The Mind and Healing

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Healing is a movement of energies. Sometimes this movement is reflected in the mind.

What do these reflections tell us about the nature of the mind and the nature of healing? Can they also tell us something about the nature of Reality with a capital R? Can we move beyond our conditioning or do we see only what we expect to see? Can we be aware of our faculties of perception and distinguish the coarse from the fine?

Here is an interesting example of some of these interactions.

Cynthia, like many of those who come to me, was not entirely sure why she came to see me for a second session after 5 years. In fact, she did not mention beforehand the constant pain in her back, possibly from a misaligned vertebra.

As a “safe place” Cynthia returns once again to the nice summer cloud she found herself on so easily in the first session. The cloud is just slightly larger than her body and very comfortable. Her back feels better.

The cloud dissolves into a black tube or funnel that she is traveling down.

“It’s funny, I’m traveling down but I’m not there. I’m above it.”

So you’re watching it take place.” [Jack’s voice in italics]


“What is taking place now?”

“I’m very much inside my body. And I don’t need anything outside.”

“And there’s pain along the right side of the body – from the hip up to the mid-back.”

“Is that a pain you’ve felt before?”

“Oh, it’s a pain I always have with me, but now I’m very aware of the ramifications.”

“I want to get out of the body.”

“Do you need to get out of the body now?”

“No, I’m exploring. I’m floating. Inside.”

“Maybe that long-standing pain needs to be looked at now more carefully… “

“I think one of my vertebrae is out.”

[Following Dolores Cannon’s method, I ask for the higher consciousness to come forward and speak to us about what’s possible with this situation with the back. Is there help that can come through?]

“I’m on a snow field now. Bare trees. I think I’ve fallen.”

“Those are images, right?”

“Yes, the images get presented to you. They may have a connection or they may not … they could come from the imagination. But it’s also possible that the scene is related to an event in a previous incarnation which could be connected to the pain in the back. Explore that a bit and see what you find.”

[no pause; no hesitation]

“I’m going to be blind.”

“Because of the snow?”

“I don’t know.”

“When you say ‘blind’ you mean in the physical sense, right?”


“What else needs to be known in this state? What do you need to go to next to see, experience, visualize? Are you still on the snow field or elsewhere?]

“I’m elsewhere but I don’t see it quite clearly yet.”

“I think I’m entering a kind of huge basilica or something … but there are so many stairs to go up. It’s medieval in shape but it’s not medieval on the outside – it’s like shiny metal. It’s pointed as in medieval architecture. But it’s very indistinct.”

“A lot of stairs?”

“A lot of stairs and there are other people with me and we’re entering on the left side.”

“Can you see how the other people are dressed?”

“They have golden crowns like the pope wears.”

“So you’re entering this place?”

“No, I’m not entering I’m outside because I’m not at the head of the line and it’s going slowly.”

[brief pause]

“What’s the feeling of the place?”

“It’s like the steps of the Sacré Coeur [A church in Paris where she has visited recently in this life]. “I’m there now. Just sitting at the top of the steps looking out.” [Meaning she’s not in the same place any more.]

“What’s taking place now?”

“I’m in the above again, you know. I think I’m in the clouds but I’m brushing against the trees.”

“Stay with that. Maybe the surroundings will become more clear.”

“No. It’s dark now. It’s all dark.”

“Well, darkness is just an indication sometimes of arriving at a place …”

“No, because light is not what we think light is.”

“Do you need to bring light into this darkness? What do you need to do?”



“Perfectly restful. Like limbo more or less. I could stay here forever.”


“The tensions on my right side have all relaxed now.”


“It’s hard to be encased in a body.”

“Yes. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s very difficult. But there’s been a purpose for it. Maybe you need to focus on what more…”

“A lot of pressure in the back of my head now.”

“Let’s see what that leads to … ”

“I think I’m in the bardo space.”

“Yes, you’re in between. You may be separated. You’re still aware of the body though…”

“Yes. I am.”


“On the other hand, you may be more aware that there’s a part of you that’s not the part that’s incarnated. And you can be aware of that plane of existence that’s not physical.

“I can almost see the black guy. The Yamantaka. It’s not scary. Not scary at all.”


“I think there’s the fire way and the quiet way.”


“Are you being given an indication…”



“There’s a lot of fire behind him.”


“That image is very alive for you right now.”

“The flames are very beautiful.”


“Does something take place as you observe this in front of you?”

“No. I’m a passer-by, I know that. It’s just passing by.”

“It creates an impression in you.”

“The key word is I’m curious, you know. It’s not personal.”


“Does some of this feel familiar – that you’ve been there before?”



“Like it’s a big cave.”


“But I’m on the periphery. I’m not towards the center of it or anything.”

“Like a somewhat distant observer.”

“Yes. It’s getting hard to breathe.”


“It’s gone away now. I can breathe now.”


“Continuing this journey and seeing where it is that you need to go next … what needs to take place next … Cynthia has a …”

“That’s not my name.”

“No, it’s just a handle we use here. It’s not who you really are.”


“What is taking place now? What needs to take place now?”

“It’s hard to explain, you know. I’m in a sort of container that’s crystalline. But I can see dimly outside.

[long pause]

“Does being in this container feel different?”

“No, all my life I’ve been in a crystalline container.”

“But now you’re able to see that it’s a container.”

“It’s a container, yes, and I’m wondering how to get out of it.”

“Well maybe you just step outside?”

“It doesn’t have a door.”

“Can you just move through the walls?”

“It doesn’t have walls, either. No.”

“Well, maybe there’s someone there who can help.”

“There’s no one. No.”

“If you ask for someone to help, what would happen? Maybe someone would appear who could help who has knowledge, or has the ability to either explain or move … ”

“I can move.”

“So maybe the container doesn’t mean that you’re confined.”

“No, I’m not confined, I’m contained…. Which is different, right?”

“Absolutely. So maybe it’s necessary for you somehow to be contained in this container that has no door and no walls.”

“You can see through. But I cannot participate in what’s beyond me either.”


“This is your situation, right?”



“This is your situation right now at this moment, but has this always been your situation? Will it always be your situation?”

“Has always been.”

“And in the future?”

“This is.”

“It just is.”


“All the rest are projections from here.”

[long pause]

“Well, let’s just see where you need to be now. What has to happen next for your clarity…”

“I think something is working on my midriff, trying to align my spine differently.”

“Well that could be very important. Certainly there are agencies capable of making whatever change is needed. Anything is possible. It would be very helpful for there to be an improvement in the spine so that Cynthia is more able to operate in this physical body. A feeling of cooperation, allowing that to take place… ”

“There’s an angel here.”

“Ah, yes, it would have to be someone very high.”

“And he’s very big.”


“It’s interesting – I don’t see him and I see him.”

“Yes, you can sense his presence without having to visualize…”

“No, I can see him and not see him.”

“Well, seeing is not quite the same where you are right now. Words don’t mean quite the same thing. Very important for you to be in that presence. For us both to be in that presence. Really something that needs to take place, a communication…”

“No, we’re not communicating. He’s just there.”


“Your awareness is able to accommodate his presence.”

“He has very long wings.”

“Do you know his name?”

“No. … I don’t know my own name either.”


“Maybe it’s not important to know the names…”

“No, it isn’t. He’s a fire breather. And I feel he’s breathing fire into my back. Maybe it’s energy and not fire, you know. But it moves like …”

“Yes, fire is just a representation of energy. It’s a way of being able to be clearer in the mind which has its limitations. The mind represents it as fire…”

“And it’s all gold. His wings are all gold. He has a green dress and a tunic that ends in a gold piece around the neck. His jacket is indigo – a deep, vibrant color. It hangs loosely, very loosely and it’s pleated. Nice. But his face is blank to me.”

“So you don’t really see his face.”

“No it’s a blank disk.”

“For your own protection maybe.”

“Like I have to see the face…”

“Well, perhaps you can ask to see the face, but maybe it’s not appropriate for some reason.”


[Loud] “The angel broke apart and a snake, a golden snake flew away.”

[A few hours later when we were having dessert and tea in a French pastry shop nearby, Cynthia explained that the angel did not really turn into a snake, he turned into undulating golden waves. It was just that in the moment, she didn’t know how to explain what she saw happening. Much of what took place was in fact hard to describe.]


“How’s the back now?”

“It’s OK. There’s a lot more relaxation on the right side, but not on my left side now. I’m traveling towards the sun now.”

“Do you feel a warmth or no warmth.”

“It’s not warm. It’s kind of bright but it’s not warm.”


“Apparently that’s where you need to go – towards the sun.”

“Well, like gravity pulls me there.”

“So as if you’re falling into it.”

“Yes, I’m falling into it.”


“I think I’m there. It’s all gold and white and not hot.”

“Are you moving, or are you just there?”

“I’m just there. I don’t think there’s any place I want to go.”


“Maybe just being there is all that needs …”

“I think I want to stop this.”

“All right, we can stop any time you feel …”


[And we end there. Cynthia opens her eyes, makes the comment “It’s very diffuse.” And I help her get up from the massage table where the session was done.]

Here’s Cynthia’s comment in an email the next day:

“It was an interesting session. My back has definitely been straightened in the mid back. There’s no pain. I slept well last night, strange dreams. Better said, I remembered my dreams, which I never do.”


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