The Need to Evolve

IMG_3340(Copyright © Jack Cain 2013, text and images)

Sarah had moved from being stuck to being really angry – angry at the world, at injustice, at people. And, as I usually do, I asked her to go to some safe and pleasant place at the beginning. This is usually a good strategy for new clients but when I have worked with someone a number of times, as I had with Sarah, it sometimes happens that we go instead to what the subconscious, the deeper mind, knows we must visit that day.

“What is the place you have come to now, Sarah?”

“Not on this earth. It’s somewhere else.”

“Tell me a bit about what it looks like.”

“It’s barren, sandy — a bit like Mars but it’s a peach-colored sand. I can breathe. But I’m not a body, I don’t have a body.”

“What do you look like then?”

“It’s like a column of light.”

“Ah, I see – you’re in a light body then. Does your light body have a color?”

“It’s kind of yellowish white.”

Gradually it became clear that Sarah had been there for a very long time – hundreds of years. But she was the only one there. She was very lonely and she didn’t know why she was there. There seemed to be no purpose or at least she couldn’t find one. I suggest that the deeper mind knows exactly what we need to see next and I ask that we move on to the next thing – maybe a new environment; maybe the same environment.

“It’s the same environment but I feel like I’m trapped. It’s as if in this light body I’m stuck on this planet alone, as if I can’t go beyond its force field. I feel a yearning – a yearning for something.”

“Is there any help that can come to you there?”

“Help doesn’t come; I’m just stuck here.”

“OK. Why don’t we try backing up and seeing what came before you were on this planet?”

“I’m floating; I’m submerged in water.”

“What kind of shape to you have there?”

“Something like a jellyfish but they have light inside.”

“So you’re not alone in this situation?”

“That’s right. There are others but nothing seems to mean anything. There is no sense of purpose.”

At this juncture I spoke a bit about the need to find a purpose, the need to evolve and that it seemed that in both of these first to worlds that purpose did not seem to be there. So I suggested going to the time just before Sarah entered into planet earth, where the decision was being made to come to earth.

“I get the image of plankton – that I’m just going to be food for something else.”

“Do you mean in the water environment?”

“I mean both in the water environment and in coming to Earth. I don’t want to come to Earth. Earth holds no attraction for me. I don’t want to go.”

“So how did you end up on Earth if it has no attraction?”

“By default?”

“Because you had to go somewhere?”

“Yes. I’m being punished or something.”

“Well, are you sure? That sounds like a speculation coming from the mind. We have to be very careful to distinguish material coming from the ordinary mind instead of the deeper mind. Seems like speculation to me, what do you think?”

“Feels like it.” [whispered]

“Yes, it feels like something intellectual. We have to be very careful about what part of the mind we’re dealing with here. You need now to be close to the emotion that’s present right now – there’s an emotion present about this decision that somehow or other got taken to come here – even knowing it was going to be very difficult. ”

“There’s regret … and sadness … and revolt.”

“Yes, there’s a part inside that revolts.”

“I don’t belong here.”


“Where is it that you do belong?”

“Nowhere.” [whispered]


“Well, we’re all part of the general system, part of the cosmos. We end up in different places but we all have a place. We need to really feel here what … what is it that needs to take place now … because Sarah is here on the planet Earth right now … having a bit of a hard time … so we need to turn this around somehow … we need to find some way for there to be a place.”

“I’m going to be a tree … or something else …”

“Well, being a human being is … pretty hard. Because of the interactions. But you also know, because you’ve been on the planet for a while, that there are people who can be happy, even joyful.”

“That’s not me.”

“It hasn’t been up to now.”

“No one will let me leave either. I want to get off.”

“I know that appears to be the most attractive solution, but if Sarah is here on this planet there’s some reason for it. We need to find a way to turn this situation into something else. There may be something very important that to be done by Sarah on the planet…”

“I wanted to help people, but I haven’t been able to.” [whispered]

“Right, you want to help people. We have spoken about that.”

“But I don’t like people. Why would I want to help them.”

“So maybe that’s what we need to look at. Maybe we need to look inside at that part that doesn’t like people. What’s underneath the part that doesn’t like people. Because of the way people treat Sarah?”

“Yes. The way I’ve been treated.”

“Yes, and not just once or twice but repeatedly.”


“I’ve given them the right to do that.”

“Yes, you’ve given away your … self.”

“So what would happen if you repossessed, if you took back what was really yours?”

“I wouldn’t be nice any more.”

“We don’t really know because it’s been so long that you haven’t taken it back. So it’s as if you have to repossess a part that has been given to this person and that person and the other person. It has to come back inside.”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“Well, you’re very used to operating the other way – always giving it away. But if you give away too much there’s nothing left and it ends up that there’s just you on a lonely planet. Nothing else. So something we need to do is build an individuality. Can’t do it if a lot of the building blocks are missing. So something has to be re-constructed here; put back together. There are pieces that have been appropriated by other people, given to other people – these pieces have to start coming back into Sarah.”

“It’s too late.”

“It’s never too late. Anything is possible. Anything.”

“That’s what they say.”

“So we need to start right now to bring back some pieces. So, maybe we need to identify some pieces that are missing. And bring them back. What would be a piece that needs to come back in to create a more whole individual?”

“A basic feeling of my own worth.”

“Exactly. A feeling of your own worth. A feeling that you really are worth something.”

“That’s been so hard to believe.”

“But it’s finished now that you’re trying to convince yourself and everyone else that you’re worth … shit – that you’re worth absolutely nothing. There’s a very deeply ingrained attitude that ‘I’m worthless.’ Something needs to be re-appropriated here – brought back in.”

“From where?” [gasping]

“How about that jellyfish? There was a light inside. There is still a light inside Sarah right now. It just needs to shine more brightly, with more assurance. On that lonely planet too there was a light body. The physical body that is lying here now has a light body inside that needs to be a little bit brighter now. This light body is precious – it’s part of the whole light in the universe but it kind of keeps getting knocked around. So we have to make that light brighter inside.”

“I have so much trouble believing that though.”

“The body wouldn’t be alive if there weren’t a light inside. Never mind all the chemistry and that stuff. Without the life force that’s present inside there would be no … life. It never disappears but just goes to different places. We’ve seen a couple of very different places where it’s been. But it’s here right now on the planet Earth at this time. And it’s suffering because there are pieces missing. And one of the major pieces is this piece of self-worth. This has to be brought back in from somewhere.”

“I don’t know why but self-worth and druids has some connection for me.”

“Stay with that.

“With a crown of leaves and flowers and something to do with wiccan. That’s where I feel at peace with the world.”

“That’s where you need to be. You need to move into that environment. The druids knew something about the connection to forces and powers and the connection to the earth. You need to feel that wreath of flowers on your head once again and how it confers exactly what was missing.”

“The beauty of the feminine which is not around any more.”

“That’s right, but it’s being brought back. That’s what these times are all about. Bringing this back. The druids certainly knew this. So you feel that wreath of flowers and leaves but most importantly you feel the connection to the planet, to the earth. This is our real mother – not in a sense the ‘accidental’ mother we happened to have, who bore us, which is important too but not as important as this connection to the planet. The planet has an individuality and a life and we’re here because we have some connection to that bigger purpose. We’re part of organic life on this planet which is a whole spectrum of energies.”

“I always feel a yearning in me for that connection. I miss that.”

 “You need to feel that this is available to you because right now in this session, in this moment, you were brought into contact with these druids and this ceremony because there is a procedure to be followed to restore the strength and connection. This is going to restore the self-worth because you have to have self worth when you’re connected in that way – because you’re really a part of this much larger picture. You feel inside a growing foundation – your feet are on the earth. You have a whole planet and you have other beings – trees, flowers, and animals which are connected too. You can begin to feel that connection being reestablished. We’re really asking those druids to perform a kind of ceremony here to reinstate Sarah’s natural birthright, what really belongs to her. It has to come back into the body. So I’d like you to try and remain in this druid environment for a while. What is taking place now? What do you feel?”

“I feel some confusion.” [gasping]

“It’s confusing because the force of the current difficulties is very strong.”

“But about the physical body – the physical body as a woman. You know the druids had the image of the earthiness. But I’m not accepting that. I want to be ethereal.

“Well there is a part that is ethereal. We have an etheric body and a physical body. That’s how you’re built; both those patterns are present at the moment. But it’s hard to be in touch with the etheric part and the physical part at the same time. But it is possible.”

“It’s the physical body that’s giving me problems.”

“Yes, because it’s very, very heavy. But the physical body can be made lighter. It’s possible to bring an energy into the physical body and the druids knew something about this. There’s a very practical movement here of bringing a lightness into the physical body so that it’s not so terribly heavy.

“But that’s still connected to the earth – the lightness and the connectedness seem to be in conflict.”

“Yes, they do seem to be in conflict because they are different things. There is a contradiction in bringing lightness down into heavy materiality. But when you are incarnated as a human beingthat is the situation. You have a heavy physical body but you also have a soul, a lightness that is living inside, both of these interpenetrating each other. Both are there which is why you feel such a conflict. But there is an individuality nevertheless being expressed through the physical body. And there are many others here on the planet at the moment, many other individuals trying to find their way.”

“I’ve been looking for a connection for a long time, but, you know, a connection means losing myself.”

“I think you should question that. Maybe it feels like you’re losing yourself when you have a connection but you need to think about being on that planet all by yourself. There was no physical body so you were very light and free but you had no connection. And it’s very, very lonely. Now you’re here on the planet Earth, there’s a possibility of connection, but the lightness has to live with the heaviness at the same. Not easy. But that’s what we’re being asked to do – to bring the light into materiality so the two are connected – it’s a kind of development.”


“I’d like you to feel the physical body right now and the fact that there is also this ethereal body at the same time. When you were connected there to the druids you really felt a kind of beneficence, a kind of ease …


“Yes, acceptance. Flipping out of where you are into: well, yes, everything is just OK. You need to concentrate on that environment where in a way you were more connected and whole. When you were in that druid environment did it really feel that heavy?”

“It felt just right actually.”

“Exactly! It felt just right. So you’re being given a window into what feels just right – which is very different from how you’ve been feeling. So with this window there needs to be now a concerted effort to migrate back into that. None of the outer circumstances will change until the inner circumstances change. So the inner circumstances need to move away from loneliness, purposelessness, heaviness – those things disappearing – and you’re moving back into where you had found as a druid just the right combination. That needs to enter into the current existence. And it’s possible for it to enter since it was there before. Your mind has been able to take you to exactly where you need to go in order to re-member – put the members back together – put the body back together with all the other parts that need to be there. The configuration is changed now which will change everything else. Assuredly change everything else.

“But how do I make my way in this cement world?” 

“You don’t have to worry about that. It will all change. It will all change as soon as you are back in that configuration where things were just right – inside, inside. So you need to take yourself there as you just did – you were there – maybe it comes and goes a bit – it’s not so solid yet. You need to allow yourself to go back because you deserve to be back in that situation.”


I will end this account here because I believe this is enough to illustrate how a doorway can be opened while struggles and oppositions remain. I begin to see that my work is a facilitation, only a facilitation. My hope is that reading this account may open doors for others.


In the days following this session I encouraged Sarah to return on her own to the experience of those druid times and draw something further from that. After a couple of exchanges about that I received the following note:


“I’m not spending a lot of time thinking about being a Druidess but I have acquired some newfound confidence. My interactions with people are more often on my terms now, and I don’t feel as if I’m giving my power away as much.”


I chuckled to myself after reading this because it makes clear how the most effective work takes place in the altered state of the session. Exchanges, urgings, exhortations in our ordinary state of consciousness do little to effect any change. In fact these three points of change are stunning:


1. newfound confidence

2. interactions on my own terms

3. not giving my power away as much.


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  1. lourdesmlz says:

    So much to explore in the vast, unexpected and misterious universe of the mind and for me, to feel a hope in the search of (as it says the title) “the need to evolve” and eventually evolve. Thanks a lot!

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