Purple Mountain Headache

Image_1_IMG_3594(© Jack Cain 2013, text and images)

Annie had suffered from headaches for many years. First we did an energy session – it helped a bit but then she experienced another severe, migraine-like headache that lasted all night and then into the evening of the following day. So we decided to go looking for the cause as I usually do by creating a slightly altered state of consciousness and then asking the subconscious mind to show us what we need to see to resolve the problem. This session took place on October 3, 2013.

I like to begin my sessions by having the client go to a “safe place.” An environment either real or imagined where they can feel very good. A place just for them.

At first Annie was not able to see anything at all or even come to a feeling of some place. But with a little encouragement, the following began to unfold:


Annie: It’s a place I’ve seen before. There’s a stream. There are flowers and it’s very green, with colorful flowers. And I see big mountains made of purple crystals. [chuckle] And it’s not here.

Jack: You mean not on our planet here?

Annie: Right.

Jack: What’s important is to feel yourself there in that environment. There’s something very special about the colors.

Annie: I hear people laughing. They’re happy.

Oh, I see a pyramid. It’s like a temple… the opening is at the base.

Jack: Do you feel drawn to the pyramid?

Annie: I’m inside now. There’s a ray of light coming down. I see a statue, kind of Egyptian. It’s another lifetime.

Jack: Yes, another lifetime. And are there others around or are you there alone?

Annie: There are women, women priestesses. They are living oracles. I’m trying to see how many they are [counting] – there are twelve of them. They look alike – they look very, very similar to each other. They are wearing red dresses, a very light fabric tied with a gold belt. And they each have a thin diadem on their heads with stones like diamonds in it.

Jack: And are you just observing this, or are you somehow part of it? Is there any exchange taking place?

Annie: I’m observing. I was not an earthling there. I was fifteen feet tall.

Jack: So you’re coming there from somewhere else.

Annie: Yes, I came to talk with them. And the statues that are there are statues of us. We were teachers of their teachers. It was a time of feminine energy. There was peace. It’s just before the shift to the male energy. We came to tell them of the implication of that. Hmm. Sad news… for them. There was destruction afterwards. Some of them survived but many did not.

Jack: And there’s nothing you could do because this shift had to take place, right?

Annie: Yes, the planet is a living being. They have their cycles.

We told some of the women where to go to protect themselves.

It’s very strange.

Jack: Why is it strange?

Annie: It’s strange because I’m a big male. Huge. I can’t see the face – I can only feel the body. I have strange stuff on me. Maybe a helmet. Something like a suit. Not from here.

Jack: Is there a name for where it is you’re from?

Annie: [Spelling but having trouble finding the letters…] XEPHEN. Never heard of it. It’s in deep space.

Jack: Is it in our galaxy?

Annie: No, it’s in deep space. Very far from our galaxy. Another part of the universe.

Jack: So, let’s see what needs to take place next. We do have a mission to find out something about the source of these migraines. The subconscious mind needs to direct us to where we need to go. This first series is already something that needed to take place. Maybe we need to stay there – or maybe not. Or maybe we need to go to somewhere else. It’s not clear to me but you need to feel that you just allow whatever transition is needed. Just drift and float toward the most important thing now that needs to come into the consciousness. So that there can be material arise that helps with this condition of repeated strong headaches in the physical body. They certainly have a cause and we just need to look. Maybe there is a relationship already with what we’ve seen but we’re not sure. Let’s just allow something to drift and float to take us to the next thing that needs to be seen clearly. One, two, three. What else comes to mind?

Image_2_IMG_3698Annie: I see a woman. A beautiful woman. She’s looking at me. She has long curly hair, very long. Kind of chestnut. She has blue eyes. Her face looks like a little porcelain doll, a physical one. I don’t know what is happening. She’s looking at me.

Jack: Let’s just see what happens. Maybe she’s just curious or maybe she has something to say or maybe you have something to say to her. Maybe there’s something that needs to be communicated in some way. We have lots of time. Let’s just see how things unfold.

[pause; Annie breathing deeply]

Annie: She said I’m affected by the magnetic field of the earth – all the disturbances affect me. [chuckle] She’s repeating what I’ve been told before. My thoughts are going against what’s happening here. Trying to rebalance.

Jack: Does that mean your thoughts are trying to resist what is happening?

Annie: I’m trying to rebalance all the negativity. But it’s not possible alone.

Jack: Certainly not. You’re taking on the whole world.

Annie: Yes, but we are the world. How can I stop that?

Jack: Does she have any advice for you?

Annie: She says you can’t stop it; that’s the way you’ve been programmed.

But it hurts!

Jack: You can’t stop what?

Annie: I can’t stop trying to rebalance the world. That’s part of my job I guess.


She says that help is coming. Very soon. Help is coming. You’re going to see us more and more. And one day we’ll just be everywhere. Because the frequency of the earth is rising. You’ll just be able to see us because we’ll be at the same frequency. She is saying that’s why tons of people around the world are seeing the ships. To raise the consciousness. There are a lot of people who want peace. There are a few who are trying to stop this but they can’t. They have the control of the money and other things but there is nothing they can do to stop this. It ridiculous. But she is saying, “They try, they try.” They’re so scared. They are the most fearful of your race.

Jack: I guess we need to have compassion for them, eh?

Annie: Lots of love, compassion and patience.

But some of them are changing within those groups. She said it’s coming faster than you think.

I want to see the planet the way you showed me before. She says it will happen.


Jack: What do you mean, “The planet the way you showed me before?”

Image_3_IMG_3521Annie: In 1990, I was with a friend, just talking with her, and all of a sudden I had a big black screen in front of me and I was looking at that screen. I was surprised to see it because I was not even meditating. It just appeared. Looking at the screen, I could see a little grey crescent. It felt like a planet that was either dead or dying. It wasn’t strong at all. I heard the voice telling me, “He has chosen this planet to show His glory.”

And then a light appeared at the left corner of the image and started to grow and grow and grow. It became a big cross of light. On the planet there were little lights appearing, more and more of them appearing in a chain reaction until there was an explosion of light. I had to cover my eyes it was so bright. And I thought when I lowered my arms it would have disappeared but no. No, no, no. What I had before me was the Earth, completely rejuvenated, floating in space. It was so beautiful. It was like a jewel floating. All clean. No pollution. Crystal air, crystal water. And the colors were very vibrant. And my eyes started crying because of the purity of the image.

They said to me, “We promise you your planet is going to look like this when we’re done with her.”

And I started laughing and saying, “Yeah, in two hundred thousand years. I won’t even be here.”

They said, “No, no. No, no.”

So, I asked, “When is that going to happen? How long is it going to take?”

They said, “An hour.”

I said, “An hour, you must be joking.”

They said, “No, no. An hour. You’re all going to decide to this together, at the same time, and you’re going to have help from outside.” And then all that disappeared.

For fifteen years, I wondered – what event will bring people together to want to do this. Am I going to have to do something, do I have to create something?

And then I met Shelley [Yates] in 2005. She told me her story, which is amazing in itself. And she finished with the exact same vision I had been shown with the exact same sequence with the only difference being she saw a grid around the Earth. Everything else was identical. And she said, “Oh. I must have dreamed that.” I took her arms and said, “Lady, I’ve been waiting for you for fifteen years. You give me your phone number and we’re going to do this.” Shelley said, “Oh, come on Annie, it’s a dream.” “No,” I said, “it’s not a dream.” And Dr. Greer who was standing beside me said, “That’s right Shelley, they showed me the same thing.” I said, “You see, here’s three of us. I’m sure there are more around the Earth who have seen the same thing. We’re going to get them and we’re going to do this.”

Image_4_IMG_3662And then we did the first worldwide meditation, the biggest ever, in 2007. [ www.firethegrid.com ] With no money, with nothing. We had to do everything for free. We gave our music for free. We had translators everywhere. We had the site translated into fourteen languages. All free. Everything was given. And during the last week, there were 750,000 people a day on the site. So I don’t know how many people we were but we started something. It will continue until 2022. We have an event every 13th of January for the years: 2013, 2015, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. After that I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I thought this would change everything, but it was just the first spark. That’s what Shelley explained to me.

Jack: But you’re being told something now also, right? That it’s soon.

Annie: Yes, but soon for them… They don’t have the same time frame as us. Everything is faster in their world. In ours it can take years. So, “soon” doesn’t mean anything in my experience. It took eleven years before Dr. Greer’s disclosure took place. “Fire the grid” took fifteen.

Jack: Let’s just see if there’s anything else we need to do here, although you’ve got kind of a…

Annie: Well, I’d like not to feel a migraine…

Jack: I’d like to see if there some communication possible with the woman you were talking to, whether as well as telling you that it’s because you’re programmed this way and because of the changes that are taking place on the planet that you have this stress. There must be some way to release this so that you can take some action or do something that’s helpful. So let’s just stay with that question – whether it’s her or someone else who answers. There’s maybe something that could be brought.

Image_5_IMG_3663Annie: She says, “Sing.”

But it’s hard to sing when you have a migraine.

Jack: Maybe you need to start before it gets bad.

Annie: Yes, but sometime it starts in the middle of the day at work. I can’t really sing there!

She says, “Sing in your head.”

OK. I can try that.

She is explaining that in the crystalline structure of my body the singing will help readjust the imbalance.


[With that, I begin to bring the session to a close but one more unexpected thing happens.]

She says thank you. For your work. For helping others. Everything you do is very precious to them. And it is very important that you continue.

Jack: Is that message being directed to you or to me?

Annie: No… to you. She says she’s grateful for your love of human kind. And it’s very rare. Therefore, it is precious to them. They are very proud of your achievement, spiritual achievement. There’s something waiting for you. But I [Annie] don’t know what it means. I can’t see. “It’s a surprise,” she says. [We both laugh.]

OK? There’s something waiting for you. I’m just relaying the message.


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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal www.trylus.com jack@trylus.com
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  1. Deneen says:

    Jack, this interests me so much. I have found that singing a lot (& in unknown tongues) has been the fastest way to completely shift my field. Singing is a true Godsend (whether one has a “good” voice or not).

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