I Am Love

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After the session reported in the previous post, “The Centurion of Love”, Benoît returned and we did a second session on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. In the first part of that session we worked together on certain of Benoît’s personal issues. In some of this first part, we were helped by the presence of Nikola Tesla as a guide. Tesla is someone with whom Benoît has a close connection relating to his work.

Once we had finished this first part of the session, I moved on in my facilitation by suggesting that we return to the session we had done two weeks before to see if we might speak with the man Benoît had called his master. After a brief pause, the following words came forth. In the first few words there was a remarkable quality in the intonation of the voice speaking. After that it had more of a quality of reporting what had been received. Because of this special quality, I am including here these first few words as a sound clip. (English-only speakers: just listen to the quality.)


I am love.


Listen to your being. I speak to your being. I guide your being.

The signs that I send are not to frighten you; they are there to awaken you.

Don’t we say that we find the best in the human being when he is in crisis? Live in the present. Then you will not deplore this crisis because for you it will not be one. You will not feel it. All things that must come, must come.

Your absence from my Father is something you have asked for. Like the good father he is, he grants that to you. This seems like a punishment in your eyes but it is not. It is an opportunity for the awakening of your consciousness toward the love that you are, toward the love that I am, toward the path that I am, for you, in you. Others chose to ignore this opportunity. And for that, the voice of my Father is always there. It’s a choice.

Some call me Jesus, because I am that. When I come, everyone will know. That day approaches in the way that you understand time.

The ego will be destroyed, without a doubt, as promised. Be strong. Do not weep. Smile and look … there, on high … I am there. Those who have renounced me the very first time will recognize me this time. You will be united in Christ-love.


I am only the path.

You don’t make enough use of the Holy Ghost. Pray. You have great need of that.

Jack: What is the meaning of the crown? Is that a question that can be asked?

It is nothing but a symbol representing the aura, representing purity. It forms very naturally around men and women. The more complete it is in its colors, in its whiteness, the more it indicates harmony and love. The crown is only its symbol, like the cross and a host of other objects which were developed when writing wasn’t available or when knowledge of writing was absent. Objects then served as writing or expression – as an indication or a way of reaching the minds of those who did not have the privilege of understanding writing. Some people judge these objects harshly giving them a meaning different to that of words. The goal is to reach the hearts of people not to reach their minds, the head being secondary. Words are futile just as the objects are. What counts is what is there in your heart.

And it is your aura that reflects your gestures, your tenderness, and your respect towards one another and towards yourself. How complicated you makes things for yourself! It’s the path of life, and that’s just fine.

Very often children are much more grown up than adults. A wise man once said that when a wise man no longer sees that he is wise, have him look look at children – and he will still have something to learn. I said to allow the children to come to me. You needed to understand your opening. You needed to understand that the smallest child is much bigger than you think. It’s not a question of stature, it’s a question of respect.

All the fantasies that you install on earth at this time – left and right and among all peoples – for now these fantasies are necessary so that in them you see your… I was going to say “stupidity” but that is not the right word … your limitation, your lack of wisdom, your moments of wandering away from who you are, your inability to recognize your neighbor for who he is – that is, like you, simply himself. You make things very complicated for yourself!

I believe that the message was clear – love one another, as God loves you. Is this so complicated?

I have sent guides throughout the world on a mission to enlighten those who called out to me. Every one of you is called in the measure that you ask to be called.

The ideas that abound in you are not at all from you; they are the revelation of a plan that is much bigger than you but which contains you and concerns you – in humility.

Peace is a consequence, not a goal. The goal is love. By targeting the consequence you miss the goal. This is the mistake of the great leaders who seek peace instead of love.

You who are enlightened – act in love. And love one another. I have chosen as many differences as possible among you so that in those differences you see who you are – so that you cease to look at the envelope and see instead the heart. Diversity is my way of showing you how alike you are.

There is in fact only a single thought – that of a great “us.” I named this “the church.” You have made it into monuments. Difficult to grasp. These places of prayer have nothing to do with the church that I desire. These places must be respected. But you must respect yourself first, in the first place. You are a place – your place. And together we are this church. Prayer is a moment of communion among us – that’s what it’s for.


Contemplation in nature is good. Collective contemplation is a dimension that you must work on to emerge from your ego and understand that your neighbor is just as important as you are. You have neglected that in attributing to yourself the power of being a god. You’re on the wrong track.

Recognize your neighbor and you will recognize yourself immediately.

Working on oneself is working with others.

I send you knowledge, knowledge for building the next stage. Those who will remain understand and know their mission – they feel it – they live it.


Listen to yourselves – because it is I who is speaking through the words. Be love. I am the serenity of the words you use. Your power is to install love in the heart of your neighbor. Once serenity has taken its place, peace will come as a consequence. Follow the real goal. Follow the love of your neighbor and take care of yourself because you are neighbors of one another.


Ascension will come when you exchange your energy among you. You will understand the multiplication of energy in the sharing. The sharing is a movement of continual exchange. It must circulate.

You complain about things and you accumulate things. But you can free yourselves. This is possible only in love. And you know it – it is what I have told you. You feel it because you are connected to your being.

The frequency of ascension is taking its place.

Earth is being transformed and you see it. Certain people are observing it. Others deny it.

In the course of the next months, several satellites will break down. Read that as a sign.

Real communication is something you will come to know. Nikola [Tesla] will be an ally in that.

Be patient.

Be love.

Jack: We need to think of stopping here since I don’t want Benoît to be too tired. Perhaps we could feel in our hearts a recognition and a gratitude for all that has been said, for all that we have received. Can I ask if it is appropriate for us to share these words with other people? Would that be a reasonable thing to do?

The feeling, the felt sense, must come from each person. The prophecies have already been transmitted. There is nothing in all of that that has not already been said. But yes, it can be disseminated.


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  1. Thank you Jack & Benoît ~ I am filled with a deep gratitude to you both for your sharing. Namaste

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