hearts and souls of men are such that these upheavals may be brought about. Man is not ruled by the world, the earth, or the environment, nor planetary influences. Rather it is true that man brings order out of chaos by his compliance with Divine Law. By his disregard of the laws of Divine influence, man brings chaos and destructive forces into his experience.



Cayce Reading 294-185 – June 30, 1936

I had been reborn again in 2100 A.D. in Nebraska.  The sea apparently covered all of the western part of the country, as the city where I lived was on the coast.  The family name was a strange one.  At an early age as a child I declared myself to be Edgar Cayce who had lived 200 years before.

Scientists, men with long beards, little hair, and thick glasses, were called in to observe me.  They decided to visit the places where I said I had been born, lived and worked, in Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Michigan, and Virginia.  Taking me with them the group of scientists visited these places in a long, cigar shaped, metal flying ship which moved at high speed.

Water covered part of Alabama.  Norfolk, Virginia had become an immense seaport.  New York had been destroyed either by war or an earthquake and was being rebuilt.  Industries were scattered over the countryside.  Most of the houses were of glass.

Many records of my work as Edgar Cayce were discovered and collected.  The group returned to Nebraska taking the records with them to study.

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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal
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